There is only the “having” or the “missing” of your desire in/from your life.

When aware of having your desire, you feel secure, happy and are able to let go (to manifest).

When you feel your desire missing from your life, your brain keeps elaborating on that idea, producing more of the “not having.” Fear, negative scenarios and doubt are mere manifestations of the same awareness.

If you change any negative belief into a positive one, the idea of having your desire leading your awareness, your brain will soon produce even more thoughts of “having it” which will ultimately lead to manifestation.


Where’s Your Confidence?

Feeling confident, happy and knowing you are worthy of living your desires – do you struggle with any of those things?

Feeling grateful and deserving work together without effort when applied with confidence as well as happiness. Knowing you are going to manifest your desire, deeply determined and believing profoundly, is enough to allow you detachment from your desire which in turn ensures manifestation.

Attachment to your desire and believing you could never be happy until you are living the life you want hurts both your mood and your manifestation! 

Happiness comes from loving your life now as well as the love for your desired manifestation. Accordingly, happiness is connected to gratitude, confidence in your manifestation abilities and perceiving life as an abundant one.

To some, confidence is tied to a specific set of events. Some think they would only be worthy if things finally came together in a certain way (forgetting that awareness precedes and causes the actual events).

Do you recognize your way of thinking among any of these?

Are you missing any of these important factors?

It can be confusing for me to discuss all the reasons why you should love everything you are. A much better question would be, “Why not?” There are those who do and those who don’t, a clear distinction present.

Those who appreciate themselves as well as their life find it easy to appreciate others. They are beloved as their positive behaviors stem from their personal happiness.

Those who refuse to find lovable parts of themselves also focus on everything that bothers them in others. They are constantly exhausted. Their negative thoughts prevent them from living the life they want. They see fear everywhere they look.

Switching sides is a question of choice. Anyone can choose to feel good about themselves and allow it to happen. Why? Because as feelings change, so does your reality. You will soon look better, feel great and welcome opportunities.

Right now, you cannot imagine feeling better because you think you need a confirmation in the external reality (such as your desire manifested). However, if you’re skipping taking care of your inner world, you’re trying to work the opposite way.

Unless you start to believe, how could your desire ever manifest?

Even if you know all this, you might be wondering how exactly you could start to feel better. Here are my suggestions.

  1. Accept that you are good enough to manifest your desire now! You are good enough just the way you are and once you accept it, others will see it, too. After that, you will not be seeing any kind of adjustment you want to make as anything major. Your appearance, age or any other external factor mean nothing compared to who you are on the inside – that is the energy which produces results in your life. Once you realize you are good enough, you will start to actually feel worthy.
  2. Be decisive! Your voice of decisiveness has to be louder and stronger than all the voices of your negative thoughts. Put all your energy into believing that your desire is a done deal already! You are not to “try” and manifest but simply feel as if.
  3. Listen to your heart. Even if you don’t know how to feel good, your heart always knows what you truly want – thinking about what you want will make you feel good. Listening to your heart can also make you believe that having your desire is possible. It can make you feel worthy and start to feel love for everything you’ve been given.
  4. Be grateful! There is so much you already have in your life. Gratitude will also increase your motivation to manifest your desire and to love it!
  5. Accept that others mirror your own attitude. Critics can be a negative distraction yet they show what exactly you struggle with.

From now on, your inner critic is to be ignored as if it could never be changed. If you accept that negative thoughts come up and that’s it, you are going to start to ignore them effortlessly while focusing on the positive ones.

This is the way to put your inner critic on mute.

Those who tell you they don’t believe in the possibility of living your desire mirror your own fears. Once you start to believe, external reactions will change. Until then, you can change your attitude. Is it really worth it to let negative thoughts bring you down?

If you’re failing to produce mainly positive thoughts about your desire, you have to ask yourself if you truly want it, or are just struggling to see yourself having it.

I firmly believe that indecision hurts more than temporarily not living one’s desired reality. Noticing something missing from your reality is often followed by uncertainty around a specific desire.

Giving both positive and negative reactions to the thoughts related to your desire causes great struggle. In this case, you will have noticed your desire missing from your life.

