LoA Lessons in Manifesting a Coat

While shopping over one weekend, I spotted a classically beautiful black coat. From the moment I saw it, I could imagine myself wearing it. However, I decided to buy it on sale, as I always have fun manifesting sales prices.

I spotted my coat two weeks before Black Friday. Then, the desired sales came along.

I went after the coat on Saturday but couldn’t find it in my size. Then, I hit another store and experienced the same thing. I started to wonder if I still  wanted this coat and decided to sleep on it.

Sunday morning, I woke up very happy, knowing I wanted the coat after all. I briefly pondered on hitting another store but then admitted to myself I strongly disliked the idea of getting involved with the messy sales environment all over again. I wanted my coat but in a better way and I thought about simply buying it on Monday, full price.

To me, a “better” way meant buying the coat without having to visit a store on another sales day. However, my ultimate goal was to have the coat and if necessary, I was ready to even buy it after the sales and pay full price for it.

I was ready to but didn’t have to.

Then, I remembered I could buy clothes online – something completely normal in today’s world yet a method I never practice. I visited the store’s website and bought my coat for the exact same sales price with free delivery.

It was perfect.

Over the  course of this week, I was tracking my order continuously, wanting to see if my coat was on its way. That behavior lasted about a day and a half until I decided to let go and trust that it was mine. As soon as I thought it, I knew. After putting the coat’s delivery out of my mind, I received a text message saying that my order was ready and would arrive on the 8th.

This shopping venture was a lesson about both manifesting and myself.

I was once told I only wanted things in life for as long as they were easy. This was untrue. Instead, knowing how energy works has always allowed me to recognize the phases of making things difficult for myself. After spotting those phases, I was able to examine the reasons that lead to them. Was I trying to prevent myself from receiving some things because I wasn’t truly ready for them? Was I holding any limiting beliefs around some of my desires?

Had I let it go sooner, I may have received it sooner than next Tuesday. I could have had it already but the lesson I learned was worth the wait. However, some anticipate the worst and the most difficult ways of manifestation when it comes to receiving their desires.

We can apply the same principles of manifestation to clothes, money, cars, apartments, relationships or anything else we might desire.

You always use the same principles when manifesting, aware of it or not. You either have your desire or you don’t. That’s it.

In reality, thinking about the way you want to live your desire, what would make you happy, is easy. I could be perfectly calm when thinking about something I want yet it would fill my heart with love. Sometimes, I’m excited while knowing that excitement is still different from true happiness.

Excitement is temporary but amazing anyway. When you love your desire, you are grateful for it every day.

If you are experiencing some upsetting, negative thoughts, you are not enjoying your positive ones. Your negative thoughts could be the result of “trying to think right” which stems from the mindset of “trying” to manifest your desire instead of believing it is yours.

When you ask for any desire, you can start enjoying the awareness of having it in your life.

Every time negative thoughts come up, just think about happily living your desire instead.

One of the most important reminders last weekend was the difference between “needing” a manifestation and “letting go.” This difference is based on the conviction of either having one’s desire or looking for it continuously. However, with me, it always begins with knowing exactly what I want. I believe it is so with most people – another reason why Law of Attraction only has to do with the individual using it.



The point is not to be stuck in the awareness of “if I do this perfectly , I will manifest.”

The point is to believe in living your desire while practicing techniques you prefer.