Manifesting Weight Loss – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

For the past fourteen years, I have been through several body fitness phases and until I learned how to use the Law of Attraction to maintain my ideal weight (after learning what my ideal weight was in the first place), I continued to fluctuate.

Instead of diets, exercise and focusing on weight “loss,” all I needed to do was suddenly be able to see myself having and keeping my ideal weight.

When it comes to weight loss, one can find it difficult to change self-perception. All of us are 100% used to our bodies and imagining a different one can be a stretch. Whereas many will say that having something good should be easy and make us happy, the truth is that happiness and self-satisfaction are what many fear more than anything else.

This is where the Law of Attraction begins for weight loss – you have to be able to see a different body in your mind and you have to feel comfortable having it.

Visualizing yourself having your goal weight can seem like an amazing idea at first. Imagine yourself having it right now! The thought of it is exciting, scary and it can cause a million new thoughts to start running through one’s mind in a mere moment.

Imagine yourself living your life while suddenly looking like your own version of perfection. Imagine the reactions of others, your newly found confidence, feeling amazing every day… Your life would change completely. You would have to renew your entire wardrobe. Suddenly, you would be receiving even more positive attention than you can imagine. Are you truly ready for that profound change in your life? Or would you return to the weight you’re currently comfortable with to continue living the life you’re currently used to?

Happiness is what many fear the most – this is something I see almost every day.

Suddenly falling in love with your appearance in the most unimaginable ways could produce guilt and discomfort as well as a form of exhaustion after suddenly having to deal with so many reactions and a completely new self. You might start to wonder if you truly deserved it. You might not believe those who tell you how amazing you look and think it was all too good to be true. Then, you would manifest your old looks back.

Changing oneself is the most difficult concept for many to grasp – if it were easy, many would use the Law of Attraction successfully on a daily basis.

The main problem I find is that many feel undeserving or they simply don’t feel special and therefore worthy of having everything they want. They tend to feel that other people are simply better than them. If this is a problem you are struggling with, I suggest that you start developing a stronger sense of self-confidence. I suggest self-love! You are an amazing individual, special and worthy of everything you want. Each and every one of us is unique so why would you be less deserving than others?


Why do you want to be at your goal weight – to feel good about yourself or to impress others?

The world may value slender appearance but unless you want it for yourself because you value it, not because the world does, you are never going to obtain it. Even if you’re convinced that you want it for yourself but rely on the reactions of others about your new appearance, you will stop liking it the minute others stop commenting on it. Then, you’re going to lose it.

The reason I wanted it was because I was used to it. I grew up skinny when suddenly, I decided I wanted to get a taste of what being curvy was like. Without effort (and to the shock of everyone around me), my body took a very feminine appearance and I loved the change… At first. Then, I wanted to go back but didn’t know how at first…until the moment I let go. In this case, I had honestly stopped caring about it after being frustrated at the initial lack of results. Then, I became ill (nothing serious) and shed it all simply because I was barely able to eat for three weeks. I believe that my frustration was the main factor leading up to weight loss coming together through illness.

Suddenly, everyone was telling me I was too skinny (I’d shed about twelve kilograms). I liked myself at first but eventually, I saw that I had taken it too far. I gained some back but it eventually ended up where I didn’t want it again. Then, everyone said my curves were sexy and that they preferred them to my skinny self. I was confused by their reactions but relied on them more than trying to figure out what I liked best. It was just easier that way. I was listening to others simply because I didn’t know what I wanted myself. This lasted for several months but I didn’t care enough to change it.

Then, I finally figured out what kind of figure I preferred. As soon as I knew what I wanted, I was able to keep it.

As complicated as this road sounds today, it was worth it. However, it isn’t necessary – one can use the Law of Attraction to manifest their ideal weight now, and easily.

When manifesting my goal weight, I learned several things.

