This morning, I woke up without an alarm clock. Ten minutes later, I was presentable, styled perfectly and on my way to a beauty parlor appointment. I arrived five minutes early. When I walked in, one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio – I’d also heard it yesterday in the perfect moment.

The entire time (as well as last night), I was convinced that I would wake up and arrive on time. I knew everything would work out effortlessly.

Letting go and trusting life, God, the Universe or yourself can cause an effortless flow of events.

Overthinking, fear and panic only cause you to clog your own energy.

Things take time only if you think they do.

You’re already there. Believe it.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hey Nina,

    As always your posts fit perfectly to what I am thinking about (I shortened my name, hope you remember me :P)

    I want to hear your take on some things that I want to change or put into my awareness. I’m not asking if they are possible. We know everything is possible 🙂

    1. Okay this is about her. I’m still blocked almost 3 months now, but I decided to just ignore that fact. And I think I found the reason why that is. I’m not trying to focus too much on this relationship, since I already asked and I trust the universe to bring me this in the most amazing way. However, whenever I consciously sit down to feel good and send heart energy to her, this always feels good, I also know that it reaches her. The thing is, everytime I do this, at night I have a dream about her. And every single time, we somehow get closer, but she rejects me. I know our dreams shows us our own restrictions. I want to ask you, how can I resolve this? I mean somehow in me must be the believe or the fear that she doesn’t want me right? Should I go with EFT? Or what do you suggest me?

    2. Somehow this is a similar thing I experience every now and then: People really want to meet me and want to do things with me, everything goes really well with planning and I also can feel excitement from them, but on the day for any reason (sickness, family, blah) they cancel. I also want to resolve this, since it is kinda annoying. I’m creating things and in the last minute it gets canceled…

    3. I am practising sending heart energy, and you know I’m always pretty successful 😀 Sometimes I receive heart energy, it’s like a wave of good feelings, but they are not mine, so I can differenciate this. I was wondering how am I able to know who sent it to me? I only knew twice that one person was sending me, but he told me afterwards. I mean this in a sense: someone is thinking of you, you can feel that and you know who it is. Somehow the energy must be different from person to person right? Like sensing people. Again not asking if that is possible. I just wondered how I can train myself to know more consciously who is thinking of me and sending me positive vibes, without that person telling me.

    4. This is just hypothetical: Imagine you want to meet a certain celebrity, not in a fanmeeting way, more like a private way, because you think your vibes just match. It doesnt matter if just friends or even business, e.g. you both are musicians and want to collaborate. Would you send them heart energy? How would you deal with that?

    Sorry for so many questions. I wanted to ask you some of the things already, I just had no time or it didn’t feel like the right time, so everything piled up a little bit. Always feel blessed to receive your take and insight on this 🙂

    Thank you! And have an amazing day 🙂


    1. Hey again! I remember you 🙂
      1. I would absolutely suggest EFT – I’ve done it before and achieved great results. I’ve used Dawson Church and Shalini Yamdagni’s YouTube channels for it. If you look for Shalini, there is a video for achieving alignment with your desires.
      2. This goes along with the dreams you keep having. You come along 95% of the way and then, your energy blocks again. Focus on the end result and be happy that you have it (instead of focusing on it being on the way). Experience the happiness of having your result and then let it go. Every time any doubt comes up, do the same.
      3. When I receive heart energy from someone, I know who it’s from as clearly as receiving a text and seeing the name of the sender. You will achieve the same when you relax completely and allow that love to flow through you once you receive it. When you feel it coming, just relax and enjoy it. You will soon become attuned and know immediately.
      4. I would send them heart energy and create our collaboration as I wanted it to be, focusing on the end result (the song we recorded together or anything else). I would feel it as I want it to be and KNOW that this is mine, just like we do when we create anything else.
      I know you can do this 🙂
      Have an amazing day!


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