Settling For What You Want… Nothing Less

When you love yourself fully, madly and unconditionally, you will only accept the notion of receiving exactly what you want… Nothing less. If necessary, you will keep moving forward with manifestation until you get there.

This principle has been used by several Law of Attraction practitioners and I have used it since childhood. Only accepting what I want in life because it’s what I deserve always came to me naturally. The idea of not being able to have everything I wanted felt beyond unnatural – the only question was whether or not I wanted to live a particular experience.

I have covered some of these things in the past but I continue to learn and look for ways to pass on these concepts to others. Every day, I understand more and more why the Law of Attraction is difficult for many to grasp. While listening to them, I look for new ways to explain what needs to be brought into awareness in order to improve. The rules remain – the internal forms the external. Thought forms life.

When reading some of the Law of Attraction materials or even my former blog posts, they can all sound exactly the same. When one’s manifestation abilities come naturally, they may read these materials and understand exactly what is being said but what about those who simply need a small nudge to awaken their manifesting abilities which we all carry inside us?

My personal examples on this blog exist to encourage others to focus on the principles behind manifestation which can materialize into different or similar events in their own lives. I am confident that these specifics are continuously providing others with more understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Today, I want to explore the idea of only receiving what we wish to receive… Nothing less.

I deserve to have everything that makes me happy because I deserve to be happy. I make others happy because I intend to do so. I inspire others because I intend to do so and I manifest constant inspiration for myself. I am loved, surrounded by love and I attract love every day. I manifest money because it enables me to have and do what I desire as well as help others by donating it. I manifested job offers out of thin air and felt that I deserved them because I’ll always have a lot to offer. I feel amazing about being a vegan because I love animals beyond words. I focus on the people I consider to be great because recognizing greatness of another means recognizing your own. The option of having what I want is an effortless, natural idea to me. When I achieve the feeling of knowing that what I desire is mine, I stay in it – this is a unique energy to be wrapped in. The best part is, no one evoked it inside me but myself alone. Even when the outside world doesn’t show that my desire is manifesting, I know it is because I know how powerful my thoughts are. I only accept the creation coming from my positive thoughts which leads to my desires manifesting unconditionally. I only accept my inner courage and knowing.

Remember this – unless it came from a true change of heart, settling for less equates giving up on your dreams. Sometimes, what we think we want is not what makes us happy in the end. When one believes they deserve to have what they want, they automatically believe that everyone in the world deserves the same. When they share their manifestations with others, they’re never bragging but instead, share their stories to help others learn as much as possible about manifesting their own dreams; also, to inform them that manifesting dreams into reality is possible and even easy.

Without repeating that our power is limitless, we need to be aware of creation starting and ending with ourselves. Like attracts like therefore confidence can only attract situations in which we feel even more confident. Same goes for chaotic and painful thoughts which attract even more of the same and every loving thought and action we send out into the Universe. This is why it is so important to stay happy; that way, we attract even more happiness, including the specific things we desire.

Many are plagued by the fear of failing to manifest their desires. One of the most difficult concepts to grasp may be believing in a thought without physical evidence of it creating but this is the primary law of the Universe. Thought always precedes matter and if you look back, you will see plenty of evidence to support this law. Throughout your life, you have known that some things would happen and they did – same goes for everything you know every day. You know you’re living in your house, you know you have your parents, friends, job, clothes and your physical body. In the same way, you can decide what you wish to manifest and it will appear in your life.

Some struggle with unexpected curve balls on their manifestation journey. The good news is, they can easily be removed. Why was your curve ball thrown at you? According to one of the basic Law of Attraction rules, if you decide it came for a good reason, it will be so. If you decide that you are failing to manifest your desire, it will be so.

However, when you are unconditionally focused on your goal and only accept the option of receiving it, curve balls either stop being thrown or you simply refuse to view them as such. You refuse to see any obstacles because the Universe can only give you what you desire and nothing less.

When clarity and focus on your end goal are all that you give attention to, nothing can derail you. To those who have yet to achieve unconditional belief in their ideal end result manifesting, curve balls will serve as confusion which will then manifest into even more chaos.

