Positive Expectations = Being an Adult

Happy New Year everyone! And to kick off this year in a positive way, let’s discuss one of the essential topics of manifestation – your expectations.

By now, you know that we receive what we expect to receive…but what if you expect yourself to think negative thoughts if one aspect of your manifestation should take longer than you’d like? What if you dread something specific happening (or, not) because you know it’ll set you off into a negative state of mind? To some, this can be a day of no communication with the person they desire to be in a relationship with. What if you fear that, since many things take longer than you’d like, same will happen with your current desire?

What if you just expect your negative thoughts to spice up your manifestation process, adding a little drama to make the situation interesting? Are you looking to manifest something new and fascinating without knowing how?

Do you expect or simply fear that something undesirable will happen in your manifestation?

Isn’t it time we let all that stuff go?

Expecting to receive exactly what you want to receive is part of being an adult, if you ask me. Knowing the ways in which energy creates, there’s no reason one should expect anything to go wrong. Why exhaust yourself in the first place? What’s the point?

Why let your negative thoughts eat away at your sanity for no reason? This is nothing but a very effective way to move your vibration far away from your desire.

If by now, you know that you should trust the Universe to bring you what you desire by knowing it belongs to you already, feeling grateful for it and allowing it to come to you, you should expect to receive what you desire to live.

If one is unable to see their desire clearly in their mind and feel love for it in their heart, the question of the said desire being what they truly want arises. If they do, the level of attachment to one’s desire clearly shows they are not ready to live it – if they were, they would know it belongs to them already. How can a desire manifest if constantly being rejected by negative thoughts? That is not a welcoming environment for one’s desire to appear.

I don’t want anyone to think that I’m criticising. I’m just saying that being an adult feels good. One can be an adult and be youthful, welcoming every positive feeling while deciding the excessively negative ones are simply beneath them. Self-confidence can come with age so why shouldn’t it?

I believe that a solid reason for letting go of all negative thoughts makes it easier to give them up. Besides hurting your manifestation, adulthood is an excellent reason for giving up all your negative thoughts. They’re simply beneath you. You deserve to live a happy life you have designed.

“I expect to receive what I desire to live; I expect to live a life I love.” This is your new mantra.

21 thoughts on “Positive Expectations = Being an Adult

  1. Right on time. Sometimes what is pushes me to give up on my desire but the next minute I don’t want to. And I am in loop forever. ..
    Love n light


    1. If the relationship is what you want, you can manifest it. If you know that, you can expect a positive outcome. Love and light to you!


  2. Hi Nina,
    This article is great! I’m glad you told me to read it! 🙂
    I’ve realised that focusing on my specific person really hurts at the moment (especially as she has pretty much ignored me for a week since she’s been gone when everything was great before she left!)
    I’m trying to let go of that and focusing on moving in with her instead. It feels more comfortable and no negative resistance feelings arise.
    And I’m actually expecting it to happen which is strange but good.
    Trying to get the current reality out of my head and let the universe do its thing!


    1. And I’m spending the day cleaning my room, getting rid of stuff I don’t need. It actually feels like I’m tidying and also downsizing for my move 🙂


      1. I read both of your comments and, sounds great! Focusing on the aspects you like will bring more of them!


  3. Hey Nina, Trust you have been doing amazing. I have too. I had a marvelous holiday.

    I have also been feeling great about my desire..seeing he and I happy together, doing EFT(which has worked wonders…thank you ever so much for introducing me to it!) and things have been looking good.

    However, I sent him a message wishing him a Happy New Year..and he went silent. Not sure whats going on and I felt scared all over again. Trying EFT and hope that helps but am suddenly not improving my vibration as fast as I was before.

    I want to let go of my fears and anxiety and just trust all is still good. Any words of advice? Will really appreciate.

