Manifesting, Signs or Manifesting Signs?

A friend of mine has been using the Law of Attraction to transform their life, accurately pointing out personal strengths, weaknesses and areas to be improved. Their goal is to truly feel better and while wishing to take things one step at a time, they have chosen to take the actions which make them feel good as well as choose the signs reminding them that their manifestations are coming to life.

One of their chosen signs is a specific song.

This particular song follows them, playing everywhere they go. Since I know about this sign, I let them know every time I hear it which occasionally happens several times a day! Every time they hear this story or hear the song, they’re thrilled. Why? Their answer was, “I love signs.” And then, it hit me.

I explained to them that because they love signs, it’s the signs that continue to appear. Their awareness isn’t in their manifestation but in the signs that this manifestation is happening, keeping them in an in-between awareness. My friend is aware that things “are happening slowly,” not that they have already happened. Thoughts become things.

Should my friend allow themselves to love their desired reality more while only noticing the signs along the way and using them to remember how grateful they are for living their dreams now, everything would happen faster. Thoughts become things.

However, this could also be a good thing. I had decided for them that it was a good thing. (#unsolicitedmanifestation)

The reason why it’s a good thing is that my friend moves at a comfortable, one-step-at-a-time pace until they desire significant change so badly that they make a significant move towards it. At the same time, I believe that practicing comfort with their desired reality would change their awareness rapidly and therefore allow for this manifestation to occur.

The choice is theirs, as it is yours.

It isn’t in the interest of the Universe to keep any of us waiting – it wants to give us what we desire now. However, for as long as we’re not 100% comfortable with our desired realities and try to postpone them, we will perpetuate this state. On the other hand, if you are using the time postponing your desire to truly reconsider if your heart is in it, that is a positive self-search, as long as you are honest with yourself without fear or doubt attached. If you need help making a decision, be honest about it. Consult with others if you wish. Do some research. See how it resonates with you. If the only thing left to do is the work on your self-confidence, do it – you will only create what you desire when you know you can.


Using Lists in Manifesting

Our manifestations must entail the following – they must feel natural to us (we have to feel having them in our minds before they can translate into our physical realities), we must send positive energy to them and we must let them go to allow them to come to us.

The other day, I talked about my support system – a friend who encouraged me to make a decision which was exactly what I’d wanted from her. Today, I have made a list for this particular manifestation – a simple, easy and an effective way of gaining clarity.

Just making this list made me feel even better than I did when she helped me gain clarity a few days ago. Lists help with everything I’ve mentioned – they help us produce positive energy, allow us to feel that we have our desires already and enable us to let go effortlessly.

When manifesting something elaborate, such as a new job, home or a relationship, lists are amazingly useful. Writing as a technique is something I highly recommend when it comes to finding clarity for one’s goals, just like vision boards or simply photographs evoking positive feelings about one’s desired manifestations.

Writing will help you focus and see your detailed manifestation as an easy, clear one.

For years, I have been feeling that everything I write, I invite into my reality effortlessly; so, I do. I have been creating love relationships in this way for some time now, seeing them manifest down to the last detail. Lists helped me gain clarity. Lists can help us relax about our desires, allowing us to absorb a new awareness fully.

When I write something down, it is exactly what I expect to receive. It is where I’ve placed my focus.

However, we don’t always need lists.

On Sunday night, I was thinking how amazing it would be to have even more significant work assignments and income. Then, I thought of a friend whom I could potentially collaborate with. I felt happy thinking about our collaboration for all of one minute but it was backed with positive emotion. It felt real. The following morning, I thought it would be great to work with her once again and went on with my day. I had completely forgotten about this idea. Two hours later, she messaged me! We hadn’t spoken in two months but she was messaging asking to work together! It was the perfect manifestation. I felt that my life was absolutely magical and I was so happy and grateful for it that the Law of Attraction responded once again – an hour later, I received a phone call about another work assignment!

Both of these things happened before 1 p.m. on Monday.

