Manifesting Relationships – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

When we talk about the state of the wish fulfilled, being a vibrational match to your desire, mind energy, heart energy and positive feelings, all that information may be confusing. However, once deciphered, assuming the state of the wish fulfilled as well as raising your vibration is not only fun and enjoyable but also full of love you generated all by yourself.

Most of the questions I receive deal with the following topics – manifesting relationships (usually with specific people), manifesting money and manifesting weight loss. Today, I am going to explain what it means to assume the state of the wish fulfilled and raise your vibration when manifesting relationships.

Neville Goddard defined the concept of assuming the state of the wish fulfilled. Everything he wrote on the topic, from belief to explaining conscious and subconscious minds in detail, states that one must visualize strongly enough to feel as if their desire were reality, experience it fully in the mind and they will be naturally able to let go and manifest. Once visualization is so strong that it satisfies the hunger we feel for our desire, he said, that desire will manifest as satisfaction grows because we already know what it’s like to have it. What we possess in our minds, we will end up possessing in the external world, in life.

You must feel that you already have everything you want. You must feel fulfilled and content. Feeling hunger for your desire shows you are still missing its presence in your life.

When we talk about raising vibration in order to match a desire, the common factor this concept shares with assuming the state of the wish fulfilled is who you choose to be. This is why the Law of Attraction is never about the other person but always about you.

After forming beliefs of ourselves while living our lives, we tend to limit the ways in which we see ourselves. We accept some things as true of ourselves and live by them, unaware that we can change everything we think and feel and therefore, change our lives.

When you convince yourself that you are the person you wish to be and love it, knowing all your convictions have already been created and you just have to receive them, your vibration will raise automatically, more and more each day. You must make yourself feel comfortable and happy with who you are and who you wish to become. Hold onto your convictions until the end and focus on doing anything and everything that makes you happy.

Allow yourself to be the person you wish to be and your vibration will rise.

When manifesting relationships, do you feel it possible to be with some people but not others? Do you think that some are on your level while others are too good for you? If you have done any of these things, never do them again. You are limiting yourself and you are the only one who has the power to do so.

On the other hand, once you become confident and equally respectful of yourself and others, you will never judge them nor will you look at them the same way again. You will observe them with different feelings and through different energy. The love and respect you feel for yourself generates love for and from others.

Now, how do you see the person you wish to manifest a love relationship with? How do you feel that person? Not feel about but simply feel.

When you look at the person you want to be with, do you see someone you can’t “have?”

Do you see the person who makes you happy?

Do you see someone you feel distant from?

And how do you feel?

Do you see yourself as the person your desired individual is in love with? When you picture your desired person saying something to you, does it feel real or not? Which words feel unreal and which are believable?

What you must do is make your desired reality believable. You have to combine the way you see yourself with the way you see the person you have chosen.

It’s all about energy. If you want to change your relationship with someone, you have to change the energy between you by feeling differently about them as well as yourself. One person is capable of accomplishing this goal – once you set your energy on a new path, the other person will follow.

If it makes you feel better, know that whenever you saw yourself as not enough for the person you desired, you also saw them as someone who wasn’t enough for you. Feeling that another is insufficient in any way automatically spreads the energy of insufficiency on both of you. Do you see what you did there?

On the other hand, you might remember a time when you met someone and it was smooth sailing. You clicked, you wanted the same things and you stayed together for as long as you were clicking.

After that,

You may have decided that you were a fan of specific qualities in your desired partners or that you were an individual who always attracted a specific kind of partner which continued to manifest in your life.

Problems often arise when you find ourselves attracted to someone different than anyone in your past or are manifesting a return of an ex you currently feel distant from. However, being different than the person you want for whatever reason means nothing. Do you think that couples have everything in common? Do you think that there are any two people or couples on Earth who are similar in every way? Absolutely not.

Anything can be created so believe that you can create your desired outcome.

Think of yourself as being equally capable of attracting anyone into your life because guess what… You are.

What is it you have to do in order to change any mutual energy? Change your own by changing your convictions!

