Manifesting Love and Relationships Unscrambled

Manifesting love and relationships can be challenging which doesn’t make any sense. Love and relationships are separate things, especially in today’s world – love, by nature, is one of the happiest manifestations one can experience in their lifetime while relationships can be difficult to maintain.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, it is my firm belief that in order to successfully manifest relationships, one must view them as easily and happily as they view the idea of love.

It is possible to use the Law of Attraction to manifest any kind of relationship you desire with the person you desire but you only if you see it through. Even when things get difficult, you must do the work to bring yourself back on track. This takes killer self-confidence which you are capable of obtaining. When manifesting relationships with specific people, you may fall into despair at the manifestation pace, negative thoughts or any other factor. Then, you may be in the category of those still unsure whether they truly want the person they set their eyes on due to some difficult experiences with them yet momentarily being unable to forget them. Whatever your thoughts are, I want to share some of my personal experiences and opinions of manifesting relationships based on the past seven years.

To begin with, who do you choose to be in a relationship with?

We all want excitement yet we want a relationship to sail smoothly. This takes a special kind of feeling but who do we easily feel it for? Usually, this idea is related to being with a person who is exactly (or close enough to) what we wanted…but are they the person you want or do they simply possess the ideas and the behaviors you wished to have in any specific partner you set your eyes on?

Too many times, I’ve seen people let go of the person they truly love simply because he or she refused to change specific personality traits. Painful as it is to say this, those who expected their partners to change were not always keen on changing themselves while in any relationship situation, both parties contribute to any given problem. I’ve been on both sides of the problem in the past and an additional one – I once tried my hardest to love a person who simply fulfilled my ego needs and of course, the relationship ran past its due course and died a painful death. At the same time, there was another person in my life I loved but didn’t want to be in a relationship with. Complicated, right? However, over the years, I have only become even more convinced that love and relationships truly were two separate things but they can be synchronized and they can both be easy.

So, how does the Law of Attraction come into place in manifesting and experiencing relationships?

Case in point, I was projecting the energy which was the opposite of what I wished to create in every single way. One of the two behaved the way I wanted while the other was who I wanted… But he didn’t behave as I wished him to. Eventually, I criticized the one who behaved as I wanted just as much as the other, effectively going back to square one. There is no reason to think that the person you want to be with is simply beneath you because as a result, you will be less of a person you need to be in order to manifest a happy relationship, as the energy we project onto another we also project onto ourselves.

I deemed some people relationship-ready while others I deemed the opposite. In reality, I was looking for excuses not to be with the person I truly wanted to be with, leading them to never wanting to fully commit to me either. You may choose who you want but never look down on anyone, for any reason…and I had looked down on him. I thought of him disposable. Years later, the person I loved was still in my life and I decided to experience the best in him. I began to entertain the idea of us becoming a couple and we became closer than ever. This lasted for as long as it made us both feel good. Then, we naturally went our separate ways. No hurt feelings, no arguments, no tears. I loved him but knew he wasn’t the one for life and the Law of Attraction responded accordingly – we enjoyed our connection, then separated. The last thing I wished for our relationship was to have a calm separation, which it did. Today, I wish him well but never entertain more than a few seconds of thought when it comes to him, as my once strong feelings faded a long time ago.

But what about those who still, or once again, wish to live a happy relationship with the person they love? Whether this is a new person in your life, someone you are involved with or your ex, you will achieve results if you drop the unnecessary amounts of ego and then, achieve a seemingly impossible task of combining the love and the relationship into one. If you are still manifesting a relationship with the person you love, you may be holding a grudge over any unpleasant, hurtful experience you ever had with them. However, thinking about those hurtful experiences will not improve your relationship but bring more of the same. In order to resolve this, it is necessary to stop focusing on all the hurtful experiences one had with the person they are inviting back into their life.

Love is necessary for manifesting anything and making it last. Whether it is a career, money, a relationship or anything else, nothing will become a permanent fixture in your life unless you love it.

Now, you may ask what to do if you love a person but wish they would treat you better than they have so far, whether you are in a relationship with them already or are manifesting it right now?

The answer is…

When you truly love a person for who they are, with all their qualities and all their faults, you will never ask them to change. There’s a clear difference between wanting to improve your relationship with a person and wanting to blatantly try and change them. When wishing to improve your relationship with someone, you wish for the both of you to be happier, whether you realize it or not. When trying to simply change a person, you are only looking out for your own interests.

