I am stronger than my fears.

My desire is stronger than my fears.


A Quick Follow-Up…

Three days ago, I wrote about my lack of inspiration for doing any work besides writing. That particular feeling had been invading my life for two days before I wrote this post.

I decided to let it go and trust that my inspiration would come back. It did just before I wrote that post.

Less than 24 h after writing it, I received a lecturing gig.

Letting go and staying relaxed around my desires combined with trust creates a win-win situation.

The Lack of Inspiration Factor

I consider helping others create their happiness my purpose in life. For as long as I can remember, I have naturally understood the essence of creation, human behavior and feelings while enjoying myself immensely when revealing those things to other people. Helping someone else feel good about themselves while giving them the ultimate answer to what to do, to what works, has always been endlessly rewarding. However, I sometimes forget that I occasionally need to breathe a little, too.

I recently told my mother that I was feeling uninspired around the idea of doing any work besides writing. She said, “You’re allowed to feel this way. Things will get better soon.”

This conversation was proof that one can stop chasing their perfect awareness and develop techniques that will prompt them back into their happy awareness instead.

Even if you think that your ideal reality means you will always have everything figured out, you only will if you manifest being the person who has it all figured out. 

However, the awareness of having everything figured out also has to happen now, not once you have all your desires.

I prefer the occasional moments of not having it all figured out, as they are the ultimate learning moments…and learning about life, creation and feelings makes me happy!

I wanted to feel inspired again so I did the only thing I could – I let it go. Last night, I let the idea go, knowing that inspiration would strike back. I wondered what could bring it back. This morning, it started to come back all on its own. I’m not rushing it. There are a million things to do in life until this one comes back to me fully.

It is my firm belief that one holds onto their desire when they fear receiving it. When truly wanting to live one’s desire, letting go is much easier.

If you feel that receiving your desire today makes you feel afraid, you are showing slight resistance to living it. Do you feel nervous around having your desire? This feeling varies among different individuals but the real question is, do you feel that your desire is yours already while the nervousness will pass? Or, is that nervous feeling preventing you from being able to see yourself living your desire?

Another reason for holding onto a desire too tightly manifests in one’s anxiousness to bring their desire to life as fast as possible. Trying for fast only leads to more trying for fast.

At some point, you might have been thinking, “What do I do until it comes into my life? How do I entertain myself when I am so eager to start living this desire?”

You’re partly right about this one but simply have to find the things you enjoy right now. Also, love that you’re so passionate about your desire and be grateful for it.

Do you ever wonder why, as soon as you expect manifestations to be long and difficult, they refuse to appear in your reality?

Because manifestations are meant to be easy and come directly to you!

The Big Deal Factor

I had been entertaining thoughts of a specific manifestation recently which failed to feel like a true decision until I discussed it with one of my closest friends (the same one who met one of her personal heroes last week).

At some point this year, I realized that I held negative views about something I wanted to bring into my life due to past experiences. I strongly disliked feeling this way but was grateful for being able to recognize it and therefore, solve the issue.

Have you ever felt this way?

Sometimes, feeling this way is a bridge between one’s current circumstances and the new ones filled with all kinds of improvements.

Sometimes, one has to deal with all their negative thoughts picked up along the way in order to remind themselves of what it is they truly want, appreciate, value and who they are deep down.

Yesterday, I changed my hair color. On the way to the salon, I thought about how much I loved my current hair color. I wondered if I was starting to change my mind but then just seized the opportunity to explore my feelings and possibly learn something new about creation.

I occasionally wonder how I could possibly be in the mood for this all the time! 

Soon, I concluded that my wandering/wondering mind was just an indicator of being stuck in the process. Thinking “what if” means being stuck in the process as opposed to feeling one’s desire is their reality already. I hadn’t even felt fear but simply thought about what it was I wanted.

In order to bring it into their life, one has to believe their desire is theirs already. However, this goes the opposite way than most might think. The energy moves in the direction of believing before seeing.

I used to try to make my desires a bigger deal they were at times, thinking this would make them feel like the right decision to make. Then, I realized what I was doing.