  1. I had to separate the thoughts and impressions of food from the thoughts about my body. I had to see food as nothing but just food and not connect it to the effect it might have on my body. Just enjoy food and leave it at that.
  2. Listening to people around me was a mistake. Many have told me how much they loved my figure but I used their words as an easy way out. No matter how much others love your appearance, you will eventually stop agreeing with them if it isn’t what you want. As soon as I discovered what I preferred, everyone else embraced it. When others tell me they want to lose weight, I support them because I want them to feel great about themselves. It doesn’t matter what I think of them – they have to be satisfied.
  3. I was never satisfied, which produced further frustration. At first, I kept wanting to lose more and more until becoming too skinny. Instead of seeing my ideal weight and knowing I would reach it, I was so afraid I would gain it all back that eventually, I did. Fear is the most toxic of all emotions and needs to be replaced by trust in the Law of Attraction and knowing you are meant to have everything you want now.
  4. I had embraced the notion that my weight loss was an ongoing struggle and guess what? It had become so. Until I decided it was easy, it was painful, long and frustrating. Do you see the paradox – we want things to be easy yet we do everything to make them difficult on ourselves? And for what?
  5. My goal weight didn’t change who I was – I needed to become the person I wanted to be without its help. Thinking that your goal weight or anything else will turn you into the person you wish to be only sends a signal to the Universe that you don’t yet have what you wish to have. Become the person you want to be now and everything else will fall into place.

Manifesting Relationships – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

When we talk about the state of the wish fulfilled, being a vibrational match to your desire, mind energy, heart energy and positive feelings, all that information may be confusing. However, once deciphered, assuming the state of the wish fulfilled as well as raising your vibration is not only fun and enjoyable but also full of love you generated all by yourself.

Most of the questions I receive deal with the following topics – manifesting relationships (usually with specific people), manifesting money and manifesting weight loss. Today, I am going to explain what it means to assume the state of the wish fulfilled and raise your vibration when manifesting relationships.

Neville Goddard defined the concept of assuming the state of the wish fulfilled. Everything he wrote on the topic, from belief to explaining conscious and subconscious minds in detail, states that one must visualize strongly enough to feel as if their desire were reality, experience it fully in the mind and they will be naturally able to let go and manifest. Once visualization is so strong that it satisfies the hunger we feel for our desire, he said, that desire will manifest as satisfaction grows because we already know what it’s like to have it. What we possess in our minds, we will end up possessing in the external world, in life.

You must feel that you already have everything you want. You must feel fulfilled and content. Feeling hunger for your desire shows you are still missing its presence in your life.

When we talk about raising vibration in order to match a desire, the common factor this concept shares with assuming the state of the wish fulfilled is who you choose to be. This is why the Law of Attraction is never about the other person but always about you.

After forming beliefs of ourselves while living our lives, we tend to limit the ways in which we see ourselves. We accept some things as true of ourselves and live by them, unaware that we can change everything we think and feel and therefore, change our lives.

When you convince yourself that you are the person you wish to be and love it, knowing all your convictions have already been created and you just have to receive them, your vibration will raise automatically, more and more each day. You must make yourself feel comfortable and happy with who you are and who you wish to become. Hold onto your convictions until the end and focus on doing anything and everything that makes you happy.

Allow yourself to be the person you wish to be and your vibration will rise.

When manifesting relationships, do you feel it possible to be with some people but not others? Do you think that some are on your level while others are too good for you? If you have done any of these things, never do them again. You are limiting yourself and you are the only one who has the power to do so.

On the other hand, once you become confident and equally respectful of yourself and others, you will never judge them nor will you look at them the same way again. You will observe them with different feelings and through different energy. The love and respect you feel for yourself generates love for and from others.

Now, how do you see the person you wish to manifest a love relationship with? How do you feel that person? Not feel about but simply feel.

When you look at the person you want to be with, do you see someone you can’t “have?”

Do you see the person who makes you happy?

Do you see someone you feel distant from?

And how do you feel?

Do you see yourself as the person your desired individual is in love with? When you picture your desired person saying something to you, does it feel real or not? Which words feel unreal and which are believable?

What you must do is make your desired reality believable. You have to combine the way you see yourself with the way you see the person you have chosen.

It’s all about energy. If you want to change your relationship with someone, you have to change the energy between you by feeling differently about them as well as yourself. One person is capable of accomplishing this goal – once you set your energy on a new path, the other person will follow.

If it makes you feel better, know that whenever you saw yourself as not enough for the person you desired, you also saw them as someone who wasn’t enough for you. Feeling that another is insufficient in any way automatically spreads the energy of insufficiency on both of you. Do you see what you did there?

