Dare to receive your desire and live it.


Law of Attraction and Job Hunting

Job hunting (or, attracting) with the help of LoA could cause wonderment, I find; going against every principle one has ever been taught about job hunting, Law of Attraction can seriously help.

After all, haven’t we concluded that the limiting beliefs one has been compiling throughout their lifetime are nothing but self-imposed obstacles?

Obtaining a desired job works on the same principle as everything else when it comes to the Law of Attraction – you feel that the job is yours already, feel love and gratitude for it as well as absolute happiness, visualize yourself at work if you like visualization and/or prepare for it as you wish. Surely, you can relate to these ideas when looking back on every job you have ever gotten – you were either sure it was yours or filled the idea of having it already with love and light energy, causing it to come into your life effortlessly.

I’ve created jobs in various ways throughout my life. Once, I wanted fulfilling work I could pour my heart into, one that would entail writing and teaching. I’d said to myself, “Job offers are pouring in. Thank you for the career of my dreams.” This way, I’d removed any illusions of having to do everything in order to get a job and completely allowed the Universe to manifest my desire.

About ten days later, I received a phone call. A great recommendation in my name found its way to the dean of a university, wanting me to come in. This work engagement lasted shortly before going on hiatus once I became unsure of wanting it anymore… Typical. Then, I decided it was mine again. It ended up returning to me in an even more spectacular setup, new amazing assignments added, causing me to receive even more than I had asked for.

Soon, I received an email from another university; even though I was told that the head of the school never answers emails himself, I said to myself, “He’ll answer me.” After emailing with me for hours, we scheduled an interview.

This was the start of the lecturing and motivational/inspirational speaking part of my career.

When it came to these particular work engagements, I had only created them in as much detail as I felt like coming up with – at the time, that was enough for me. I mainly focused on the feeling of having work engagements that suited me momentarily. The feeling of gratitude towards doing significant work which I loved and which happened on my terms was plenty to give me the sense of having it already.

The lack of jobs available is a perception created by some while those who see plenty of jobs available are the ones who actually find them. No matter what you’re told, accepting it means allowing the external world to dictate your life. However, when you’re fully aware of your desired job being yours already, you fail to even consider any other options. Someone tells you they’re not hiring right now? Stay convinced that the job is yours – circumstances change by the day! In this case, you simply have to be willing to believe that anything is possible. However, if you realize that you genuinely desire another job or the same job somewhere else, move on. Listen to your feelings, values and priorities in deciding the amount of detail necessary for you to create the awareness of loving what you do.

An unavoidable part of creating a dream job is loving what you do. How many individuals dislike their work but never consider the fact that things could be better? This kind of habit keeps them in the same place for a long time and the best thing you could do is consider whether or not you desire the same for yourself.

When it comes to creating your dream job, creating your image in relation to it as well as a lifestyle that comes with it is a useful technique for creating the feeling of having the job already.

I certainly enjoy this practice – when creating separate work engagements or various aspects of my career, I create an entire image around them. I decide how much money I am going to make as well as the perks I am going to receive. I decide how happy I am going to make those around me with my work and how much help I am going to provide to them. I enjoy everything I give and everything I deserve. I choose the details of my appearance which fit in with this new aspect of my image. I see how others treat me and feel their reactions, all of which I love.

Some of the reactions coming from the world in regards to your new job could be jealousy or attempted devaluing. In today’s world, where many have fallen into the self-imposed struggle of finding any job, some of them will be jealous of your success. Accept this reaction and accept that you deserve your dream job regardless of what anyone says. Wish for them to find their own happiness, too, but ignore their negative reactions.


It’s not about avoiding negative thoughts – it’s about not reacting to them.

The mind will try to offer false, negative thoughts but if you truly desire and believe in creating your dream experiences, you will keep your focus on those instead.

Why Is It So Easy?

Most people are taught to work hard for everything they want. This limiting belief follows us around for the majority of our lives while breaking it down goes into the meta of creation.

Thinking you must work hard to achieve what you want will bring exactly that – you will work hard with certainty that this tactic must lead to your goal and then, it will.

But what would have happened if you considered that reaching your goal was easy, without overly hard work having to be involved?

Thinking that working hard might bring you to your goal will cause exactly that – you will work hard but reaching your goal will depend on your thoughts along the way.

However… What if you just decided that your goal was yours, easy to reach while feeling only love and gratitude for it? Then, any work that might have to be done along the way will never be difficult to do.