Who do you love enough to want to make them happy while wanting to allow them to make you happy? Is this person already in your life? Be honest. Who is it?

On the other end, how do you know that someone doesn’t make you happy? It is when you don’t want to find yourself sharing happiness with them. You want to share it with someone else or at least someone different. This new person may have any kind of personality in the world but if you can love them, you will want to share your world with them.

I see people fighting for love – that cannot be denied. However, I see twice as many fighting ego battles, digging deep into the insults instead of thinking about everything worthy of love in the person they desire. This is often the case when one is manifesting an ex back into their life or when one wishes to become an exclusive partner of the person they are involved with casually. In these two cases, many hurtful experiences may arise but if the person you have this type of relationship with is the one you want, you must become strong using only love.

The golden rule of insults – the name you have been called by another describes the opinion this person has of themselves, not you or anybody else.

Those who are confident never judge; the insecure ones look for counterparts and if needed, they attempt to bring others down to their level. Give them love and give yourself respect or vice versa. It will come back to you.

Unfortunately, this also means that every time you looked down on your ex for upsetting you, answering to insults with negative thoughts, they managed to drag you down to their level. Your ex might have made a mistake but by entertaining negative thoughts, you made the same mistakes you judge them for.

The only way to rise above is to feel love for yourself, then feel love for your ex and bring them back up with you. You must put the hurt feelings behind and stop living in the past. You must love the new relationship you have in your mind for the two of you, one of nothing but love and happiness.

Are you ready to embrace the relationship with the person you truly want? Because embracing it means releasing your other options, if you have kept any, safety nets and idea of settling for less than what you truly want away from yourself. It means being ready to be their partner, be in an entirely new relationship with them and be happy with them, all of which you can manifest. You must distinguish a person you truly love, for better or worse, from the people you find manageable.

Since relationships are such difficult experiences for many, these individuals opt for a candidate they can handle – one who will offer them some kind of security. Choosing someone other than the person you want and starting a relationship with them doesn’t make you enlightened; being with someone you know you don’t truly love comes out of need while being with someone you love comes out of want. Relationships are meant to be wanted, not needed, as we are perfectly capable of living and breathing whether or not we are in one. We already possess everything we need to stay alive but the questions is, what and who do we want? Only a loving mindset will allow us to be with the person we truly want, as we naturally want to give them all of ourselves. A desperate and needy mindset an a loving mindset are so different that when entering the latter, you can barely remember what it was like to be in the former…it simply feels like a lifetime ago.

Once you become ready to embark upon using the Law of Attraction to manifest a relationship with the person you want, you may face several challenges. There is an easy way to resolve all of them.

Some struggle with time. Even though you want to manifest your dream relationship now, you can still make it happen sooner than you think. In the meantime, cherish your life just as it is and make your visualizations so powerful that they simply become effortless. Time serves as an amazing reminder of why we love, like, cherish or value someone. This is why the time apart makes us miss and remember the reasons we love another person. Enjoy the process because, guess what, you already have everything you need which makes you free to live and be happy in anticipation of the day you will get what you want!

Some struggle with thoughts of their existing relationship (or a lack thereof) with the person they love. We hate to admit it but negative thoughts can be comforting. When suspecting that something is wrong, a part of you may wish to be proven right in order to end the suspense and finally relax. They want an excuse to give up because it’s easier that way. In relationships, suspense is a negative feeling and we are usually willing to do whatever it takes to end it and return to security. In today’s world, it is also very difficult to get used to being happy. However, you have to try and once you do, you will find it natural. The reason it feels so foreign is because happiness is impossible to achieve without being yourself which is a rarity in today’s world. You must be free to be yourself and love who you are. Love is more than you think in every way, which is why so few understand it. You must view love and relationships as a feeling, an energy, instead of viewing them as a set of behaviors. Love is a feeling and you choose who you share it with but only after you share it with yourself.

Some struggle with thoughts of what could go wrong once they have the relationship they wanted. When manifesting a relationship, only think about the relationship. Do not think about its end unless you wish to manifest it. Allow yourself to sink into your visualizations, experiencing and feeling them as real as possible. Then, they will translate into your life as soon as possible.

