Law of Attraction and Job Hunting

Job hunting (or, attracting) with the help of LoA could cause wonderment, I find; going against every principle one has ever been taught about job hunting, Law of Attraction can seriously help.

After all, haven’t we concluded that the limiting beliefs one has been compiling throughout their lifetime are nothing but self-imposed obstacles?

Obtaining a desired job works on the same principle as everything else when it comes to the Law of Attraction – you feel that the job is yours already, feel love and gratitude for it as well as absolute happiness, visualize yourself at work if you like visualization and/or prepare for it as you wish. Surely, you can relate to these ideas when looking back on every job you have ever gotten – you were either sure it was yours or filled the idea of having it already with love and light energy, causing it to come into your life effortlessly.

I’ve created jobs in various ways throughout my life. Once, I wanted fulfilling work I could pour my heart into, one that would entail writing and teaching. I’d said to myself, “Job offers are pouring in. Thank you for the career of my dreams.” This way, I’d removed any illusions of having to do everything in order to get a job and completely allowed the Universe to manifest my desire.

About ten days later, I received a phone call. A great recommendation in my name found its way to the dean of a university, wanting me to come in. This work engagement lasted shortly before going on hiatus once I became unsure of wanting it anymore… Typical. Then, I decided it was mine again. It ended up returning to me in an even more spectacular setup, new amazing assignments added, causing me to receive even more than I had asked for.

Soon, I received an email from another university; even though I was told that the head of the school never answers emails himself, I said to myself, “He’ll answer me.” After emailing with me for hours, we scheduled an interview.

This was the start of the lecturing and motivational/inspirational speaking part of my career.

When it came to these particular work engagements, I had only created them in as much detail as I felt like coming up with – at the time, that was enough for me. I mainly focused on the feeling of having work engagements that suited me momentarily. The feeling of gratitude towards doing significant work which I loved and which happened on my terms was plenty to give me the sense of having it already.

The lack of jobs available is a perception created by some while those who see plenty of jobs available are the ones who actually find them. No matter what you’re told, accepting it means allowing the external world to dictate your life. However, when you’re fully aware of your desired job being yours already, you fail to even consider any other options. Someone tells you they’re not hiring right now? Stay convinced that the job is yours – circumstances change by the day! In this case, you simply have to be willing to believe that anything is possible. However, if you realize that you genuinely desire another job or the same job somewhere else, move on. Listen to your feelings, values and priorities in deciding the amount of detail necessary for you to create the awareness of loving what you do.

An unavoidable part of creating a dream job is loving what you do. How many individuals dislike their work but never consider the fact that things could be better? This kind of habit keeps them in the same place for a long time and the best thing you could do is consider whether or not you desire the same for yourself.

When it comes to creating your dream job, creating your image in relation to it as well as a lifestyle that comes with it is a useful technique for creating the feeling of having the job already.

I certainly enjoy this practice – when creating separate work engagements or various aspects of my career, I create an entire image around them. I decide how much money I am going to make as well as the perks I am going to receive. I decide how happy I am going to make those around me with my work and how much help I am going to provide to them. I enjoy everything I give and everything I deserve. I choose the details of my appearance which fit in with this new aspect of my image. I see how others treat me and feel their reactions, all of which I love.

Some of the reactions coming from the world in regards to your new job could be jealousy or attempted devaluing. In today’s world, where many have fallen into the self-imposed struggle of finding any job, some of them will be jealous of your success. Accept this reaction and accept that you deserve your dream job regardless of what anyone says. Wish for them to find their own happiness, too, but ignore their negative reactions.

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