Law of Attraction is easy to use but because of society’s limiting beliefs, this idea can be difficult to open up to. Too many have grown up thinking they’re not allowed to be happy and have it easy, deeming those ideas negative.

When it comes to the teachings of the world, they are in direct collision with the laws of the Universe. Law of Attraction is consisted of a relaxed state of being, having fun, feeling love and gratitude as well as knowing for certain that your desire belongs to you already. Working hard for it or considering it difficult to reach sets you up for unnecessary frustration and hard work.

Growing up, you were probably taught that hard work is necessary to achieve everything you desire while still not being a guarantee that you will. You may have been taught that opportunities are only given to certain kinds of people and that desiring success and happiness is selfish and greedy.

Parents who teach their children these limiting beliefs are afraid of losing them, losing their family tradition or afraid of the opinions of those around them. Does that sound fair to their child – not being everything they desire to be only to not hurt their parents?

Does it sound fair that one compromises who they are for someone else?

Why so many difficult and limiting ideas?

The idea of having to work hard in life brings a negative connotation. In truth, when one loves their desire and is certain of its manifestation in their life, they want to do what it takes to bring it to life. They are open to taking action they feel is right when it comes to achieving their dreams, which is the definition of inspired action.

When one loves their desire enough, the amount of work they do to accomplish it may seem like hard work to some but is easy and fun to them. It isn’t that they do nothing – they simply love what they do and never work harder than necessary as a result. They have fun with it every day.

When one loves their desire enough (or completely), that much love allows effortlessly letting go in order to manifest. Then, all the action necessary to take along the way seems like child’s play.

However, many find it difficult to accept how easy Law of Attraction is supposed to be. On some level, they’d rather work hard for their desires because that is what they’re used to, fearing how easily those desires actually are to attract and receive. They feel guilty for being happy, loving life and having fun simply because many around them refuse to open their own hearts to happiness and continue to complain about their own realities.

The truth is, everyone has the power to completely alter their reality. If you come across an individual refusing to do so yet you’ve taught them what you know because you wanted to help, send them positive thoughts and heart energy from now on. Let them come to you for help. Everyone decides when they are ready to improve their lives but it will be your positive energy that motivates them if words ever failed to. This will be the right solution for you, too, as you will be much happier after letting go of a frustrating situation.

The happier you are, the more you will achieve – this is why all the unnecessary hard work will never bring your goal to you. If you desire to do everything possible with the Law of Attraction with a guarantee that you will achieve your desire, this is the wrong way to do. You are only supposed to use the manifesting tools you love, think thoughts you love and redirect them when thinking about your desire becomes taxing.

Happy thoughts come first, regardless of what they’re about.


Those who only say they wish to change ask “How?” and after failing to receive an answer, give up because it’s easier that way.

Those who truly desire to change start looking for ways to do so, trying out various options until reaching the right one which they always knew they would find.

Those who truly believe in their desires are happy about having them already, loving them and being fascinated by them.

Those who truly believe their desires to belong to them are patient – they know they have created them regardless of outer appearances.

Law of Attraction, Colors and Style (In Short)

One of the signs of experiencing a vibrational raise may reflect in suddenly wearing brighter colors.

Being a fan of neutrals, this was an interesting experience for me.

I have heard many times that colors affect as well as reflect one’s mood. Using colors to improve one’s mood also makes sense, seeing how the bright ones were able to brighten up my own mood and motivational skills.

Yes, motivational skills. When a color motivates you, it also motivates you to motivate others.

On Wednesday, I wore black leggings and a silver top. Whereas this outfit would have reflected my signature style at certain points in my life, it now felt atypical. One day last week, I wore black pants with a grey sweater, also unaware of where the idea to do so came from.

When observing my recent purchases, they contain items such as a bright green thin sweater, an orange top, several multi-colored tops, a blue and white skirt and two multi-colored dresses. Furthermore, my leniency towards those colors is always enhanced when visualizing wearing them in my dream life.

Looking back, I have observed that my choice of colors vs. neutrals almost always reflected my current mood. At the same time, choosing colors when in need of a pick-me-up worked at least in part.

Has this ever happened to you?

Getting Started with Heart Energy

It’s been a while since I discussed the difference between the mind and heart energies in depth. My learning process of the two continued nonetheless, leading me to several ideas on showing others how to connect with their own heart’s energy field.

I once read that the energies of heart and mind were two completely different energies – this idea rang true to me immediately.

To get started with heart energy, listen to your body’s reactions. Listen to which ideas you love.