Some struggle to leave the past in the past. This notion encompasses many problems of many relationships but since when is living in the past a beneficial experience? Unless you wish to recreate a positive manifestation from your past, leave it where it belongs. Never think about the past unless you truly wish to bring it into the present. 

Know what you want. Prepare for happiness. Imagine the loving relationship you want with the person you want and be ready to experience it. Live in the present.

Above all, know that you are getting what you want. Unconditionally believe it’s already yours because you are the only one responsible for obtaining it. 

25 thoughts on “Manifesting Love and Relationships Unscrambled

  1. I’ve read that it is possible to attract someone or an old lover who is no longer in love or interested. But then again there is free will and they have a choice to respond to you and come back to you if they wish to. Then in essence, is it still possible to attract someone when they still have that choice to return to you or not ?


  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing all your experiences.
    My question:

    Can we attract an ex? What about free will? I’ve been told that even if you attract him, he has the choice to not come back. If that is the case, how does law of attraction work to guarantee that you can have whatever it is that you visualize if that person has the choice to say no to your desire? Thank you.


    1. Thank YOU! Now, my answer is absolutely because when another person picks up on a change in your energy, they choose to come back. Let me explain because in my opinion, this is the reason people break up and get back together all the time. The way I see it, we all respond to each other’s energy, therefore feelings are nothing but a response to someone’s energy. We all pick up on each other’s energy and when you are hurt by the actions of another, your energy is conflicted. This is understandable but people are drawn to happiness. So, when you fill yourself up with loving, heart energy, people respond to you in an entirely new way. Today, one may claim they are done with someone but sensing an irresistible change from them, picking up on their newly found happiness, draws them back in. When it comes to exes or someone who claims to have lost interest, it takes filling YOURSELF up with love first and then, sending loving energy to them. When you fill yourself up with love, you may automatically feel compassion for them, realize how much you love life regardless of them and then, they will pick up on that and want to return. The best part is, you do not have to see each other or even be physically close to each other, as we are all connected. You may send heart energy to someone and out of nowhere, hear from them. For example, when you think of a friend and you want to call them or you hear from them the next day, you somehow picked up on each other’s energy. I have been attracting specific people into my life for years but I learned how to do it even better from the website, filled with resources on attracting a specific person as well as heart energy and I highly recommend it. I am also available for further questions, specific examples etc.

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      1. There is quality theoretical Law of Attraction reading out there but I felt that others needed more specific examples on how things might go so I feel very grateful that my stories of what I have done and what I’ve learned are helping you.


      2. Thank you for your reply Nina and the link! And thank you for the positivity!

        You mentioned that change of energy is a change of vibe and therefore that specific person will choose to respond and come back to me. But is the return for a relationship or friendship? Also, because it’s a choice for them to come back then does that mean even when my vibration is high (filled with happiness and love) there is a chance that they will choose not to come back because they have the free will to choose?

        What are your thoughts on LOA and meant to be?

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  3. miss man – you are very welcome! When it comes to attracting the relationship with a specific person, it can be whatever you want it to be. This is where your mind comes in, as you can create any kind of relationship you want with a specific person, be that a friendship, a romantic involvement or anything else. All you have to do is unconditionally believe, KNOW, that this relationship is meant to happen, then visualize and feel it as if it already has. If one should allow themselves to think about how and what their ex is feeling and whether or not they want to return, this means creating more circumstances in which you are without the person you want. You only have to feel what it is going to be like once you are back together – how will you feel? Not them but you. Only focus on your own feelings in this creation process, because the Law of Attraction is always about your own feelings, in every way. You never have to worry about what the other person says, especially when you are focused on only giving them loving energy. Just believe things will work out and they will. When you know that your relationship with someone is meant to be, regardless of your history, then stay happy and send love out into the Universe with your thoughts and actions, the person in question will come to you. If you worry whether or not they feel the same, the Law of Attraction will only respond with more things to worry about. You have to be courageous enough to unconditionally believe that your goal is a done deal. If you have negative feelings about them yet you want to be with them, you have to first decide whether a person you feel much negativity for is truly someone you want. If they are, change your feelings about them by focusing on what you love about them. There is nothing we can’t believe into being but you must know 100% what it is that you want. Many couples in the world have broken up and then gotten back together and I am sure many of them said they were done with each other for good but changed their minds when another’s energy changed, whether or not they realized it. With that, I think that the Law of Attraction and the concept of “meant to be” work perfectly together, as the only thing that is meant to happen in your life is what you attract. When you decide to attract absolutely anything and just know that this is your destiny, it will become so.