Curve balls are thrown when we are impatient or not 100% comfortable with what we desire. This has happened to me in the past and after finally relaxing about it, I realized why my energy had caused those events. In my case, it was because I was trying to manifest something I didn’t truly want out of love. Do you love what you are wishing to manifest? Our personal energies are balanced with trust, immense trust in the Universe to give us what we desire so strongly. Yes, going through a curve ball situation is stressful and can increase impatience; however, when our focus lies on our unconditional happiness, with or without manifesting our desire (an energy clearing way of thinking), we can finally relax.

Today, my former curve balls seem insignificant to me and I wished I had felt that way when they arrived. If you need to take some time to decide what you want, be OK with that. Thank the Universe for helping you become the person who knows what they want as if it’s already done. 

When we realize that all we have today is this moment, with everything we already have in our lives, all the love we already receive on a daily basis, everything we are grateful to have and would never want to lose… We can relax. Do you want to feel miserable this very moment or do you want to be as happy today as you will be once your desires have manifested?

What about those who feel undeserving of amazing things in life? They are unhappy with who they are. Are you happy with who you are? I am. I am an amazing friend, I manifested my ideal weight, I am building a career I wish to have, I have always donated money to charity and the idea of living my wildest dreams was something I became used to. Listen to yourself. If you suffer from the idea of being undeserving, step one is to use the Law of Attraction to become a person you will love being.

It all starts from self-belief which can be manifested with love but also, one must love their manifestation tools. A friend of mine uses an evidence journal to record the signs of her desire manifesting and while doing this, the certainty grows in her mind. If she gets stuck, she seeks help and receives it. Another close friend of mine chose to feel love for everyone and everything, consciously sending out heart energy and only visualizing when it comes to her spontaneously. Actually, she hasn’t decided to do this – it is a way of manifesting that effortlessly makes her happy.

Listen to yourself.

Here’s a common mistake – while looking for a job, one may go about it in two ways. Some might keep focus on having their dream job while using the job search process as inspired action of getting to their goal; others will likely focus on the job search process and complain about there being no job positions available for them which will lead to more of the same. Have you done any of these things in the past? Do you deserve your dream job or a continuous job search? The choice is yours.

38 thoughts on “Settling For What You Want… Nothing Less

  1. Hello! I really like reading your blog!

    I have a question: A year ago from August til January I was living as I already had a relationship with my specifc person… I didn’t know her personally and from the moment I started doing this a lot of things happened, til the day she said she loved me and I was perfect for her…Everything happened to easy and I any moment I had doubts about being with her
    Days after that I started being afraid if she was just saying that for no reason or my thought was about her meeting new people and discovering she doesn’t love me for real… Well of course we ended up being just friends, and know I’m trying to get back to the feeling that I had before and living as if we are in a relationship already, but my mind keep focusing on reality and I’m having trouble about feeling good. What should I do?


    1. Dear Sam, thank you so much! You definitely answered your own question – you want to regain the feeling you once experienced. This can be even easier as you already know exactly how it feels and knowing that it was your reality once makes it easier to accept that it can and I’m sure will be your reality again. In the same way that, when you were together, you were afraid it wasn’t real and you ended up creating the friendship, you can now create the sensation of the love relationship you want being real. I would suggest the following – focus on remembering that very feeling which is actually a valid technique when it comes to the Law of Attraction. When we remember something (a technique we can also use for the things that haven’t happened yet), there is no questioning that we had it already so we can naturally let it go so that it could manifest. Since your mind keeps focusing on what is now, you can focus it on remembering what you would love to happen again which I am convinced will naturally lead you back to loving feelings only.
      Here is an excellent article on remembering:
      This is a website I referred to often and from it, I would also suggest learning about and practicing heart energy which is a natural manifestation energy that doesn’t require conscious use of the mind. I have been manifesting faster with heart energy than in any other way my entire life but I have learned what exactly it is/what I’ve been doing mainly from these articles about it:
      On the website, you can also find articles on manifesting a specific person. Search both “manifesting love” and “specific person” and you should get all of the results in the search. I’d manifested specific people before and have done it since finding out about this website; I can tell you that the website revealed even more details about manifesting a specific person that I hadn’t already made the connection to.
      Also, the technique of EFT tapping is an excellent way of clearing your resistance and energy blocks. I use it, as well as guided meditations. For EFT, which is highly effective and only enough to do for a few minutes at a time, I would suggest Dawson Church. Several of his videos, including the “how to use EFT tapping,” can be found on YouTube.
      I would personally research all these things and then choose the one(s) I like best. Practicing a manifestation technique you LOVE brings results fast. Doing what we love leads to receiving more of what we love, including your love relationship. Never practice any manifestation techniques you don’t like – following our feelings and doing what we truly love is what brings results. Also, practice confidence in the sense that you KNOW that this is yours because you have the ability to manifest everything you want. You will love feeling like this and your confidence will be noticed.
      I am excited for your manifestations! I know you can do this!