When manifesting something new in life, one’s mind will answer with resistance. When this happens, ask yourself, “What is my heart saying?” Your heart will automatically remind you of the ideas you love and the reality you would simply love to live, the one you are creating. Listen to the ideas coming from the area around your heart and its energy field.

Recently, I wrote that resisting resistance is the essence of resistance itself. Listening to the limited ideas of the mind which only attempts to protect us from harm is blocking our heart’s desires from coming into our realities.

I created all my former relationships with heart energy, and then allowed them to dissolve with the mind. When I’d realize that my heart was failing to connect with a specific person after a certain period of having a relationship, I always allowed this acknowledgment to lead me towards a breakup in the fastest way possible. Usually, this way was contained in an utter mental switch on my end, causing the need to run like the wind and reconnect with my freedom as soon as possible, effectively taking the initiative to end the relationship myself.

I would produce heart energy for as long as it was effortless. Then, I would allow my mind energy to end my relationship.

Today, my heart and mind are aligned. My heart leads while my mind follows. Today, I work through any resistance with heart energy, even when it isn’t effortless. If I truly desire something and love it, I feel that it is worth experiencing. I send heart energy to it until it becomes effortless. In my experience, this process is always short.

Heart energy truly opens us up to higher frequencies and enables us to let go of our desires naturally in order for them to manifest. Filling up your desires with heart energy literally means fully experiencing the sensation of being exactly where you wish to be, love flowing through you. It means going from thinking about your desires to living them and being endlessly happy about it. This feeling can be produced on command by purposefully sending heart energy to your desires.

If you’re willing to try it, I encourage an exercise. When thinking about your desire and experiencing resistance towards it from your mind, suggesting why you should stay away from the said desire, ask yourself, “What does my heart say?”

Then, listen. Your heart will reflect what you want. You will start to feel love for your desire. After that, say, “Thank you that I get to live my dream.” With that, you will feel the Universe giving you your desire instead of trying to manifest it yourself. You will stop wondering what you are doing wrong and when your desire will manifest. You will feel like you have it already.


Some find it difficult to manifest specific people because they feel disconnected from them.


We are all connected – this is why attracting other individuals becomes easy once you allow it.

Feel connected to those you wish to be with every day.

Natural Meditation and Emotional Abundance

When discussing the Law of Attraction and one’s health, it is often said that our bodies already contain all the healing resources we could possibly need. Just as using meditation to clear one’s energy is highly beneficial, I started to wonder about our natural abilities to allow for an effortless energy flow.

A blocked energy flow causes frustration, stress, doubt, fear, negativity and disbelief.


Social media, our friends’ and acquaintances’ stories, the reactions of those around us when it comes to our deepest desires… All these factors could hinder our focus but we must choose not to react to them. Clinging onto the things we hear without verifying them is easy and allows for our beliefs to be influenced.


Once we truly start to feel good about our desires, nothing can derail us. Every negative idea will be forced to surrender.

This is where persistence becomes useful.

Throughout our lives, we are taught that persistence is necessary for achieving our goals. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, I believe persistence to be useful, especially when it comes to convincing oneself in the reality of their desired manifestation.

Persistence means sticking to our goals until we arrive, throughout every negative feeling, until arriving to the desired state of mind (and heart). Once this is accomplished, having one’s desire and nothing less is inevitable.

When experiencing negative thoughts/resistance these days, I find them to be ridiculous. I know the extent of the false and ridiculous ideas our minds are capable of producing and proposing but with a little practice, these thoughts can become easy to ignore.

Everyone experiences resistance but by redirecting from it, we will remove it, allowing our minds to get used to our new realities. Stop fearing your negative thoughts – there is no one in this world who doesn’t experience resistance when manifesting something new. Those who listen to their conscious decisions and their hearts succeed in changing their realities. Natural meditation comes from within, from one’s conscious decision to be happy instead of settling for less than that. A sufficient level of self love allows us to refuse to settle for less.

Oftentimes, one must be persistently confident. This is where manifesting power and a positive attitude stem from – knowing one can manifest anything they desire makes  any negative idea obsolete. Our minds know this and attempt to make themselves useful by protecting us. Stop worrying about your mind and start following your decisions as well as your heart.


Law of Attraction tells us to be grateful for what we have while feeling abundantly loved and happy so that even more love as well as everything we want could come to us.

I believe that emotional abundance equals directing clear and positive energy at one’s desires. Making a decision and sticking to it, knowing there is only room for love and light because one has decided so, deciding that life is now different and this is the new you… That is the core of emotional abundance.