“I can say I am receiving positive  feedback/manifestation on my relationship. From actively keeping away from me and ignoring me to the point where I even wondered if he still loves me, I got an unexpected email from him saying just what I wanted to hear.”

I was absolutely thrilled to receive this email update from a reader recently – a fantastic piece of proof that any circumstance or situation can turn around entirely.



  1. It would be wonderful to get an insight on how the poster got there ? Personally as I was battling with the idea that he’s just a horrible person and it’s never going to happen because he doesn’t care – it looks like a sign telling me something can be done. So what can be done ?

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  2. This is amazing and I’m not surprised because this is a beautiful example of how loa should and does work. You see I always wonder am I suppose to take action or just let it happen but I presume if I were to take action I would be inspired to do so. I can’t help but wonder what this girl did. She probably beloved, stuck to her decision lived her life to the full and just let it happen!

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  3. Hi Clare and Elsy. I happen to be that girl and Clare is right . I had to believe that what I want is possible and focused and him being very happy in our relationship. But I seemed to have doubts creeping in that were in fact negative beliefs that I was not worthy or deserving of a happy relationship and Nina advised me to try EFT to get rid of negative believes or the doubts that block positive belief. I have been doing EFT and it really seems to be working for me!

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    1. Thank you for using my example . If it can help even one reader am glad. I too have benefited from others experiences. Thanks Nina!

      Take care, C

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    2. Hello!
      I am currently in a situation where I am being ignored and shut out by someone I want to be with. I too wonder if my situation will ever turn around. I would love to know more details as to how you handled your situation if you don’t mind. Also, what does EFT mean?

      Thanks 🙂


    3. Dear Pamela,
      EFT stands for emotional freedom technique and it’s a method used for removing resistance and negativity. In my comment to this post, I have attached the YouTube channel I find the best for doing this, the expert is wonderful and has many LoA related topics.


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