1. Think about what you want for a few seconds and then feel it. Surrender to the feeling in every way. In the past, whenever you looked at someone you knew was in love with you, you had no doubt about it whenever you saw them. Now, you want to look at the person you want to manifest a relationship with as someone who is in love with you. Feel your love for them, see yourself as a person happily in love with them and see both of you enjoying your love. When you look at the person, feel your mutual love, even if you think it isn’t there yet; before you know it, it will be. Your feelings and your energy are the only things you need to focus on. Believe me, this is very fun to do and it’ll be even more fun once your desires manifest.

Problems arise when we feel incapable of changing the way we feel about most individuals in our lives. Sometimes, we feel emotionally paralyzed. This is often reflected in the dynamics of an individual who is in love with a friend while the friend simply fails to view them as anything but. Seeing someone as a friend, lover, partner or anything else is simply the description of the energy you respond to when it comes to the person in question. If you are in love with a friend, are you accepting that they don’t feel the same way about you? If you are, this is the reality you are creating again and again. You have to change your thoughts about them to get them to respond to a change in your energy.

This is one of the main reasons we rely on first impressions more than anything else; it is also the reason we accept the first impressions others have of us, usually doing nothing to change them but accepting the way we were seen. Do you see how we use the Law of Attraction all the time, even when we’re unaware of it?

Take any friend and observe the way you feel about them. What is your relationship like? This analysis of energy applies to anyone in the world – there is a way you view everyone you know or are aware of. You can change your perception of anyone and often do so once they make an unpredictable move, whether it’s towards you or not.

You can also change your perception of others without any moves from their side and now, you must change the way you view the person you desire to be in a relationship with. If you wait for another to make a move for you to change how you feel about them, remember that this change won’t last forever. Eventually, you will realize they are still the same person…unless you fundamentally change your feelings about them.

Now that you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, are you doing the work and sending the right energy for your specific person to manifest or return into your life? What kind of energy are you sending towards your relationship with them? How do you see and feel the relationship?

Some struggle with negative feelings about their desired partners on a regular basis. In order to resolve this, think about how the thought of being with the person is making you feel. When you imagine your conversation, your dates and your interactions, when you imagine your relationship, do you feel vibrant, happy and excited… Or do you simply feel grey? Is there enough love? Is there any positive feeling at all?

Is this person really the one you want? Do you believe they can bring magic into your life? Can you even truly want to be in a relationship with someone who takes color away from your life?

Only you know the answer.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep an abundance mentality. This concept is important because once you feel rich in money, love or success, more of it comes to you.

This is why when we are in a relationship, even more people try to date us while when feeling alone, that loneliness continues. Always feel abundant, regardless of the circumstances. Then, you will receive even more and at all times, you are free to choose who and what you want.

2. Make a list of who you are. That’s right, a list. This list goes for everything you wish to manifest in life. Your energy depends on who you are and you have the ability to be anything you want to be.

We don’t really see ourselves doing things, even though we think we do. In the big picture, we see who we are, meaning that we judge our actions in relation to who we choose to be.

This is where visualization comes in. Use it to become the person you want to be.

When manifesting relationships I saw myself as the following:

  • An amazing girlfriend;
  • Impressive to my partner;
  • Fun to be around;
  • A compelling conversationalist;
  • Supportive and comforting;
  • Admirable in every way.

The list was always about me. This is vibration – it is who you are. All I had to do when it came to my partners was see them in a positive light – I always saw them as amazing people (and, amazing men). In order for my partners to see me the way I wanted to be seen, I had to believe it first. I even thought about what I wanted to look like next to my desired partner. How was I going to dress or do my hair and make-up? What would it be like to go out in public with them and what would our date nights look like? How would I feel with them? I had positive feelings about all these scenarios. However, the moment I stopped seeing my partner as an amazing person, our relationship began to dissolve into a breakup. I had no regrets, as none of them were the person I wished to spend the rest of my life with, but I knew exactly when my energy changed. Every single time.

Now, you.

Are you rich? Are you always in debt? Are you a workaholic? Are you successful? Are you beautiful? Are you generous or selfish? Do people call you selfish and it bothers you even though you don’t particularly enjoy sharing? You might be fine not sharing until someone points it out. Are you loved, satisfied, content or adored? Are you a celebrity? Are you a person who possesses killer self confidence? Are you a loved and cherished partner of your desired person? Are you the person they are in love with and who loves them just as much?

