LoA Lessons in Manifesting a Coat

While shopping over one weekend, I spotted a classically beautiful black coat. From the moment I saw it, I could imagine myself wearing it. However, I decided to buy it on sale, as I always have fun manifesting sales prices.

I spotted my coat two weeks before Black Friday. Then, the desired sales came along.

I went after the coat on Saturday but couldn’t find it in my size. Then, I hit another store and experienced the same thing. I started to wonder if I still  wanted this coat and decided to sleep on it.

Sunday morning, I woke up very happy, knowing I wanted the coat after all. I briefly pondered on hitting another store but then admitted to myself I strongly disliked the idea of getting involved with the messy sales environment all over again. I wanted my coat but in a better way and I thought about simply buying it on Monday, full price.

To me, a “better” way meant buying the coat without having to visit a store on another sales day. However, my ultimate goal was to have the coat and if necessary, I was ready to even buy it after the sales and pay full price for it.

I was ready to but didn’t have to.

Then, I remembered I could buy clothes online – something completely normal in today’s world yet a method I never practice. I visited the store’s website and bought my coat for the exact same sales price with free delivery.

It was perfect.

Over the  course of this week, I was tracking my order continuously, wanting to see if my coat was on its way. That behavior lasted about a day and a half until I decided to let go and trust that it was mine. As soon as I thought it, I knew. After putting the coat’s delivery out of my mind, I received a text message saying that my order was ready and would arrive on the 8th.

This shopping venture was a lesson about both manifesting and myself.

I was once told I only wanted things in life for as long as they were easy. This was untrue. Instead, knowing how energy works has always allowed me to recognize the phases of making things difficult for myself. After spotting those phases, I was able to examine the reasons that lead to them. Was I trying to prevent myself from receiving some things because I wasn’t truly ready for them? Was I holding any limiting beliefs around some of my desires?

Had I let it go sooner, I may have received it sooner than next Tuesday. I could have had it already but the lesson I learned was worth the wait. However, some anticipate the worst and the most difficult ways of manifestation when it comes to receiving their desires.

We can apply the same principles of manifestation to clothes, money, cars, apartments, relationships or anything else we might desire.

You always use the same principles when manifesting, aware of it or not. You either have your desire or you don’t. That’s it.

In reality, thinking about the way you want to live your desire, what would make you happy, is easy. I could be perfectly calm when thinking about something I want yet it would fill my heart with love. Sometimes, I’m excited while knowing that excitement is still different from true happiness.

Excitement is temporary but amazing anyway. When you love your desire, you are grateful for it every day.

If you are experiencing some upsetting, negative thoughts, you are not enjoying your positive ones. Your negative thoughts could be the result of “trying to think right” which stems from the mindset of “trying” to manifest your desire instead of believing it is yours.

When you ask for any desire, you can start enjoying the awareness of having it in your life.

Every time negative thoughts come up, just think about happily living your desire instead.

One of the most important reminders last weekend was the difference between “needing” a manifestation and “letting go.” This difference is based on the conviction of either having one’s desire or looking for it continuously. However, with me, it always begins with knowing exactly what I want. I believe it is so with most people – another reason why Law of Attraction only has to do with the individual using it.

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    1. Thank you Clare! 😀 I knew because continuing to check for my order started to make me feel bad. Any kind of “search” for something I don’t have, an update on my order in this case, makes me feel bad because it basically says that I don’t have my desire just yet.
      When that happened, I reminded myself that I had ordered the coat and therefore, it must arrive – just like asking for your desire means that you must receive it.
      After reminding myself of that, I let go and then stopped worrying. As soon as I reminded myself that the coat was mine, the knowing of my it being mine became stronger than ever. After that, I was able to put it out of my mind completely and received the text message only hours later.


    1. I was indeed overthinking it while checking my order haha! Then, I said to myself that I could stop doing that because the coat was mine and on its way to me. After that, I knew it was mine and because I knew, I was able to just forget about it.
      So yes, it appeared as soon as I stopped overthinking.
      We can easily let go, “forget” about our desire for two reasons – when we KNOW it’s ours or when we don’t care whether or not it ever manifests, as some people feel about the desires they are not particularly attached to.
      Don’t worry about your accounts, I realized it was you 🙂 You’ll figure it out 🙂


      1. Hi Nina

        This part here that you said…
        ‘We can easily let go, “forget” about our desire for two reasons – when we KNOW it’s ours or when we don’t care whether or not it ever manifests, as some people feel about the desires they are not particularly attached to.’

