When I truly want to be in a relationship with a specific person, I sometimes feel like I’m manifesting it myself. I am, of course, using the energy of the Universe to do it, just like anyone else is. However, if I feel that “I want to do it myself,” it means my motivation, passion and desire for my ideal reality are sky high…and that can only bring fast manifestation.

This much passion for my desire makes it easy to both love and let go, adding all the essential ingredients for fast manifestation.

In truth, the only thing I do myself is consciously feeling passion for my desire as well as the confidence in manifesting my perfect reality.

In this state, I always believe my desire is only days away. Sometimes, it manifests even sooner.

When a great sense of passion is connected to my desire, I maintain focus on my positive thoughts effortlessly. Even when negative thoughts try to appear, they fail to stick. My vibration ascends, promptly.

On the other hand, putting a low amount of emotion into your desire causes a reluctant flow.

2 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hey Nina! Have you ever heard of the website ? I believe you will like it because it’s all about LOA in how Neville Goddard taught it to people. And Neville’s technique never fails if done correctly. Look into this, you may find other tips when writing a new topic or thought of the day!


    1. I have, I love Neville 😀 It feels as if whatever we learn when it comes to manifesting somehow leads back to him, he was so amazing!


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