On the other hand, you might remember a time when you met someone and it was smooth sailing. You clicked, you wanted the same things and you stayed together for as long as you were clicking.

After that,

You may have decided that you were a fan of specific qualities in your desired partners or that you were an individual who always attracted a specific kind of partner which continued to manifest in your life.

Problems often arise when you find ourselves attracted to someone different than anyone in your past or are manifesting a return of an ex you currently feel distant from. However, being different than the person you want for whatever reason means nothing. Do you think that couples have everything in common? Do you think that there are any two people or couples on Earth who are similar in every way? Absolutely not.

Anything can be created so believe that you can create your desired outcome.

Think of yourself as being equally capable of attracting anyone into your life because guess what… You are.

What is it you have to do in order to change any mutual energy? Change your own by changing your convictions!

1. Think about what you want for a few seconds and then feel it. Surrender to the feeling in every way. In the past, whenever you looked at someone you knew was in love with you, you had no doubt about it whenever you saw them. Now, you want to look at the person you want to manifest a relationship with as someone who is in love with you. Feel your love for them, see yourself as a person happily in love with them and see both of you enjoying your love. When you look at the person, feel your mutual love, even if you think it isn’t there yet; before you know it, it will be. Your feelings and your energy are the only things you need to focus on. Believe me, this is very fun to do and it’ll be even more fun once your desires manifest.

Problems arise when we feel incapable of changing the way we feel about most individuals in our lives. Sometimes, we feel emotionally paralyzed. This is often reflected in the dynamics of an individual who is in love with a friend while the friend simply fails to view them as anything but. Seeing someone as a friend, lover, partner or anything else is simply the description of the energy you respond to when it comes to the person in question. If you are in love with a friend, are you accepting that they don’t feel the same way about you? If you are, this is the reality you are creating again and again. You have to change your thoughts about them to get them to respond to a change in your energy.

This is one of the main reasons we rely on first impressions more than anything else; it is also the reason we accept the first impressions others have of us, usually doing nothing to change them but accepting the way we were seen. Do you see how we use the Law of Attraction all the time, even when we’re unaware of it?

Take any friend and observe the way you feel about them. What is your relationship like? This analysis of energy applies to anyone in the world – there is a way you view everyone you know or are aware of. You can change your perception of anyone and often do so once they make an unpredictable move, whether it’s towards you or not.

You can also change your perception of others without any moves from their side and now, you must change the way you view the person you desire to be in a relationship with. If you wait for another to make a move for you to change how you feel about them, remember that this change won’t last forever. Eventually, you will realize they are still the same person…unless you fundamentally change your feelings about them.

Now that you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, are you doing the work and sending the right energy for your specific person to manifest or return into your life? What kind of energy are you sending towards your relationship with them? How do you see and feel the relationship?

Some struggle with negative feelings about their desired partners on a regular basis. In order to resolve this, think about how the thought of being with the person is making you feel. When you imagine your conversation, your dates and your interactions, when you imagine your relationship, do you feel vibrant, happy and excited… Or do you simply feel grey? Is there enough love? Is there any positive feeling at all?

Is this person really the one you want? Do you believe they can bring magic into your life? Can you even truly want to be in a relationship with someone who takes color away from your life?

Only you know the answer.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep an abundance mentality. This concept is important because once you feel rich in money, love or success, more of it comes to you.

This is why when we are in a relationship, even more people try to date us while when feeling alone, that loneliness continues. Always feel abundant, regardless of the circumstances. Then, you will receive even more and at all times, you are free to choose who and what you want.

2. Make a list of who you are. That’s right, a list. This list goes for everything you wish to manifest in life. Your energy depends on who you are and you have the ability to be anything you want to be.

We don’t really see ourselves doing things, even though we think we do. In the big picture, we see who we are, meaning that we judge our actions in relation to who we choose to be.

This is where visualization comes in. Use it to become the person you want to be.

When manifesting relationships I saw myself as the following:

  • An amazing girlfriend;
  • Impressive to my partner;
  • Fun to be around;
  • A compelling conversationalist;
  • Supportive and comforting;
  • Admirable in every way.

