The Phases of Loving Your Life

Loving my life has always been a rich source of self-confidence and motivation; a passion for living and effortless feelings of value are produced easily in a life filled with love for itself.

Feeling deserving, riches of the world yours to choose from, being happy for everything you have while knowing that even more is coming… Loving one’s life is the essence of abundance.

Think about it.

No matter what it seems like, you do have plenty in your life to be grateful for. You have plenty to love. These may be different things and different people to each and every one of you.

But what happens on the days when we don’t love our lives?

I experience moments of annoyance with my life, during which I remind myself that everything I have, I created myself and am therefore capable of changing it. I can create everything I want and the Universe showed me that many times over.

I can easily experience frustration when someone tries to “keep” me around. A temporary workplace trying to keep me, friends wanting me to stay close to them when I plan on moving away, exes who refuse to accept the end our relationship or any other situation cause gratitude for being loved together with frustration for trying to be held down… And they make me run like the wind, never looking back. In moments such as those, I feel suffocated, followed by an immense need to remove myself from these individuals or groups as soon as possible.

Once I remember that I have created everything myself, I forgive myself for being frustrated, calmly keep my distance from those I want to be distant from and go back to creating my dream life. Or, I allow for those I want to stay on good terms with to realize what I need instead of what they would want for or from me.

Then, I put that energy towards increasing my burning desire to make my dreams come true. I feel grateful for the motivation.

We can turn anything into something beneficial for ourselves.

What does loving your life mean in relation to the Law of Attraction being all about you instead of the person you are attracting into your reality?

Loving one’s life increases one’s confidence when attracting another.

I have brought specific people into my life on numerous occasions boosted by the conviction of showing them something they’d never seen before. Owning my uniqueness makes me feel good and therefore, boosts my creation. How do you identify yourself? What makes you feel good to think of yourself?

It isn’t that you have to possess specific superficial qualities in order to attract your dream relationship; you simply have to own the person you like to be without allowing anyone else’s opinion to affect your true preferences. Any traits and preferences can be backed with confidence and turn you into an attractive person. Daring to be who you wish to be gives you confidence and produces your happiness, the most magnetic of qualities.

If you feel incapable of achieving this, think about it this way – are you happy when depending on the opinions of others? Or, are you happier when you only cherish your own approval of your desired activities and preferences, immersing yourself into them without caring what anyone else thinks?

Many deem their lives “nothing special,” creating bland events and circumstances as a result. Some deem their jobs boring and others, their general interests, forgetting (or, not knowing) those are circumstances external to love and therefore, irrelevant for it. Nothing is related to love but the feeling of love itself, causing many to forget that money, social status, occupation, distance and other falsely perceived obstacles are irrelevant. The world’s insisting on making them relevant allows us to see whose heart is closed and whose is open.

If you are displeased with your life, change it for you; it is you that has to be happy living your own life. 



Raising my vibration by helping someone out or volunteering continues to fill me with love.

Last Saturday, I participated in a project of sprucing up a preschool playground. Dedicating my time to making a playtime space beautiful for the children filled me with happiness and joy.

I repainted a piece of playground equipment and enjoyed every second of it.

Be proud of yourself! Loving your life is the way to attract even more people, opportunities, goodness and magic into it.

Your Reactions = Your Awareness

Your reactions to appearances and external stimuli effortlessly show where your awareness is and with that, where you feel your current place in life to be.

Sometimes, it isn’t that we attract entirely different events or see the signs we want from the start; often, it is all about which ones we relate to and react to.

Here’s an example.

You hear two songs on the radio. One is almost heartbreaking and another uplifting. The one you reacted to positively or negatively indicates how you feel about the relationship you currently have or want to have. Your complete relaxation could be a positive indicator of confidence in your perfect reality. The sadness you feel might say a lot about your current relationship and your perception of it.

See what I mean? That is what Law of Attraction is about. What did you react to and how?

How do you want to feel, on the other hand?

When you see a happy couple, do you feel sadness for not having love in your life? Do you fear that you might be alone forever? Or, do you agree with their happiness, feeling that they deserve it? Are you happy for them, following that sentiment with gratitude for your perfect relationship?

Do you find a happy couple easy to relate to?

Who are you? Because who you are is reflected in your beliefs, actions, interactions and reactions.

Do you relate to your friends’ relationships or their sad dating stories? Do you feel that there are any similarities between the lives of those around you and yours? Who do you feel connected to? Ask yourself and answer honestly because those answers will give you an insight into your own awareness.

It’s time to create your life as you want it.

If you feel disconnected to those around you or are you comfortable around them? Who would you like to be in a close proximity to and see every day? Do you feel that this possible?

Your feelings about seeing any type of signs related to your desire also serve as proof to your awareness.

