Feelings Creating Manifestations

Why is it sometimes so difficult to believe that you can have exactly what you want instead of settling for less?

You probably know what I mean, as the world attempts to preach that “dreams don’t come true,” “you should be realistic” or “you can’t have everything.” My guess is, you’ve heard those phrases throughout your life and in retrospect, your energy level may have simply dropped after facing these discouraging ideas.

Many go through life programmed by the beliefs of the world. However, the Law of Attraction states that going by your convictions and the feelings they produce will only produce even more of the same. Whatever we accept is what will be true for us while with the Law of Attraction, our power to create is limitless. By now, you know this in theory but do you truly believe it when it comes to your life and your own manifesting abilities?

Have you ever made excuses for not having something in your life, denying that your power to manifest it is absolutely endless? Trying to convince yourself you didn’t truly want the things you did?

Sometimes, distinguishing these feelings takes a little awareness. It takes work. However, being honest with yourself about your feelings and what you truly want in your life is a priceless gift. From there, you are free to accept yourself and know yourself better.

Have you ever tried to convince yourself you didn’t truly want the person you wanted simply because you thought you couldn’t manifest a relationship with them?

I had the opposite problem – several times, I wanted to convince myself of wanting someone in my life more than I actually did. Years ago, I wanted to convince myself that long-term relationships were my goal instead of short-term ones, as many around me continued to ask me about my breakups. This way of thinking was abandoned very fast (within days!) when I reminded myself how ridiculous it was to pay attention to anyone who thought they knew better about my feelings than I did. I knew that I would have different relationships once I decided so for myself. I didn’t know what I wanted in a long-term relationship back then…I only knew what I didn’t want. However, I ultimately knew that I would know and have one when it became my true desire.

Knowing yourself and feeling unconditional self-confidence as well as love is the key to owning your feelings. Our feelings are one of the most important tools we have in making the Law of Attraction work with us, as they produce tremendous energy that boosts our manifestations.

When manifesting most things (not everything), I either feel completely excited about it or completely relaxed. Both of those feelings have been natural to me throughout my life therefore experiencing them for anything in my life feels natural and makes me feel as if I already have it.

When I’m excited, I feel great; when I’m relaxed, I feel great. My happy thoughts exist in both of those states. Other times, my manifestation energy can be one of curiosity. Whenever I feel curious about how something would be, I imagine having it and imagine how it feels. Curiosity produces powerful energy in my case.

Many are used to discomfort about most things in life and you should abandon this feeling. It doesn’t make anyone happy. It’s just an addiction, an unproductive habit and it holds you back completely.

In order to manifest, one must distinguish between positive and negative feelings. Know what kind of state of mind makes you happy. Some never get excited yet they are happy. Others don’t like surprises while some people love them. Some of us love curiosity in life while others avoid it, using various ways to make sure their potential manifestation is something they truly wish to live – the first group might just dive in while the second will take their time getting to know their subject of interest (or simply, over-thinking things, which leads to nothing).

Many others don’t believe they could ever be happy.

What type are you?

What makes you happy?

When we speak about anything, we experience the emotions of the event as if it were happening right now. Speaking confidently about your ideal reality is an extremely helpful manifestation technique. When we speak about things as we want them to be, we feel them being so; we feel ourselves living our desired reality and we feel that we have our dreams. We never think about whether or not it’s on its way, even if it’s here already – we just know.

4 thoughts on “Feelings Creating Manifestations

  1. I have just recently started really getting into the whole law of attraction concept. It started with just trying to stay positive and now it’s become a way of life. I stumbled across your blog at exactly the right time, no coincidence…lThe last couple of posts have been speaking directly to me. Keep it coming!!

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