Knowing exactly what you want affects your self-confidence more than you might realize. Knowing means you can imagine living your desire which results in a flow of happiness and ultimately, manifestation.

You have to know what you want before you can imagine yourself living it.

For some, knowing is not the main issue – it is believing that they could have it.

In truth, there is no reason why one should ever fail to manifest anything they wish to live. Some still feel the pain from their past, others fear the future and others fear not being good enough. Just like there is simply no reason for manifestation failure, there is also no real reason why one should refuse to feel great.

If perception and beliefs decide everything, why refuse to perceive yourself beautiful and believe that you are? Why do you feel that you have to have the perfect physique? Many who do are still not considered beautiful by everyone – it is their own belief that decides.

You are as beautiful as you feel.

In order to become the person you love, you have to appreciate who you are now! Your current likes and dislikes, physical shape, income and relationship status are an excellent place to start if you can bring yourself to be grateful for them.

Some tend to be confused by the notion of the Law of Attraction only dealing with them and their feelings towards any desire. However, those feelings are an indicator of one’s awareness.

If you continuously search for your desired manifestation, you will continue to search. You are aware of not having your desire and are searching for it instead.

Negative thoughts might be coming up even after you know your desire belongs to you already. However, ignoring them and knowing they are false is an indicator of your positive awareness. It is not which thoughts come along; it only matters which ones you accept as true for yourself.

The way to change your life is by not trying to change it. Feeling “as if” implies an assumption of already having your desire and if you have it, why would you be trying to change that?

At all times, be aware of having your desire. If you’re decisive enough, you can bring yourself to feel this way.

Need or Have It?

Feeling that you need any desire you may have will lower your vibration. Remember that as a rule, warning you of what to avoid.

Obviously, you want to avoid lowering your own vibration yet it happens, usually as a result of falling into negative thoughts, missing something or someone.

Wanting something you are currently missing provides a problem for your mind. Noticing the absence of your desire can cause attachment – another form of need for your desire to manifest, making it impossible to arrive.

Needing leads to more of the same. Feeling confident in having your desire already leads to its manifestation.



Observe the difference between the following scenarios.

You have chosen a specific person. You wanted your mind blown and they live up to the task, making your head spin already. They are captivating, independent, joyous, smart and simply beautiful. They seem different, interesting, and they seem to love their life. Taken by these positive feelings you are experiencing, you’ve attracted various interactions with this person, from conversations to possibly even a date. Now, you want even more of their time since they seem to make life even better and because you deem them perfect, you are overthinking how to proceed. Any idea you have is followed by indecision, lack of self-confidence and your uncertainty that you can match their luminous quality. Your insecurity becomes obvious to them, causing them to distance themselves from you or place you in the friend zone. They still respect you but things aren’t moving in the direction you would prefer. You deem them too smart, gorgeous and interesting, thinking they might not see the same in you while in reality, you only reaffirm that you don’t see yourself as such. Or, you idealize them. You want their love as an overall validation, proving all the naysayers wrong and proving to yourself that you can do anything. You might think they’re as impressive as you want to be. You probably see them as beautiful as you want them to see you. Whichever of these possible scenarios you experience, you will ultimately become less and less interested in their true feelings and increasingly worried about why they don’t love you. Does that sound like real love and appreciation? Does it even sound like you are connecting with their true vibration? Do you really want to know them or just want them to fulfill your needs, especially those you have to fulfill? Because nobody can truly give you what you don’t feel within.

You think this person is too good to be true. You feel the need to be with them and end up disappointed. You failed to connect with the true essence of this person, idealizing them instead of truly wanting to know them. You thought they were too good to be true yet they are good enough just the way they are…and so are you. The only problem is, you weren’t ready to truly connect with them, probably fearing disappointment and your fantasy crushed. Yet that fantasy is not the same as a relationship.