When the first message from my friend arrived, I wasn’t at all surprised. It sounds like I should have been but the feeling I had managed to generate about us working together for one minute was enough to make this idea feel natural. I loved the idea but was patient about it, feeling that it would happen. My desire was clear, collaboration with her was my goal and I knew that it would all work out.

A list helps to achieve the same effect.

When manifesting, many tend to look at their past and fear its repetition in the present or future. One first must make peace with the past and decide that it’s irrelevant. Now, you are a different person, attracting happy events and circumstances into your life. See, I could have been focused on my few failed work engagements from the past or many successful present ones as well as the perfect ones I wished to create. The choice was mine, as it is yours.

Obstacles or Desires – Which Do You Choose?

Do you ever experience trouble sticking to a decision you made, wanting to manifest your goal but simply becoming discouraged along the way?

It all starts from one’s belief that they can indeed manifest their desires. If one knows the magnitude of their power and knows exactly what they want, they’re there already. Those who know that they can manifest anything only have to choose what exactly makes them happy while those who perceive obstacles simply don’t believe that the Law of Attraction is working for them. Even if they believe in the Law of Attraction, they don’t believe in their own power. They never feel that their desires belong to them already and instead of feeling love for having an amazing life, they are upset about not having what they want.

Sticking to a decision is easy when one knows their desired reality belongs to them already. That’s all there is to it. Allowing yourself to be derailed from knowing that you have what you desire already, focusing on how difficult it is to feel good and achieve any goal not only shows you don’t believe it’s yours but also, that you never believed you had it in the first place.

Achieve focus on your desired reality and feel love for it. Everyone has to do this part for themselves.


Getting clear on a specific goal is one thing but being willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it is another. This doesn’t mean one must invite obstacles into their manifestation – it simply means being relaxed about that manifestation and its possible ways of coming to life. A true attitude of willingness to do anything in order to manifest one’s desire is not even thinking about the option of not manifesting it.

Energy is difficult to describe but I try every day; at the same time, it’s a fantastic writing challenge.

I fear that many attempts to figure out one’s personal energy and actions made towards achieving their desires makes their thought process even more complicated. Like attracts like and for as long as one continues to try and find the solution, they’ll keep looking for it.

The purpose of energy clearing is to feel good, not invite even more need for energy clearing. Waiting to start feeling the way you want to feel will only invite more waiting.

Clear your thoughts and relax completely but continue to focus on your goal. The only thing I recommend is focusing on your goal, being grateful for it and feeling as if you’re living it already. Work on self-confidence and the knowing you can manifest anything you desire into your life. Once you have achieved this, you won’t need anything else. You’ll simply be happy already, being sure of what to do whenever an opportunity presents itself and more often than not, without having to do anything yourself – when you’re that happy and completely grateful for your amazing life, opportunities fall into your lap.

The time one puts into figuring out the ways to manifest successfully is the time spent swerving from their end goal. When one takes searching for their answers too far, over-analyzing their current circumstances instead of focusing on their dream ones, this is where they end up. They move into the in-between and start living there. They know that they haven’t reached their goals quite yet while at the same time, feel the progress already being made without knowing how to take it further.

My suggestion – drop the issues of the mind. Expand your heart energy instead, feel unconditional love for your desire and keep focus on it. Focusing on “resolving issues” creates the need to resolve them. Too many are caught up in their need to “resolve” instead of the gratitude for living their dreams.

There are two options – feeling love for your desired reality or being blocked by the fear of having to live without it. Which do you choose? If you already spend your time thinking about what you might be doing wrong, why not use that time to focus on your goal instead?

Focus, Intention and Support System At Work

Why cling to the current reality when you can have something even better? The perceived inability to escape one’s current reality plagues the minds of many.

When I say “current reality,” I am referring to one’s awareness that at present, they do not have everything they wish to. If that’s true, why perpetuate that feeling, this reality? What is the point of giving energy to something one doesn’t want?

If you currently dislike who you are and what you have (or don’t have), why continue to feel that way? A tense body and an unhappy energy prevent your mind from working at its full capacity therefore you will have to relax if you wish to experience a reboot.

