Dare to receive your desire and live it.

2 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

    1. Free will always exists in and for us, even when we choose to do the opposite of what we want. Everything we do is what we chose to do, even if we did it for the wrong reasons. Free will allows us to choose what we desire and the life we want to live, and either take the steps towards making it happen or not.
      If you’re referring to free will in regards to attracting specific people, I advise you to be convinced that you offer them something so special that they choose to come to you. After all, isn’t that the way it goes?
      I don’t think in terms of karma but instead, the idea of receiving what we choose to give. Knowing that we’re making someone happy will bring us happiness in return. Gratitude will bring us even more to be grateful for. Follow your heart, create your happiness and you will find even more happiness 🙂


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