Improving an Existing Relationship

I find many struggling when wanting to turn an iffy relationship into a loving and committed one. Just like anything else, this can be accomplished with the Law of Attraction.

The most detrimental factor of having a casual relationship is the habit it forms inside a person. I was in a casual, non-official relationship once and it was the most confusing thing in the world. We acted like a couple, in private and in public, letting verbal affirmations of our feelings run wild, up to the point where unbelievable confusion was created among all our mutual friends. Nobody understood what was going on. Many drew a conclusion that he was more interested than I was, only to reverse their point of view shortly after. I was the only person he was seeing; then, his behavior about an unrelated aspect of our involvement started to upset me and I began seeing someone else (this happened a few years ago and I was so used to this confusing situation that I drowned in my own emotional immaturity). I had no peace of mind until I mentally moved away from both of them. Worst of all, I knew that our dragged out casual relationship would eventually cause this situation, as sticking with someone you know you will never want to be exclusive with just because it feels good right now is like letting an apple rot but refusing to throw it away, insisting on keeping it in your house. (Not to mention the circumstances you attract into your life when you entertain that amount of unsettling energy and day after day, practically telling the Universe you’re okay with just settling for someone who doesn’t make you entirely happy. We get what we give.)

For some we are involved with, we know that we’re never going to want them for real. If a casual relationship you were once in truly made you feel good for what it was and you knew when to leave, great. For others, you might already know that you want more than your relationship with them is right now. If your relationship with the person you truly want isn’t everything you want it to be just yet, you are the one I’m referring to.

Right now, you see your casual, non-official relationship as dissatisfying. However, that lack of satisfaction only produces more of the same, as feelings create. You have to accept your relationship for what it is now, with lots of love and understanding, and become grateful for everything you’ve created in it so far. You have to truly feel this way because you can’t fake positive feelings – you must experience them! Love your special person unconditionally and understand them. Once the love between the two of you is rekindled, nothing else is going to matter. Believe me!

Then, your relationship will improve into what you want it to be.

When wanting to improve a current relationship situation so strongly, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the end result of pure happiness, delight and love. If you are currently involved in any kind of relationship situation that causes you frustration rather frequently, you may wonder how to deal with specific factors of it and improve them in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

This is a delicate process but here’s what I propose.

Examine what you believe this improved circumstance would bring – would you suddenly feel more secure in your desired reality?

If you should suddenly fix this one thing you believe to be crucial and leading to the relationship of your dreams, thinking that you’ll feel great once it’s fixed, you aren’t necessarily right. You are already producing the feeling of lacking because you are focusing on the need to fix something. Our awareness is what produces results and if you deeply believe you need to fix a specific issue between the two of you, you are risking focusing on it too much and therefore creating new issues needing to be fixed. In this case, the need is your strongest feeling as well as the absence of good feelings you are so desperately chasing but as feelings produce more of the same, you will only create more need in different ways. Do you see where I’m coming from?

On the other hand, if you should just focus on happiness, gratitude and fulfilment because you are living a dream-come-true relationship with your specific person, focusing on it with even more love you knew you could generate, you will receive your dream relationship with your specific person. Allow the knowing of living this relationship already to fill you with happiness, love and gratitude. Examine whether or not you are truly ready to be happy with your special person – you already know the (honest) answer to this question.

Once, I received an unexpected like on Facebook (which clearly could have been nothing at all) from someone I had liked years prior. However, we were both taken and then, I became fed up with relationships. I simply wasn’t interested in him or anyone else for a long time. Then, his like made me drown in happy, excited and loving feelings of our new involvement. I felt like sending him a message and it all started. The following week, he suddenly said we were “dating.” I was baffled. This relationship, same as any other, lasted for as long as the good feelings about it did. When boredom comes, when my lack of fascination with another person takes over, it all falls to pieces. I did nothing to change that nor did I want to. I simply moved on.

Imagination, next to your feelings, is one of your strongest allies in working with the Law of Attraction. You only have to dare to imagine having what you want. If imagining produces an explosion of excitement in you, even better! Your desire will manifest faster. When only love and happiness are involved, what we want is magnetically drawn to us. However, you have to be ready to receive it and be happy living it. You have to be ready to handle all that happiness… And who wouldn’t want that!?

Forget manifesting specific circumstances! Manifesting separate events creates even more confusion – you should have seen me manifest an entire “relationship” of separate events last year. I wish I hadn’t. (I don’t actually wish I hadn’t but it sounds good. I learned a lot, mainly gaining a reminder that frustration simply isn’t worth it.)

My point is, manifesting separate events perpetuates your feelings of not having the relationship you want, as they often come from the need to repair an existing one or bring the desired one to life instead of melting with the feeling of having it already.

Dare to know that your desired relationship with the person you want is yours. Be passionate about it. Be excited!

These suggestions are yours to take or leave, just like anything else.


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