Many of those who use the Law of Attraction in order to alter their lives seem to be paying more attention to their current realities instead of their dream ones. If what you claim your dream reality to be doesn’t give you the feeling of endless magic, is it truly your dream? Or is it something you simply want to experience and move on? Do you wish to experience it at all or do you think you should, worrying what those around you might say otherwise?

Some truly do wish to live their desired realities while others might find their true answers in the above questions. Either way, if your desired reality doesn’t fill you with such joy that you instinctively start rearranging your current reality to fit the desired one, do you truly wish to live it? If your desired reality doesn’t occupy your heart, not mind (mind follows heart when things are done right), do you truly wish to live it?

If you do, here’s a suggestion.

One of my closest friends has a specific technique – when it comes to relationships (and many other aspects of life, sometimes unconsciously), she recreates. She remembers what she had initially found attractive in a specific man and thinks about what it is that attracts her to him now. This allows her to experience spontaneous visualizations so strong and fulfilling that her confidence in having her desire already grows constantly. Time is not an issue to her – she knows her desired reality belongs to her already. She has simply kept her focus on her end goal until the feeling of living it took over her awareness. Now, she knows it already belongs to her.

Only days ago, she also encouraged me to make a decision about an upcoming new manifestation in my life. Knowing me too well and therefore knowing that I hadn’t set a specific intention for this manifestation yet (as I had talked about it but never made a decision), how much my freedom is important to me and how easily boredom had taken over my manifested desires in the past, she simply said to me:

“Just decide. You can always change your mind later but for now, just decide.”

That was all it took.

In a way, maybe I was subconsciously looking for her to tell it like it is. I have been going to her for objective observations for years and by that, I mean sitting me down and telling me where and how my actions contradicted my words and even desires. Gratitude for those special people in my life grows by the day and this one is beyond special – she knows me well and loves me no matter what, as I do her. We get what we give.

Having an amazing support system can make manifesting easier.

Then, I began paying attention to my own energy as things in my life began to line up immediately to reflect my desired new manifestation. I observed without emotion how my negative thoughts came about and even felt as opposed to the positive ones. I wanted to see how I would feel if I simply bothered to observe what came to my mind. Soon enough, I was reminded of how much people worry over the insignificant details in life. Unimportant things are important to us because we have decided so, and why? People put so many limits on life that I sometimes wonder why many even bother with it. Why even live your life if you feel you have no choice about how you live it? And, you do. You have all the choice you want and can create absolutely anything you desire. So, why continue focusing on what you don’t want?

Once you truly make a decision about what you want to live, things will start to line up immediately. Once you separate your useful thoughts from your useless ones, miracles start happening immediately. Every time my friend gives me the support I need, she keeps a calm, cool head while watching me calm down and then, when all the miracles we both saw coming start to appear. When I am bursting with happiness, she feels it, too, drawing even more miracles into her own life. She always had a talent for feeling the happiness of her loved ones as if it were her own. Whenever I am unspeakably happy due to manifesting even more magic than I asked for, she is hardly surprised – just happy and proud.

Focusing on the lack of your dream circumstances in your own life is exhausting. It is downright annoying, and it is exhausting. Best of all, you can change it. Thinking about your desires will make you happy and then, bring them to you. So, why not do it?

Happiness Is in the Conviction

The Law of Attraction states that a change in paradigm, awareness or one’s deepest convictions is necessary to change one’s physical reality. We attract that which we are therefore self-perception is key and beyond that, necessary to change in order for one’s life to change accordingly.

Some struggle with self-perception, as their minds insist on keeping focus on their current physical realities, while others have a different problem – even though they have arranged their lives exactly as they’d wished to, they cannot even imagine where to start in order to create the one thing they are missing. They know that same principles apply but often need a hand putting them into practice.