        Just this morning I felt this, that I didn’t care whether it manifested or not. Is that a good place to be? You still have to know it’s yours but not care if it manifests? Is that correct? So you have to act like you already have it but not care if it ever shows up? Is that like the ultimate letting go?
        Just looking back on a past relationship, this person (not the one I spoke to you about the other day) returned ONLY when I completely forgot about him. Can you just visualise for a period of time and never think of them again but also NOT act like its manifested? Back then I knew nothing about LOA. I just knew I wanted to be with that person, thought about them a lot and then forgot about them and a year later someone said to me ‘oh so and so was asking about you’ and we ended up being together for 7 years. IF i was to right now, forget about the person I want to be with (the person I spoke to you about the other day) stopped visualising, stopped acting like we were together and let it go forever do you think that would still work?
        I just look back at all the things I’ve ever wanted and I only got them when I forgot about them entirely.
        And while I am here I want to show everyone here how fast letting go can make you manifest. I really wanted some lemons, I was walking towards my local shop and there was a massive lemon tree. I remember thinking ‘wow I would really love some lemons but I can’t reach up the top of the tree!’ I could smell and taste the lemon with my sense, even tho I was about 5 metres from the tree. I continued to walk to the shop, got the things I needed but refused to pay for lemons as there was a big tree right near my house and another down the road that the owner said I could take whenever I wanted. I left the shop without the lemons. I walked around the back of the shops, something I only do occasionally instead of the front and an old man comes out of nowhere and comes up to me and says ‘would you like some lemons?’ I look down at his hands and he has 3 big lemons in his hands. There was so many people around yet he came to me!! I was speechless! That’s how fast it can be when you let go entirely and ask once and use the senses! 🙂 At least for me it is. That’s why Im asking can you not just ask once, visualise and feel once and let go forever?


      2. To answer your first question, definitely! Some people have completely let go at times, thinking “This isn’t working” and then, it would work! You can manifest like that as well.
        You definitely can ask once, feel that it’s yours then let go forever and it’ll manifest in your life. I explain the process as much as I can because I want everyone to just focus on their feelings and just make sure you believe it’s yours, be happy about it and then, you can let it go naturally.

        If you do your thing, live your life but think about your desire only when it comes naturally, in passing or when you really feel like visualizing NOW (without feeling that you have to) and then let it go when you feel like doing something else, that’s great.


      3. The things I’ve wanted most have not arrived cause I want them so much. A special trestle table, a mint colour vintage bike, a particular car, and the man I’ve spoken to you about. I believe because I want them so badly and the other things I received was because I didn’t care whether or not I got them in the end or completely letting go and never speaking or thinking of it again.


      4. You were just too attached to them but once you can let go of that attachment and just think about these desires lightly, happily, as if you have them already, they will appear.
        When they do come to mind, in case you don’t forget about them completely, be happy about them and then let them go again.


  1. Thanks Nina. I suppose the only thing I find difficult is the knowing and just believing in spite of The external reality. I have had a few days of it but that is it!


    1. Don’t worry about that, it happens. Keep believing, be grateful for having it (gratitude also increases your belief) and that knowing will soon take over your awareness 🙂


  2. infound when I was in a really good place like super happy and positive, it was easier to believe but when I’m negative I just can’t believe!

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  3. Nina, your blog totally mirrors my life… AGAIN.
    I want to share this for everyone.

    I shared a story about my music project with my friend before. Once I let go of her doing the part someone else instantly jumped up onto the song.
    Well, two things after this happened which perfectly fit onto this post.
    So I’ve tried to check out if she has some problems or anything, because I knew she had some before. However I always pushed that issue and I never felt ready for it, as I didn’t want to face this. One night I talked with my best friend about it, since I was also still involved into her birthday present which her girlfriend and some other friends organized. But I didn’t felt like participating into it, if she doesn’t talk with me or doesn’t respond me, right? So he also suggested me, just confront her. But since I wanted to give her friends an answer first, I decided to check up on her girlfriend first, and ask her what’s up. So after deciding that, even while I was still enjoying the evening with my best friend, her girlfriend send me a private message about the present. I didn’t even have to reach out to her, perfect 😀
    And then somehow I still pushed the issue to talk to my friend, so her girlfriend asked me again, if i’d already talked with her. And somehow my phone opened up my friend’s conversation even if it wasn’t the last one, and I accidentally called her, so I had to write her, because I didn’t for over a month, damn. This was on Monday. Since I hadn’t got an answer until yesterday, I just decided to let it go, and don’t care about it anymore, even stated in my mind “I’m free of this”: I already wrote her girlfriend: “Just forget about it”. The moment before I felt like I received heart energy though. And right after writing her gf, my friend wrote me a long reply. That was really magical. I am not sure if I let go, because she already wrote me or I let go and she wrote me. However, I had to write her gf again, that I’m still thinking about her birthday, because her message also showed up some of my issues, regarding other desires, which didn’t upset me, which it normally would do, but I felt kind of happy to know 🙂

