Law of Attraction, Colors and Style (In Short)

One of the signs of experiencing a vibrational raise may reflect in suddenly wearing brighter colors.

Being a fan of neutrals, this was an interesting experience for me.

I have heard many times that colors affect as well as reflect one’s mood. Using colors to improve one’s mood also makes sense, seeing how the bright ones were able to brighten up my own mood and motivational skills.

Yes, motivational skills. When a color motivates you, it also motivates you to motivate others.

On Wednesday, I wore black leggings and a silver top. Whereas this outfit would have reflected my signature style at certain points in my life, it now felt atypical. One day last week, I wore black pants with a grey sweater, also unaware of where the idea to do so came from.

When observing my recent purchases, they contain items such as a bright green thin sweater, an orange top, several multi-colored tops, a blue and white skirt and two multi-colored dresses. Furthermore, my leniency towards those colors is always enhanced when visualizing wearing them in my dream life.

Looking back, I have observed that my choice of colors vs. neutrals almost always reflected my current mood. At the same time, choosing colors when in need of a pick-me-up worked at least in part.

Has this ever happened to you?

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