Next time your negative thoughts attack you, making you feel inadequate, insecure or discouraged, ask yourself:

“Is this me? Is this truly me?”

Or are you a wonderful, deserving and grateful individual, developing confidence, heading for accomplishment?



Ask your mind to give you negative thoughts and you will experience silence.

Fight your negative thoughts and you will experience your vibration collapsing, frustration and resistance.

When the Mind Wanders…

You may think you have to improve before becoming worthy of your desires. The truth is you can attract anything you want to live in your present circumstances. However, it is certainly less than amusing to experience one’s mind wandering, coming up with ridiculous scenarios of the undesirable.

Once, I was accused of seeing someone else by a boyfriend I was close to breaking up with. Our relationship already overwrought, he’d come to this conclusion after not being able to account for my absence of several hours after which I’d returned home with messy hair, sweaty clothes and jumped in the shower immediately.

I wasn’t seeing anyone. I’d been on the move the entire day and spent three hours at a friend’s overheated apartment. Afterwards, I ran to see another friend, nearly missing the bus. My run from her apartment to the bus station in padded, heeled boots, simultaneously putting on a wool cap, entering the bus and departing only to enter another heated apartment effectively frizzed my naturally curly hair and caused me to sweat on the synthetic clothes underneath my winter coat.

Makes you think about the crazy scenarios one’s tense mind can be allowed to write.

When you permit these negative thoughts surrounding your desire to take over your awareness, you are doing so because you are aware of the lack of your manifestation – nothing else. Your fears connect completely separate aspects of your life into a single story, causing you to see conspiracy everywhere.

When thinking about everything that could go wrong with your desire, you are still focusing on the absence of it – after all, doesn’t your desire entail its presence in your life instead of everything going wrong with it?

Feel free to release those thoughts.

Are you afraid of the excitement your desire evokes at its thought? Embrace it!

You can think about your desire as much as it makes you happy but only as long as you think of it as something you’re thrilled to have in your life. If you think about all the things you want to do before receiving it, what you should do in order to finally have it or what you need to improve, you’re perpetuating the absence of it from your life. This is where mind energy and heart energy may collide or work together, depending on your awareness.

What happens when you feel too weak to shake off your negative thoughts?

There is a way to use this energy to your advantage.

I have recently read that fear and excitement have a very similar effect on the human body’s nervous system. This notion made perfect sense to me, as some of my strongly emotion-filled manifestation moments came out of fear. An excellent motivator when used instead of resisted, fear has allowed me to produce positive emotion towards any desire with a simple change of thought.

Imagine getting emotional over a negative thought, simply changing it into a thought of having your desire and allowing the accompanying emotional charge to suddenly feel electric instead of somber. Try it and let me know how it goes.

One of my greatest convictions in life is that every situation can be used to my advantage, yet another advantage leading to the achieving of my goal. Fear turned into excitement corresponds with that idea perfectly.

These Law of Attraction studies we do together exist for you to understand energy – not to put pressure on you to achieve the “perfect” way of thinking.


Feeling happy and grateful for absolutely anything, for merely living life or anything in it, makes us feel at one with our desires.

Today, I wondered if I could even explain this sensation; the conclusion reached stated that our hearts are more intelligent than we often realize.

My heart wants to be happy. It wants to stay happy and grow even happier. My desires make me happy, allowing me to feel at one with them when directing my bliss at anything I can. My life makes me happy already, allowing for love to be produced effortlessly.

Love is the ultimate clarity.

Why Only This Moment Matters

  1. Planning your energy makes you tense.

Thinking about what you “should” do all the time in order to manifest your desire shows that you don’t have it – you are “manifesting” instead of living it.

Instead, do what makes you happy and do it all the time. Find happiness even in your chores – enjoy making your home beautiful. Law of Attraction is easy and when it is, it brings rapid results – we are the ones who make it difficult.

  1. Being happy now attracts more happiness.

Whenever you’re happy and grateful, you attract even more things to be happy and grateful for. Happiness always attracts even more happiness – we get what we give.

You already know you’re the happiest when any given activity completely occupies your mind and heart. You love it, are enjoying yourself and don’t need anything else. This is one of the meanings of doing what you love.

  1. You gain clarity.

When you are happy here, you can almost literally feel yourself moving over there. This doesn’t happen every time but when you do feel it, it’s a magical moment.

Suddenly, you’re capable of allowing your negativity to vaporize. You are naturally pulled to your positive thoughts.

Negative thoughts only appear once you begin to overthink your dream scenario instead of living it; this is the reason they are false, allowing you to redirect from them easily. Just give yourself a chance to!