    Hope this might help some people 🙂


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    1. Thank you, that’s excellent! I love your mantra in this situation – “I’m free of this.” And thank you for sharing your experience of receiving heart energy, it’s important for everyone to read. It’s important to me! I always suggest it and I love that you experienced it from someone else.


  4. I just wanted to write, that many people comment her like “I dunno what to do, he is not here yet”, which confirms their reality. Before I was like yes, I can’t do anything about it, but now I correct my thoughts. I feel much happier knowing I have it, than not having it. And this reflects also other things. That’s being grateful (what you told me at least a thousand times until I got it… haha). So I do consider writing “What should I do, I don’t have it yet” twice, only if my heart tells me the person will give me the right answer to it.
    You don’t become a professional dancer in a week, for some things you don’t even have the flexibility to do so. But maybe after a month, you will be doing it better and in two months you don’t even think about it. You gotta keep practicing heart energy and visualizations and whatever you enjoy, noone is perfect, so everyday it can be different. It’s hard for me sometimes to, but that’s just because I feel draining of something. So what I do is slowing down.
    This is another story before I write too much haha
    I always wanted to learn guitar when I was younger. One day I lend my friend’s guitar. Never before I had an instrument in my hand (well maybe a triangle in school…), I did really bad, one could say I had no talent, so I felt frustrated and gave up. But since music always has been my passion, I couldn’t put away music. I started singing and joining a band. Because being part of a band means creating together, you’re also able to watch others creating with their instrument, which is a very good way to learn thing. You don’t even need to touch it, but you know how it works. So about 2 years later, I decided “I have to learn guitar. I want to write songs and I want to do it on my own”. So I put all my money together to buy a not even that cheap guitar. And I just knew I can do it. One month later I could accompany myself. Two months later I’ve played guitar ONLY at a concert for another band. Considering before I gave up, because I did REALLY BADLY, this could be a miracle. It’s all about being ready. “I can play guitar”, not “I’m trying to play guitar”.

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    1. I love your guitar example! And thank you for sharing so honestly your way of making gratitude and heart energy easier on yourself.


  5. Hi Nina,

    I have a question on letting go and/or when you stop needing something. As I had mentioned to you before I’ve been trying to pray/manifest my relationship with my specific person for many years (about ten now….yikes!) over the course of the years there have been times where I’ve let go for sure and I definitely saw some progress, but never the relationship fully so I’d like to hear your thoughts on what was going on.

    For example, one time when we were dating, he started getting more distant. Every time I asked him to hang out he had an excuse why he couldn’t, and I started to feel really sad. So much so that I was almost in tears at work one day. I went to the restroom and just finally gave in and honestly said to myself “if this guy doesn’t want you, it’s not your problem” and I let go without even having to think about it. Within fifteen minutes he texted me and said that his plans had changed and he wanted to see me that Friday. He also texted me the days leading up to the day and he was super attentive and sweet for sometime, but still did not result in the committed relationship I was looking for.

    Another time years later, he told me that he had met somebody else and didn’t want to date me anymore. I was so hurt that I tried and tried to pray for help, but my belief was too shaken. I ended up giving up at that time. I actually even met someone new a few months later and let myself be attracted to him. A couple of days after finding out that this new guy was attracted to me and getting excited about that, my specific person reached out to me. I was amazed.. It was like he felt my shift in energy… But once again, he didn’t really reach out to me for a relationship, even though I felt his energy positive towards me overall. He also was still dating the other girl

    I have many examples just like his where I relaxed and saw progress, but not fully ever the way I wanted. Also, how does time and distance play a part in all of this… More so from the point of view of the person trying to manifest. Although I still love and miss my guy, I find it hard to connect to heart energy, or to the feeling of excitement because we spend so much time apart over the past few years. I’ve only seen him a few times and now it’s been over 7 months.