  4. Before manifesting relationships through the guidelines on the Apply the Law of Attraction website, I used to simply only accept the option of the person I wanted to be with wanting me back. I saw myself as an amazing girlfriend, as a person who loved relationships, as someone who makes people happy and people responded accordingly. How we see ourselves is reflected in how others see us, which is why the Law of Attraction is always about you. When manifesting a relationship, I always thought of the person I had set my eyes on as only amazing. I attracted them every time. All those relationships ended once I began to have negative feelings about my partners and in some cases, I even manifested specific relationship endings (short and painless breakups, being strong enough to break up with someone when I knew I had to etc.). Anything is possible and everyone has an equal capacity to do it.


    1. Thank you so much!! I’ve only learned about this LOA a few weeks ago so apologies for asking you so many questions. This is all very fascinating and intriguing.

      You mentioned heart energy and sending love to the universe and to the specific person. Can you please elaborate on how I can do that? Is it just visualization? And is visualization manadatory? I visit the link you recommended that talked about sending heart energy..but am still not sure. And if I don’t send loving thoughts to them, does that mean they won’t come back (even when my vibration is happy, positive and high)?

      And I believe the key right now is to ignore what the specific person thinks and feel but only how I feel and how I would like them to feel?

      May I know how do you keep the negative thoughts out and remain positive despite the real circumstances that’s happening in front of you?

      Many forums and blogs advise to let go. What are your tips on that?

      Is there a timeline to how fast my desire will manifest?


      1. I am happy to answer your questions. Visualization and heart energy are two different things but when they work together, your desires are fast to manifest. Visualization requires using your mind and as realistically as possible picturing how you wish your life to be but you send heart energy to the person you want and fill up your visualization with it. Visualization has to be felt, touched, smelled, experienced – you feel it happening to you and you are part of it, as if it was truly happening in that moment. Try and feel things happening for you right now. Reduce your desire to a single event (i.e. having dinner with the person you want to manifest a relationship with), picture it, feel it and feel the overwhelming happiness for it. That is the beginning of heart energy and as you practice it, it will become easier to connect with. I always connect heart energy and visualizations. As I feel something happening, and it always is so real that I feel it happening that moment, I feel my heart filling up with love. This is your heart energy. Once you feel it, allow it to spread through your entire body and radiate out of it. Then, send it to the event and the person you want. I learned everything about heart energy from the Apply the Law of Attraction website, only to realize I had unknowingly sent it many times in my life.
        Heart energy is not only extremely useful for quick manifestation but it also makes letting go effortless. In LoA, letting go means being able to continue living your life not worrying when and how your desire will manifest. You can only do this when you put all your trust in the Universe, which is easy to do, as everything we have in our lives, we have manifested ourselves. So, you are not doing anything different – you are just doing it better and you are consciously choosing what you receive. When you visualize so powerfully that it feels real, you naturally let go, just as any event you have ever experienced. For example, when you have breakfast in the morning and you are finished with it, you do not think about it anymore because it’s done. You go about other things in your day and even if you remember having breakfast, you remember it with positive feelings. Then, you go back to what you were doing. This is letting go. When you are manifesting a relationship, you visualize its outcome, any event in it, and you are naturally able to move onto doing something else because you already know what this feels like. Then, it is only a matter of time before it manifests in your life. Visualizations sound difficult but they are actually so much fun and so vibrant that, once you suddenly visualize what you want as if it is happening, as if a miracle is happening, they fill you up with the most positive, vibrant energy. These are the feelings that the Universe responds to the fastest and any manifestation speed depends on your good feelings towards your desire. If you catch yourself feeling less than good, change your thoughts to something that makes you feel good. If it makes you feel good to think about your desire for only a few seconds each time, do it. You do not have to think about your desire all the time but only for as long as it feels good. The rest of the time, think about and do what makes you feel good as much as you can. The only delays I have ever experienced in life was when I simply could not summon enough heart energy on the spot for something I claimed to have wanted. Then, I had to reevaluate if this was what I truly wanted or simply tell myself it was all up to me and that the delay I was experiencing was of my own doing, failing to feel enough love for my desire.
        A great way to let go is to make your visualizations so strong and effortless, they are a part of your everyday life. A visualization can last a mere few seconds but if it is strong and filled with love, it is real and it evokes amazing feelings inside of you. You can do it with your eyes open or closed but the only thing that matters is that you feel it. You will see that, once you visualize so strongly it feels real, you are able to let go while carrying those good feelings with you. You will literally feel as if this has already happened in your life.
        Law of Attraction states that thoughts become things but the problem lies in the fact that too many of our thoughts are influenced by how the people in our lives and what we see happening in the world. You must ignore this. You simply have to trust yourself more than anyone, as you are the only one who decides what happens in your life. I will tell you that when I see reality being different than what I am manifesting, I stop and think about whether this is truly what I want and if it is, I put all my trust into the Universe because I have manifested so many things in my life, I know it works. It can work for anyone. In order for it to work for you, you must know that you are able to manifest anything. This goes for everything in life – you achieve what you believe you can achieve. This is the Law of Attraction. You are who you choose to be and then, you unconditionally believe. You have all the power. Imagine never again having to worry about what was meant to be because you are the only one that decides what that is.
        Another method I practice to put my mind and my heart in sync is EFT tapping. My favorite expert is Dawson Church and there are free videos from him on YouTube as well as his website. Also, I do brainwave entrainment, which is listening to audios that include binaural beats and subliminal messages. Look up Natalie Ledwell and Mind Movies. Every once in a while, I also meditate. It is important for me to clear as much energy as possible in order to keep feeling good and trust me, it works. I can honestly say I find manifesting easy, just as it is meant to be.


