Focus, Intention and Support System At Work

Why cling to the current reality when you can have something even better? The perceived inability to escape one’s current reality plagues the minds of many.

When I say “current reality,” I am referring to one’s awareness that at present, they do not have everything they wish to. If that’s true, why perpetuate that feeling, this reality? What is the point of giving energy to something one doesn’t want?

If you currently dislike who you are and what you have (or don’t have), why continue to feel that way? A tense body and an unhappy energy prevent your mind from working at its full capacity therefore you will have to relax if you wish to experience a reboot.

Many of those who use the Law of Attraction in order to alter their lives seem to be paying more attention to their current realities instead of their dream ones. If what you claim your dream reality to be doesn’t give you the feeling of endless magic, is it truly your dream? Or is it something you simply want to experience and move on? Do you wish to experience it at all or do you think you should, worrying what those around you might say otherwise?

Some truly do wish to live their desired realities while others might find their true answers in the above questions. Either way, if your desired reality doesn’t fill you with such joy that you instinctively start rearranging your current reality to fit the desired one, do you truly wish to live it? If your desired reality doesn’t occupy your heart, not mind (mind follows heart when things are done right), do you truly wish to live it?

If you do, here’s a suggestion.

One of my closest friends has a specific technique – when it comes to relationships (and many other aspects of life, sometimes unconsciously), she recreates. She remembers what she had initially found attractive in a specific man and thinks about what it is that attracts her to him now. This allows her to experience spontaneous visualizations so strong and fulfilling that her confidence in having her desire already grows constantly. Time is not an issue to her – she knows her desired reality belongs to her already. She has simply kept her focus on her end goal until the feeling of living it took over her awareness. Now, she knows it already belongs to her.

Only days ago, she also encouraged me to make a decision about an upcoming new manifestation in my life. Knowing me too well and therefore knowing that I hadn’t set a specific intention for this manifestation yet (as I had talked about it but never made a decision), how much my freedom is important to me and how easily boredom had taken over my manifested desires in the past, she simply said to me:

“Just decide. You can always change your mind later but for now, just decide.”

That was all it took.

In a way, maybe I was subconsciously looking for her to tell it like it is. I have been going to her for objective observations for years and by that, I mean sitting me down and telling me where and how my actions contradicted my words and even desires. Gratitude for those special people in my life grows by the day and this one is beyond special – she knows me well and loves me no matter what, as I do her. We get what we give.

Having an amazing support system can make manifesting easier.

Then, I began paying attention to my own energy as things in my life began to line up immediately to reflect my desired new manifestation. I observed without emotion how my negative thoughts came about and even felt as opposed to the positive ones. I wanted to see how I would feel if I simply bothered to observe what came to my mind. Soon enough, I was reminded of how much people worry over the insignificant details in life. Unimportant things are important to us because we have decided so, and why? People put so many limits on life that I sometimes wonder why many even bother with it. Why even live your life if you feel you have no choice about how you live it? And, you do. You have all the choice you want and can create absolutely anything you desire. So, why continue focusing on what you don’t want?

Once you truly make a decision about what you want to live, things will start to line up immediately. Once you separate your useful thoughts from your useless ones, miracles start happening immediately. Every time my friend gives me the support I need, she keeps a calm, cool head while watching me calm down and then, when all the miracles we both saw coming start to appear. When I am bursting with happiness, she feels it, too, drawing even more miracles into her own life. She always had a talent for feeling the happiness of her loved ones as if it were her own. Whenever I am unspeakably happy due to manifesting even more magic than I asked for, she is hardly surprised – just happy and proud.

Focusing on the lack of your dream circumstances in your own life is exhausting. It is downright annoying, and it is exhausting. Best of all, you can change it. Thinking about your desires will make you happy and then, bring them to you. So, why not do it?

6 thoughts on “Focus, Intention and Support System At Work

  1. As usual, you are right in time, telling me exactly what I need to hear. Could that possibly be a sign to keep pressing forward and stay positive? I think so…lol

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  2. I would love to hear your thoughts on setting specific intentions for manifestations and making decisions in more detail. I think this is where I get caught up sometimes.

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      1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I hope you like the article. My take on it – redirect your thoughts and love your desires. Then, you will feel them. Fears and doubts that come up are empty thoughts, as negative thoughts are weak and positive ones are strong and if we refuse to give any kind of energy and emotion to the negative ones, they’ll just continue to be meaningless.


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