When changing awareness in order to bring something into my life, I am happy. I choose the experiences I wish to have because they make me happy. I love them so much that I know they’re meant to be. They’re mine, everyone involved in them is happy, impressed and inspired, feeling the magic. I find happiness in bringing new experiences into my life, as they make it even more interesting than it is today. I thrive on new life experiences, every minute of them, because I have consciously chosen them. I sometimes cannot wait to see what happens. There is a great amount of excitement to be found in changing one’s awareness and introducing a new life-changing circumstance into the present.

This is the best possible reason to embrace change – if you fear this, just remember that you can always change things back to where they were. So, why not try? Really, why not?

The choice is yours.

When one’s conviction is complete, their power of intention is effortless – so is letting go. Like many, I had to practice this in the past. Some thing I was able to let go without effort while others I had to relax around. However, that relaxation was worth it.

Once, I thought I had lost my dog. I actually knew she was somewhere close by but when I called her, she wasn’t coming back. Even though negative thoughts about what could have happened to her tried to creep up on me, I kept repeating to myself that she was OK and every time that one positive thought came into my awareness, I felt a sense of ease, even if was just for a few seconds. I kept repeating the positive and of course, she appeared soon enough. I allowed that single positive thought to enter my awareness, even if I didn’t entirely feel it happening. We don’t need to know how we become aware of our desired thoughts. Sometimes, we simply need to relax and repeat them until they stick.

If you’re manifesting anything, you know. You already know it’s yours, somewhere deep down. Law of Attraction works by the exact same principle on every manifestation you may desire. The example of fearing I’d lost my dog taught me that.

If suddenly, I am involved in a new professional engagement, I am excited for new challenges to create greatness… And that always makes me happy. I love being the person who creates greatness and deals with challenges easily. This change never makes me fear what could happen to my life – I merely see it as an addition to me, making me an even better person. That is why I see it as effortless while allowing various aspects of myself to adapt in order to contribute the most of my abilities to these experiences.

One must allow their perception of themselves to improve.

When negative thoughts appear, you can even laugh at them. Laughter is one of the most positive manifestations we could experience. Laughter makes us happy! You know those thoughts are false. You know that you can create anything you want and you have already decided to do so.

You can always choose who you wish to be.


When manifesting a new professional involvement, feel it almost effortlessly. If it’s writing, I can already see my articles and all the comments to them. I can hear editors praising my talent and my work, grateful for how helpful and inspiring it is. If it’s teaching, I can already feel being at the university, standing in a room full of students, convinced that my words are empowering them. I can already fully experience being greeted by fellow professors, students who are happy to see me, hearing praises for my work from those in charge. I know what I’m going to wear on many different days. I know what to eat and drink in order to feel full but light and keep absolute focus during the entire day. I already know the contents of my purse and all the other practical factors involved.

If suddenly, I am someone’s girlfriend, that realization makes me want to dive into my new life dynamics and scintillating experiences. I love being the one to love and inspire my significant other. I love caring about someone so much that I’m feeling almost lucky to be a part of their life. I love being in a relationship full of mutual adoration and admiration and factoring this relationship into all areas of my life. I want to know how it’ll be. Am I going to feel the same way once things have aligned? Or am I going to love it so much that I will want to keep it in my life for a long time? How will that affect me?

One must always allow their perception of themselves to change.

Improving an Existing Relationship

I find many struggling when wanting to turn an iffy relationship into a loving and committed one. Just like anything else, this can be accomplished with the Law of Attraction.

The most detrimental factor of having a casual relationship is the habit it forms inside a person. I was in a casual, non-official relationship once and it was the most confusing thing in the world. We acted like a couple, in private and in public, letting verbal affirmations of our feelings run wild, up to the point where unbelievable confusion was created among all our mutual friends. Nobody understood what was going on. Many drew a conclusion that he was more interested than I was, only to reverse their point of view shortly after. I was the only person he was seeing; then, his behavior about an unrelated aspect of our involvement started to upset me and I began seeing someone else (this happened a few years ago and I was so used to this confusing situation that I drowned in my own emotional immaturity). I had no peace of mind until I mentally moved away from both of them. Worst of all, I knew that our dragged out casual relationship would eventually cause this situation, as sticking with someone you know you will never want to be exclusive with just because it feels good right now is like letting an apple rot but refusing to throw it away, insisting on keeping it in your house. (Not to mention the circumstances you attract into your life when you entertain that amount of unsettling energy and day after day, practically telling the Universe you’re okay with just settling for someone who doesn’t make you entirely happy. We get what we give.)

