Those who only say they wish to change ask “How?” and after failing to receive an answer, give up because it’s easier that way.

Those who truly desire to change start looking for ways to do so, trying out various options until reaching the right one which they always knew they would find.

Those who truly believe in their desires are happy about having them already, loving them and being fascinated by them.

Those who truly believe their desires to belong to them are patient – they know they have created them regardless of outer appearances.

9 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hi. I wrote before about my current relationship manifestation and my boyfriend coming back to me . Like I said before I set my date and I’m worry free in general . Before we got back together in past there was a woman involved . The thought of her did pop out in my head once or twice recently ,then facebook (why do I even care about Facebook ?) confirmed they might be or are in touch again . Now ,it gave me a very uncomfortable feeling of fear if she could affect him coming back to me .
    How would u go about this matter ?
    Ignorance is a bliss ??if u were in my shoes would u just consider her irrelevant and simple ignore it ?


    1. I would be grateful that this was just another way for him to see how unique I am – another person talking to him would be yet another way for him to see that I am different from anyone else 🙂 Dare to feel this way 🙂 It’s amazing! Turn everything to your benefit. You can do this!

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      1. ..I normally remove the negative thought from my mind and just tell myself “i might think about it some other time it’s not important ” and continue to think about good feeling stuff is the matter of overall confidence so ,is it ?


  2. I’m a true believer and lack of faith isn’t my issue ..I sense that letting go completely is the part I always struggle with . It is on my mind a lot and I like knowing it’s mine ,talking about it but at the same time id love being able to go a day without thinking about him .I’m not even gonna lie ..right now I don’t feel I is the right time for this relationship to take place ..i want in a few days ,weeks even that’s why I set a certain date ,four weeks from now . I want get a few things done before it happens .is that a bad thing ?
    I personally doubt It’d change what’s already done .


  3. I like to be aware of what I’m thinking and to the extend I’ve learned to take control and pick positive thoughts ,ignore or just let negative ones pass .
    The thing I noticed with this specific manifestation is that only if in feeling bad about something related to it ,perhaps starts to doubt for a moment ,I have strong need to get in touch with him ,reach out ..but the moment I get my mind in order that need disappears and I feel certain again .
    I have to say ur approach to turn everything in way it benefits us was a great tip. Looking back at other things I manifested I’ve always done it but wasn’t aware of it . What an amazing way to dissolve last traces of fears and doubts about things we think might stand on the way of our manifestations .very grateful for that one .
    I’d love to embrace hart energy as well but I consider myself more of thinker ..always driven by thoughts so it’s an interesting challenge for me .

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