Seeing the sings that remind you of your desire can serve as a confidence boost; however, looking for them proves you are not yet convinced that your desire is all yours. If you need to see signs, you are not sure that your desire is yours already. When you know it’s yours, you’re relaxed and/or excited.

You are sure.

You are convinced.

If you feel that you don’t have your desire already, ask yourself why. Why do you feel incapable of manifesting your dream life? Are you sure you want it after all? Do you beat yourself up for any negative thoughts that cross your mind?

No one feels confident or thrillingly happy every second and you don’t have to either. You can manifest your dream life just as you are – you are good enough, smart enough, attractive enough already. You are worthy. All you have to do is own your qualities.

Remind yourself that simply because you’ve decided so, manifesting your desire is a done deal.

Changing your awareness means accepting a new addition to your identity. Just as you now feel that some things are out of reach while others are more likely to appear in your life, you can allow yourself to feel that anything is within your reach.

Your desires are within your reach.

Those who wait for the external world to reflect their desires in order to feel that they have them emit a signal of not having them, needing them and feeling desperate for them. Don’t beat yourself up if you have ever felt this way – you can change your awareness this very second. You can!

You can feel your desire within your reach. You have to be convinced that living your desire is who you are, that this is already your reality and a part of your life.

If you don’t mean it, you can’t do it.


Making peace with one’s past rarely means making peace with others in it; it was who you were that caused your life to happen. Your decisions, your convictions, your reactions to others.

Making peace with your past self is the answer. With that you, the one you had to be in order to become who you are today.

Clearing Space = Clearing Energy (In Short)

When agreeing to help my parents clean up prior to repainting their guest bedroom (they enjoy doing this kind of thing themselves, especially my artistic mother), I dug up my memories from the time merely prior to my life becoming what I always dreamed of.

I reevaluated all my major life manifestations, from those which turned out to be what I truly wanted for myself to the ones that weren’t.

I ultimately kept everything that makes me feel like an individual who lives her dream life and who has only ever wanted her dream life; the rest, I tossed out or gave away. As soon as I eliminated the trash and happily gave away a beautiful, custom-made closet I’d gotten at age fifteen to someone who absolutely adored it, I felt like an entirely new person.

Desired change is amazing.

To some, clearing space is the easiest way towards clearing their momentary energy while this practice could actually offer lasting results with a little focus. Perceiving oneself differently results in attracting different things while changing one’s surroundings can cause a change in one’s awareness; if you should decorate your living or working space to reflect the feeling of your wish fulfilled, you would add considerable energy to your manifestation.

I’ve recently taken to creating an office for myself – another perfect way of changing (or improving) one’s awareness. After clearing out the designated desk, I am now choosing its potential accessories – flowers, low-key figurines and candles, as I already own all the necessary office supplies. I want this office to be the perfect working space for/of my dream career.

I found something offering a clear insight into the person I was and therefore, everything I was attracting.

I attended three high schools in three different countries, on two continents. In my second, we were once asked to write out adjectives describing our classmates. The next day, each of us received the paper with our name on it and the adjectives describing us, all written anonymously by our classmates. Mine read serious, positive, uplifting personality, great smile, confident, overly independent, too serious, unreasonable, unique, great singing voice, exhausting, kind personality, well-read and intelligent.

That was me at seventeen years old through the perspective of more than thirty peers.

I decided to help out with my parents’ project and chose a bleached almond shade for the walls (actually, I had merely suggested it and my mother loved it). This room is truly going to look amazing.


Do you truly believe in anything being possible for you?

We create what we believe ourselves to be capable of creating and likely of having.

When creating something new, some resistance will come up.

When fears appear, say “Thank you,” as they are a nudge from the Universe to overcome your false thoughts and become your most confident self.

Are You Enough?

Do you find the person you desire brilliant, fascinating, inordinately interesting or exceptionally intelligent and therefore consider yourself unworthy of being in a relationship with them? Do you believe they could effortlessly love you just as you are or do you feel that you have to improve yourself in order to be with them?

If you were to find or do something that makes you feel brilliant therefore becoming perceived as such, would you feel worthy of being with the person you desire?

This particular issue occasionally appears with those who feel almost as much admiration as they do love for the person they desire.

Some resist manifesting the person they desire due to feeling unworthy of being in a relationship with them. Their specific person may be successful, self-confident, intelligent, fascinating or attractive to them on the level they deem themselves below, having possibly grown up differently, nurturing different personality traits or currently living a different lifestyle.

If you feel good about yourself, the one you desire will feel the same about you. Every problem you perceive as an obstacle to the relationship of your dreams is a reflection of you and you alone; the person you desire may not even agree with your limiting beliefs, hold those same beliefs or want what you think they want in another. Your limiting thoughts might be completely unrelated to the thoughts or desires of the one you want, only showing that you two are not aligned just yet and therefore, still apart instead of being together.