  2. Thanks for all this information! I’ve been reading the website. I have the book she wrote! It’s awesome!

    I know all this work for sure. I think before I meet her a year ago, it was easier because I didn’t have any resistance or fear on being with her. I knew she would be with me and I just lived as if for 4 months. I think I got scared because it was so easy! And I start the thoughts like: ” Okay, everything is going so well, what bad is gonna happen?” I feel so stupid because I did this. Really
    I know I have to start feeling well. we hang out a lot and it is a good point. But I’m afraid of not getting in the same vibe again.
    Reading your blog has been a good help! 🙂


    1. The book is so awesome! 😀 It really explains every element involved in manifesting love. I am so happy that my blog has helped you.

      Your fear IS your resistance towards the relationship and it’ll stop showing up when you replace it with passion for your relationship. Fears manifest because they’re amplified with strong feelings and unless we deal with any fear we have, it’ll keep showing up. However, when passion for the relationship appears instead of fear, you’ll be able to manifest the relationship. Then, fear means resistance because our minds tend to protect us from manifesting what we think is negative and for as long as we have doubts about the relationship we are manifesting, our subconscious minds will see it as something we need to be protected from. This is why it is important to only generate positive feelings for our relationship in our conscious minds. Every day, you can work on convincing yourself that this is yours, 100% and that you LOVE your relationship as well as your amazing self. Heart energy will benefit you greatly here because it stops the thinking and just shifts your focus back to love. Just as the Manifesting Love book says (at the very end, I believe), know with absolute certainty that the relationship you want is yours because if you know it can happen for you, it’ll truly appear.


      1. You are right! I have fear. And sometimes I get upset with her because the things don’t go the way I think it should. I’m Not being patient and seeing the things that I already got.

        I’ve been using heart energy and I don’t know if I’m doing it right.
        I’m feeling ugly, with no motivation. Maybe because I feel that I don’t deserve her and the relationship.
        I have to work on this. It’s my fault and I know thoughts became things. Now a days I can’t believe that we already spent a Valentines day together and know I’m all afraid about not getting the relationship with her back!


  3. I am so sorry you’re feeling this way now but the good thing is, we know that your confidence is what needs to be improved and it can happen! I would suggest focusing on and even writing down things you like about yourself. This is a very simple and effective way of using the Law of Attraction to become the person you want to be. Also, remember that people often break up and get back together. In fact, not just often – this happens all the time!
    Let me share a personal story with you. I have dated a lot in life because I wanted to do so and once, someone I was very attached to broke up with me. This was before I ever knew that I could create anything I wanted in life so this was the way things spontaneously played out. I wished to get back together but he didn’t and since I thought that was it (not knowing you could use the LoA to get someone back), I had given up. I found someone else and moved on but then, we broke up, too. After that, I was happy to be single because I needed it; I had stopped feeling the need to have a boyfriend. I was SO happy because that was the first time in my life I realized that I only needed myself, just like you do. We all need ourselves while we should spend time with our friends and partners because we LOVE them, not because we need them. If I could live just fine before I ever knew him and since our breakup, I didn’t actually NEED him. I loved my life and my friends more than ever and suddenly, my ex who once refused to get back together with me wanted me back! I couldn’t believe it but I knew it was because I had stopped needing him while I still cared about him as a person and treated him kindly. Then, I realized I was much like the person he had fallen for the first time but even better! I was even more emotionally balanced and confident because I realized how amazing I was without the need for his approval. I was nothing like the girl who had once cried in front of him because he told her he didn’t want her back. It was a complete turnaround! When you make such a positive impression on people, they will only see that, then and there. When you truly change how you see yourself, you will change the perception others have of you, too.


