Law of Attraction and Job Hunting – Part II

Let’s move onto the “hunting” part.

Most people focus on this part much more than the “having” a job part – just like many Law of Attraction setbacks, falling into the “hunting” implies an attempt to control the manifestation process.

“Hunting” for a job means focusing on the “how” part of the Law of Attraction while this is the only fragment we should leave up to the Universe.

This is why the most important aspect of “job hunting” lies in a clear idea of the tasks, perks, coworkers and any other desired aspect connected to one’s desired job. Create a list or a vision board (or both) and picture yourself having the job. How do you see yourself now that you have manifested this particular desire? What has changed? How are you being treated by others now? Do they see you differently? Do you still dress the same or feel like mixing it up? Do you have a new, strong sense of accomplishment? Do you desire to give something back, therefore donate money or volunteer?

Are you happy?

Are you grateful?

How do you feel?

I am aware that this feeling can take practice to adopt but it will be worth it. Get used to it. Own it. Trust me! Don’t get me wrong – I understand how it feels to experience one professional setback after another. During the times of uncertainty about what exactly I wished to do, it was difficult to picture myself on any job. I was testing the waters, trying out various options and ended up job-hopping. When I was unsure of where I wanted to land, I turned to simply gathering new experiences to see what I could learn and what I might find because, who knew? I could have suddenly discovered a new passion or gained a fantastic new insight into life.

Once I was ready to rediscover my life purpose, I did. Are you ready or do you simply wish to have a job you love, regardless of how you might feel about it months from now? Either way works – follow what you want. Several wise individuals I feel blessed to have in my life told me on several occasions that I could always change my mind… So can you.

Remember that you are and will always be a free human being. Every choice involving your life is your own.

If you are confused on the exact steps to take, I suggest writing down everything you want in your ideal job. Then, create a vision board if you want, or use props such as decorating your ideal office desk in your home, dress into your planned work outfits and use your travel mug. Any other prop you can think of will help, as long as using it makes you feel like you have your dream job. Using a travel mug on your commute to your dream job can easily make you feel that you have it already.

To sum up…

I suggest an entire shift of focus from “hunting” to “having.” Think about what happens after you’ve signed the contract and obtained physical proof that the job is yours.

Feel love, happiness and gratitude for this new, amazing chapter in your life.

Now… How can you convince yourself to let go and have the confidence to allow the Universe to give you your dream job?

The best you can do when it comes to the “how” is to love it. When you become absolutely sure that the Universe will give your your dream job in the most amazing way possible, you will automatically let go and allow instant manifestation.

One thought on “Law of Attraction and Job Hunting – Part II

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