Making peace with one’s past rarely means making peace with others in it; it was who you were that caused your life to happen. Your decisions, your convictions, your reactions to others.

Making peace with your past self is the answer. With that you, the one you had to be in order to become who you are today.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hey Nina,

    What are some ways you have found beneficial in terms of making peace with yourself? I try relaxing and sending myself love and focus on feeling self-forgiveness. It works well when I can get into that state 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Nina, is part of this making peace, accepting that we in fact created the past with our past thoughts? Can I also ask you, I know and believe my guy loves me 100% but is it possible that he loves me but doesn’t want a fully committed relationship with me or again is that my thoughts or does it even matter?


    1. Accepting that we created everything in our lives and becoming accepting of it, forgiving ourselves and others for it if we have to, is truly important. It allows you to start over in life 🙂
      Only think about your desire and work on feeling love for it. If you think about your fears, you might create them or simply block yourself from receiving your desire. Fears show resistance. Don’t worry about them – they’re false thoughts. Simply redirect your thoughts and work on loving your dream relationship. Soon, you’ll believe that you have it. Feel good about having it in your life!


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