Do you have a fear you keep holding onto, having never manifested, knowing it is pure paranoia yet it still hasn’t left you?

This fear feels fake. You may have kept it in your mind but you know it’s fake. Even when you fear it coming to life, you know it never will.

It may have been implanted in your mind by the media or your own imagination. However, just as this fear is fake and false, any fear you may have is, regardless of how real it seems. If you decide that it is, it is. You can manifest your desires instead.

6 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. I have a question to ask. It may sound super crazy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If I possibly wanted a higher grade than I have now, could I manifest it? Ex: I made an 80% on a test, but wish to receive a 93% instead. Could I believe that I have the grade I want by looking online and seeing I have that 93% grade from that test and being thankful for it? Like go to the end?

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    1. You can! And, I love your question 🙂
      If you want, you can definitely use gratitude and visualization of the grade on your test, thinking from your end goal. Know that this grade is your because you’ve decided so 🙂
      You could also look at it this way – “Is there something more in this material than I currently see but could really like?” Allowing yourself to like/love/be happy about the subject of your studies would also allow you to learn more about it, easily 🙂


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