    2. You are a very strong and positive woman Nina! It takes a lot of courage to walk away from something.. But to manifest it.. It must have been really difficult for you. Thank you for sharing this.


      1. Thank you for your lovely words. Manifesting relationships ending when I simply knew they ran past their course was one of the most difficult things I have ever done but I knew that I would feel better once it was over. LoA is similar in the sense that you focus on the end result but your path to it should be filled with enjoyment and the difficulty should never last more than a few moments. The ability to have so much trust in the Universe may take a little while to obtain but once you do, I can honestly tell you that this is an amazing way to live. I find that many experience many struggles in life because they feel the uncertainty of tomorrow but quite frankly, we all possess all the security we need within us and we can make anything we want happen for ourselves. All it takes is knowing that what you want already belongs to you, regardless of appearances and what others may say. I am very happy to share my experiences because concrete examples make others see that anything is possible to achieve.


      2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your words gives me so much hope and positivity!:)
        I’ve been visualizing but I find it hard to concentrate and sometimes it makes me really tired or gives me a headache/funny feeling in the head. Am I doing something wrong?
        I also find it hard to feel it like you said. I keep telling myself to feel it and think positive and be happy which I can do but the feel part.. It feels fake?
        Perhaps I am not visualizing enough?
        The only time I think I feel it was script writing, i had a funny feeling in my chest. It felt like a tug in my heart.. Could that be heart energy?
        There are so many events that I would like to visualize is there an order as to which I should do? Or most importantly should I visualize him coming back to me first?


  5. All of this makes sense. When you first start to visualize it, your desire may seem impossible and you feel silly imagining it. However, if you’re pushing yourself so much that you feel tired, that needs to be changed. LoA is about being happy and having fun and your visualizations should be easy. They should make you feel good and be with as much positive feelings as possible. But before you visualize anything, you have to be convinced that your goal is possible to obtain and then, visualize for as long as it makes you feel good and believe that your desire is possible, no matter how impossible it seems right now given the history. Don’t worry about all that has been – don’t live in the past. Visualizations can be long or short but only for as long as they make you feel good. When they start to feel like a chore, stop until the next time you are happily motivated to do them. Heart energy is also feeling the loving and positive energy in your heart. I think what you felt was more like a reaction to suddenly doing something different, something that still feels unnatural to you. Heart energy feels good. It is peaceful, loving, positive, wonderful and vibrant and it makes you happy.
    You want to visualize your ex already being back. Visualizing him coming back would suggest that he isn’t back yet. You want to see and feel how things would be once you are together and happy. It feels silly and fake now but if you give yourself a chance to believe that you can have what you want, It’ll get easier soon.
    When it comes to the order of your desires, I would focus on one until it seems believable and then, you may visualize for more than one. The important thing is, you have to feel what it will be like when you have one or several of them. Focus on your own feelings. Feel what it will be like to be the person who has all the things you want to have.
    LoA is a wonderful and knowing it really pays off. Besides the website we discussed, I would recommend reading The Secret (or watching the movie, it is available on YouTube) or The Power by Rhonda Byrne to get acquainted with the basics.
    Also, I’m thrilled that you feel encouraged. Just remember, many people have done this and continue to, everyone has the same capacity to manifest and you can do it!


