Are you afraid to let go because you might finally receive your desire and would have to live with it?

3 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hi. Have question about inspired action .
    What is it to you ?how do u recognise it to be an inspired action ??
    When u get that strange feeling that u wanna do something do u just do it (in some cases Is an impulse I realise that ,but since we are so aware of our feelings we tend to analyse before we act on that nudge ) ?
    Is giving yourself time ,putting it off till u just have to do it ok with inspired action ??
    I got this feeling today toward one of my goals ..i just feel like making a phone call ,strangely by making this phone call I don’t expect my goal to manifest (I already feel it’s mine),it’s as if is contradicting the end result of I want in a way but I still wanna do it .it could possibly lead to manifesting my desire but it’s not the case at this moment .i feel great at the moment and don’t really care if it manifests that way .
    For now I decided to put it off ..for perhaps 24 hrs..
    I’d telly appreciate it opinion on this one ?


  2. ..actually never mind …it was stronger than me and I had to do it ..those are all the answers I wanted I guess 🙂
    I do a lot of research on law of attraction and love the process of learning ..I love ur writing and I believe from all the things I’ve read ur blog was by far the most inspiring .xx

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