The list was always about me. This is vibration – it is who you are. All I had to do when it came to my partners was see them in a positive light – I always saw them as amazing people (and, amazing men). In order for my partners to see me the way I wanted to be seen, I had to believe it first. I even thought about what I wanted to look like next to my desired partner. How was I going to dress or do my hair and make-up? What would it be like to go out in public with them and what would our date nights look like? How would I feel with them? I had positive feelings about all these scenarios. However, the moment I stopped seeing my partner as an amazing person, our relationship began to dissolve into a breakup. I had no regrets, as none of them were the person I wished to spend the rest of my life with, but I knew exactly when my energy changed. Every single time.

Now, you.

Are you rich? Are you always in debt? Are you a workaholic? Are you successful? Are you beautiful? Are you generous or selfish? Do people call you selfish and it bothers you even though you don’t particularly enjoy sharing? You might be fine not sharing until someone points it out. Are you loved, satisfied, content or adored? Are you a celebrity? Are you a person who possesses killer self confidence? Are you a loved and cherished partner of your desired person? Are you the person they are in love with and who loves them just as much?

If you have to change the concept you have of yourself in your mind, do it. Change is scary but if you have faith, it always leads to even more magic than you could have imagined. Dare to think of yourself differently. Dare to be happy! This is why we say that fortune favors the brave. Be brave!

If you must, change who you are. This is where your power to create rests – ignite it!

3. Drop the “how.” When it comes to manifesting relationships as well as self confidence, many wonder how particular things will occur.

“How will the person I want pick up on the change in my energy? How will they change their mind?”

Drop the “how” or it will plague you. “How” is not your concern – don’t try to make it so!

I don’t really care how anything happens. Knowing how would take a lot of the fun away and I suggest that you adopt this attitude. You can adopt it by deciding to trust the Universe.

Practice and have fun with all of this! Change scenarios if need be. Play with it and allow it to feel real – you will start to feel different in a matter of days.

Using Props in Manifesting

I find props to be very useful to manifesting, as they immediately provide a relaxing feeling and the ability to let go.

Law of Attraction responds to who we choose to be and how having what we want makes us feel. Props are an amazing tool because they create the feelings of having our desires inside of us.

When manifesting money, some use abundance checks. Filling out a blank check, self created or from a downloaded template, will generate the feeling of wealth. Writing the desired number into a hard copy of your bank account statement will eventually make you feel that it’s possible to have it – this is what “seeing is believing” really means.

Many years ago, I wanted my own laptop. I was in college and used the home computer on a regular basis but more and more, I could see myself typing up notes in class and writing assignments from my favorite coffee shop. I imagined my laptop to be the connection between my work and the world. One day, I borrowed a friend’s laptop to do a presentation – she had generously allowed me to take it to class she wasn’t attending and then return it. While I was using it, I thought of how great it was to have my own laptop I could bring anywhere. Hers was the perfect size and had everything I needed. I loved using it and while doing so, even just carrying it to class, I felt what it was like to have my own laptop. This was the perfect example of the way props allow us to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Less than a month later, my father surprised me with a new laptop.

When visualizing being on a date with a person I had set my sights on, I once naturally saw myself wearing a specific outfit. This was unplanned; it was a spontaneous idea I had while visualizing but I decided to embrace it. After having a strong visualization of the date, I purposely wore the said outfit the following day and suddenly, it reminded me of a date I had… Which hadn’t even happened yet!

It happened a week later.

When manifesting love, you may choose to wear a ring on your left ring finger; it doesn’t necessarily mean you wish to get married but this particular prop will make you feel that you already are in the relationship you desire.

Once, I wanted to manifest away a pregnancy scare. There are many positive things to be said about having children but many negatives ones about having them before due time and at that particular point in my life, I was not about to take my chances. Often, the fear of experiencing pregnancy before its due time may cause our bodies stress which then causes the body to answer accordingly and prolong the fear. Fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and every time it appears, it must be loved away with appropriate thoughts and feelings. When my fear of the issue appeared, I chose to put my faith in having the desired outcome instead. With a little belief, I became completely unconcerned of what date it was. This gave a clear signal to the Universe of my expectations. Needless to say, everything worked out as I wanted it to.

There is also something I like to call a “mental prop.” By this, I mean a prop that helps redirect one’s thoughts.

