The Transitional Relationship Manifestation – A Story of Acceptance

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” (Rumi)

I want to share the story of the last person/involvement I had manifested, having walked away from it recently due to the fact that once again, neither the person or the relationship were entirely what I wanted.

The story began in January and ended earlier this week. It happened with a man I’d met briefly in the past but never connected with until running into him only three days after asking the Universe to meet someone different and therefore likable (to me – a difficult task to accomplish). My intention with this person was to have a highly enjoyable involvement, without expecting it to last forever or even be a long-lasting affair.

Post encounter, I knew exactly what to do. I initiated everything and simply wanted to enjoy it. We connected exactly the way I wished for us to, our conversation lasting endless hours (the first week, we clocked in over twenty four hours of conversation). I was fascinated but also wished to be even more fascinated. I knew from the beginning that he could be enough for me if I decided so but he most likely wasn’t. He lacked several important qualities I’ve always wanted in a dream man but I wished to accept him unconditionally. I decided to ignore my inner voice, at least for the time being, and see what would happen, as miracles tend to occur when we only focus on the positive. I thought that I could feel he was enough for me if I truly focused on it. I sometimes thought he could easily become my dream if I focused on it. I wanted to be open to this option, as our involvement held much potential in the beginning. However, as one of my best friends told me post breakup, we can’t change every single feeling we have.

I ignored my core values, which would soon catch up with me.

Things ran (relatively) smoothly for a while. We never demanded anything of each other but simply liked each other and enjoyed our connection, which was undeniably special and continued to deepen. I applied my creativity into our encounters – we once recreated a scene from what became our movie for one of our dates. Even this particular movie, describing a special connection turned into an unfit relationship of a conflicted man whose woman rendered him insufficient, was an indicator to me of what I felt about our relationship. Everything around me reflected how I felt about us deep down – it was pure LoA. However, I enjoyed talking to him. I enjoyed our incredible physical chemistry. I loved that he was fascinated with our conversations and that I actually liked learning about him. I loved our mutual interests. I loved how much I was discovering and accepting about myself. I loved getting to know him. I loved the absolute lack of pressure in every aspect of our involvement and I loved that I didn’t need him – I just liked him. I wanted us to be happy together.

Had I truly wanted this relationship to be absolutely everything, the first step would be changing my deepest convictions about it. However, part of me was curious to see where my current deep convictions would take us, knowing it would be an electric experience and allow me to break much of my personal resistance to love. I thought, “If I can accept him exactly for who he is, unconditionally, regardless of my knowing we would break up soon, I would become aware of my own strength and comfort on an entirely new level. Then, I would be even closer to getting what I want in life. I sometimes fear the breakup itself but maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. Maybe I’ll feel almost as light about it as I do about our relationship. But then again, maybe I’ll still decide we could stay together. I’m open to anything.”

My deepest conviction about the relationship was also reflected in what I told one of my closest friends after the breakup – “Even if everything had been perfect, I am sure we would have been together for only a year or two and then break up anyway. He’s not the one.”

As my enthusiasm was slowly dropping, my curiosity of seeing how things would unravel took over simply because it was making me feel better than trying to see us together long-term. It was making me feel happier and lighter. Then, we manifested new, amazing moments but I began to deem the whole thing insufficient. Soon, I began taking my space from us. During this time, my friends made me feel even more grateful for them than I already was – they supported my decision completely and then, immediately saw how happy I was once I unburdened myself. The breakup wasn’t as bad as I had feared indeed – it was honest and minimally sad. Two days later, I was back to being my happy self.

Both of us wanted for things to work at times while at others, we both found it easier to think that things would end. We have different goals and needs in life. He possesses many of the qualities I look for in a man but not all and more importantly, not some of the essential. He loves his comfort zone while I thrive on breaking out of mine. The world is my comfort zone. Magic is my comfort zone. Miracles are my comfort zone. Fearlessness is my comfort zone. Love is my comfort zone. He wants a calmer, more convenient life (and relationship) than I do. I want to be fascinated with the man I’m in a relationship with while at the same time, have unconditional mutual understanding. This man has to share specific character similarities with me – I realize that now. A part of him believed much of this was bad timing – a meaningless concept in my eyes. Our unique connection was reflected in the fact that we talked about all these things face to face; we have said everything I’ve shared here to each other. We agreed on everything as well as the idea that we both have the right to arrange our lives exactly as we wish. All of us must do whatever is necessary in order to be happy in life.

