Manifesting Weight Loss – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

For the past fourteen years, I have been through several body fitness phases and until I learned how to use the Law of Attraction to maintain my ideal weight (after learning what my ideal weight was in the first place), I continued to fluctuate.

Instead of diets, exercise and focusing on weight “loss,” all I needed to do was suddenly be able to see myself having and keeping my ideal weight.

When it comes to weight loss, one can find it difficult to change self-perception. All of us are 100% used to our bodies and imagining a different one can be a stretch. Whereas many will say that having something good should be easy and make us happy, the truth is that happiness and self-satisfaction are what many fear more than anything else.

This is where the Law of Attraction begins for weight loss – you have to be able to see a different body in your mind and you have to feel comfortable having it.

Visualizing yourself having your goal weight can seem like an amazing idea at first. Imagine yourself having it right now! The thought of it is exciting, scary and it can cause a million new thoughts to start running through one’s mind in a mere moment.

Imagine yourself living your life while suddenly looking like your own version of perfection. Imagine the reactions of others, your newly found confidence, feeling amazing every day… Your life would change completely. You would have to renew your entire wardrobe. Suddenly, you would be receiving even more positive attention than you can imagine. Are you truly ready for that profound change in your life? Or would you return to the weight you’re currently comfortable with to continue living the life you’re currently used to?

Happiness is what many fear the most – this is something I see almost every day.

Suddenly falling in love with your appearance in the most unimaginable ways could produce guilt and discomfort as well as a form of exhaustion after suddenly having to deal with so many reactions and a completely new self. You might start to wonder if you truly deserved it. You might not believe those who tell you how amazing you look and think it was all too good to be true. Then, you would manifest your old looks back.

Changing oneself is the most difficult concept for many to grasp – if it were easy, many would use the Law of Attraction successfully on a daily basis.

The main problem I find is that many feel undeserving or they simply don’t feel special and therefore worthy of having everything they want. They tend to feel that other people are simply better than them. If this is a problem you are struggling with, I suggest that you start developing a stronger sense of self-confidence. I suggest self-love! You are an amazing individual, special and worthy of everything you want. Each and every one of us is unique so why would you be less deserving than others?


Why do you want to be at your goal weight – to feel good about yourself or to impress others?

The world may value slender appearance but unless you want it for yourself because you value it, not because the world does, you are never going to obtain it. Even if you’re convinced that you want it for yourself but rely on the reactions of others about your new appearance, you will stop liking it the minute others stop commenting on it. Then, you’re going to lose it.

The reason I wanted it was because I was used to it. I grew up skinny when suddenly, I decided I wanted to get a taste of what being curvy was like. Without effort (and to the shock of everyone around me), my body took a very feminine appearance and I loved the change… At first. Then, I wanted to go back but didn’t know how at first…until the moment I let go. In this case, I had honestly stopped caring about it after being frustrated at the initial lack of results. Then, I became ill (nothing serious) and shed it all simply because I was barely able to eat for three weeks. I believe that my frustration was the main factor leading up to weight loss coming together through illness.

Suddenly, everyone was telling me I was too skinny (I’d shed about twelve kilograms). I liked myself at first but eventually, I saw that I had taken it too far. I gained some back but it eventually ended up where I didn’t want it again. Then, everyone said my curves were sexy and that they preferred them to my skinny self. I was confused by their reactions but relied on them more than trying to figure out what I liked best. It was just easier that way. I was listening to others simply because I didn’t know what I wanted myself. This lasted for several months but I didn’t care enough to change it.

Then, I finally figured out what kind of figure I preferred. As soon as I knew what I wanted, I was able to keep it.

As complicated as this road sounds today, it was worth it. However, it isn’t necessary – one can use the Law of Attraction to manifest their ideal weight now, and easily.

When manifesting my goal weight, I learned several things.