  1. You own your integrity.

You no longer feel the need to justify your desires to anyone.

You own your feelings and beliefs.

  1. You turn every annoyance into a positive factor.

Every time your roommates say something to irritate you, you love and are grateful for your new living situation; in fact, you seem to love it even more. Then, you start to feel grateful for your present circumstances, which is essential for transitioning into the new ones.

  1. You feel free.

You stop feeling as if you need to change because suddenly, you simply are the person you wanted to be. You know that you are. You no longer fight your negative thoughts but simply understand them, knowing your desires are yours regardless of those empty minutes.

  1. Your desires begin to seem possible to you.

I have a friend who made a priority of loving herself, expressing love to those who meant a lot to her and enjoying life while knowing that everything she wants is coming her way.

Love amplifies security and simply is your manifestation power. Your self-confidence is formed. You are so calm and convinced that the feeling is almost impossible to put into words.

Love your life exactly as it is right now.

The Beauty of Negativity’s Weakness

A point can be reached when any and every negative thought feels and therefore, is nothing but false and paranoid.

Once reaching this point, one realizes exactly why living in fear is not living at all.

After reaching this point, a myriad of signs come my way, perpetuating the feeling of having my desire already as well as increasing it.

The other night, I caught a meteor shower. I saw four falling stars. I hear significant songs everywhere I go. I see (or hear) my chosen sign. The rest of the time, I feel amazing.

Negative thoughts can be related to physical discomfort. I’ve been known to have them when severely sleep deprived and as rarely as that happens, I know their exact cause. Everyone experiences negative thoughts but the trick is to be stronger than them. Fighting these thoughts is the most effective way of giving them even more power – ignoring them while loving your positive thoughts and desires causes them to become inconspicuous shortly.

Many of you who have achieved a much more positive awareness already know what I mean.

Today, I read an article dealing with embracing one’s pain and negative feelings instead of fighting them (and thereby, amplifying them). This article reminded me of my own contention that resisting resistance is what resistance truly means; there is no need for one’s thoughts to be absolutely perfect in order to manifest one’s desires but instead, giving energy to one’s desirable thoughts is more than enough. This allows for one to be and effortlessly create with Law of Attraction instead of falling into the comfort zone of life staying exactly the same.

You must want and love your change. This year, I wanted mine slowly at first, which went against my core beliefs.

In the spring, I ended my last romantic involvement and shared the story with all of you. When I initially attracted him in January (only days after asking for him), I felt myself getting ready for love and (almost) literally asked for a transitional guy to enjoy beforehand. During our time, I was becoming ready for love but simply couldn’t love him. Then, I realized – how could I have loved him if he and our relationship weren’t created that way in my mind? I asked myself if I wanted to love him and the answer was no. I simply had no desire to create love with him.

He was only the second generic man I had manifested in my life. Six years ago, I wanted to fall in love and thought about the specific qualities I wanted this man to have. I met him soon but after the relationship had run its course in my mind which caused me to leave, I wanted only short-term relationships for a very long time. My preferred practice lies in choosing specific people and manifesting relationships with them; a much bigger rush and an increased ability to appreciate the person exactly for who they are come to me as a result of falling for the individuality of a specific man.

When it comes to negative thoughts in or about relationships, they can cause frustration easily. As upsetting as it can be to produce negative thoughts around someone you love, you must remember that if you produced them so easily, you can also eliminate them. Once you face them and stop “trying” to remove them, they’ll fade on their own. However, it is important to know that no matter what, your dream relationship is yours. This conviction will lead to improvement on its own, even if it takes a few days to achieve. (I’m saying “days” because I want all of you to achieve your dreams shortly.) You will make positive choices. You will realize why happiness for your desire is possible right now – moreover, why it is the only logical choice. You will have become courageous and endlessly loving towards yourself as well as dream relationship. You will love your specific person more than ever. Even more.

I truly believe that negative thoughts come as a result of fearing change. Depending on your place in life or your current beliefs, the feelings of inadequacy may plague your mind. However, today is the day to create yourself happy.

I know you can do this. I love you all.


This morning, I woke up without an alarm clock. Ten minutes later, I was presentable, styled perfectly and on my way to a beauty parlor appointment. I arrived five minutes early. When I walked in, one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio – I’d also heard it yesterday in the perfect moment.

The entire time (as well as last night), I was convinced that I would wake up and arrive on time. I knew everything would work out effortlessly.

Letting go and trusting life, God, the Universe or yourself can cause an effortless flow of events.

Overthinking, fear and panic only cause you to clog your own energy.

Things take time only if you think they do.

You’re already there. Believe it.