Manifesting a State of Mind

Over the past year, I have asked the Universe to put me in the state of mind where I am able to either let go in order to manifest, reach the Highest Energy State or simply, relax.

By stating what I wanted to feel, I set out an intention of feeling good, knowing it was all I needed in order to manifest my desires. The next step meant allowing myself to relax.

There were times when the state of mind I wished to reach was a failed manifestation attempt, as I held onto my desire too tightly. Other times, I managed to relax without effort. There were times when I reached the desired state of mind or heart but was interrupted by someone. Other times, I remained in the desired state for long periods of time.

Eventually, I managed to relax easily once I realized the problem – I had lost the grasp of what it was that made me happy.

Sometimes, we take specific actions or nurture specific ways of spending our time not because we enjoy them but simply because we have gotten used to them. Habit does not always equal happiness and most of the time, it turns into the very opposite. Knowing what truly makes us happy means knowing ourselves. This is one of many reasons and explanations why we attract what we are and why it is necessary to make what we wish to receive a part of who we are.

Something as simple as the right piece of music can raise the level of our happiness, bringing everything we love to us.

Asking the Universe to help me relax was my way of asking for guidance. Personally, I avoid asking for specific guidance on which action to take – I know what to do when I feel it. I know the right action to take when my heart tells me to because once we learn to listen to our hearts, we are on the way to unfolding a new reality with manifestations that are magical beyond our belief.

Once we begin to see the magic manifesting in our lives, our state of mind and heart has already changed to better and for good.

2 thoughts on “Manifesting a State of Mind

  1. Hi,

    What would be the signs of holding on to our desire to tightly? If I want something or someone it would be natural to think about it often, right? What steps would you suggest for a person waiting in the receiving period, and your steps for manifesting one’s desires…

    Thanks once again. It seems I have a new question everyday. 🙂

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    1. You’re welcome, I’m happy to answer 🙂 And, your question is great! I don’t get asked that too often. Thinking about your desire happily while knowing that it’s coming to you, completely light, full of love and unburdened, is amazing. On the other hand, if you’re thinking about your desire often but wondering when it’s going to appear or how, if you feel negative or if it’s just heavy on your heart, that shows you’re too attached to it and aware that it’s not yours yet. It’s not the thinking as much as the reason why you’re thinking about it and whether or not you think about having it or about it finally appearing.
      When you know your desire is coming to you, you don’t care about the time in between at all. It’s a natural reaction. You’re happy when you think about it and then, you naturally move onto thinking about or doing something else that makes you happy. You simply feel good 🙂 Being convinced that you got it and relaxing, thanking the Universe for bringing your desire to, that attitude will work magic.


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