  1. I had to separate the thoughts and impressions of food from the thoughts about my body. I had to see food as nothing but just food and not connect it to the effect it might have on my body. Just enjoy food and leave it at that.
  2. Listening to people around me was a mistake. Many have told me how much they loved my figure but I used their words as an easy way out. No matter how much others love your appearance, you will eventually stop agreeing with them if it isn’t what you want. As soon as I discovered what I preferred, everyone else embraced it. When others tell me they want to lose weight, I support them because I want them to feel great about themselves. It doesn’t matter what I think of them – they have to be satisfied.
  3. I was never satisfied, which produced further frustration. At first, I kept wanting to lose more and more until becoming too skinny. Instead of seeing my ideal weight and knowing I would reach it, I was so afraid I would gain it all back that eventually, I did. Fear is the most toxic of all emotions and needs to be replaced by trust in the Law of Attraction and knowing you are meant to have everything you want now.
  4. I had embraced the notion that my weight loss was an ongoing struggle and guess what? It had become so. Until I decided it was easy, it was painful, long and frustrating. Do you see the paradox – we want things to be easy yet we do everything to make them difficult on ourselves? And for what?
  5. My goal weight didn’t change who I was – I needed to become the person I wanted to be without its help. Thinking that your goal weight or anything else will turn you into the person you wish to be only sends a signal to the Universe that you don’t yet have what you wish to have. Become the person you want to be now and everything else will fall into place.

11 thoughts on “Manifesting Weight Loss – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

  1. Dear Nina! 🙂
    can we use the law of attraction to change other things about our body aswell, like height (be taller or shorter), body shape, hair, and eye color etc ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have used it for hair and body shape. It all depends on what you believe you can create.
      I did something with eye color, too, unintentionally. My eyes are hazel but they used to be darker. I remember thinking once how nice it would be to see the real hazel color in them, both green and brown. I completely forgot about it and now, they are actually hazel. My current hair color of dirty gold makes them look even more so 🙂
      I say, one can think about the eye color they would like to have but be happy with what they have now. It can be easy to be detached from a desire such as a different eye color.
      I have also been aware that a person’s height changes throughout their life. They say we can shrink and grow throughout life. If everything is energy and we are all particles of moving energy, nothing about us has to remain. Maybe increasing one’s height by much would be difficult for them to believe but what if one could believe that they can grow by just a little, see results and then, keep doing it little by little?
      What do you think?


      1. I agree with you, it all depends on what we believe we can create 🙂
        i read a lot of stories at the Secret website and there are amazing stories about people growing 4-5 inches or more, or one girl said she changed the shape of her nose, or one woman wanted curly hair and she got it 🙂
        so i think we can change everything about our body, but we have to feel and see that we now have it, and it is easy to lose hope when in the mirror all you see is what you dont like. But if we can see our body as we want it to look like, we can create it. 🙂

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    1. Every time I had an idea of an ideal weight or body shape, it took shortly, weeks at most, but it was because I was fully focused on it and happy about it.

      Once, I held onto the idea of ideal weight for a long time but once I let it go, it took a month.

      I had different ideas of the body shape I wanted to have at different times so every time I wanted to change it, I did within a few weeks. I would say a little under two months was the longest period.

      If you have an idea for an ideal body shape that you feel would take even a few months, be OK with that. It’s good for the body to take it slow. I once dropped a significant amount of weight because I was ill and bed-ridden for over two weeks and as fast as that was, there are easier ways 🙂


  2. Well its good to hear that 🙂 I was afraid you would say it took you years, or almost a year. But Its very inspiring that you manifested it within weeks.
    And by changing the body shape, is it possible, that for example, I am a pearl, and I want to be hourglass, or I am hourglass, and want to be slender, or I want longer legs, or shorter legs, or bigger boobs, can I manifest these things?


    1. I would say weeks, maybe two months, is enough. You can change these things about yourself but believe and let your figure change. You might get an idea of starting a workout regimen or a food regimen, or not – consider whether or not the ideas you start to have could help you. Start from visualizing the body you want to have and only feel good about it. Feel as if you have that body now!


      1. Choose your perfect height, visualize how you feel now that you have it and be grateful for it, as if you’ve received it already 🙂


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