A prop for redirecting your thoughts once fear strikes in is thinking about the opposite. Fear can fill your mind with the opposite of what you want and once it creeps in, I suggest that you love it away. Love is the opposite of fear. If you fear not getting your dream job, feel what it will be like having your dream job, spending workdays in your wonderful new office, completing inspiring and fulfilling tasks. If you fear that the person you want to be with doesn’t want you back – imagine them wanting you back, calling you, texting you, seeing you every day. How does having what you want make you feel? This is what the Law of Attraction will respond to. Keep the idea of opposite in your mind as a mental prop; you’ll be amazed to see how well it can work as well as raise your vibration more than you realize.

Props add an extra kick to manifesting. Suddenly, having your desire seems possible and real. This feeling is not only a great mood and confidence boost but also essential to successful manifestation.

Manifesting Love and Relationships Unscrambled

Manifesting love and relationships can be challenging which doesn’t make any sense. Love and relationships are separate things, especially in today’s world – love, by nature, is one of the happiest manifestations one can experience in their lifetime while relationships can be difficult to maintain.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, it is my firm belief that in order to successfully manifest relationships, one must view them as easily and happily as they view the idea of love.

It is possible to use the Law of Attraction to manifest any kind of relationship you desire with the person you desire but you only if you see it through. Even when things get difficult, you must do the work to bring yourself back on track. This takes killer self-confidence which you are capable of obtaining. When manifesting relationships with specific people, you may fall into despair at the manifestation pace, negative thoughts or any other factor. Then, you may be in the category of those still unsure whether they truly want the person they set their eyes on due to some difficult experiences with them yet momentarily being unable to forget them. Whatever your thoughts are, I want to share some of my personal experiences and opinions of manifesting relationships based on the past seven years.

To begin with, who do you choose to be in a relationship with?

We all want excitement yet we want a relationship to sail smoothly. This takes a special kind of feeling but who do we easily feel it for? Usually, this idea is related to being with a person who is exactly (or close enough to) what we wanted…but are they the person you want or do they simply possess the ideas and the behaviors you wished to have in any specific partner you set your eyes on?

Too many times, I’ve seen people let go of the person they truly love simply because he or she refused to change specific personality traits. Painful as it is to say this, those who expected their partners to change were not always keen on changing themselves while in any relationship situation, both parties contribute to any given problem. I’ve been on both sides of the problem in the past and an additional one – I once tried my hardest to love a person who simply fulfilled my ego needs and of course, the relationship ran past its due course and died a painful death. At the same time, there was another person in my life I loved but didn’t want to be in a relationship with. Complicated, right? However, over the years, I have only become even more convinced that love and relationships truly were two separate things but they can be synchronized and they can both be easy.

So, how does the Law of Attraction come into place in manifesting and experiencing relationships?

Case in point, I was projecting the energy which was the opposite of what I wished to create in every single way. One of the two behaved the way I wanted while the other was who I wanted… But he didn’t behave as I wished him to. Eventually, I criticized the one who behaved as I wanted just as much as the other, effectively going back to square one. There is no reason to think that the person you want to be with is simply beneath you because as a result, you will be less of a person you need to be in order to manifest a happy relationship, as the energy we project onto another we also project onto ourselves.

I deemed some people relationship-ready while others I deemed the opposite. In reality, I was looking for excuses not to be with the person I truly wanted to be with, leading them to never wanting to fully commit to me either. You may choose who you want but never look down on anyone, for any reason…and I had looked down on him. I thought of him disposable. Years later, the person I loved was still in my life and I decided to experience the best in him. I began to entertain the idea of us becoming a couple and we became closer than ever. This lasted for as long as it made us both feel good. Then, we naturally went our separate ways. No hurt feelings, no arguments, no tears. I loved him but knew he wasn’t the one for life and the Law of Attraction responded accordingly – we enjoyed our connection, then separated. The last thing I wished for our relationship was to have a calm separation, which it did. Today, I wish him well but never entertain more than a few seconds of thought when it comes to him, as my once strong feelings faded a long time ago.