Just like I used to do, I was now making my hair color, which I already couldn’t wait to have, a bigger deal than it was.

Making one’s desire, any desire, a big deal is a negative action. A big deal creates a mismatch with your desire – we don’t think as anything we see as a permanent fixture in our lives to be “a big deal.” We think this reality is normal and was always meant for us.

We think that a big deal is connected to changing our entire lives, living a perfect reality or creating a vibration for our manifestation that doesn’t even exist yet, so to speak.

Creating a mismatch with one’s desire can easily happen when viewing it as something impossible, out of the ordinary, huge… This perception only creates the feeling of not having it yet and invites negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are a whole other category; these thoughts evoke the feeling of one’s desire being far away, being something that requires much work or being so perfect that it’s practically unattainable.

Sometimes, energy clearing isn’t only about which negative thoughts come up. Sometimes, it’s about figuring out why they come at all. Why is nurturing the feeling of your desire being a big deal making you feel like you “have to achieve it” instead of “having it already?”

Once you start to see your desire as something normal, something you were always meant to live, you will stop postponing it. You will be able to bring it into your reality. You will see the good in your life, the Universe being on your side and suddenly, you will realize that everything is meant to be easy. You will stop making up false, negative scenarios that will never manifest. Your fear will leave you forever.

You will understand that, if you love something, you should have it.

A Classic Success Story – Meeting a Specific Person

One of my closest friends met one of her personal heroes only days ago. A sports star she respects for his talent, accomplishments and an origin close to her own, she aimed to use the Law of Attraction to manifest meeting him.

She’d said to herself that she would meet him and then, let the whole thing go. Relying on one of our past conversation during which she was reminded of letting go being the fastest manifestation formula, she relied on the notion that if she believed and genuinely felt great in the meantime, she would receive her desire. Regardless of her sports hero being a busy world traveler, she believed in meeting him; after each time the idea would enter her mind, she decided to believe and let it go.

She relied on the idea that if able to let it go, she had to receive her desire. She knew that with anything in life, the ability to breathe easy around it happens when one believes in having it.

To recap, what does letting go mean? It means knowing that one’s desire belongs to them already based on their decision to have it and their belief in receiving it. Beyond belief, their determination in the positive outcome causing the knowing that it simply must happen! Once this knowing has been established in one’s mind, they are able to relax, live their life and do their thing, knowing their desire is going to manifest.

Since letting go made her feel great, she was able to channel a great deal of passion into her desire. She focused on living the kind of life she loves. Since giving to others makes us happy and therefore allows the happiness to come back to us, she found great joy in helping her friends with anything she could. Work went smoothly for her because she was making a continuous effort to feel positively about everything in her life; for the same reason, she dove into specific activities which she enjoys profoundly.

Throughout this period of her life, she realized how amazing focusing on her happiness truly felt. Putting guilt-inducing obligations or the comfort of others before her own in the past, she now realized how much giving to herself and her own happiness truly meant. She realized it was was worth it to focus on her own happiness first because it had made her feel increasingly good about herself. In addition, she had removed any negative individuals from her inner circle and one from her life entirely.

She kept in mind that keeping her vibration high was her responsibility. Every time she had a moment of doubt, she had said to herself, “It has to happen, it is possible!” Then, she would shift her focus to something she loved and wanted to do that moment.

After letting her desire go, she also realized that only then did it start to seem possible.

While attached to a desire, one fails to connect with it profoundly, trying to make it feel “perfect” in their mind instead. This type of attachment results in a continuous battle between one’s positive and negative thoughts, causing slow progress or none at all. Thinking you could never be happy without your desire in your life causes you to continue to be unhappy without it.

Being able to be happy now, before receiving your desire yet knowing it is yours already, ensures manifestation.

Feeling that her desire was possible made it feel normal in her mind. She was still filled with happiness at the idea of having her desire but that happiness and normalcy made her desire feel like a regular thing in her life. At the same time, she felt increasingly happy because she was doing things for herself. Every time she had helped somebody else, she helped herself. We get what we give.

She simply refused to give her focus to anything but her happy existence.

During this time, she also saw almost no signs connected to her desire. However, she chose to believe anyway. She chose to feel great regardless!

