About Me

Nina Grdic

Law of Attraction through self-confidence and positive thinking is my expertise.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Nina.

I was born in 1985, in Croatia. I’ve also lived in the US and Belgium, before moving to the States once again. My Law of Attraction practice began by learning about positive thinking and the amazing results it renders every time, especially when combined with unconditional and bold belief. Life mirrors back to us our feelings about absolutely anything – this is Law of Attraction.


This is the basis of my Law of Attraction coaching. I will teach you how to confidently believe in your goals even when no on else does. You are the only person who needs to believe in your desires – the course of events will change in your favor.

Law of Attraction

Feeling love for yourself and your goals brings them to you and you might wonder how, especially if you carry negative feelings about your circumstances at the moment.

Motivation and self-love

Self-love keeps us in check with how much we deserve!

Living in self-confidence = manifesting on autopilot

When I want something, my automatic reaction says I can have it. This is what I want to teach you. Imagine what life can be when you’re living with this kind of conviction…and it all comes down to the habit of deciding and choosing to believe.

Throughout life, I met many people who believed in my ability to reach my goals, and some who asked, “How do you plan on accomplishing that?” The doubters were always in the minority to the believers, simply because I had already been carrying an infectious amount of faith. Many began to believe because I did; the majority of non-believers still verbalized good wishes.

I decided to share this knowledge and help create happy and fulfilled lives. Standing by my decisions gives me all the confidence I need; it allows me to relax into being the person I want to be, living the life I want to live. Before any manifestation can occur, you must feel like that person already, even for just a second, by envisioning what life would be like if you had your desire right now.

When we try to chase our goals in the current reality, we never experience having them in our minds first.

It’s not about being unable to accomplish your goals – it’s about admitting to yourself what you truly want. Your goals are not out of reach. Do you want them or just think you should?

My Confidence Brand

My desire (and therefore, goal) is to create a self-confidence brand out of this blog, my books, videos, social media and specific lectures. I intend to become the leading voice of confidence, showing how and why it makes Law of Attraction practice and life the easiest they could ever be.

Work History

Brussels, Belgium, was the place my full time employment began; however, it wasn’t in Communications. I worked as a karaoke host, bartender and DJ at a popular Irish pub in the heart of the city. What began as a part-time job in college, where I’d studied Communications, turned into a full-time affair out of pure joy. I was great at it and having fun. I was given a raise and a position was created for me based on enjoyable activities.

I worked as a freelance Communications assistant for an IT company based in Germany that sold business management software to various media production houses. This software offered daily planning, scheduling, accounting and budgeting to filmmaking, TV broadcasting and other media production, keeping track of everything from daily production costs to paying extras. On TV, how many times a film whose rights have been purchased for a limited broadcast is allowed to be shown, and when in prime time.

Next, I was employed by a university in Croatia to create and teach elective training seminars and workshops on life coaching and professional development. These were taught in two different groups, to students and faculty. I entitled them Business and Life Advising and in the student part, focused on what had become my niche – having a company create unique job positions for you. Exhibiting your qualities while retaining the self-belief and focus on a job based on your talents or specific skills you want to utilize daily.

I’ve written for several life and business blogs, started three of my own and developed a life coaching business out of The Law of Attraction and My Life. I also wrote two books, the information on which is in the main menu. I’ve been coaching full-time since 2017.

For inquiries on coaching sessions or business collaboration, contact me at nina@thelawofattractionandmylife.com or fill out the form below.