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You Must Focus on Your Ultimate Goal…Now!

Have you ever, for any reason, forgotten this very simple idea?

You must not obsess about the “how” or any other details of your manifestation but only keep your eye on your ultimate goal!

If we worry about the how or any other details, we ensure our own distraction from the ultimate goals.

Think about it – whenever you only thought about your end result with passion, loving the idea of living it, you got it fast! However, when you worried about how or when or if it would manifest, you encountered obstacles.

May I say that obstacles suck? No argument there, right? But the truth is, we attract everything we experience based on what we focus on. This is why we should simply move on from past and start over, with manifesting everything we want. We only have ourselves to blame but that’s kind of a comforting thought – you know that your life will change with a simple change of your thoughts.

Recently, I have been pursuing new work collaborations or even employment, provided it was at a place I would absolutely love to work. I was called for five interview and had one last week. Later on, I found out that this interview didn’t work out to my preference and looked back on my thoughts and behavior.

I have been positive but also bounced back and forth with preferences – work here, work there, work on my own…I visualized a different scenario every day, if not various scenarios at different times of the day. After receiving the news that the collaboration I considered would not pan out today, a fire was lit inside. I decided to strongly and irreversibly specify what I want and where I want to be right now.

When I was a child, I used to just feel love for what I wanted as well as see it as a blessing; as we grow older, we tend to focus on our fears and worries and “hows,” due to being scarred by past experiences.

When creating, we need to be relaxed. Whether it’s jobs, love or work products, we must be relaxed in order to create. I believe that this is why many companies are in trouble – their employees are constantly tense and negative due to not being appreciated and taken care of at work or working in any unpleasant conditions.

When we’re relaxed, we just do without thinking, think good thoughts about creating and love our desires. Overthinking is a result of unhappiness or tension and when we’re consumed in it, we only focus on our dislikes and potential obstacles.

Knowing what you want is the beginning of relaxing.

Believing that what you want is going to work out in an even faster and more beautiful way than you could imagine because the Universe can do anything (instead of believing that it must work out in the way society’s rules dictate) is essential. You might think you know “how it works” but don’t fall into the trap – the Universe always has the fastest and the most beautiful way in mind, if you are willing to trust it and believe.

Thinking that we know the process, even if it was written out anywhere, is a mistake because that is how we confine ourselves to only one, narrow way of manifestation.

Now that I have decided where I want to be receiving job offers from, I am visualizing being offered an abundance of work and expressing gratitude for it. I say, “Thank you that I’m receiving amazing offers” and I can imagine and feel it. When I imagine it being real, I know exactly how it feels to be receiving what I wanted, and it feels happy and safe. I am secure in knowing that abundance is mine.

Focusing on your goal instead of the details takes your willingness to summon all the positive energy and motivation you can feel. When I summon that motivation and energy, I feel like I could burst from desire for my desire, and the love I feel for it. I feel like I want it so strongly that the thought of having it makes me feel like the entire Universe is on my side and that I genuinely have it now! I feel like I have it now but I don’t yet, and I know that I am going to any day now. When you feel so passionate and so motivated, you change the course of events faster than you though.

Just allow yourself to feel – you will attract miracles, have the things happen to you that no one else experienced or heard of, and you will only have yourself to thank. And, you will relish being so special instead of fearing it. You will want a life that’s easy instead of seeking out a dramatic or partially negative reality.


Idea of the Day

Just because negative beliefs are sometimes easier than positive doesn’t mean you should choose and adopt them.

Thought of the Day

Approach what you dislike calmly.

Face, admit and express your dislike of something or someone without anger.

You don’t have to feel positive about everything you know but simply face it, express it without emotion – just stating facts – and then ignore it.

If you allow yourself to engage in the negative emotion about your dislikes, you will ruin your good mood and prevent yourself from attracting your desires; however, if you state it honestly, accept your feelings and move on, it will make you feel better and allow you to move towards positivity.

You don’t have to like everyone and everything.

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We Want to Feel Special, Not Famous… So, Why is Fame Appealing?

Have you ever wondered why the concept of fame is attractive?

It is not because one wants to be worshipped by the entire world.

It is because one wants to feel special and accomplished while celebrated for their unique talents.

It is because fame implies one’s possession of a special gift that makes them different and makes their life even better.

One doesn’t want to be worshipped by the world – usually, one just wants to be worshipped by only one person or a few closest individuals at most. One doesn’t want to encounter screaming fans in the street every day – they just want to be recognised as the most special person in the room, the person that always stands out.

Most of all, one wants to represent their own ideals and be celebrated for it – that is the point of fame. Being told you stand out just the way you are. Being told you are perfect just the way you are.

