Why can refusing to react to our negative thoughts be a difficult task to accomplish?

Beyond our histories and our old, limiting beliefs, I believe a strong force of habit is responsible for our reactions to paranoia, fears and false ideas causing doubts.

Maybe the Universe is simply telling us we need to develop new habits.



  1. Hey .i think it this point I read most of ur posts ..I’m curious how u got where u are ?? When u experienced a break through ,reached a clarity ?
    I know at one point it grows in you and becoming a way of life and the stronger u fallow ur conviction the more ur reality changes to be a fully yours ..completly created by you ..
    I find it fascinating and love to hear ur story .

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    1. Thank you so much for your question – I find it very flattering 🙂
      When I was twelve, my mother said to me, “Think positive and your whole life will be like a song.” That was the beginning of my realization that there is such a thing as creation and that we can arrange our lives exactly as we wish. Until this day, I believe it is the most important thing a mother could ever teach her child to prepare them for life. At the age of 14, I manifested a move from Europe to USA and realized that one can create miracles when they desire them enough – following this event, I decided to experience life in order to possibly find as many passions in it as I could. I loved change therefore I decided to live for the experiences.
      I moved around, changed schools, moved in various groups of people and made friends with individuals of various ages, nationalities and social status. I was also positive that these experiences would also benefit my writing. During this time, I also started becoming increasingly bored staying in one place or steady circumstances for longer periods of time, which only prompted me to desire new experiences which was my initial purpose. I knew that once I was ready to live the life of my dreams, knowing I had been everywhere I wanted and learned everything I could, staying open to possibly finding something even better, I would effortlessly change my life again.
      I’d discovered that my passion was helping people live easy and happy lives, just like I always felt natural. I never saw the difference in people, only different habits. I began coaching many to open themselves up to life instead of running away from it because participating in the happiness of others opened my heart like I couldn’t have even imagined.
      Then, Law of Attraction became a big trend and everyone was talking about it. Previously, when I would explain to others that anything I desire happens in my life simply because I choose for it to, some would have a difficult time wrapping their mind around this idea. I would encourage them to open their minds but if they didn’t wish to do so entirely, I would eventually leave them alone and hope that they would realize life could be better for them. Usually, they did. After LoA became a trend, I started reading many books related to the subject, happily discovering even more than I already knew, and even contacting some successful bloggers and authors, pretending I was a beginner to see what they would say. They always had sound advice. In some cases, I literally turned to another for true advice when I simply wanted to come to a conclusion in a new way and realized that truly great LoA experts are rare. Having much success teaching those around me, I knew that one day, I would start coaching others in creation myself.
      Two years ago, I discovered the practice of heart energy – it was included in a book I’d been reading and since then, I have only found one other source that dealt with it on the same quality level.
      The only trouble I had ever experienced was related to my convictions, not the practice of LoA itself. I had a transitional period where I had to become ready to live the life I desired permanently instead of wanting to live for the experiences. Using LoA during this time was challenging because I was frustrated with myself at first, regrouping non-stop and wanting to force my purpose, my truest self to show up. However, I am grateful for this time today, as it brought me to where I am. It could have been an even easier time but I was practicing LoA while still in my old habits and when one improves, new habits are developed. I simply desired new things in every area of my life and it was a lot but I did it 🙂 That is why the problem is never the process but knowing what we truly desire 🙂 I have learned that this problem is easily solved by feeling gratitude for one’s life just as it is, which immediately introduces novelty into it – the same principle we use to create absolutely anything 🙂

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