For some we are involved with, we know that we’re never going to want them for real. If a casual relationship you were once in truly made you feel good for what it was and you knew when to leave, great. For others, you might already know that you want more than your relationship with them is right now. If your relationship with the person you truly want isn’t everything you want it to be just yet, you are the one I’m referring to.

Right now, you see your casual, non-official relationship as dissatisfying. However, that lack of satisfaction only produces more of the same, as feelings create. You have to accept your relationship for what it is now, with lots of love and understanding, and become grateful for everything you’ve created in it so far. You have to truly feel this way because you can’t fake positive feelings – you must experience them! Love your special person unconditionally and understand them. Once the love between the two of you is rekindled, nothing else is going to matter. Believe me!

Then, your relationship will improve into what you want it to be.

When wanting to improve a current relationship situation so strongly, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the end result of pure happiness, delight and love. If you are currently involved in any kind of relationship situation that causes you frustration rather frequently, you may wonder how to deal with specific factors of it and improve them in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

This is a delicate process but here’s what I propose.

Examine what you believe this improved circumstance would bring – would you suddenly feel more secure in your desired reality?

If you should suddenly fix this one thing you believe to be crucial and leading to the relationship of your dreams, thinking that you’ll feel great once it’s fixed, you aren’t necessarily right. You are already producing the feeling of lacking because you are focusing on the need to fix something. Our awareness is what produces results and if you deeply believe you need to fix a specific issue between the two of you, you are risking focusing on it too much and therefore creating new issues needing to be fixed. In this case, the need is your strongest feeling as well as the absence of good feelings you are so desperately chasing but as feelings produce more of the same, you will only create more need in different ways. Do you see where I’m coming from?

On the other hand, if you should just focus on happiness, gratitude and fulfilment because you are living a dream-come-true relationship with your specific person, focusing on it with even more love you knew you could generate, you will receive your dream relationship with your specific person. Allow the knowing of living this relationship already to fill you with happiness, love and gratitude. Examine whether or not you are truly ready to be happy with your special person – you already know the (honest) answer to this question.

Once, I received an unexpected like on Facebook (which clearly could have been nothing at all) from someone I had liked years prior. However, we were both taken and then, I became fed up with relationships. I simply wasn’t interested in him or anyone else for a long time. Then, his like made me drown in happy, excited and loving feelings of our new involvement. I felt like sending him a message and it all started. The following week, he suddenly said we were “dating.” I was baffled. This relationship, same as any other, lasted for as long as the good feelings about it did. When boredom comes, when my lack of fascination with another person takes over, it all falls to pieces. I did nothing to change that nor did I want to. I simply moved on.

Imagination, next to your feelings, is one of your strongest allies in working with the Law of Attraction. You only have to dare to imagine having what you want. If imagining produces an explosion of excitement in you, even better! Your desire will manifest faster. When only love and happiness are involved, what we want is magnetically drawn to us. However, you have to be ready to receive it and be happy living it. You have to be ready to handle all that happiness… And who wouldn’t want that!?

Forget manifesting specific circumstances! Manifesting separate events creates even more confusion – you should have seen me manifest an entire “relationship” of separate events last year. I wish I hadn’t. (I don’t actually wish I hadn’t but it sounds good. I learned a lot, mainly gaining a reminder that frustration simply isn’t worth it.)

My point is, manifesting separate events perpetuates your feelings of not having the relationship you want, as they often come from the need to repair an existing one or bring the desired one to life instead of melting with the feeling of having it already.

Dare to know that your desired relationship with the person you want is yours. Be passionate about it. Be excited!