If you have to change the concept you have of yourself in your mind, do it. Change is scary but if you have faith, it always leads to even more magic than you could have imagined. Dare to think of yourself differently. Dare to be happy! This is why we say that fortune favors the brave. Be brave!

If you must, change who you are. This is where your power to create rests – ignite it!

3. Drop the “how.” When it comes to manifesting relationships as well as self confidence, many wonder how particular things will occur.

“How will the person I want pick up on the change in my energy? How will they change their mind?”

Drop the “how” or it will plague you. “How” is not your concern – don’t try to make it so!

I don’t really care how anything happens. Knowing how would take a lot of the fun away and I suggest that you adopt this attitude. You can adopt it by deciding to trust the Universe.

Practice and have fun with all of this! Change scenarios if need be. Play with it and allow it to feel real – you will start to feel different in a matter of days.

39 thoughts on “Manifesting Relationships – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

  1. Nina how does the universe know what I want? Do I write it out? Write the universe a letter? Or does it just already know because I desire or through my thoughts? Thank you.


    1. When you know you want something, the Universe knows it, too. It’s always listening. However, you can write it down or tell the Universe what you want but only if you want to, if you think it would help and if it would make you happy to. You don’t have to do it but do it if it makes you happy 😀 And be sure that it is what you truly want and what makes you happy! 😀 xx


      1. Thank you Nina!!! I love your articles. I’m waiting on the arrival of your first book. I have a feeling it’s going to be delicious. Blessings.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nina I have to ask you something else. Sorry to flood you with questions but this is really bugging me and I’m sure to get great feedback from you. Do I have to visualize or can I simply be in the wish fulfilled? And if I have to visualize, why am I doing it? What’s the purpose of visualization? Thank you.


    1. The purpose of visualization is being able to see yourself and believe that what you want is yours and if you can do it without visualization, just feeling the wish fulfilled without visualization, great! Do what feels good 😀 Never do what you don’t want to do with LoA – just do what makes you happy! 😀


      1. hi Nina,

        I’m just curious… in the case of manifesting with a specific person, I know that when we are sending love and doing positive visualizations, the other person feels it.

        What about when we are not letting go… What do you the person feels with regards to us in those situations?
        Do they feel hesitant towards us? What are your thoughts on this?



      2. Don’t know because it honestly doesn’t matter. A relationship cannot manifest without believing, even just for a few seconds, and letting go.


  3. Hi Nina, wonderful article.
    I have a question.
    You said I have to look at the person as that he is in love with me… But I am so shy that I can’t look at him… Because I feel so much for him and scared that he would find out my desperation to be with him.
    So do I LITERALLY have to look at him when i am feeling he is in love with me? Or can I just BELIeve in it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sonia! Thank you so much 🙂 Imagine and visualize that he is looking at you with love, with you knowing that he loves you! That’s all you need to do. You don’t have to make any moves in your current reality.
      When you imagine it, does it feel comfortable? Would you feel comfortable being with him knowing that he loves you?
      Also, I loved your question 😀


  4. Hi Nina,
    Thank you for the wonderful post, it is very informative. I have a question and I hope you can provide me with some clarification. I know that my specific person and I are meant to be together, this is the first time that I felt so sure in my life that no matter what I do or shift my thinking, it always come back to that feeling. I feel so happy, at peace and calm whenever I do my meditations, visualisations, journaling and even the whole day. But whenever I talk to him or see him in person, I feel scared, I am afraid of what he might say or do, that I am scared that he might say something about another girl or whatever. I know this fears will not do any good, but how come during my meditations I feel really awesome, how can I maintain the exact feeling during and after meditation especially when I am in front of my specific person?
    Thank you very much, you have helped me so much, your books and your blog have helped me reached this point in my life wherein I am more confident, loving myself completely.


    1. Hi Cins! I am so happy to hear that, thank you so much! I would say that even though you know it’s meant to be, you are slightly aware that it isn’t just yet, know what I mean? Visualizing your ideal reality as much as you feel like doing so, every time you feel like it, will create the feeling of having it now. Also, gratitude for having it as if you had it now will remove the need to see it happen, as you will begin to believe that it’s a done deal. Also, remember that energy is invisible and we can’t ever see anything coming together but we have to believe that it does in order to see results. When you fear that you might hear something you dislike, remember that your relationship is a done deal and start to expect that when you see him, you will hear something you like instead!