A great deal of this idea applies to believing in yourself when it comes to the manifestation of your desires.

Famous individuals are attractive because they seem happy! They seem to have achieved the self-focus everyone wants, as everyone desires to be enough for themselves to only focus on themselves instead of other individuals (or everything they’re missing). Everyone wants to be able to focus on what they have and like themselves enough not to need anything else. Everyone wants to like themselves enough to just enjoy life because with that, others will be attracted to them and bring them even more positivity and opportunities.

Am I wrong?

Applying the concept of fame to self-belief in manifestation works when you consider these points. To manifest your desire, you must be happy on your own. You must believe you’re good enough. You must appreciate your life and everything you have in it instead of thinking about what you’re missing. You must feel valuable and abundant. And if you’re feeling beautiful, you emit and attract even more. You should feel as much as you can (or have the energy for) for yourself because the happier you are, the faster you’ll attract. And if you’re feeling happy with nurturing only one or two qualities of yourself, those you feel matter most to you, that works as well. You simply must love your authentic self.

Manifestation is easy when we engage in self-confidence exactly for who we are and self-love for deciding that we’re worthy of everything. Then, one makes oneself feel like a superstar.

Thought of the Day

You don’t have any unmet “goals” to achieve – all your desires are already fulfilled and you are living in abundance.

Visualize your life this way and it will transform.

Let’s Make Ourselves Ready to be Positive!

Sometimes, you will try to feel positive but it simply won’t work that moment. You won’t be ready for it right then and there.

Fear not – you’ll be ready for it soon, even sooner if you remain persistent and not give up.

Becoming ready to be a positive person comes with a conscious decision and if you don’t choose positivity, the negativity you’re swimming in might worsen. Isn’t it better to start taking baby steps towards positivity than continue to drown in negativity?

If you can’t switch to full-on positivity at once, start small. A bit of progress is still progress, and one-step-at-a-time process creates patience that will serve you for the rest of your life. After every instance of impatience, we wished we had been patient. It would have made life easier – today, let’s remember that lesson. We can and will do better. We can work on our happiness and stay positive because today’s perceived hardships are nothing compared to tomorrow’s blessings.

Living as a positive person means living in serene, constant happiness with yourself. When I think about what makes me happy, I am grateful for those I love. I am grateful they love me as much as I love them. I am grateful for everything I want in life, everything I decided to have. I am grateful for my comfortable life. I am grateful for knowing that I can and deserve to feel good about myself, and happily focusing on myself instead of thinking about other people’s lives.

Start from there. It’ll make you so much happier.

Prioritizing your own positive feelings matters most.

Idea of the Day

They say you can’t please everyone.

I say, why is that the goal?

You will only end up happy if you make all the effort to make yourself happy first.

And then, choosing those that make you happy second begins to happen on its own.

Thought of the Day

Focusing on another person more than you focus on yourself is simply exhausting.

Worrying about their feelings more than you do your own is exhausting.

Prioritizing them over yourself is exhausting, as it inadvertently leads to putting yourself down.

Feeling more need for them than you do for your own happiness is the most exhausting thing of all.

Negative Thoughts the Teacher and You Awareness the Student – Choice of the Lessons Learned

I woke up the other day and decided that I was going to go back to being an entirely positive person.

Even if this is who you are most of the time, some things cause temporary stress which makes it hard but I put my all into pulling myself out of it. I suppose in the past weeks, I felt a little burned out.

It’s not like everything has been going smoothly. I had gotten sick for the first time in four years and even a good cold can bring you down – just ask all my clients who have called in for a session during that week! But I love my work so I wanted to remain available because it lifted my spirits. I’ve been exhausted – not chronically but occasionally. I struggled to get along with those closest to me several times. At the same time, I learned to value and always feel confident about my own feelings all over again…and that was an amazing reminder. Especially after I realized that somehow, I had focused on the negative instead of the positive on several occasions and I don’t even know how that happened. I guess one can get caught up in negative feelings sometimes.

Had I become the person I advise everyone to avoid being? I’m probably exaggerating but I learned my lesson which I want to share with you today – I have just gone through this particular period and come out the other side because I hadn’t communicated my issues in a positive way but in a negative manner instead, both to myself and others.

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Thought of the Day

I imagine myself abundant because it makes me feel good.

I see myself abundant in quality of life, luck, money, intelligence, beauty, charisma, finesse, respect, positive experiences, friendships and love. I see myself abundant by living in a world I appreciate simply because it makes me happy.

Seeing yourself abundant should make you feel great and then, Law of Attraction is going to work for you rapidly and magically.

Look back on every time you received something in life simply because you wanted it – didn’t it feel good and just easy? It did, because you liked the thought of having it. Now, use those same thoughts to imagine living your desires.