On the other hand, how do you feel when you know that you can have anything, including the exact relationship you want? When you know, you feel amazing! You don’t feel the need for your specific relationship but only love that it’s a done deal, appeared already or will appear soon, however you perceive it in the moment. You think about it for as long as it makes you happy, moving onto something else when you feel like it. When negative thoughts and fears come up, you examine the reasons for them or ignore them because you know they’re false. However, if you choose to examine them, you do so because you want to be the person you admire which requires self-honesty. You want to know what your fears are telling you and face them so they would disappear. You feel good because your life is exciting, fulfilling and fun; you have other things to think about besides your relationship, just like your specific person does. You both love your lives and want to share them with each other. You know that what you want is yours. You are capable of relaxing and doing what makes you happy because it is the way to your desire. You feel great about yourself and cannot wait to share that with your specific person while enjoying them share their life with you in return. It’s very possible you don’t care what other people think of you. When enjoying life that much, you attract even more amazing things and people into it. They pay attention to you because happiness is attractive. Your vibration is high and you love it. Why would you ever lower it?

What happens after you absolutely know your desire belongs to you? This feeling is butterfly-inducing at first and is in itself spectacular.

I love spectacular manifestation stories – the spectacular part rests not only in the manifestation itself but also living with it every day. If you feel that your desire is spectacular simply because you would love to live it, so will be the story. The spectacular part lies in the sharing, giving, feeling and experiencing everyday life. If you don’t see the spectacular in what you do and who you want be with every day, you are missing the point.



After a while, you fail to understand why you ever had negative thoughts and wasted your time with them. As useful as they may be in uncovering limiting beliefs, it is time to say goodbye to (reacting to) them afterwards.

Facing and ridding yourself of negative thoughts works. However, their solving has to hold the purpose of replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones – you are resolving your negative thoughts in order to be able to only focus on the positive life you want to live.

If you only get rid of your negative thoughts but don’t form new, positive beliefs to take their place, what’s the point? In that case, you’re also focusing on what you don’t want instead of thinking about what you do want. Not knowing what you want to create leads to negative thoughts! You are not making a point of keeping focus on having your desire already if you see this process as exhausting or “work.” However, that shows your level of love and attachment to your desire.

If you are having a hard time imagining that you have your desire and loving the idea, do you really want it that much?

This is the crucial question you must ask yourself – do you think it’s possible for you to truly be happy with your specific person? Do you think they could be a great partner? Do you want to make them the happiest they’ve ever been?

Do you believe they can make you happy?

Manifesting a relationship should feel easy in order to manifest quickly and easily. In theory, imagining yourself with the person you want should only be filled with love. Feeling negatively about the person you want literally means contradicting laws of the Universe and is a reason you feel upset with yourself.

If you are upset with your specific person, you are upset with yourself over some scenario of not being good enough.

If upset about the past, you are upset with yourself for it – for blaming yourself when it happened, attracting it in the first place, tolerating it when you shouldn’t have or being too weak to leave when it was time.

And, you know it.

Now, you can forgive yourself for it; you know what to do and are starting over. You are happy. When manifesting a specific relationship, choose someone you want to make the the happiest they’ve ever been. Find them fascinating exactly for who they are. Know they are going to make an amazing partner. If you feel this way, you will be able to see yourself with them easily, removing the need for the relationship and manifesting it into your life.

The only part you really need to control is your belief. Then, maintaining your vibration will be easy.


I recently wrote about one of my closest friends meeting one of her personal heroes. While reflecting on her manifestation just yesterday, she said:

“When you feel exhausted, you are clinging to your desire. You feel worn out trying to attract it but are suffocating the flow instead. This is when you have to let go of your desire without fear.”

You can read her story here.

Are You Afraid to Let Go?

The fear of letting go only means you are not vibrating at a high enough frequency to live your desire just yet.

This is why we can only see ourselves having our desires when we’re happy. Makes sense, right?

It’s amazing what we can see ourselves having when we’re happy. In 2011, I manifested an all-expenses-paid trip to Brazil. I was already vibrating at a high level and dared to believe that this was mine. I was already in a happy relationship, living in a city I loved, doing my Master’s and manifested this without a problem. Isn’t that a great lesson in loving your current life in order to manifest even more into it?

If you fear letting go, you are actually in fear of your life staying the same in case you should suddenly let go of your desire. However, you fall into the wrong way of thinking when this becomes your perception, as letting go allows your desires to manifest instead of vaporize.

Law of Attraction can be confusing because it is the opposite of what many have grown up believing.