    1. Beautiful! I totally agree. Before I meet her the first time, I knew we are gonna be together. I was feeling the most awesome person in the world. Hanging out with my friends, going to the gym, etc. When I met her I was so confident. And I remember when I told the Universe: “I don’t know how and when you are gonna do this, but this girl and I will be best friends and lovers.” Then I start living as if and the things worked perfectly!
      Now I have a question: should I be “available ” and be with her all the time? Since we are good friends we spend almost all the weekends together. Is it good if she misses me a litlle bit? Or it doesn’t matter? Should I take a time to increase my vibe and to make the changes that I need to make?
      You’ve been so nice answering to me. I’m So thankful!


      1. I am so happy to help and answer you Sam 🙂 I think it doesn’t matter because you should focus on how you feel and not what specifically you should DO. I can tell you from my own experience, when you achieve the highest amount of love for yourself and your life as it is now, enjoy your work and your activities again or even get some new ones, you will achieve great inner happiness and suddenly have clarity on what you truly want to do. Maybe you’ll honestly feel like doing your own thing more often and she’ll notice your absence. However, this is not something that should be planned because we cannot fake a change in our ENERGY which is entirely different from our words.
        Remember how in the beginning of the Manifesting Love book, it’s said that we have to put our thoughts beyond our current state of being? I would say that thinking about what you should do about the fact that you hang out every weekend as friends is focusing on the CURRENT state of being and this is what we want to avoid in your case. If you focus on how so many details are confusing you right now, you will receive more confusion. This is a detail that doesn’t have to matter unless you decide it matters, if you see what I mean. I advise you to imagine how you wish your couple weekends to be but whenever you’re actually hanging out together, don’t have any particular expectations for that moment. Just be relaxed because you know that your dream relationship with her is a done deal– it doesn’t matter if it manifests this weekend or the next or even next month. Just know that it’s coming and you will be able to focus on hanging out with her freely when you know that things are about to change for the better. Give loving thoughts to yourself, to her and to your dream relationship. Her behavior will start to change soon.
        Have you seen the latest article on the Apply the Law of Attraction website, the one about manifesting miracles? I think it will help you greatly.
        Whenever I was manifesting a specific man in my life, I felt such strong emotion in the moments when I actually WASN’T hanging out with him and then, the next time I would see him, we’d already be moving towards a relationship together. Sometimes it felt right for me to make the first move and sometimes it was him; however it went, it always came from the heart. When a true inner urge to make any kind of move comes to you, you know and you do it. It’s like this force inside of you and you never think about whether you should do it or not. You just do. Also, if it happens that she makes the first move, great! Once it all starts coming together, it always feels like magic.


  4. I think I got it!
    Thanks so much for all the advices.
    I just read the last post on the “apply…” it is awesome!
    I was reading about heart energy, but I didn’t understand very well. I need to read it again.

    Everything you said here is so helpful and I’m already incresing my energy and I’m feeling better. We had a good weekend. As you said with ” no expectations” and I felt really good!

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    1. That is fantastic news! I knew you could do it. Elizabeth’s article from yesterday also contains something we discussed directly – this is pure Law of Attraction! 😀 I felt so grateful when I read it and if you haven’t yet, here it is:

      In a nutshell, you send out heart energy when you feel love for something or someone. Whenever you do, just imagine that heart energy touching them. And remember, you have manifested a relationship with your special person once and you can do it again. The trick is, when we don’t care about how it happens and we have no fear in letting the person go because we know that we got this relationship, they immediately start to respond! But reaching that KNOWING inside of you comes first.

      I’m so happy to help. Your comments have inspired me, too. We all continuously learn from each other and that is a blessing. Keep it up and very soon, it’ll be as if again and then, you’ll be together!


