How is one to deal with any upsetting behavior coming from the person they are wishing to manifest? By forgiving and accepting. A wise one is aware that they don’t always know why another is behaving a certain way; however, they may choose to still want this person or let them go if they don’t. Everyone’s hearts and souls are filled with goodness and everyone is simply trying to be happy. At the same time, everyone wants love. Everyone wants to feel the love beyond their comprehension but the wise ones know that they can generate it and direct it towards the person of their choice. The only question is, who will you choose?

Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.” The love you seek is also seeking you. It is already a part of you, waiting to be brought into your reality. Allow it to render you fearless, knowing your dreams are just around the corner. Be excited about it and it will appear even faster.

Do whatever it takes to feel good every day – your dream will become your reality in the blink of an eye.

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