Thought of the Day

Do you know what will make your life feel empty?

Focusing on someone else’s life much more than your own.

Start believing that your life is wonderful and the Law of Attraction will make it so.

Enjoy your days. Enjoy your friends.

Don’t expect anyone else to become every single part of your happiness; happiness is consisted of having many joys of your own.

hiking Swiss alps

Why Do We Expect Our Biggest Needs Unmet?

Whatever our needs are, we should consider them small; if we consider our needs massive, there’s a chance that we’ll begin to fear never meeting them and finding them elusive.

Who We Want to Be in Order to Manifest Easily

Let me start by saying this – this post is not about you changing your personality. It is not about saying that who you are is insufficient to you manifesting your dream life. It is not about saying you aren’t good enough. We needed to be clear on that first. 

Feeling and Visualizing Relationships – Examples from My Own Life

The Law of Attraction can bring any two people together because it allows us to connect with the universal concept of living in love for another person.