      1. I just read the article! It’s perfect!!

        If she starts dating someone else? It’s the Universe telling me something? Should I just move on or keep going? I’m asking because last night she said something about dating. But for real i felt okay. I felt like It was something telling me… “Don’t worry, she’s your girlfriend and you are fine and safe”.
        What Do you think? Have you ever been in situation where someone that you like was dating someone else?


  5. I manifested a relationship with a specific person who was already dating someone else three times in my life. This takes great lightness of heart and character and complete trust in the Universe but it’s easy to obtain. You know that your relationship with her is yours and you never have to worry about anything. When I have that amount of trust in the Universe, I am free to be myself 100% and I always know that the person likes me exactly for who I am. That trust is what gives us confidence. Whenever you doubt, just think “I know it’s mine, of course it’s mine” and nothing she ever says will bother you because you know she’ll be with you.
    Trust me, when some guys asked me “Did you know we’d be together?” and I’d answer with a yes, they would think it was a little spooky. But since I had decided that they would like me for who I am and be with me, I was free to be myself. I felt love for myself and for being myself. I would also feel love for them and they would in turn feel love for me, even more of it – you get what you give. The Universe, when we put so much love into something, gives us back even more than we asked for.
    There is also a part of the Manifesting Love book, in just a few short sentences I believe, that deals with the topic of manifesting a person who is with someone else. This changes nothing for you, believe me – just feel passionate, happy and loving when you think of your dream relationship with her. You already are, I see, because her words didn’t bother you THAT much. You just wondered once and that’s OK but this is not a sign against you. This is just the Universe asking you if you wish to still be with her and you said yes. Obstacles are illusions – they’re nothing but questions from the Universe to us. The book also contains a few cool manifesting techniques for a specific person that you might about using. Whether or not you do, just keep focus on your dream relationship with her and never let any details, such as her words in this case, distract you. If you dwell on her words and feel any kind of negativity about them, you are giving off a signal of not being sure about her and feeling negatively about your relationship, which is then kept away from you. Feel only love for her and know that everything you experience with her is bringing you closer to your dream relationship with her. Keep practicing and you’ll achieve that feeling.


    1. I spent the Christmas eve with her and Christmas day with her and all of her family!
      I feel I’m getting closer and closer of my goal. I love her so much and I know she loves me!

      Tks for all your advice!!

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    2. Hi Nina,

      I’ve taken snapshots of some of my favorite responses of yours so that I can review them later and I was re-reading this response and there was one part that I wanted some clarification on

      You say “This is just the universe asking you if you wish to still be with that person. Obstacles are illusions -they’re nothing but questions from the universe to us”

      As you know , many times that I’ve manifested with him I get obstacles.

      They’ve reanged from him hanging with other women/people, mentioning dating too (other people) and most recently situations where he has lied to me. Even though I didn’t tell him I suspected he was lying, and had evidence that this was most likely the case

      What is the universe asking me?

      The reason I get concerned is because, yes, I still want the relationship with him, but not where he is dating other people or lying to me?

      By ignoring these things and not saying anything, I feel like I’m sending the message to the universe that im ok with these situations? Can you explain this to me?

      Thank you,


    1. Hello!
      Why sometimes when things are working well something not too good happen?
      We were doing good during Christmas and then during the weekend we didn’t see each other. She was hanging with a guy from her past. He’s gorgeous. I saw him on pictures.
      Like we barely talk this weekend and I’m feeling afraid again. I can’t see any positive in this situation. Why Does this kind situation happens and how to deal and be strong with that?