By enjoying him and never trying to change him, I did accept him unconditionally. By walking away when I did because I knew it was the right solution for the both of us, I accepted both of us unconditionally. By caring for both our happiness, I accepted both of us unconditionally. I’ve learned so much and became as relaxed as I wished to be about relationships – the biggest gift of all. And by admitting that I wish to live my dreams and nothing less, I love myself unconditionally. I want miracles, I want love, I want to be even more courageous, fearless, and heart-driven.

I want what I want. I want my dreams and they are coming to me. Recently, I wrote that I was ready to have love in my life and walking away from what wasn’t love proves that I was right. I want the love that I want and I know it’s coming into my life as we speak.

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” (Rumi)

20 thoughts on “The Transitional Relationship Manifestation – A Story of Acceptance

    1. Thank you so much Clare! I hope it can be inspirational to anyone. When you just enjoy yourself, all the right things happen. When you manifest a specific person in any way, just enjoy it. Then, all the right things will happen and they will be exactly what you desired to receive.


  1. Hey Nina,

    Thanks again for sharing. I enjoy reading and rereading your posts because they are very uplifting. I have commented and asked questions before which you were so gracious and helpful with your answers. I’ve utilized all your advice and when I add it to my own ways of feeling good and seeing my power and potential, it has been incredible. There are times, sometimes days on end, where I feel so relaxed and grateful and loving and loved. I know without a doubt that when I feel grateful in this moment and feel love for everyone and everything, the world around me shoots back that same positivity and it becomes almost a cycle that keeps generating that high feeling. It’s amazing.

    However, I have been in a funk for the last few days. I can’t stop thinking less than positive thoughts about my desires (“Will they ever manifest? There’s no way they can. She won’t ever love me or trust me again. I’ll never be able to have the financial freedom, travel experiences, life with my specific girl, etc. that I desire.”) More specifically, my mind is wandering towards my ex and how much I miss her and our dog, and how I want to be in a better position in my field and if I’ll ever get there. I want to say that when these thoughts come across my mind, I try and treat them as just thoughts. Even though I can feel an underlying feeling with them, I immediately refocus and send love to my brain because I can’t get mad at it. I can only relax and change those thoughts to anything else that is positive.

    I guess the reason I am writing is because I want to know what advice you might have for someone who just can’t get away from their wandering mind when that mind goes into negative places. I’m not negative by nature. I have grown so much by learning to live in the moment. And when my mind wanders to fantastic places, I let it go there and enjoy the ride! But these last few days, I have been trying to shake this feeling of sadness and uncertainty and regret that keeps popping up. I rationalize that it’s paranoia and the past is done and over, it’s now that matters. But my “now” is struggling! I’m wondering if this feeling/these thoughts are a result of her energy changing and moving away from me. Is that nuts?! Ahh!!

    I know I can’t be the only one to go through this and I’m hoping that sharing my story can help others. Much like you have been helping me 🙂 You have shared so much and you’ve been an integral part of me understanding how much that love has to do with everything. You also said to leave the past in the past unless you want to recreate it. And energy is energy, you only have to change yours and your desires can come TO YOU like magic. These are things that I work daily to become solid beliefs. It’s just that days like the last few have been less than desirable, for lack of a better phrase!

    I am always grateful for your responses because it’s awesome to hear directly from someone who seems to be at a place where I work towards achieving.

    Much love, appreciation, & gratitude,

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    1. Dear AJ,

      Thank you for your lovely words, first of all 🙂 I admire your progress, I truly do. When you describe how you’re feeling, I feel inspired myself! I know that when frustration takes over, it seems as if you’re trapped but you aren’t. You deserve better. Take a deep breath right now and know that you deserve to live the life you love.

      I came across the following article days ago and I knew there would come a time to share it with someone. Read it right now before continuing with the rest of my comment:

      How did that feel? When I read it, I felt relieved.