One day, she went shopping with a friend when a salesgirl told them that her favorite player’s team is scheduled to do a meet-and-greet at one of their stores the following morning. She was there and so was he; they met, chatted, took photos together and he signed an autograph for her. This entire event felt absolutely normal to her while making her happy; it felt like a perfectly natural thing to happen to her.

When knowing one’s desire belongs to them already or even just believing it is to be, it feels normal. Even when charged with positive emotion, one is not surprised it happened to them, as they saw it coming. They expected it to happen.

After the salesgirl had told her about the appearance, she saw several signs.

Signs follow awareness.

Regardless of lacking in signs, she sometimes hoped and other times, knew her desire would come to be while trying to consciously put it out of her mind because letting go entirely made her feel good. When it would come to mind, she felt good about her desire for a minute and then, let it go.

She had said to herself that they should meet on October 22nd. They met on November 14th. Time was no issue in her mind and her desire manifested fast as a result.

Focusing on factors such as time is enough to make any conscious manifestation practitioner unhappy. Focusing on time shows one’s disbelief in receiving their desire.

I call this story a classic manifestation because of its sheer simplicity. This story shows how little work it all takes; focusing on life, love, yourself and your happiness is all it takes. Any manifestation of any desire works according to the same principle in life and you can apply these very steps to absolutely anything you desire.

The difference between having your desire in your mind already and waiting for it lies in living your life. If you don’t know what makes you happy, find it. If you feel that something is missing, you have to find it within yourself, within your own life; you have to find it in order to share it with anyone else.

Why You Have to Ignore External Opinions

I feel that this particular topic makes its way through many of my posts; however, I never fail to understand its colossal importance.

There will be those around you who will ignore your preferences but you must understand it is a reflection of their own lives, practices, points of view and beliefs. At the same time, you have to wonder if anything in your behavior shows that you are also rejecting them or simply, if you are living a reality of wanting this person to accepts you which shows you already feel rejected by them.

Do you ever feel like this? Either of those two?

Such situation(s) can happen with absolutely anyone you consider close to you – your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, another family member… However, it doesn’t matter. None of it does.

You are the only one who has to approve of you. Even if everyone else did and you didn’t, you wouldn’t feel better. At the same time, as soon as you start to fully accept yourself, you will be able to accept everyone else just the way they are…and, whether or not they return the favor.

Today, someone who has known me my entire life served me food I’ve hated my entire life. They knew that but did it anyway because this food fits their idea of what I should eat.

That was how I saw it, anyway.

Later on, they apologized, saying they never would have served it had they thought I might dislike it.

I suddenly saw the situation differently.

A story like this is applicable to any situation. The very meta of conflict and rejection leads back to some version of rendering one’s needs unfulfilled. Any conflict or rejection can happen for that simple reason.

I had two choices – I could have felt rejected and gotten upset or I could have eaten something else, without putting a single thought into being served food I disliked.

Had I gotten upset, I would have had to remember the following.

  • Not all who upset me had intended on doing so. Sometimes, one has good intentions but their mixed feelings about taking the action in question (i.e. being tired of preparing this food while unsure that I would like it) will lead to receiving mixed feelings in return.
  • I attracted this event in my life, just like any other. The event in question describes at least a part of my everyday relationship with this person – in some ways, we get along perfectly while clashing in others. I probably continuously expect this person to reject my preferences, causing situations like this one.

Had I chosen to not be affected by the situation, I would remember that…

  • The person in question probably meant well. They probably didn’t mean to offend me and had I observed them with love instead of assuming they were being suffocating, I would have seen that. Approaching something or someone out of love ensures one receives love in return. Approaching something or someone out of any negative source of emotion ensures unhappy communication.
  • I could simply eat something else. Nothing was lost and no one would starve. No one even has to end up offended in a situation like this. Creation dictates you get what you give therefore giving energy to the positive, i.e. knowing there are other types of food out there, would have ensured smooth sailing.
  • Even if they thought I should eat it, only my desires about what I want to eat matter. We all get to choose for ourselves. You can say, “Thank you but I don’t like it. I will have something else instead.” Same can be done when anyone disagrees with anything in your life. You decide. If you should choose to compromise your preferences just to make someone else feel good while allowing yourself to feel bad about it, you have made a choice that will draw even more discomfort to you. However, if you genuinely decide you want to eat the food and feel good about it because it makes someone else happy, go for it. Just make the choice that makes you happy!