But what about those who still, or once again, wish to live a happy relationship with the person they love? Whether this is a new person in your life, someone you are involved with or your ex, you will achieve results if you drop the unnecessary amounts of ego and then, achieve a seemingly impossible task of combining the love and the relationship into one. If you are still manifesting a relationship with the person you love, you may be holding a grudge over any unpleasant, hurtful experience you ever had with them. However, thinking about those hurtful experiences will not improve your relationship but bring more of the same. In order to resolve this, it is necessary to stop focusing on all the hurtful experiences one had with the person they are inviting back into their life.

Love is necessary for manifesting anything and making it last. Whether it is a career, money, a relationship or anything else, nothing will become a permanent fixture in your life unless you love it.

Now, you may ask what to do if you love a person but wish they would treat you better than they have so far, whether you are in a relationship with them already or are manifesting it right now?

The answer is…

When you truly love a person for who they are, with all their qualities and all their faults, you will never ask them to change. There’s a clear difference between wanting to improve your relationship with a person and wanting to blatantly try and change them. When wishing to improve your relationship with someone, you wish for the both of you to be happier, whether you realize it or not. When trying to simply change a person, you are only looking out for your own interests.

Who do you love enough to want to make them happy while wanting to allow them to make you happy? Is this person already in your life? Be honest. Who is it?

On the other end, how do you know that someone doesn’t make you happy? It is when you don’t want to find yourself sharing happiness with them. You want to share it with someone else or at least someone different. This new person may have any kind of personality in the world but if you can love them, you will want to share your world with them.

I see people fighting for love – that cannot be denied. However, I see twice as many fighting ego battles, digging deep into the insults instead of thinking about everything worthy of love in the person they desire. This is often the case when one is manifesting an ex back into their life or when one wishes to become an exclusive partner of the person they are involved with casually. In these two cases, many hurtful experiences may arise but if the person you have this type of relationship with is the one you want, you must become strong using only love.

The golden rule of insults – the name you have been called by another describes the opinion this person has of themselves, not you or anybody else.

Those who are confident never judge; the insecure ones look for counterparts and if needed, they attempt to bring others down to their level. Give them love and give yourself respect or vice versa. It will come back to you.

Unfortunately, this also means that every time you looked down on your ex for upsetting you, answering to insults with negative thoughts, they managed to drag you down to their level. Your ex might have made a mistake but by entertaining negative thoughts, you made the same mistakes you judge them for.

The only way to rise above is to feel love for yourself, then feel love for your ex and bring them back up with you. You must put the hurt feelings behind and stop living in the past. You must love the new relationship you have in your mind for the two of you, one of nothing but love and happiness.

Are you ready to embrace the relationship with the person you truly want? Because embracing it means releasing your other options, if you have kept any, safety nets and idea of settling for less than what you truly want away from yourself. It means being ready to be their partner, be in an entirely new relationship with them and be happy with them, all of which you can manifest. You must distinguish a person you truly love, for better or worse, from the people you find manageable.

Since relationships are such difficult experiences for many, these individuals opt for a candidate they can handle – one who will offer them some kind of security. Choosing someone other than the person you want and starting a relationship with them doesn’t make you enlightened; being with someone you know you don’t truly love comes out of need while being with someone you love comes out of want. Relationships are meant to be wanted, not needed, as we are perfectly capable of living and breathing whether or not we are in one. We already possess everything we need to stay alive but the questions is, what and who do we want? Only a loving mindset will allow us to be with the person we truly want, as we naturally want to give them all of ourselves. A desperate and needy mindset an a loving mindset are so different that when entering the latter, you can barely remember what it was like to be in the former…it simply feels like a lifetime ago.

Once you become ready to embark upon using the Law of Attraction to manifest a relationship with the person you want, you may face several challenges. There is an easy way to resolve all of them.

Some struggle with time. Even though you want to manifest your dream relationship now, you can still make it happen sooner than you think. In the meantime, cherish your life just as it is and make your visualizations so powerful that they simply become effortless. Time serves as an amazing reminder of why we love, like, cherish or value someone. This is why the time apart makes us miss and remember the reasons we love another person. Enjoy the process because, guess what, you already have everything you need which makes you free to live and be happy in anticipation of the day you will get what you want!