      1. Everything that happens, we have drawn to ourselves with our thoughts and feelings. I know this can sound a little harsh but it happens to all of us. We all have equal capabilities and power but we must balance our thoughts and energy as well as gain self confidence. We receive exactly what we expect to. I personally think it’s amazing that the complete control is in our hands, as we can make anything we desire happen but the way to do it is to strengthen ourselves. There are several issues to resolve here so let’s go over them.
        You simply must stop giving any attention and meaning to the day-to-day details of her life. If you keep focusing on them and reacting to them, the LoA will give you even more of them. When you feel love, LoA gives you even more love so you need to feel love for her unconditionally. You are capable of doing so, I know you are. When you are SO convinced that your relationship is a done deal, that it’s happening, that she only loves you, you either won’t even care what happens on a daily basis or everything will align so easily, things will start to change immediately. You must practice this confident, loving feeling and living in that energy. If you are feeling frustrated with your current circumstances, this means you don’t have only good feelings towards her and the relationship and in order to manifest the relationship, you must feel unconditional love for it and for her. You must ONLY feel love for your end goal.
        I think that a part of you still doubts being able to reach your goal. If you don’t feel confident no matter what, she won’t see that in you. People only see in us what we see in ourselves. When we love ourselves, others love us, too. This guy is only a threat if you decide he is but if you decide that the relationship you want is yours, it will become so. Just focus on what you want because things constantly change. Feeling that much love and confidence for yourself changes your inner energy and people notice it. The way to resolve this is by practicing your unconditional belief. Ask yourself why you don’t believe you got this 100%. This will help you resolve your feelings. Also, you must take care of your feelings first – you must love yourself unconditionally before loving her the same way. Decide that you are getting what you want and that that every event only brings you closer to having it. She could disappear for a few days but in those days, she could easily clear her mind and realize that she wants to get back together with you. Every event leads you to having your goal – this has to be your decision and you must believe it.
        Sometimes in life, we just know something is about to happen to us and then, it does – you must evoke this feeling for your relationship with her. Even when you just get a feeling something will happen in life and then it does, you have attracted it to you, even if you don’t know how. Same goes for your relationship with her. Practice believing, KNOWING that your relationship is yours. Think about what you will be doing together, how you want to feel in the relationship and be grateful having that now. You must practice your belief and the feeling of having it now. Also, I want you to mentally list all your qualities and the reasons why she’s lucky to have you as a boyfriend now.
        I am already feeling grateful that you two are a couple 🙂 You must feel grateful for it, too 🙂


    1. My apologies Sam, I’d assumed from your name that you were male and we never discussed YOU, just your ex so I obviously made a mistake. However, this changes absolutely nothing 🙂 The LoA responds to your feelings and your energy only, not your gender or any physical characteristics. Things such as gender, where in the world you or the person you want live or any other “physical” characteristics are only an obstacle if you believe that they are. When your energy is so loving, positive and strong, it influences everything physical for your reality to change into what you want and love. I am so happy to help you and I know you can do this, you have so much love inside you for your lady and that is everything you need to focus on. When your feelings of love are so strong once again, like they were the first time you were together or even more, everything will fall into place magically!


    1. I feel so much better.
      When We are having bad feelings and just focusing on the moment situation, we can’t see the right, or I can’t see it. It’s obvious that I have to change my thoughts and feelings and stop my mind from creating things that doesn’t exist. Yesterday I was just focusing on what she was doing, with who and this thoughts made me feel in a really low vibe.
      now I can feel better. But I have and I want to feel the same when I was in the process before. Knowing I was great and she was already with me then everything happened magically.

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      1. I came across an article that I think will inspire you and give you new ideas:

        If it happens again that you focus on her, change your focus back to you. We use the LoA by creating with our own, personal feelings, and yours are about you and how you feel in your dream relationship. Just think about how wonderful it is to be together:) It is totally irrelevant what she’s doing and I also think it can be turned into a positive manifestation with your thoughts – the more she talks to different people, the more she’ll see that YOU TWO have something special 🙂


      2. I just read the article. I really liked it.

        You are so righ, I need to stop focusing on what she’s doing, if she is in love and having fun with someone else, and focus on what I want our relationship be. We have everything to make this relantionship awesome!
        Oh, about 2 weeks ago, she said again: “You know what? I’ll marry you” We were having a conversation about kids and something else. It was cute! Lol

        Thank you again. It has been so good to talk to you. You can’t even imagine!

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  6. My pleasure! You two are so adorable 🙂 And yes, you can think about something happy in your past and send heart energy to it. If you send heart energy to a positive situation, you draw the same thing to you again!


  7. Hello!

    So, some facts have been happening during couple days.
    We got really closer, things were going perfect til Sunday. When things start to work, something happens. I don’t have any idea where I’m struggling. How do I figure it out?

