Happiness Is in the Conviction

The Law of Attraction states that a change in paradigm, awareness or one’s deepest convictions is necessary to change one’s physical reality. We attract that which we are therefore self-perception is key and beyond that, necessary to change in order for one’s life to change accordingly.

Some struggle with self-perception, as their minds insist on keeping focus on their current physical realities, while others have a different problem – even though they have arranged their lives exactly as they’d wished to, they cannot even imagine where to start in order to create the one thing they are missing. They know that same principles apply but often need a hand putting them into practice.

When changing awareness in order to bring something into my life, I am happy. I choose the experiences I wish to have because they make me happy. I love them so much that I know they’re meant to be. They’re mine, everyone involved in them is happy, impressed and inspired, feeling the magic. I find happiness in bringing new experiences into my life, as they make it even more interesting than it is today. I thrive on new life experiences, every minute of them, because I have consciously chosen them. I sometimes cannot wait to see what happens. There is a great amount of excitement to be found in changing one’s awareness and introducing a new life-changing circumstance into the present.

This is the best possible reason to embrace change – if you fear this, just remember that you can always change things back to where they were. So, why not try? Really, why not?

The choice is yours.

When one’s conviction is complete, their power of intention is effortless – so is letting go. Like many, I had to practice this in the past. Some thing I was able to let go without effort while others I had to relax around. However, that relaxation was worth it.

Once, I thought I had lost my dog. I actually knew she was somewhere close by but when I called her, she wasn’t coming back. Even though negative thoughts about what could have happened to her tried to creep up on me, I kept repeating to myself that she was OK and every time that one positive thought came into my awareness, I felt a sense of ease, even if was just for a few seconds. I kept repeating the positive and of course, she appeared soon enough. I allowed that single positive thought to enter my awareness, even if I didn’t entirely feel it happening. We don’t need to know how we become aware of our desired thoughts. Sometimes, we simply need to relax and repeat them until they stick.

If you’re manifesting anything, you know. You already know it’s yours, somewhere deep down. Law of Attraction works by the exact same principle on every manifestation you may desire. The example of fearing I’d lost my dog taught me that.

If suddenly, I am involved in a new professional engagement, I am excited for new challenges to create greatness… And that always makes me happy. I love being the person who creates greatness and deals with challenges easily. This change never makes me fear what could happen to my life – I merely see it as an addition to me, making me an even better person. That is why I see it as effortless while allowing various aspects of myself to adapt in order to contribute the most of my abilities to these experiences.

One must allow their perception of themselves to improve.

When negative thoughts appear, you can even laugh at them. Laughter is one of the most positive manifestations we could experience. Laughter makes us happy! You know those thoughts are false. You know that you can create anything you want and you have already decided to do so.

You can always choose who you wish to be.


When manifesting a new professional involvement, feel it almost effortlessly. If it’s writing, I can already see my articles and all the comments to them. I can hear editors praising my talent and my work, grateful for how helpful and inspiring it is. If it’s teaching, I can already feel being at the university, standing in a room full of students, convinced that my words are empowering them. I can already fully experience being greeted by fellow professors, students who are happy to see me, hearing praises for my work from those in charge. I know what I’m going to wear on many different days. I know what to eat and drink in order to feel full but light and keep absolute focus during the entire day. I already know the contents of my purse and all the other practical factors involved.

If suddenly, I am someone’s girlfriend, that realization makes me want to dive into my new life dynamics and scintillating experiences. I love being the one to love and inspire my significant other. I love caring about someone so much that I’m feeling almost lucky to be a part of their life. I love being in a relationship full of mutual adoration and admiration and factoring this relationship into all areas of my life. I want to know how it’ll be. Am I going to feel the same way once things have aligned? Or am I going to love it so much that I will want to keep it in my life for a long time? How will that affect me?

One must always allow their perception of themselves to change.

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