I know some of you will wonder and here it is – the food in question was kale. Even as a vegetarian, I strongly dislike it.


Have you genuinely decided that your desire belongs to you, that it is yours, that you are going to get it?

If you truly decided that it’s yours, you know you will get it regardless of what things look like now!

You know that every undesired circumstance will change. You don’t even care about what’s happening now!


When I truly want to be in a relationship with a specific person, I sometimes feel like I’m manifesting it myself. I am, of course, using the energy of the Universe to do it, just like anyone else is. However, if I feel that “I want to do it myself,” it means my motivation, passion and desire for my ideal reality are sky high…and that can only bring fast manifestation.

This much passion for my desire makes it easy to both love and let go, adding all the essential ingredients for fast manifestation.

In truth, the only thing I do myself is consciously feeling passion for my desire as well as the confidence in manifesting my perfect reality.

In this state, I always believe my desire is only days away. Sometimes, it manifests even sooner.

When a great sense of passion is connected to my desire, I maintain focus on my positive thoughts effortlessly. Even when negative thoughts try to appear, they fail to stick. My vibration ascends, promptly.

On the other hand, putting a low amount of emotion into your desire causes a reluctant flow.

Don’t NEED Them to Go Away And… They Will

When it comes to manifesting, we often talk about removing the need for our desires. Don’t need your relationship and it will appear. Don’t need a job but feel employed instead and you will be. Don’t need money and feel rich and then, you will be.

Sound familiar?

Many battle their negative thoughts by trying to ignore them or openly resisting them, creating even more of the same instead of eliminating them. These negative thoughts never manifest in their original form but effectively lower one’s vibration regardless, slowing down one’s manifestation process.


What if, instead of feeling the need to get rid of your negative thoughts, you stopped needing to get rid of them? What if you could be happy and manifest regardless of them? It is not the negative thoughts themselves but paying attention to them that creates resistance; if you removed the need to get rid of them, you would not be bothered by them.

What do you think?

Personally, I believe negative thoughts to be useful. I’ve said it before but I truly believe them to be a great indicator of one’s specific areas of resistance. Negative thoughts say something about you, not your desire – they are an indicator of the negative, limiting views you hold of yourself. An empty fear that your desire might go wrong does NOT mean it will but you will lower your vibration and create even more empty fear for yourself… And that fear will make you exhausted and mentally distant from your desired reality.

Removing your negative thoughts but not replacing them with the positive ones doesn’t mean you’ve stepped into your desired awareness. This is why you can reach your desired state of awareness just by focusing on what you want to live, your positive thoughts, which would soon push out all the negative ones out of your awareness.

Occasionally, negative thoughts arrive because minds crave drama. Many are simply used to it. They try to add excitement to their desires yet drama creates safety in them at the same time. One may even try to use that drama, that excitement, to add any kind of emotion to one’s desire hoping for faster manifestation which leads to frustration. Love and excitement are two separate feelings, the former often being very permanent and the latter usually fading after a while, at least in several different ways.

Stop feeling guilty for not being intensely excited about your desire 24/7. You do need other things in life besides it.

Dissecting every single emotion and negative thought we might have would take a long time so instead, look at the general themes of your negative thoughts. What specific fears do they indicate? They show how you feel about yourself. They show what you fear. However, instead of continuing to fear, accept that you are now creating something new – the happiest reality you’ve ever lived. Decide it will be so.

If you start to feel exhausted from all your negative thoughts, remember that you have decided to have your dream come true reality and therefore, you must receive it. Just think about your ideal reality and enjoy the happiness it brings you. Feel gratitude for your desire, believe it is yours and in just a few days, you will know that it belongs to you unconditionally. 

Instead of focusing on your negative thoughts, you could only focus on what’s in your heart and manifest it.