Over-The-Top Visualizations and Letting Go – Love

When manifesting a specific person, I often chose a visualization that is slightly overboard in common sense. This type of visualization allows me to let go immediately yet gives me an indescribable rush of emotion.

This type of visualization is practically fantasizing but allows for putting a lot of emotion into it yet feeling it as if it were reality now, rendering another strong flow of emotion. As a result, this fantasy readily appears in my life, leaving me almost speechless and confused.

It wasn’t always necessary for me to do this. When the most basic relationship situation would manage to give me enough emotion, I focused on it. I could easily see myself with some people in day-to-day situations but visualizing more distant ones would allow me to feel more. I used over-the-top visualizations on individuals I felt I was attached to more than most, the ones I liked more than most. Over the years, simply imagining myself in regular relationships with them got to feel trite therefore I began taking my scenarios to the next level.

An over-the-top visualization represents an event you would love to experience with your specific person but you may only love the idea of it while the reality would scare you a little. This visualization usually describes an event in the future which you may even wish to experience one day but having the option of it now would be more than you would ever expect to receive.

I composed this theory when suddenly becoming involved with a man I shared a complicated past with but cared about deeply. Then, I shared an idea with one of my closest friends about living with him. This idea would give me a rush of emotion at the very thought of it. I didn’t even consider bringing it into my concrete reality as it was such a distant idea – I had just found it to be a very vibrant fantasy. I awoke my inner child and played with it. Then, something amazing happened.

I completely let go of the idea weeks later and moved on with my life, as this was just a game to me. However, he suddenly, almost immediately, began behaving differently. Even though we lived in different countries, he was asking to see me as if I lived around the corner. Even the thought of him behaving so differently gave me a rush of emotion – I had no idea what was going on! Since I spent many years in his native country and visited a lot, I was due for another visit a month later and had told him that. He was determined to meet me on the day of my arrival and we got to talking. From not seeing each other for months, we jumped into couple mode immediately, with him talking about our future in the way that matched my fantasies exactly. I had no idea what was going on – he seemed like a completely different person! Then, the same close friend of mine reminded me that I had manifested it. Completely forgetting I had ever said I found something amazing in the idea of living with him, she was wondering why I was in shock when he suddenly talked about our life together. She was hardly surprised but I learned how truly careful we needed to be about what we wished for because we might get exactly that, and more.

This relationship didn’t last as along the way, I failed to see myself happily coupled with him. I had changed my mind, which is okay to do. Regardless of how hard we tried, we eventually started arguing constantly and gave up. Oh, well. It was a great experience that gave me an insight into my manifesting powers and for that, I will always be grateful.

In other cases of the past, I would use over-the-top visualizations of my chosen partners and I falling madly in love within days…and vocalizing it. I used this tactic to a great extent four years ago; everyone was in utter disbelief at all the “I love yous” flying around in my relationships.

At the time, I found the idea of being open to love amazing and new. Having ended a long-term relationship, I was thrilled to see myself alive and well and open to finding an even bigger and better love.

In early 2011, I started one of the most intense relationships I had ever experienced. Our feelings for each other had been building up for months and once we started things up, everything became even more intense. Then, I told a friend that I was expecting an “I love you” within ten days. I received it six hours later. I wanted to know that magical feeling of being happily in love again. After this relationship ended, I started another one. We had become intensely close which only escalated once we became a couple. In this case, the first “I love you” came from me – the situation was perfect for it and I felt it. He responded immediately and we were both in disbelief of how magical and easy it all was. In retrospect, every relationship should be that easy, regardless of the specific elements one wants to manifest in it; the best part is, we all have the ability to make it happen.

Just last night, I was completely stricken with my realization of how much over-the-top visualizations help me. I attempted to visualize an event that seemed natural and grew bored. Then, I started visualizing an over-the-top event and suddenly felt light while experiencing a rush of positive emotion. I was completely filled with love and bliss, unable to fall asleep.

When using an over-the-top visualization, I never think about how to bring it into my reality, as it seems so distant and even slightly crazy. However, when these things arrive, they feel incredibly exciting yet natural. I am so used to seeing my life evolve rapidly and in epic directions that manifesting circumstances aligning in this way is what I and even my closest friends almost expect. When an over-the-top visualization is used, one brings their dream into the present moment effortlessly, in feeling and then in the experience.

The factor of letting go in over-the-top visualizations applies effortlessly when one truly chooses a visualization which represents a wild, dream-come-true end result in the future. Then, one never thinks about consciously bringing it into the now but simply feels that should this happen now, it would be the biggest thing in their life. It would truly be a dream-come-true.

I found that what I consider an over-the-top visualization works like a charm in my case.


Thought of the Day

The more I live and feel, the easier I find it. More and more, I see that just by enjoying my friends, as they’re the people I love effortlessly, everything else comes to me. That’s the beauty of friends.