  5. Hi Nina,

    I’ve been reading a lot of your blogs now and really like them. I had a question when reading this one. I definitely struggle with the feeling good feelings around him now (referring to this section: When you imagine your conversation, your dates and your interactions, when you imagine your relationship, do you feel vibrant, happy and excited… Or do you simply feel grey? Is there enough love? Is there any positive feeling at all?) since I shut down for 4 years due to the sexual abuse of my stepfather and I was continuously questioning my relationship. Before I was triggered by the abuse I was soooo incredibly happy. My heart always felt like it was going to burst. I would smile so much my face would hurt. Even the weekend before I was finally triggered to the point where I had to say something, I remember being so unbelievably happy and thanking God for my amazing family/relationship etc. It’s like a light got blown out in my life that has never fully come back yet.

    How do I change that so I can get back to feeling good about him/us like the way I used to? I feel that the relationship was destroyed not due to me, but the impact the abuse had on me. I know I deserve this. I want my life back and my love back.

    Thank you!


    1. It is important to first address the abuse so that it stops being a trigger. He cannot hurt you again and you are stronger than what happened to you. Revisiting this period of your life does not deserve your attention anymore. You are strong and you can move on for yourself and your own happiness. You can use this entire time period to motivate yourself to become even more positive because not even something like this broke you. You didn’t allow it. Don’t give this situation any more power to hurt you. It does not deserve it, and neither does some miserable individual who did this. He is nothing and you are powerful! You deserve what you want so believe in love and the power of the Universe, and you will get it! And life will only get better from now on


  6. Thank you so much for this post, it has helped me immensely and answered the question I asked the universe. Ask and it is given. You are a gift and I’m thankful I found you. Wishing you continued success.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Nina,

    Its really a great article. Thank you so much 🙂
    I just have a question. If we use this technique with a specific person, is it possible that the Universe will either manifest that specific person or it will give to us a better person (if the specific person is not the right choice for us)?

    Thank you!


    1. The reason am asking this question is that am in a relationship presently which am focussed on improving but sometimes I get the thought whether he is the right one. At the same time, I feel bad on myself that am thinking negatively about our relationship, instead of being grateful for it. So, during the visualization process how eactly should I do it (imagine with the specific person or imagine in general) so that I get the relationship I aspire for.


      1. Hi!! And welcome! I saw both your comments and I see that you are aware that you might not be with the person who is 100% “the one.” I say write down the qualities your ideal person has and then visualize yourself in the relationship with that person. Imagine dream-come-true situation that would make you beyond thrilled to have today, and soon, the relationship will manifest and that person, whether it’s the one you’re with or another you have yet to meet (or have already met) will reveal itself! You can do this!


  8. Hello, lovely article! Thank you so much for a great blog. It is very helpful 🙂 You know, I still wonder about how and when it will happen. I still have this “feeling” to contact my spec. person (my ex)=well to be the first to do it. Should I just trust the Universe, visualize, be happy (I am extremely happy oh dear!) and wait? 🙂 Or sometimes when I get this “gut” feeling, maybe I should contact her but not out of desperation? 🙂 Can you please give me some advice on this? I am trying to live in the end and it’s been amazing journey so far, it’s so much fun!! x) Thank you very much, I feel like I’m very very close to my manifestation, I’m not longing or needy, desperate. I am super greatful for my life and have a lots of self-love thanks to Agnes Vivarelli.
    Thank you for answering! Have a lovely day xoxo


    1. Hi! Sorry for the delay and thank you!! Immerse yourself in your visualizations and be happy with them, and if and when you genuinely want to contact your ex, you will just do it and not feel the need to wonder if you should! Let go, visualize and the right path will suggest itself.


  9. Dear Nina,

    I have been practicing deliberate creation for some time and would say that i am really successful. However not so much when it comes to relationships.

