What specific behaviors do I tend to adopt having achieved the feeling of the wish fulfilled?

One naturally starts to manifest new desires while being entirely calm and comfortable about having the last one already. When I know it’s mine, I can move onto something else, letting go in order to manifest.

Have you ever experienced this?


23 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. How do you actually just make yourself believe your specific person loves you and wants to be in a relationship with you?


    1. I simply decide it because to me, that is the only option. This takes confidence but the beautiful thing about life is that we all have the power to make our dreams come true. Make a decision and stick to it, believe in it, and you will see it happen 🙂 You can do this.

      If, however, you don’t feel good about your relationship (fearing and doubting it), you have to ask yourself if you truly desire it. If you do, decide it’s yours and start loving it 🙂

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    1. The breakup and your history? Don’t 🙂 Nobody’s perfect and we all said and did crazy things but when we stop viewing them as such, they lose power, if you will. Then, we can observe them emotionlessly and only see what we learned from them. Make peace with your past – it shaped you into the great person you are today.


  2. Yeah about the past- I never did or said anything crazy.i just pretended it didn’t bother me at all and then avoided him and anywhere I thought he could be but I was still bumping into him! I just felt so strongly for him and couldn’t figure how my feelings could have lied to me and I know he felt it too by the way he would like at me and other things but it was like as if he just blocked it out! I don’t know could my feelings gave lied to me? I never felt like that for anyone before and I never expected to with him!


    1. Make peace with the past and focus on creating a new relationship with him 🙂 Nothing holds meaning until we add it ourselves; you can also get over the past by focusing on and starting to add meaning to the future.


    1. I appreciate your honesty. Before anything else, believe that you’re an amazing person. Practice believing that and soon, you’ll feel deserving of your relationship.


    2. Hi .i always read all the comments here . Don’t worry Clare .I’ve been there too. I know how it’s like loose yourself and make yourself believe you’re weak and not good enought ,convinced yourself that this is how everyone else sees u. I don’t know ur history with ur specific person but kinda get an idea from stuff u posted . Past is only a past . Memories will hunt you constantly unless u let them die because you’re the only one that keeps them alive .it took me so long to realise that .just forgive him ,forgive yourself and leave all bad things in the past where they belong .give yourself a fresh start .manifest new desires .when u see your man see him a new person too .get out of your mind old scenarios and expect the best this time ,only the best.exect the best from him ,give him a chance to everything u want him to be .
      It is ur reality , you create your world ,you are who u believe u are .as soon as u see how amazing u r everyone else will see u just that way too .
      I’m sorry if I’m interrupting Ninas blog ..just really wanted to help .x

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      1. You are not interrupting at all, you have contributed a wonderful reply 🙂 I agree with what you’ve said.


  3. Thank Nona. I really appreciate you and your blog and your unconditional belief in me- I find it very empowering and also very selfless of you!


    1. Hi Claire . A few weeks ago I was analysing my issues with letting go every now and again . I knew my visualisations weren’t as satisfying as I’d expect them to be ,I wondered how come ? I know what I want ,I’m sure of it ,i certain it’s coming to me but I can’t get my mind around it ,it bothers me ..them I realised that remembering technique is the one that gives me a fulfilment ..the moment that came to my head I could easily visualise ,create the events I’d love to experience ,feel the love and satisfaction of having what I wanted .now my desire became fully done. Now and again I’d come back to it as a precious and enjoyable memory of everything after manifesting my desire ,all those dates ,loving affectionate times ,exciting things we’ve done together .. it gives me such an amazing peace of mind and sense of calmness ,no negative thought can disturb it ,there’s no hunger for something u already got . It removed the question of how because who cares now how anyway ? You’re experiencing it already.It made me loving visualising again and it’s so much fun bringing future to the past .
      I thought of you and that this approach could help you too ..different methods work for different people but as long as u believe and know you’ll get there . Nina has a few post about remembering techniques,she’s great at explaining it ,also applylawogattraction site .


      1. I wonder where would it take me if I went completely beyond my current expectations and started visualising and living that new dreamy manifestation now ?
        How would it effect the current desire ?


  4. Escape is so right. Once I did everything she said, everything just fell in place. I was always trying to constantly prove how wonderful, loving, kind, etc. I am. That kept me in the state that I wasn’t there. Once I just really believed I was those things manifesting came easier and it’s scary when you start getting things you ask for…

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  5. Hi Escape, I read your posts. And I loved them. I do feel you can relate to me and what I went through. I don’t know why or how I lost my confidence but it is definitely coming back!

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