    Take care, C

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    1. Hi!! 😀 I honestly don’t remember my own name, holidays are anything but! However, they are fun.
      Right now, and I find this common among people who intentionally manifest, you might be attached to the way things are going to happen…and the way is the “how” which is not our job to worry about. In this stage, you need to keep your courage and your focus on your end goal and manifest the relationship instead of texts. They’re two different things.
      Choose to reject all the negative thoughts, in those words, and know that the relationship you want is yours. Choose to reject all the empty fears you’ve experienced, in those words, and repeat to yourself that the relationship is yours.
      When you simply know your end goal belongs to you, that you’re amazing and you deserve it, you don’t care who texts or emails first and who answers or not. You only know the relationship is yours and that everything is great. Then, you let it go.
      When going through a period of negative thoughts, you can come out stronger if you say to yourself that even those got you closer to your goal because they made you realize or reaffirm what you want. Negative thoughts are more common to appear during the times of deciding you want something new, as it is occasionally necessary to work through some inner resistance first.
      The point of my advice is to help you know and relax around it. When you’re relaxed and simply KNOW your desire belongs to you already, you can do whatever you want! You can say and do whatever you feel and know that you are giving him something amazing because that’s what you are. Then, you write without needing an answer and most of the time, you get it. If you don’t, so what, he has his own life and you’ll talk soon – your end goal still belongs to you and that doesn’t change because of one text. I didn’t wish ANYONE a happy New Year btw, only those who wrote it first and the girls at the party I attended (and, my family I saw over the weekend) but that doesn’t mean I don’t love and cherish everyone in my life 🙂
      I think you see that this one thing is insignificant, especially when you give your attention to your end goal. You know it’s not a big deal. Ultimately, you have to be relaxed for yourself first and then for your relationship by extension.
      You have to know your end goal is yours at all times. When you’re deeply sure and trust the Universe, you can say and do whatever you want.
      Trust that the Universe will provide and deliver the fastest way for your manifestation. Letting go of the “how” and allowing the Universe to bring it feels absolutely incredible! I wouldn’t trade that freedom for anything. I have also experienced men acting like completely different people as soon as I would change my thoughts around some negative situations.
      Things change in a moment and when you drop all those fears, your manifestation will change, too. It is also useful to learn from this example – your desire is yours and that has to be your primary thought while no texting or moves can be done for the reason of “getting” it but only because you enjoy “having” it already.
      EFT is absolutely brilliant! I love meditation but EFT has unique benefits in my opinion.
      What do you think?


  4. Thank you Nina,
    I really just shifted and felt it, when you said “When going through a period of negative thoughts, you can come out stronger if you say to yourself that even those got you closer to your goal because they made you realize or reaffirm what you want.” This is very true.
    Of course I knew that, but you saying it and making it obvious, really just made me feel differently about my period of growth and every delay of any desire. We gotta appreciate every step, even the smallest one. You know, I have these periods where I’m shifting from negative to positive back and forth. But it does get easier 🙂

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  5. Hi Nina,
    I would love & appreciate any advice you can give me.
    My specific guy lives overseas & I’ve been using loa to create a life & relationship with him.
    I’ve been doing this for 6 months now & nothing….
    The last time we spoke was 4 months ago. I feel kind of strange because I feel my life & relationship with him there in his house etc & I feel like I’m living in 2 different realities. I send heart energy & can feel it coming back. I really don’t have any negative thoughts or fears. I’m happy & love life. I did send him a Xmas msg & didn’t receive a reply which upset me a little but I picked myself up again.
    I think I’ve been doing this so long now I don’t know what’s real anymore & I just feel like giving up. It feels a little like I’ve made this whole thing up & I’m living in this fantasy world.
    Thankyou in advance for any advice you can give me. 😊


    1. You may have created this new reality but don’t believe it’s yours. You keep giving energy to both your “realities” which is why you feel your desired one is nothing but a fantasy.
      You have to believe your ideal reality is yours instead of waiting for it to appear. Once you know, you will be able to let it go and trust that it will appear.


      1. Thankyou so much for your reply!
        I do believe it’s mine but I also do feel like I’m waiting around for something to happen. I’m expecting it but nothing. I used to be concerned with the how of things but I’ve even dropped that now.
        So by letting go here do you mean to stop sending heart energy although I do think I automatically do that now when I think of him because it’s how I truly feel, stop visualizing etc & trust that it will appear? It’s strange because I feel like he’s my partner now but I also desire to bring it into the now & not imagine it in my future? Because won’t it always be in my future then?
        See? Totally confused….. Ugh!!
        Your understanding & advice to everyone is truly inspiring & heartwarming.
        Thankyou again!


      2. Just let go and as soon as you do, you’ll bring it to the present. You’ll send heart energy spontaneously whenever you think about him happily.


