Why the Process of Creation Makes Me Happy

There are many amazing things to be said about intentionally creating your reality using the Law of Attraction. Turning an idea of a life you want to live into the life you were meant to live is a magical sensation of pure happiness; having experienced it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Everything we love having in our lives, we have drawn to us effortlessly. In my case, failing to draw something into my life at amazing speed meant that I either didn’t want it enough or didn’t love it enough. Then, I would decide whether or not I do and when I did, it would manifest. I have not only been creating but also studying creation and the Law of Attraction, discovering great love for the concept itself.

Here are the reasons why.

Creation gives me confidence. If you ever failed to manifest something, the lack of confidence that you could was one of the main reasons for it. When you know you can and will it with all your might and love, you will create what you desire to live. Every single time I create, I feel lovingly powerful.

In order to be confident, we must hold the highest possible appreciation of ourselves. Imagine yourself being as beautiful as the person you deem the most beautiful in the world. Be grateful for your amazing intelligence, sense of humour and for every trait you possess which adds to your appeal.

Creation gives me new ideas. Constantly, I think of new things in life I’ve been meaning to try and had forgotten about. Now, they effortlessly come back to me every day.

Creation has taught me the importance of forgiveness. I used to be unforgiving, unconditionally. I never forgave and rarely asked for forgiveness. That was then.

Creation allows me to spread my knowledge to others. I often think that the most amazing aspect of Law of Attraction is that everyone in the world holds equal power to manifest their dreams and desires. Helping others achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding parts of being familiar with energy and creation.

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