These suggestions are yours to take or leave, just like anything else.


Intuition or Paranoia?

I have been wanting (and preparing) to write about this topic for a long time.

When manifesting, many are hit over the head with the thoughts of what could go wrong, fears of everything falling to pieces or the dread of never even manifesting their desired realities in the first place. (Or, if you’re similar to who I used to be, fear of manifesting and realizing that yet again, what you asked for and received is something you’re already bored with… Again.) They may start to suffer from their minds going haywire, thinking of absurd scenarios of what could go wrong, what could be happening at any given moment and fearing those thoughts at the same time, because what if they actually end up manifesting!?

On the other hand, one may experience freaky predictions of specific, amazing events that are about to happen whenever a manifestation is flowing smoothly. They may predict the events which they seemingly had nothing to do with.

I attribute all of the above to knowing the difference between intuition and paranoia.

Intuition, in my opinion, lies in reading energy – this sounds very vague (or redefining) but let me explain. To me, intuition can mean reading someone’s energy, observing it from the outside, without trying to direct it towards yourself. Intuition can be fun for practicing the power of perception without tampering with someone’s energy, seeing others for who they are or at least, who they think they are. When it comes to yourself, intuition can mean knowing what you want or what you might want later on but also knowing what could possibly change your mind. It means having that feeling of the specific action you wish to take, feeling that a specific person could make you happy, knowing what you want or knowing what you wish to experience. Sometimes, it means being courageous enough to listen to your inner feeling telling you what you’re attracting right now, without sugarcoating, so that you could reassess what you wish to experience.

Have you ever known exactly what to say to friend in order to help them, your perfect piece of advice worked flawlessly and they were beyond grateful to you for saying the right thing? You knew exactly what would reach them. That is intuition!

A strong intuition comes from knowing yourself.

We bring all paranoia upon ourselves. Thinking of what could go wrong, fearing an unhappy future, drowning in feelings of inadequacy, falling victim to the influence of the media or fearing that the past is about to repeat itself may lead to creating an outrageous scenario in one’s mind, completely blocking them from manifesting their desires. Paranoia easily happens when one holds focus on the external world rather than their internal one from which their reality is constantly being created. Allowing the external to melt with the internal will still create one’s life from their internal feelings, with no one but themselves to blame after manifesting a jumbled up reality or simply standing still in the existing one. I believe that more individuals end up standing still in their existing reality rather than manifesting something new and undesired, as our habits tend to powerfully dictate our feelings.

When paranoia happens, our bodies are tense. We know that our way of thinking is making us unhappy yet we continue to entertain it. Many times, we even know that this is paranoia, as our deepest feelings dictate the direction of the Law of Attraction in our lives yet we still continue to entertain them! Or, at least, we feel that we can do nothing to stop them yet become desperate to. However, that desperation creates even more desperation, even if the events envisioned are truly only happening in our minds. We know that the only way is to simply stop paying attention to those negative thoughts whenever they appear yet we allow them to emotionally rattle us. This concept reads absolutely ridiculous – why would anyone want to do that to themselves? – yet achieving an emotionless state about any negative thought can be easier said than done.

Experiencing paranoia automatically means one isn’t open to receiving their desired reality. Entertaining their minds by attaching feelings to their paranoid thoughts means one is choosing resistance over happiness. And what for? To keep things just as they are in life? Then, why consciously manifest something new? Deciding to be open to receiving your desire is the first step. Yes, deciding. Deciding that your conscious thoughts are your new creation center is the second. With love, focus and persistence, one can change their beliefs. Why be a victim to your own mind? It’s supposed to be serving you and even following your heart. So, why allow it to be the leading force in your life?

Harnessing the amazing energy of the Universe is only worth it in order to manifest your desired reality. Open your heart to it, to the world and to receiving it. Open your heart to yourself, your mind and to already being the person you wish to be. Nothing can derail your focus unless you choose to allow it.

All the power you need is in your hands and all the love you need is already in your heart.