      I was truly inspired when I read it, much like your comment right now. It explains everything you need to know perfectly. Our awareness dictates everything else, even our thought process, therefore all we need to do is feel love and gratitude for already having what we want, as it materializes inside us the moment we ask for it. By persisting in our belief, our realities shape to match our desires. All you need to do is listen to the decision you made and drown into the feelings, love and gratitude for already having what you desire. Soon, your mind will quiet down but in the meantime, whenever it tries to speak up, remember the decision you’d made.

      I know you are a positive person – I can see that from the amount of love you generate every day. This love combined with the stillness of your awareness will make your subconscious mind your greatest friend in manifestation 🙂


      1. Wow. I read your response and article earlier this evening and took great comfort in it, thanks! But I just read the article again and all I can say is… wow! It really hits home for me. I am the observer of my thoughts and not my thoughts. And as long as I don’t forget myself I can become still while letting my conscious mind do its thing. Eventually I can redirect it and calm down. I know that trying to quiet the mind is an exercise in futility and this article has reinforced that. And you have reinforced once again that if I live in the moment of loving my life and having my wishes fulfilled, I feel this trust that it will all work out.

        Thanks again! Have a great night! 😉


  2. Hi Nina,

    I was just re-reading this article and I was fascinated by it. What does this part mean “However, as one of my best friends told me post breakup, we can’t change every single feeling we have.” ? Especially with regards to manifesting a relationship with a specific person. I have a feeling that this affects my manifestation.



    1. Hi! Hahaha I still remember that conversation 🙂
      She told me that knowing me, knowing what I want means I already know that this guy was never going to be special to me because he didn’t fascinate me and I needed to be fascinated yet he was a person who was too insecure and ridden with personal guilt for me to ever be interested in enough. He was too plain, mentally and personality wise, and she said that I would never be happy enough with him because I would never see him as someone who COULD be fascinating while he would never see himself as someone who feels good enough about himself to be attractive enough to me.
      Now, in theory, anyone could be anything as long as they believe it. If you don’t have what you want, it is because you don’t believe you CAN. Those who care enough about getting what they want and who will do anything to be ready to receive what they want (and all they have to do is believe unconditionally and things will start to change) will do it. However, she was telling me in my personal case that I already know this guy wasn’t what I wanted and she was right. I felt happier walking away than I did when I would imagine us together. I need a man who is comfortable with himself, enjoying what he does and fully accepting of himself, just the way he is. That kind of man is attractive. Traits such as kindness, an open heart and a positive outlook, belief in one’s happiness and enjoying everything one has in life already, contribute to one’s attractiveness. She however knew that to me, he just wasn’t it. If he were to theoretically become determined for the two of us to be together and manifest it, he would; however, she knew that he would not because someone who was lacking self-esteem subconsciously keeps himself away from a confident person who had actually told him he could never be enough for her. I knew that, too, and I told him that because I wanted the “relationship” to end and wanted him to leave my life.
      However, that was MY case and comparing cases is a bad idea because each and every one of them is different. If YOU decide that your relationship is a done deal, that you are the most amazing woman he has ever met, that he has seen it and is now madly in love with you, it will be so.
      I hope everyone else reads this comment, too – I believe all of you will like it!
      You must be grateful for having your relationship already.


    2. Another thing – in my opinion, this guy is a loser and I was perfectly pleased with cutting him off. However, if you want to manifest being with someone you think badly of, you must first start to think well of that person because mentally and physically, we move away from the people we dislike. When we love ourselves, we attract those we love and move away from those we dislike, like I did from him. I would never want to attract someone I see as a loser but if anyone wants to attract a person they are upset with enough to feel negatively about them, they must first start to appreciate that person.


      1. Thanks! Also, the fact that you like it and that it speaks to you means you have made more progress than you think!


      2. Happy to 🙂 You just get it now. You get that one’s perception is one’s own choice ♡


  3. Hi Nina
    I liked your response to C and I have a question about something you wrote; “that you are the most amazing woman he has ever met, that he has seen it.”
    Can you explain this in greater detail and how you included this in your manifestations? Did you hear him say you’re the most amazing woman hes ever met? Did you visualize it? Did you have the feeling of it? How exactly did you do this? Know this? What do you mean by he has seen it? Seen that you’re the most amazing woman? Any in depth response to this will help thanks.


