Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

I am continuously surprised at the amount of truth hidden in this phrase which goes beyond its initial impression of explaining the reality behind one’s personal origin of thought.

If you feel that something awful is happening and you start digging for it, specific event you might have imagined may be nowhere near the truth… But the fact that you already allowed so much negative energy to come in may cause you to see negativity everywhere, regardless of its source. Translation – if you are afraid that something undesirable is happening, you will unlikely discover that you’re right about it but if your negativity is strong enough, you will find something else you’ll dislike and perpetuate your dissatisfaction.

When you’re happy, you attract positive events and circumstances which bring you even more happiness. When you allow the negativity in and then add emotion to it, you attract even more of it. Nothing even has to happen to invite more negativity – you just see it everywhere even without any new developments in the world. Feelings create so wouldn’t you rather be filled with great feelings therefore creating even great feelings?


Those who are manifesting new relationships with their former partners may be battling the rush of negative and positive feelings coming at them all at once. Now, let’s address the negative ones.

When manifesting relationships, negative feelings may come up but the good news is that they are not based on reality. One might imagine every possible scenario in which things could go wrong but when it comes to our perception of others, things are never as simple as we assume. It is impossible to know and understand another person’s pattern of thought, their past and their former experiences until we have known them for years therefore the things we assume about them are most likely incorrect. What we need to remember is that we judge others according to our former experiences and this is mostly the way through which we create expectations directed at them.

The Law of Attraction says we must let go of all the assumptions we could possibly have in order to manifest exactly what we want. If we continue to stick to them, we might manifest several undesirable circumstances or hardly manifest anything at all.


Can you recognize the circumstances in which you often start to feel particularly negative? For me, this used to happen when I was bored. Finding happiness and different ways of contribution to the world in the moments of boredom was something I needed to learn.

We tend to become negative when we envision things to be happening a certain way and yet, they don’t. We envision it because, based on our past once again, we think that we know how things are supposed to go. But isn’t the idea that the Universe knows better comforting? Isn’t the idea that all we need to do is trust just liberating? Isn’t the idea that all we need to do is send out loving energy absolutely magical?

Love felt for the end result aligns all our actions. Let go of the how – the Universe knows. Allow room for some positive suspense. Your negative thoughts are merely an indicator of your fears but are as false and empty as those fears .

Negative thoughts are always insignificant. Remember this.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

  1. That’s interesting, Nina! Thank you for sharing those thoughts. 🙂

    I’d like to share some thoughts about manifesting a specific person vs manifesting an ex (which is my case):

    I’ve done it before, I mean, manifested specific people. But they weren’t my exes girlfriends. There was no previous feelings attached to the process. I think that manifesting an ex could be tricky because, when you are the one who was “left”, you feel insecure, powerless, inferior, because of all the context where the ex says things like: “I don’t love you anymore, I just want to be friends, my feelings for you have changed”, etc…

    NOTE: I’m not saying it’s not possible, I believe it is, I really do. I just think it takes more self confidence to do so, and that’s what I’m dealing with right now (I think some people here can relate to that).

    As always, I was reading your posts and just saw that one. That made me think “why do I still have negative thoughts towards the idea of having my relationship back?” – I love her and I love the idea of being back together with her, but something is hurt inside me, you know, my ego. I mean, when she broke up with me, she started dating other guy right after (just one week later) and went on a trip with him. She fell in love with him. They’re not together anymore, she’s seeing other people, but see, all this previous information made me feel like insecure, incapable of manifesting her passion and love for me back. She says she loves me for all I represent to her, for all she learned with me, but she wants to be my friend, not my girlfriend.

    We agreed to stop seeing each other for some time and we stopped following each other on social media. I’m doing what I can to be happy and feel good by myself. I think about being with her again and sometimes that gives me this warm sensation in the heart, but not always, because sometimes I can’t avoid picturing her with someone else, doing all the cool things we used to do together and that’s the problem. And we have A LOT of mutual friends, so, even not following her, I end up seeing her in a friend’s pic or a comment she posted, or when someone talks about her, etc, and I feel like a puch from the current reality right in my face. So I start feeling the lack, the absence of her and I end up thinking about her all day.

    What I’m trying to say is that when it comes to manifesting exes, there’s more involved: doubts about our own power, fear of being rejected and hurt again, a bit of anger for feeling kinda inferior, a lot of jealousy of other people dating them and so on. I mean, it’s not like random people we don’t care too much about. We usually care about exes, unless the breakup was something good for both.