    I am currently not in a relationship but am a close friend and a business partner to someone I was seeing before. He says he likes me, finds me super attractive and loves me as best friend but is single for a long time and doesn’t want to be in a relationship due to some personal issues which I respect.
    However, we have been in on and off relationship for three years with periods of seeing each other as a friend or as boyfriend and girlfriend. He keeps coming back into my life in various ways. I know that everything that happens to us is because we attract it and I do not see much point in moving on as I will probably attract again similar situation if I don’t change myself.

    I am doing the self love meditation, visualizations and positive affirmations about the way he sees me. Is there anything else I could do to change the energy between us? Also when I feel really good about me and us and we meet it reminds me we are just friends and my vibrational energy falls? Any idea how to deal with that?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi T! So, first you must ask for the two of you to be in a relationship. Second, don’t think about the way you are together in the current reality but decide and ONLY think of yourself in that ideal relationship. Decide in detail what that relationship looks like, your ideal relationship together, and imagine that the two of you are living it every day. Visualize it in the way that makes you happy and when you notice the current reality, decide that it doesn’t matter because things are coming together in your ideal, preferred way instead. What is now truly doesn’t matter and even if you encounter negative thoughts, let them pass. Don’t engage in them. By thinking about your ideal reality, you will have soon shifted your entire focus to it, it will be all you think about in terms of him while you enjoy your time together whenever you see him in the current reality, and you will soon manifest a change. However, your focus must be absolute.


  10. Dear Nina, many thanks for your answer. I have bought your book for kindle in the meantime and I really enjoyed it.

    I have already been in that state that you described above. I am feeling that I am at peace with my self, satisfied and sure that what I want will manifest but also feel like I am letting go of attachment because I am so satisfied with myself that although I still want relationship with him I no longer fell the need to must have it.

    Also, I feel no need to control the situations between us or to call him or ask him out. Sure, I would want us to see each other but have no neediness for that…almost like for the things that you know you can have all the time so you have no reason to worry about them. So I just wanted to check with you…is this the state of feelings and mind you suggest I should nurture ?
    Many thanks for your answer in advance

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hello:)

    I have a Question:
    When manifesting relationship With a specific person, what do you think about dating others?
    Nothing serious, just dating, going out, but still want the relationship With that specific person? 🙂


    1. Hi! Go for it if it makes you feel good! We should do what makes us feel good because that is what brings manifestation – asking, happily living your life and then receiving. To some, happily living means only thinking about their person and then doing other things unrelated to dating in the meantime; to others, happiness is asking and knowing that it’s theirs but also getting positive feelings from having a dating life now because their relationship will work out when it does and it makes them happy to enjoy getting to know other people in the meantime.
      I’ve personally manifested different relationships in both ways so I know it works! Sometimes, seeing others made me happy while I knew a relationship I asked for would manifest soon anyway and at other times, I preferred only thinking about the man I was manifesting being with while just enjoying other aspects of my life in the meantime.


  12. Hi Nina, I have been doing a lot of Neville Goddard’s teachings and been doing great. Although I contacted him last Sunday ( he finished with me over text and i had not heard from him but know it was all my insecurities) He is with someone else and i saw a picture of them and got really jealous as he never posted things like that with us even tho I knew he felt it. We had an argument and I said some hurtful things and I said i was reacting as he had hurt me by leaving ( I also had a miscarriage and mentioned a comment about the dead baby on Father’s day), that was the hurtful comment. He also said i was not easy to talk to ( i know i pushed him away but i did try) … Anyway i truly believe hes the one.. he is such a nice man and was so good to me… my question… can this work still… can i salavge this even after hurting him? Many thanks.


    1. I truly love him and I know he loved me.. he said we are on different paths as i would like marriage and kids and he has already done this ( i asked him about this when we first me and he said he was ok with that ) … i do believe that it will be how do i deal with the fact i feel that i hurt him and get to a pace where we are happy and married?


      1. You have to practice forgiveness for yourself and loving feelings towards him, and remember that you only want to love and protect him from now on – it will help you see a happy life together as well as a great love!


    2. Hi! Anything can be saved but I want you to connect with your self love and self worth first. I want you to embrace and love yourself, and know that you can make miracles happen; after that, you will find it easier to see yourself in a mutual love story with anyone.


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