Using Lists in Manifesting

Our manifestations must entail the following – they must feel natural to us (we have to feel having them in our minds before they can translate into our physical realities), we must send positive energy to them and we must let them go to allow them to come to us.

The other day, I talked about my support system – a friend who encouraged me to make a decision which was exactly what I’d wanted from her. Today, I have made a list for this particular manifestation – a simple, easy and an effective way of gaining clarity.

Just making this list made me feel even better than I did when she helped me gain clarity a few days ago. Lists help with everything I’ve mentioned – they help us produce positive energy, allow us to feel that we have our desires already and enable us to let go effortlessly.

When manifesting something elaborate, such as a new job, home or a relationship, lists are amazingly useful. Writing as a technique is something I highly recommend when it comes to finding clarity for one’s goals, just like vision boards or simply photographs evoking positive feelings about one’s desired manifestations.

Writing will help you focus and see your detailed manifestation as an easy, clear one.

For years, I have been feeling that everything I write, I invite into my reality effortlessly; so, I do. I have been creating love relationships in this way for some time now, seeing them manifest down to the last detail. Lists helped me gain clarity. Lists can help us relax about our desires, allowing us to absorb a new awareness fully.

When I write something down, it is exactly what I expect to receive. It is where I’ve placed my focus.

However, we don’t always need lists.

On Sunday night, I was thinking how amazing it would be to have even more significant work assignments and income. Then, I thought of a friend whom I could potentially collaborate with. I felt happy thinking about our collaboration for all of one minute but it was backed with positive emotion. It felt real. The following morning, I thought it would be great to work with her once again and went on with my day. I had completely forgotten about this idea. Two hours later, she messaged me! We hadn’t spoken in two months but she was messaging asking to work together! It was the perfect manifestation. I felt that my life was absolutely magical and I was so happy and grateful for it that the Law of Attraction responded once again – an hour later, I received a phone call about another work assignment!

Both of these things happened before 1 p.m. on Monday.

When the first message from my friend arrived, I wasn’t at all surprised. It sounds like I should have been but the feeling I had managed to generate about us working together for one minute was enough to make this idea feel natural. I loved the idea but was patient about it, feeling that it would happen. My desire was clear, collaboration with her was my goal and I knew that it would all work out.

A list helps to achieve the same effect.

When manifesting, many tend to look at their past and fear its repetition in the present or future. One first must make peace with the past and decide that it’s irrelevant. Now, you are a different person, attracting happy events and circumstances into your life. See, I could have been focused on my few failed work engagements from the past or many successful present ones as well as the perfect ones I wished to create. The choice was mine, as it is yours.

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