    1. Great question! And to start, it is all of those things.
      When you KNOW that someone feels as if he has never met anyone like you, it is first and foremost because you have previously decided that you are unlike anyone else and that he can see it. Then, you see it in his amazement when you talk to him, tell him your life stories and what you have learned from them, all in a positive spirit, when he sees how great you are with other people and the way you live your life because you have chosen it. He also tells you how he feels, in those exact words or similar ones, and it is all because you know that you’re unique and that he sees it because you know it, that he appreciates you for everything you are. If YOU believe that you’re unique and amazing, others will believe the same. You must develop that belief within and believe that you are unique just the way you are right now because honestly, we all are. There is no one exactly like you in the entire world.
      You also know it from the way he just looks at you and acts around you because men are the most loving with the women they deem special. When you are special to a man, there are no games, nothing but genuine expression of feelings, love and just being yourself because all you think about is love so you forget all about games or anything else. You see it in a man when you are aware of how deep and special your relationship is which manifests in your closeness, the amount of time you spend together, your intimacy and/or your mutual awareness and the verbal expression of being in the best relationship of your lives. When you’re with someone you feel could be the one or is the one, the feeling of finally being with the person you wish to share your life with is all about love. Everything you do is because of love and with the priority of love. Imagine the two of you living your lives together but what if love instead of insecurity fuelled both your actions? Your relationship would be much different. You would WANT to see each other. You would want to make any effort necessary because you’re each other’s priority.
      Say to yourself, “Thank you that he loves me.” Then, observe the spontaneous visualizations that come to you. How is he behaving? What is he saying? Focus on it. Only expect to see love from him which makes you only want to give love to him. Even if you bicker, you will get over it because love is most important and you would never let anything ruin it. This is what happens in the right relationships.


  4. Hi Nina and all. I have been having a tough time lately with relationships. I meet someone and think they like me and then they break my heart. I am honestly starting to think the Universe doesn’t like me and wants me to be unhappy. I have given up trying to get my ex back because he just seems so resistant and not interested.

    Why would the Universe want to cause or bring so much hurt into my life?


    1. Dear Bea,

      The Universe is simply responding to you. If you fear the same happening over and over again, you keep attracting it because you expect it to happen. We get what we expect.

      To change this, change your expectations now. Today, decide that you are to receive love, adoration and respect from those you are interested in and just watch as their attitude towards you changes. You will literally see them change.

      Love yourself and be grateful for your happiness but let it all happen.

      Love and light!


  5. Thank you, Nina. That makes sense. Do you think I can actually turn things around or is the damage done and it is too late?


  6. Dear Nina
    Hope that you are well. I just got into a relationship 3 weeks back with a guy that I work with. He completely swept me off my feet for the first 2 weeks. Said and did everything right but now the relationship has fizzled off. It blows hot and then cold. He doesn’t even text me at all or he texts less. I kept on telling him that I don’t appreciate how he is treating me off late but he just doesn’t get it and says that I nag him a lot and it turns him off. I’m really disappointed at how something so good and new took a turn for the worse so quickly. He doesn’t even take me out but goes out with his friends and random girls go along with them. I feel really used right now and it breaks my heart cause I see us going very far in this relationship. But I have lost all hope.


  7. HI Nina. A lot has happened since my last post. My boyfriend decided to end our relationship today. I’m devastated right now. How do I fix this?


    1. Hi Jeanie! I read both of your recent comments. The events we experience are shaped according to our feelings and profound beliefs, and from your comments I saw there was something he did that suddenly made you worried which only made things worse. I suggest you first think about whether or not this is the person you truly want to be with or is your ego just hurt and you want to repair it, so to speak.
      Sometimes, when things change instantly, people reveal their true selves – their own deepest beliefs. If those characteristics show what kind of person he is, you must decide if you truly want to be with him or if you are just feeling hurt right now.
      If he is the person you want to be with, you must be able to forgive him and yourself for what happened. You must focus on the good in him and decide to forgive the rest and start over. Only when your feelings for him and yourself become good again will the relationship manifest. Focus on what you want it to be, love yourself and it’ll all come together.


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