    Thank you,


    1. Dear C, here we go! 😀
      Example one, when he sent you a text 15 mins after you let go, it was as if you’d said “It’s not working,” and then, it worked! That’s how people can also manifest (I mentioned the same in my comments to Gretta).
      In the second example, you let go when you met someone else and your energy also was on a rise because you were happy about this new relationship, so he came after you as well. However, you kept looking for the relationship and couldn’t see yourself with him because you knew he was dating someone else.
      You are attached to the relationship because you see yourself having everything EXCEPT for the relationship, which is still a huge deal to you. No matter what happened with him, you kept looking for the relationship instead of letting it go. You think that you aren’t enough for him to want to be with and you should – from talking to you here, I can tell that you’re a genuine, warm person and your confidence is growing step by step. You are now ready to face your old thought patterns and change them, otherwise you wouldn’t be exploring LoA. You can manifest this relationship. However, every time something happened with him, anything, you would think, “OK, where’s the relationship now?” and you’d keep waiting for it instead of manifesting it. Also, because you find the relationship so out of reach and have found yourself too eager to manifest it at times, that brought even more “wanting” to you up to the point where you could see this man with anyone else except for yourself.
      This is the part you have to let go of – how and when your relationship with him is going to manifest. You can still think about it happily when thoughts of it come to you spontaneously and then, let it go, but never think about the how and when and always enjoy your life fully, just as it is right now! You have so many things going on in your life right now! 😀


      1. Thank you,

        What do you recommend with regards to re-energizing heart and love for your desire when you’ve been bummed for a while and haven’t seen that person or gotten loving feelings from in a while?

        I try to feel how I would and sometimes I feel numb. This was part of the reason I had mentioned that I did consider and think if I really wanted him still, but the truth is I haven’t felt excited or really romantic feelings around anyone for quite some time now. Of course I love my family and friends, but not that feeling of romantic relationship love. I know that I was really happy when he contacted me a couple of months back. I went to a concert that night and heard a song that reminded me of him and felt really happy and hopeful.

        But, I find it harder and harder to reconnect to those amazing feelings the more time passes. What is your advice with regards to connecting to those feelings when you struggle to feel them?


      2. Don’t push to find them because that will lead to further struggle to feel blissful. If you just calmly say an affirmation, “I am his girlfriend” or something then just exhale and redirect your focus to something else in life, spontaneous visualizations and loving feelings will come to you. Keep expanding your heart energy as well xx


  6. I think this reply can also be applicable to my situation. Thank you Nina. You are so good an Interpreting the law of attraction for us!

    I suppose there is that underlying fear that if we do let go, we won’t get that specific person!


    1. Thank you so much – you are great at describing the reasons for specific feelings! That’s exactly it – thinking that if you forget about it, you won’t receive it – yet that kind of thinking shows attachment, the exact thing you want to avoid.


  7. I think I would initially be happier if I forgot about it, just until I’m super happy and positive because I find when I’m thinking about it it highlights my desire’s absence- if you know what I mean?

    If I just forgot, let go and really loved myself and knew I deserved I wanted it than I am sure it would all falling I place in no time!?


    1. Probably 😀 When it comes to mind, just say thank you because it’s yours, be happy about it and do something else. Honestly, from your words, I don’t think you’re that bothered about WHEN it might happen which is already a plus. It will happen even sooner if you let go.
      You were bothered about it happening at all. Gratitude for having it is going to make you believe that you do have it 🙂


  8. Yeah true. The thing that home the most for me was knowing I deserve it, knowing I’m enough and knowing I’m worth it. I need to work on this too as I struggle with this in a lot of areas in my life. At least I have identified it now.

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    1. You are the one who has to fix your own sense of self-worth. Our job is to decide what we want, believe and keep our vibration high so you have to believe you are amazing and that you deserve to have what you want.


      1. Hi Nina
        Just the last 2 days I’ve felt that I don’t care whether this happens or not. My problem is that I don’t know if that is a good thing or not? I’m not sure if all the self-love improvement work I’ve done in the last few days has bought me to a place of not caring because my confidence has risen or if it really is because I simply don’t care whether or not we end up together. My feelings seems to have swung to ‘who cares’- I don’t know what to think now. I haven’t done any visualising the past 2 days either because I didn’t feel like it. I don’t think I have a block. I think I developed an attitude somewhere where it dawned on me that I don’t need it or don’t need it anymore. I’m not even sure what I’m asking you here. I don’t know if I’ve let all attachment go or what?! I do remember thinking just yesterday, I’ve asked so it must be deleivered, but then today I just felt that if it didn’t manifest that I didn’t really care. Is it possible that I’ve just given up? Your thoughts please?