    I understand that we have to feel good about ourselves, ignore the current reality and focus on the end result, but don’t you think that the current reality of someone who was left is a bit harder to deal with than the current reality of someone who wants to manifest a person that have never hurted us before?

    I really love her, there’s no doubt on it. I analized myself and I understood that I really want to marry that woman. But all these feelings I mentioned above haunt me from time to time.

    Nina, all your posts and advice have helped me in ways you can’t imagine. That’s why I ask you, is there a different approach in a situation like this? Do you agree it’s harder to deal with all the negative thoughts and feelings when it comes to exes, even when we are 100% sure that this is what we want to manifest?

    Thank you as always! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. I am sure that many find it difficult to manifest exes because many of those breakups ended up with hurt feelings. However, I know that we all either find a way or an excuse and those who truly want to will focus on the good, believe and eventually manifest. Your determination and desire can help you here. Instead of focusing on the past, forgive both yourself and her for it and start to envision a happier future/present 🙂 In the meantime, practice self love and all your problems will seem solvable.


      1. Thank you for your answer, Nina! I think I really need to forgive us both. I don’t know how yet. Is there something to do about this? I mean, how to forgive… 🙂


      2. Forgiving is effectively done when you accept that the future you want is yours and that is why the past doesn’t matter 🙂 If you genuinely want to start over, you know that it doesn’t because love always wins. This time, you know what you want and you know how to get it. You know how to manifest it. What happened last time is irrelevant because the only thing that matters is what you want. Nobody’s perfect and we have all made mistakes but when we choose love, mistakes diminish.


  2. I understand. And I’d really like to ask for help in something. You know, I don’t want to say to myself “her or someone better” beacuse I want HER. I mean SHE is the one I want a loving relationship with, live together, kids… We were a great couple, with fantastic connection, really, I’m not making this up. But the thing is, by now I’m still angry and so jealous because of everything that has happened between us since the break up (five months now).

    Nina, she really loves me, but not as a boyfriend anymore. She wants to be my friend and she says I’m truly special, that I’m very intelligent, very talented, very fun and so physically attractive (yes she admited I’m still attractive in her eyes) but she keeps saying that her romantic feelings for me have changed. And she’s going out with other guys. We don’t see or talk to each other for almost a month and tonight I said to myself “you know what? F*ck it, I’m awesome, I’ve always been! Do what you wanna do with your life, girl. I don’t care whether you date other guys! I’ll live my life without you!”

    But deep inside, Nina, I noticed I have fear. I feel sad confessing this, but I have fear of turning my back to her completely and lose her. I’m having a hard time trying to believe that things will manifest when I just focus on myself and “forget” her. I’m afraid of making her totally forget about me.

    That’s what I’d like help in. Please, Nina, tell me, is it really true that when we focus on ourselves, the other person comes easily? It sounds foolish but it’s like I know what to do but I’m too afraid of taking that kind of action and still trust that this is the way to manifest my relationship with my ex. Could you help me once more with your words?


    1. You’re afraid because right now, you are aware that you are NOT together and you are aware of this because that is what you keep focusing on. Fear is what you keep focusing on instead of seeing the two of you together.
      Do this – just for fun, without pressure, imagine what it would be like to be together, as if she had come back and asked you back. Enjoy this visualization for a few minutes, let’s say. You’ll see that suddenly, something will start to change and you’ll start to feel differently. If you do this consistently, focusing on the good instead of your fears, you will change your awareness.


      1. Yes, you’re right, Nina! Sometimes I feel much better, I have to find a way to keep that feeling. I know this could be so easy and I’m really willing to make it. 🙂

        Let me share something with you: This morning her father sent me via WhatsApp one of this texts that one sends to everyone in one’s list of contacts, saying something like “say just one word that reminds you of me and I’ll reply with one word that reminds me of you.” – I said a soccer team’s name, which he’s completely crazy for. And he replied with one word that reminds him of me: “Joy”.

        That’s it, Nina. It was really curious how he “talked” to me, I mean, it wasn’t a direct conversation, since he sent this text to everyone in his list. But he haven’t spoken to me since the breakup and now, out of the blue, along with others signs, he appears and talks to me in an indirect way, saying “joy”. Sometimes I feel like the Universe is telling me “Hey, I’m here! Let me help you!” – I just need to trust it, right?


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