Some struggle with thoughts of their existing relationship (or a lack thereof) with the person they love. We hate to admit it but negative thoughts can be comforting. When suspecting that something is wrong, a part of you may wish to be proven right in order to end the suspense and finally relax. They want an excuse to give up because it’s easier that way. In relationships, suspense is a negative feeling and we are usually willing to do whatever it takes to end it and return to security. In today’s world, it is also very difficult to get used to being happy. However, you have to try and once you do, you will find it natural. The reason it feels so foreign is because happiness is impossible to achieve without being yourself which is a rarity in today’s world. You must be free to be yourself and love who you are. Love is more than you think in every way, which is why so few understand it. You must view love and relationships as a feeling, an energy, instead of viewing them as a set of behaviors. Love is a feeling and you choose who you share it with but only after you share it with yourself.

Some struggle with thoughts of what could go wrong once they have the relationship they wanted. When manifesting a relationship, only think about the relationship. Do not think about its end unless you wish to manifest it. Allow yourself to sink into your visualizations, experiencing and feeling them as real as possible. Then, they will translate into your life as soon as possible.

Some struggle to leave the past in the past. This notion encompasses many problems of many relationships but since when is living in the past a beneficial experience? Unless you wish to recreate a positive manifestation from your past, leave it where it belongs. Never think about the past unless you truly wish to bring it into the present. 

Know what you want. Prepare for happiness. Imagine the loving relationship you want with the person you want and be ready to experience it. Live in the present.

Above all, know that you are getting what you want. Unconditionally believe it’s already yours because you are the only one responsible for obtaining it. 

Why the Process of Creation Makes Me Happy

There are many amazing things to be said about intentionally creating your reality using the Law of Attraction. Turning an idea of a life you want to live into the life you were meant to live is a magical sensation of pure happiness; having experienced it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Everything we love having in our lives, we have drawn to us effortlessly. In my case, failing to draw something into my life at amazing speed meant that I either didn’t want it enough or didn’t love it enough. Then, I would decide whether or not I do and when I did, it would manifest. I have not only been creating but also studying creation and the Law of Attraction, discovering great love for the concept itself.

Here are the reasons why.

Creation gives me confidence. If you ever failed to manifest something, the lack of confidence that you could was one of the main reasons for it. When you know you can and will it with all your might and love, you will create what you desire to live. Every single time I create, I feel lovingly powerful.

In order to be confident, we must hold the highest possible appreciation of ourselves. Imagine yourself being as beautiful as the person you deem the most beautiful in the world. Be grateful for your amazing intelligence, sense of humour and for every trait you possess which adds to your appeal.

Creation gives me new ideas. Constantly, I think of new things in life I’ve been meaning to try and had forgotten about. Now, they effortlessly come back to me every day.

Creation has taught me the importance of forgiveness. I used to be unforgiving, unconditionally. I never forgave and rarely asked for forgiveness. That was then.

Creation allows me to spread my knowledge to others. I often think that the most amazing aspect of Law of Attraction is that everyone in the world holds equal power to manifest their dreams and desires. Helping others achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding parts of being familiar with energy and creation.

Seeing Others Manifest What We Want

Whenever I was manifesting a love relationship, I got excited at the sight of happy couples because each and every one of them reminded me of my relationship in one way or another. Famous couples, couples that looked nothing like my then boyfriend and I but their PDA reminded me of ours, couples who talked about each other while their words described how I felt about my relationship… All of them made me recognize some kind of similarity with my own relationship, causing positive emotion in me and manifesting my own relationship circumstances easily.

When in this state of ultimate happiness, the amount of time from deciding I would manifest a relationship with someone to the exact manifestation happening was practically non existent. I knew that every relationship I ever wished to experience was mine from the beginning and both of us would almost immediately start expressing the fondness we had for each other. Before I knew it, we were both bragging about becoming a couple.

Why is it important to be happy when seeing others have what we want?

When seeing a happy couple, your first thought might be jealousy but you must overcome it. When we do, we are filled with love towards others, ourselves and our lives… And this is when we manifest. Seeing another couple makes us see that manifesting love is possible and this should give us comfort in knowing we can do the same.

If you are truly manifesting a relationship from the heart, you will naturally be happy when seeing happy couples. If happiness is not the feeling you are experiencing, your heart is not in your relationship fully which is an inner circumstance you can change. More importantly, this is a circumstance you must change because if you choose to be in a happy relationship, you are meant to receive it and when having something, we are just as happy for others experiencing the same thing.