Rebounding From Disappointing Manifestations

Several times, I have manifested what I wanted at a given moment only to discover it was not what I truly wanted at all. This happened with jobs and relationships.

I believe that rebounding from whatever one might consider a failed relationship, job or any other life experience is rarely about the loss of a person or a thing; it is mostly about sudden self-doubt, discovering what we thought was true of ourselves to be untrue and being lost in discovering what it is we truly wish to be and have in life. It is that connection with ourselves that gives us security and confidence in life as well as the ability to attract everything that makes us happy.

When manifesting new jobs, usually I only had my previous or current job in mind and it had been a job that was ultimately undesired. Thinking about former jobs and my dissatisfaction with them was draining me while I was effortlessly creating the repetition of the exact same circumstances. What I feared the most would always repeat. Until I would change my attitude towards it, I continued to manifest the kind of jobs I didn’t want.

Some relationships I manifested for the short term. They came, they were lovely and then, they ended. One was a person who had seemed much more interesting, kind and giving than he truly was. Soon, he proved to be just as unready for a relationship as I was. Whenever a breakup would happen to me, I wondered who I truly was, how well I knew myself and wanted desperately to know what my heart was gravitating towards. I knew this was the person I didn’t want so I wanted to focus on myself and rediscover who I was. Following my feelings, I dove into simple pleasures in life; they made me feel good as I had experienced more complications than I knew existed in a relationship. What made me happy was a meal from one of my favorite restaurants, a cup of amazing coffee, a great book or a movie and conversations with my friends. Following my feelings, one of the fundamental rules of creation, was the best thing I could have done. Doing everything that made me happy opened my heart to more good things, making new friends and even resulting in a new relationship a mere month later. This flow of events brought me one step closer to discovering my true heart’s desires when it came to relationships.

Rebounding from manifesting the unwanted in our lives holds a purpose of discovering who we are and what we want. Throughout our lives, we continue to know different aspects of ourselves. What we love, we may keep; what we don’t, we may change with love.

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