This is exactly why your negative thoughts are false – they come out of fear instead of a loving, relaxed place. When relaxed, we see things clearly.

In order to resolve the issue of self-degradation, one must feel worthy of their loved one already – you already know this. If you feel confused about specific steps to take, let’s go over a few ideas.

1. Every single individual on the planet is unique, irreplaceable and worthy of respect. 

You may feel that some are more special than others but it is their self-perception that makes them stand out. Those who believe they are simply not enough to be considered special fall into the background, thinking that others were just born lucky.

Until you make yourself believe you are special and worthy of all the happiness you deserve, your dream life will continue to wait for you but will not make its way to you. Loving and appreciating yourself for everything you are, knowing you can add anything you desire to your life, is going to lead you to your dream life effortlessly.

You must feel worthy in order to believe that you can provide something irreplaceable to the person of your dreams… And the good news is, you already are. Own that feeling!

2. Nobody’s perfect. 

Truth be told, I don’t exactly know what this phrase means – I either want someone or I don’t. If the one I have my eyes on happens to be lacking important qualities I look for in a man, I move on.

Does perfection consist of possessing all the qualities one wants in a partner or just the most important ones? Does it consist of possessing the character traits one needs as a man or a woman, whether they’re aware of it or not?

Does it mean possessing all of the qualities one is looking for, both important and less so? What happens if one’s taste changes?

As you can see, perfection is a relative term.

However, one can use the phrase of “Nobody’s perfect” to their advantage when it comes to clearing their energy.

If you feel that nobody’s perfect, not even the person you might be idealizing, you will be able to relax and stop looking at yourself as if you were below them. Everyone possesses likeable as well as unlikable traits, the impressive and the annoying.

It is the way one carries themselves in every context that is truly attractive. It is their energy, what they project and how they perceive themselves that makes them the one you desire.

Once you start feeling good about yourself (and your relationship with them), they will see you the same way.

Are you enough?

Yes. You are. Own that feeling! And, be grateful.

The Fun Times of Energy Rearrangement

Two days ago, an interesting occurrence prompted my contemplation of energy rearrangement and attaching meaning to events.

Being an independent Communications professional as well as writer and creation coach, I employ an accountant to handle my finances. Months ago, my then accountant was promoted to a management position in her firm, becoming in charge of employees and business instead of the firm’s clients. Instead of taking her offer to be reassigned to a different accountant, as all her now former clients had to be, I decided to employ a new one. Out of curiosity, I’d already taken a meeting with another accountant after receiving a recommendation and we agreed on everything effortlessly, so I decided to give this new cooperation a go.

My former accountant and I had agreed on her completing our last mutual piece of business, a report due in June, before my departure. However, I had forgotten to cancel this deal with her after signing with my current accountant. My former accountant kept her end of the deal, submitting the report on my behalf and sending me the bill.

Upon receiving the bill yesterday, my initial reaction was disbelief at my state of utter remiss, causing two different accountants to submit the same report on my behalf. In addition to paying my current accountant her monthly fee, I now had to pay my former one for the completion of the said form. Even though the amount of money involved is small, I had to laugh at myself.

After a good laugh, I had an epiphany.

In a second, I became ready to live an even bigger lifestyle. I immediately desired even more success, wealth and happiness. I have even manifested some new cash since. This occurrence made me think about my life – am I in the place where I wish to deal with such small potatoes or do I desire more?

Recently, I told another to turn every situation into something beneficial for them and work with the Law of Attraction in this way. My upcoming post about clearing my self-imposed, momentary blocks will offer further information on this subject.

Lessons learned:

1. Everyone makes mistakes.

I never understood those who beat themselves up over the tiniest details. I was grateful for this occurrence – it had motivated me to attract even more wealth into my life, which I can then enjoy and share with others.

If I ever judged others, I did so for their personal beliefs I’d considered to be closed-minded, unnecessarily critical of others or their choices. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, one can easily believe that details such as my double booking are indicators that something is going wrong, the undesired being created. I am here to tell you that this is merely a sign of energy rearrangement, allowing new beliefs and new miracles to come into my reality.

2. Energy rearrangement is fun! 

Any Law of Attraction process can be fun if you love it; however, this idea takes lightness of energy and confidence to manifest – and you can obtain it.

When your vibration is rising, you find the answers you seek and have the money you need to cover unforeseen costs. However, if you have complete faith in the magic of the process, events such as these can even be avoided. Just think that the process is magical and leave it at that.

If this sounds impossible to you, try it for one day. You’ll feel lighter than you have in years.

I sincerely hope I made the tax office laugh when my company report came in from two different accounting firms.