      2. Just to add…
        Last night instead of visualising us, I visualised how I want MY life to be.
        My focus seems to have swung from him to what I want for my future self. Better job, health etc.
        Have I suddenly achieved complete detachment to the outcome? I also do remember thinking that there maybe others out there for me… I didn’t feel sad at that thought either.


      3. I think this is good. You might still decide you want him or you might not. I say, just enjoy life and do what makes you happy – this is crucial to manifestation so just have fun and see how you feel. I’ve definitely stopped caring about guys in life and they always reappeared anyway, trying to get back together. Letting go works so easily.


      4. There is only one thing to consider here – you manifest what you are and receive what you are. When you change what you are, your life changes accordingly.
        When you feel like a wealthy person, a celebrity, a poor individual, a boring person, a happy person, a depressed individual, a fast or slow manifestation practitioner, an intelligent person, a loser, a valued individual, an individual who struggles with manifestation, an undervalued worker, a specific person’s partner or anything else, that is what you receive.

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      1. Hi Nina
        When you first started all this did you have any problems in believing and if so what did you do about it?
        In the past when you wanted to attract a specific person what were your visualisations like? Do you have a post on exactly what you visualised and how exactly you acted like you were already with them? Did you tell people you were with them? What exactly was your process if possible?
        Thanks. Xxx


      2. The first point you made is crucial – I always started from the belief that my desire was mine simply because I decided so. If I did, it had to happen.

        When I felt like it, I would tell my friends all about the person I wanted and that I was going to be with them. I was sure that it would happen plus I used it for extra motivation 🙂 I didn’t always feel like it, it would depend on my momentary mood, but I felt like talking about it most of the time.

        When happy with a man, I tend to be even more upbeat than usual so I want to talk about it.

        The following articles contain some of my visualization methods:





      3. Hi Nina
        Just one more question…
        How did you decide that the desire was yours?
        Declaring it to yourself? Out loud? Telling yourself he was your boyfriend etc and then living as if it was true?
        Thanks.. Xxx

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      4. All of the above 🙂
        Sometimes, to myself. And, to friends or just one or two of them. Either way you want to do it, the point is to decide, believe it and stick to it.
        Before I knew that making anything I wanted happen was Law of Attraction, I would say that I “will it to happen because I focus on it with all my power.” That part also means feeling and showing to the Universe the passion for your desire.


    1. Thank you so much 😀 There is another thing I’ve noticed that I do but it is influenced by my decision – I act as if. I declare that my positive thoughts are powerful. I pick out clothes for dates. I only want to be involved with the person I want and am taken as far as everyone else is concerned. I will start conversations with him if I want or send him heart energy. I will talk about him to my friends and love the signs I’m seeing. I will look and feel the part, if you will. These actions ensure a high vibration, belief and general positivity.
      If I don’t want to act as if anymore, I am over it. However, that part comes after the relationship has run its course or just after it starts if I decide I don’t want to be with that man after all.


      1. I do that having conversations with him ‘thing’ also
        Hahaha. At first I felt mad but then it made it feel real. Like picking up the phone and he was asking how my day was going (as if we were together)
        I see now I have been doing the right ‘things’ but maybe the belief was still lacking. I think that’s passed now. I declared it this morning after reading your post. If and when I see any thing that would be described as a sign (although the I don’t need them or look for them or ask for them) I say thank you and I feel a rush of happiness. Thanks for all your help. I feel like I’ve finally found a more solid direction or resolve as you put it. Amazing how that unconditional love comes to the forefront and how much easier heart energy is to send when you truly believe and declare that you are with that person. Thanks for all your help. X

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      2. So happy to and you are so right about heart energy. Now, you will stick to your decision. You already feel like you have it anyway 😉 xx


  9. Hi Nina,

    So, interestingly enough, he texted me yesterday to see how I’m doing. I tried to remain relaxed and confident through out the conversation, but there are a couple of questions I have.

