Using Props in Manifesting

I find props to be very useful to manifesting, as they immediately provide a relaxing feeling and the ability to let go.

Law of Attraction responds to who we choose to be and how having what we want makes us feel. Props are an amazing tool because they create the feelings of having our desires inside of us.

When manifesting money, some use abundance checks. Filling out a blank check, self created or from a downloaded template, will generate the feeling of wealth. Writing the desired number into a hard copy of your bank account statement will eventually make you feel that it’s possible to have it – this is what “seeing is believing” really means.

Many years ago, I wanted my own laptop. I was in college and used the home computer on a regular basis but more and more, I could see myself typing up notes in class and writing assignments from my favorite coffee shop. I imagined my laptop to be the connection between my work and the world. One day, I borrowed a friend’s laptop to do a presentation – she had generously allowed me to take it to class she wasn’t attending and then return it. While I was using it, I thought of how great it was to have my own laptop I could bring anywhere. Hers was the perfect size and had everything I needed. I loved using it and while doing so, even just carrying it to class, I felt what it was like to have my own laptop. This was the perfect example of the way props allow us to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Less than a month later, my father surprised me with a new laptop.

When visualizing being on a date with a person I had set my sights on, I once naturally saw myself wearing a specific outfit. This was unplanned; it was a spontaneous idea I had while visualizing but I decided to embrace it. After having a strong visualization of the date, I purposely wore the said outfit the following day and suddenly, it reminded me of a date I had… Which hadn’t even happened yet!

It happened a week later.

When manifesting love, you may choose to wear a ring on your left ring finger; it doesn’t necessarily mean you wish to get married but this particular prop will make you feel that you already are in the relationship you desire.

Once, I wanted to manifest away a pregnancy scare. There are many positive things to be said about having children but many negatives ones about having them before due time and at that particular point in my life, I was not about to take my chances. Often, the fear of experiencing pregnancy before its due time may cause our bodies stress which then causes the body to answer accordingly and prolong the fear. Fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and every time it appears, it must be loved away with appropriate thoughts and feelings. When my fear of the issue appeared, I chose to put my faith in having the desired outcome instead. With a little belief, I became completely unconcerned of what date it was. This gave a clear signal to the Universe of my expectations. Needless to say, everything worked out as I wanted it to.

There is also something I like to call a “mental prop.” By this, I mean a prop that helps redirect one’s thoughts.

A prop for redirecting your thoughts once fear strikes in is thinking about the opposite. Fear can fill your mind with the opposite of what you want and once it creeps in, I suggest that you love it away. Love is the opposite of fear. If you fear not getting your dream job, feel what it will be like having your dream job, spending workdays in your wonderful new office, completing inspiring and fulfilling tasks. If you fear that the person you want to be with doesn’t want you back – imagine them wanting you back, calling you, texting you, seeing you every day. How does having what you want make you feel? This is what the Law of Attraction will respond to. Keep the idea of opposite in your mind as a mental prop; you’ll be amazed to see how well it can work as well as raise your vibration more than you realize.

Props add an extra kick to manifesting. Suddenly, having your desire seems possible and real. This feeling is not only a great mood and confidence boost but also essential to successful manifestation.

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