When you are happy, you can imagine yourself having anything you want. I understand that sometimes, a struggle lies in having to make your current life happy when all you want to do is escape; however, why should any part of your life ever be unhappy? Don’t you deserve to have fun, be happy and feel fulfilled no matter what you do?

You can love your current life and manifest your dream one.

Those who fall into the trap of trying to make their current reality happier without trying often attempt to manifest signs of their desires manifesting. If they fail to see a specific sign just once, their vibration is at lowers without effort. Instead, they should appreciate everything they already have – cook an extravagant meal, go out with their friends, play with their dogs, go shopping, have a bubble bath, pick out work outfits for the following days, read a book, see a movie, listen to music, donate some money or clothes, manifest some money just for fun, go for a walk, visit their parents or get a mani pedi.

Regardless of where I am, I like to focus on the parts of it I find beautiful, tasteful, stimulating, fun, relaxing or just happy. I love good food and coffee. I love clothes, organic cosmetics and great conversations. I love spreading good mood onto others. I love animals, music, dancing and laughing, writing, books, acting and movies. I love both traveling and photography. I love dog walking. I love spending time with my friends. I could go on but you get the idea.

I have recently learned that essential oils are a proven method of raising one’s vibration, as they naturally vibrate on high frequencies. Last summer, I used my oil burner as usual but for the first time, I started to feel different. I didn’t know if it meant anything until just weeks ago, when I was told about this natural quality of essential oils. Then, I received an article corroborating the claim. Now that you know this, do you see yourself even happier at home while enjoying this fragrance bliss?

I used to use essential oils often but since discovering their most amazing benefits, I’ve been using them daily.

Last week, I attended the opening of an exhibit by an accomplished photographer and artist. His pieces striking  and stimulating, the audience a mix of acquaintances, friends, celebrities and new faces with a private concert as well as traditional catering, this event provided for a great reminder of the many lovely individuals I know and the fun I can have.

Here’s a quick snap on the way out:

Several weeks ago, my 13-year-old cousin had her first night on the town. My friends and I took her out on a Saturday night, giving her a taste of the party scene. She had an amazing time. She was dressed trendy while I went slightly classic but sexy. My friends treated her as an equal. She was up for a good time, fun conversations and discussing the cutest member of One Direction. She drank Coke while we drank gin and tonic in great moderation. She laughed while I sang loudly and danced to Wham! in my seat, with one of my friends. She was entertained by funny boyfriend stories. The police greeted us in the street. We made sure that by law, she had no curfew if accompanied by an adult and knew the places we were allowed to take her as long as she steered clear of alcohol. Our late night cab ride home was also fun, as the dancing never stopped. It was a great night.

Saturday night, I visited family friends. The meal served resembled a French cuisine spread – various types of cheese, home-made bread, select meats, olives and red wine. I couldn’t believe how much I ate. The conversation ignited many laughs. At one point, the group split into sports followers that occupied the living room and coffee-drinking, current events discussion participants who remained in the dining room. Then, it was men and women separately.

All these examples provide proof that we all have the ability to make our lives interesting but fun. Perceiving your own life as interesting and fun just as it is allows you to raise your vibration and bring even more love into it. Positive events such as these allow you to feel love for yourself, your life and all the exciting parts of it while suddenly giving you a chance to be able to see yourself living your dream life.

I’m off to buy more candles and essential oils.


“I can say I am receiving positive  feedback/manifestation on my relationship. From actively keeping away from me and ignoring me to the point where I even wondered if he still loves me, I got an unexpected email from him saying just what I wanted to hear.”

I was absolutely thrilled to receive this email update from a reader recently – a fantastic piece of proof that any circumstance or situation can turn around entirely.


You don’t have to put your desire out of your mind completely in order to manifest. However, if you do, you will manifest effortlessly. At the same time, this is not the only way to let go.

I have manifested in various momentary moods – during the sending of heart energy to my desire, after forgetting all about it, after letting it go only for a few minutes or hours, while expecting it to arrive any second or while simply feeling happy about it.

Don’t think about the process too much to avoid an attempt of controlling it.

Don’t think about “the right way of thinking” at all – just love your desire, live your life and enjoy various manifestation moods connected to it. As long as you believe, you will manifest.