    1) he mentioned that he is visiting a few countries in Europe over the holidays and New Years. As u might remember, I was trying to manifest us spending the holidays together but I have to stay local due to a wedding that I’m the maid of honor. Should I keep thinking that we will spend these holidays together or should I let that go?

    2). It was nice that he reached out, but the conversation was very “friendly”. He asked me about who I was dating, and was even telling me about some of his recent dates. At the end, he even made a joke regarding another girl that made me uncomfortable. I acted like it didn’t bug and tried to make sure it didn’t, but how am I supposed to feel like I’m in a relationship with him when we are speaking to each like friends?


    1. If you can not care whether or not you spend holidays together while being happy with your life as it is, that’d be perfect. You’d feel confident and light because letting go would make you happy.
      You only have to focus on the reality you want and not react to what he says. Think to yourself, “Our relationship is coming,” focus on it and so will he soon enough. Also, your sense of self-respect has to be present. If you don’t want to talk about other girls, you don’t have to. You don’t have to talk to him about anything you don’t want. When you love your life without him and he sees that, he will want to be a part of it.
      However, the way to reach that point is to love your ideal reality with him and decide that right now is irrelevant. Decide that he loves you and wants to be with you and believe it.
      If you feel like he’s just acting like a friend, you will attract more of the same which is why you only have to focus on your positive thoughts in order to raise your vibration and attract fast. Strongly decide and stick to it. Give love and respect to YOURSELF by only agreeing to the conversation topics and anything else you truly want. You deserve it! He can only respect and love you if you feel the same and give the same to yourself.
      You feel that you have what you want by ignoring the current reality, believing in your desire and giving love and respect to yourself, others and your life.


  10. Thank you Nina. In your opinion what is the best way to not talk about it? For instance, he asked me first if I was dating anyone. I answered because I felt that was a way to display that I’m doing fine. I don’t know if it’s best to tell him I don’t like talking about those things because then I feel that makes it look and feel like I’m not happy? If im happy without him, I wouldnt be affected by him talking about other girls, right?


    1. The best way would be to entirely focus on your desired reality and let the conversation change accordingly on its own. As long as you are focusing on your conversations as they are, you will continue to receive more of the same. If you focus on that and give love and respect to yourself in all aspects of life, you will get the same from him. If you can send love to him and respect him just as he is while knowing you have your desire already, he will change his mind and behavior.


  11. One last thing…. I often feel as if I’m taken, but people are always trying to set me up. How can I react to that since they know that me and my guy aren’t together ?


    1. You can be honest with them by saying you would feel more comfortable if they would leave your own life up to you to handle. It only matters what you want and you don’t have to explain it to anyone. You have the right to want what you want – nobody getting involved in your love life, in this case. This is also a good lesson in self-respect, to only agree to what you want.


      1. I got addicted to your posts but already went trough them all so started reading comments now . I love them too . Even though a lot of them are irrelevant to my life I really have learned of lot of new things about myself too . This is great .
        You gotta get writing the world needs a fresh dose of all this good stuff as often as possible !!:D:)

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  12. Thank you Nina, but if I were to talk as if I’m in a relationship to people who know I’m not and they don’t believe or know I’m using LOA, wouldn’t they think I’m crazy?


    1. Hope you don’t mind me jumping in.
      Only talk to people who don’t know about him and you or even better yet imagine you are talking to a family member about him or someone you know would be positive and happy for you about it. Imagine hearing the phone ringing and actually pick up the phone and hold it to your ear and imagine that family member or an openminded friend congratulating you. Speak out loud like you are having a real conversation with a real person. That’s what I do and it really raises your vibration. You could even imagine it’s him calling you to see how your day has been, you are after all a couple and that’s what couples do. 🙂 xxx


    2. Yes to Gretta’s reply to you and you can also just tell people, if that’s more comfortable, that you have your plans or something in the works and you are not available.
      If you don’t want to say anything to anyone, you don’t have to but at the same time, don’t act like you’re available against your will because that will lower your vibration. And do visualize conversations with him! 😀
      You can say to the people you know, “No, thank you, I’m not available.” If they ask you why, say you have sth going on but be secretive – it’s fun! 😀 It really is 😀 If you get into a fun chat with let’s say, a salesgirl at an organic cosmetics store (that’s what I do), mention something about your boyfriend when it fits the conversation. That’s how you’ll get to feel that this is yours.
      Like this: https://thelawofattractionandmylife.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/thought-of-the-day-39/


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