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    1. Dear Sam, I believe a part of you still expects for this to generally go this way. In the past, you’ve told me that something went wrong just when things were starting to go right again and you asked why that happens. For as long as a part of you expects it, it’ll keep happening. I personally think it’s a confidence issue and I think this article will help you further:
      It is an article I still read whenever I feel I need to and it’s very powerful! If this relationship truly is what you want, you have to believe unconditionally that it is being created as you want it to be.


      1. Thank you so much!
        This article is really awesome.

        When you said yku had already attracted a relationship with someone that was already dating another person, you’ve been with them before or no?

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  8. No, I hadn’t but even if I had, it would have been the same. I would have created what I wanted because I always believed I could and so can you. What you believe you can create is what you create. I think that with you, the problem is you’re not making your job you. Manifesting anything is about YOU and your attention towards what she is doing is what’s blocking you. Ask the Universe to become free of fear, guilt and disbelief and believe that you can do this. Focus on everything you love about yourself. Focus on feeling deserving and be thankful for it. Always assume you’re good enough and deserving enough already and you will become it… And I know you are 🙂 You are a wonderful person who deserves all the happiness in the world.


    1. I just read your new post! It’s awesome.
      And thanks again for all the advices.
      I know what I want and I don’t accept any less than this experience that I want to live! 😀

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  9. I commented a little while back thanking you for your writings and how I always resorted back to them to keep me on track.
    well….I am beyond pleased to say. That I did it!:) just short of a two month breakup and lastnight I spent the most magical evening with my “ex”. Thank you! Forever grateful.
    Love, light and peace ♡

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  10. Nina I am so thankful that you exist and for this post 🙂 Just what I needed today. Settling For What You Want… Nothing Less.
    Have been in love with this guy for 5 years. He was married but even before I knew how the universe works I believed his marriage would end…just felt it and I felt so confident around him. I didn’t do anything physically to help in the ending of his marriage 3 months ago…i now know that i did it all mentally with my beliefs, thoughts and imagination. I must say that I didn’t have any fears then…just a strong sense of feeling.

    However, once he told me that he is divorcing all my fears of him not wanting me came out and obviously manifested. Also I manifested a 3rd party. Everyone tells me to go out with others…but i keep on telling them I don’t want anyone else but him. I believe deep down we belong together and will have a great relationship.

    Last night he also told me stuff about a 3rd party and other negative things I shouldn’t repeat as not to give them energy. While he was telling me that I blurted out that ‘i don’t accept we won’t be together’ as all the time my head was saying ‘we will be together’. Reading your article and comments made me realise that I need to continue with what I want. I have been presented with many obstacles now and I still want him and believe it is possible.

    I need to ignore reality and shift my focus into the reality where I am with the man I love. If only he knew how much I loved this girl said to me when I was telling her about him…’tell me does he know how much you love him? I can feel your love for him. ‘


    1. It is most important that you focus on your love and faith instead of the current reality which was the result of your fears. Shift your focus and the reality will shift, too!

      Love and light!


  11. Hi Nina,

    Thank you so much for this article. I felt lost and I think this has given me a huge guiding hand forward. I’m not sure if you will read this given it has been a few years, but do you believe that one should not settle for things less than what we truly desire?

    For instance, this year I wanted to become a full time trader, but through lots of occurrences ended up being scammed out of all my money and in debt and have felt a significant amount of financial stress, and am back on the job search route. However, some of the jobs that I have been in contact with have been the same as what I did before in finance, and I truly hate it. But it would be a steady paycheck…so I’m confused as to whether I should take this as a temporary solution and suck it up, so to speak, or to hold out for a job that is more aligned with me or just to work on being a better trader even on borrowed money. I would truly love some advice from you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mary. One should never settle for less. I would advise you to focus on visualizing yourself as a full time, successful trader, and say to yourself that it’s a done deal because the Universe is giving it to you right now. In the meantime, I would like for you to think aboutbwhether or not a full time in something you know how to do very well could be beneficial and focus on those benefits alone. Example – say to yourself that it’s great this job gives you money and leave it at that, if you accept one. Don’t think about any other aspects of it. Only focus on being a trader and affirming gratitude for it, as if it’s happened already. Then, it soon will.


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