Don’t know where to start when it comes to the Law of Attraction?

Start by believing that anything is possible.

This belief will be necessary for you to adapt anyway, so why not start now?

In addition, this belief is a great reminder of your manifesting power if you ever find yourself in a rut; a sheer reminder of the fascinating energy that connects us is enough to bring us into alignment with our desires.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hi .i read in one of ur earlier posts about u manifesting longer hair ..I wonder what techniques did u use ?
    With stuff like this I managed to manifest not ever getting flues ..which was such a big issue for many years and no headaches .

    As for my specific person I decided to fallow what’s worked for me before .i was too inpatient and was forcing things to happen with the opposite result .
    I set the date I want this relationship to physically come to life by .
    It seems like a relief and a massive weight off my shoulders .
    I feel like now my work it’s done and there’s nothing else I need to do make it happen, I can focus on other stuff .dont know how ,don’t care how and strangely enought don’t feel the need to see him ,contact him . everything that might be a little negative brings only one thought ..that it’s all irrelevant in relation to whats done and I can just do my thing .there was a lot of excitement about watching how things could have unfolded but now I’m not madly curious about it any more ,just let it be .
    I love writing my journal ,it’s a gratitude journal where I tell a story of my love ,our love .The images and future events showing up in my head are things express my gratittude for ,sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with emotions ,it makes me cry a little ..there’s nothing sad about it it’s love and happiness only that the heart energy u talked about ??just wondering .
    I notice u like apply the low of attraction site which I read before but somehow it never gave me much clarity about heart energy .
    What it is to u ?? How do u know ure sending it ?
    Somehow ur writing seems easier to understand.😊
    I know that is a lot of questions is the last time I promise .
    I’ll write again soon only with good news .


    1. Hi! It’s no problem, I’m happy to help 🙂 However, today I have things for you to read in order to provide that help but all the information you want is there.
      My hair manifesting story is here, all details included:
      My hair manifestation was mostly about sending loving energy… Speaking of which, this is where I learned the most about heart energy in my entire life, summed up in the following two articles with the website containing even more if you are interested. The first article explains how it’s done and the second outlines a practice which you can see is possible to do at any time:

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