    1. Dear Nina,

      I would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and wonderful and useful tips (links and books) that you have provided me. They have all been useful.

      I truly believe in my heart and have faith and believe that me and him are meant to be together. I believe in LOA and believe that it works and that ones desire will manifest. I have done visualization, gratitude list, scripting etc…But I think I need to stop now or take a break from LOA as it is draining my energy and making me really tired. I believe I need to let go of it for now…

      Thank you very much for all your help:)

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      1. You’re welcome and I am proud of you for going after what you want. You know you are meant to have what you want and we all decide what we are meant for in our lives. My only advice would be to try and ease into it and have fun with it as much as you can but you did the right thing when taking a break once you grew tired. Letting go is essential and purposely enjoying your life and not visualizing every single day can be a good way to do so. I am planning on writing about my experiences in many different topics, not just manifesting relationships, so hopefully that’ll also provide some distraction. Keep me updated on your progress!

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      2. Thank you Nina.
        I watched the Secret last night and it made me realize that I was too into LOA that it became a chore. Like you said it should be fun and easy. So before I went to bed I did my gratitude list and be thankful that him and I are together. I also visualized him (very short though) before I went to sleep. I saw him in my dreams last night. Strange was he came to visit my family but we weren’t together because he liked someone else – my sister! :0 I saw him again in another episode of the dream. We were sitting close to each other looking at something, I was leaning on his arm but we were not together and I felt this awkwardness between us so I said “I hope this doesn’t make you feel awkward.” He said no. Then I woke. How strange is the dream? Could I be dreaming this is because I haven’t tapped into my subconscious mind and not actively feeling it in my visualization? There are times that I don’t feel it…and I see things not in first person but third person (ie like a movie)

        I’ve read all your other posts and am looking forward to reading some more!!:)


  6. That’s great that you watched The Secret for a little pick-me-up, I read The Power (by the same author) when I need a little something for my mood. To be honest, your dreams don’t have to mean anything unless you ask for a specific dream as a sign that your relationship is manifesting. You may ask for signs from the Universe if you wish. Once, when manifesting a relationship, I asked to dream about the guy as a sign and I dreamt about him six nights in a row!
    If you know that you still don’t feel like his girlfriend 100%, you know it with or without the dream, if that makes sense. Give yourself time to assume the feeling, relax into it. Before you know it, you will feel like his girlfriend.


    1. Thank you for your reply Nina. I understand what you mean. I should take things slow rather than asap (which is my desire).

      May I know if I can visualize as a third person? Or is that slower?

      I do find that when I write affirmations or look at my vision board my heart feels and beats differently. And I find that I’m always thinking about him so that it manifest soon. But this is the wrong way to do it right?


      1. You should always experience the visualization as if it were real life, as it it were happening to you right now. Feel it, smell it, taste it, participate in it. That’s the only right way to do it. As if your man was in front of you right now and you are talking to him, touching him… Feel it all. If you are thinking about him with the intention of him manifesting soon, that’s not the best way. You wanna think about him only when it feels good, not because you “should.” You should think about him because it makes you happy, not to gain something out of it. When you attach happy emotions to your thoughts, things manifest faster.


      2. Let me give you a little mind trick I use. Several times during the day, I say to myself, “I trust the Universe.” Then, my heart energy expands automatically and I think positive thoughts about what I want to manifest that moment with no effort. I only put the right energy towards manifesting my desire, which is probably the most important thing.


      1. I will write more stories dealing with attracting specific people very soon. Thank you for your interest in the subject.


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