  6. Dear Nina,

    It’s Fiona again. Just remind you that I am your big fan who has manifested my ex to contact me again and always visualize my wedding with him even though we don’t live in the same country. 🙂

    So since he contacted me out of the blue in the beginning of Nov., we’ve been contacting to each other for a month until Dec. During the month I was the one who initiated the text most of the time. I once thought I should let him taking the lead, so I didn’t text him for a week then he texted and checked if I was busy cause he hadn’t heard from me. I was happy because he seemed want to maintain our contact and that’s a good and new start between two of us.

    In the beginning of Dec., I knew he would be very preoccupied by his business due to the peak season, so I stopped to initiate the contact not only because I didn’t want to interrupt him but I also want to know if he would intend to develop our relationship. So it’s been one month my specific man hasn’t contacted to me, not in the Christmas day nor in new year’s eve. I must say I was a little disappointed but I also knew it’s kind of strange that none of us greeted to each other in this loving season, especially when our last conversation (texts) was that he wanted me to update him about my life during the no contact period time (9 months).

    I know if I text him, he would text me back. But since what I desire is a wonderful and long-term relationship with him, not just some texts, I think I should wait to see if he will initiate and if he really wants to develop the relationship. If you ask me if I trust the universe is creating my desired relationship? My answer is I didn’t consciously think that way frequently. I just know I want to let the thing unfold.

    I haven’t done any visualization for almost 2 weeks. During the two weeks, I did my own things and went on a short vacation with my family. I felt happy sometimes when I was with my friends or family, but maybe because I am also in the status of searching a new job after closing my own business, I felt “only okay” for the rest of the time.

    I still desire the relationship with him. When I think about the good time we had, I know so well he can make me happy, but if I look at the physical reality we have right now, the relationship seems not happening which frustrates me.

    I am not sure which perspective I should consider about this current situation. Is it because of the reality that he was too preoccupied and busy or because my thought and vibration drew him away? Would you please kindly tell me which part I could possibly do wrong? And what suggestion you have to make my desired relationship manifest and go smooth sailing?! SHOULD I TEXT HIM?

    Thank you so much and wish you to have a new wonderful year 🙂


    1. There are still lots of questions in you, lots of wondering “if” you can have this relationship. You believed you could have contact and you did but wondering if he wants the relationship might mean you’re wondering if YOU want it.
      It doesn’t matter why this happened. You can change your feelings and the reality will change.
      Texting and other moves you could make should only be made if asking for nothing in return. You should message him because you’re happy to do so and never demand anything in return. However, if you believe that your desire belongs to you already, you can make all the moves you want because you know that this is yours and it doesn’t matter who texts or doesn’t text. When you are completely relaxed, you just live happily and things align rapidly.
      If you manifest something undesirable such as this silent period, who cares. No big deal. You don’t have to be perfect to be a great person and manifestation practitioner. This is only for now and nobody did anything wrong in this case. As soon as your thoughts change, so will your reality. Letting go and living your life will let things unfold.
      Thank you for your lovely words and let me know what you think!


  7. Dear Nina,

    It’s always good to read your wisdom words. 🙂

    So yes, I am 100% sure I desire this relationship, but I think I am trying to control how it will happen by not initiating the contact. I recently read a book and some articles, some were written by dating experts and some were about LOA. Basically they suggest women should let men to take the lead, let men chase after women, be mystery, or suggest not to “try to make thing happen”. That’s one of the reasons why I stopped texting him and started to care and wonder “if” he really wants to develop our relationship. I didn’t just listen to them. I also agreed with their theory, cause sometimes when I initiated the contact I felt I was trying to make thing happen. On the other hand, when none of us greeted to each others in the holiday season, I found so unnatural and unusual. (At least I am that kind of a woman who always greets people I love.)

    So do you see my contradiction? While I am letting thing unfold and follow the flow (living my own life), I also seem to force myself NOT TO doing something I usually do. And, if I do things I usually do, I’m also afraid I will repeat the same pattern or mistake that I did in my past failed relationships. (I never had tactics to men and always express my true feeling, be a warm and nice woman without being mystery when I started to accept a man in my life.) Please tell me how do you think? Thank you!


    1. You have to relax. There is no game playing, faking energy or predetermined set of behaviors to be followed. Your feelings create and right now, you’re tense instead of relaxing and feeling that you have the relationship. That’s why you keep looking for clues from “experts” who tell you to “fake” it.
      When you’re sure you have it, you can make all the moves you want around it (or, not). You can text if you want or not. Or, anything else.
      Read my latest thought of the day, it’ll help xx


      1. Dear Nina,

        I’ve read your last thought of the day. Your words really help. Thank you so much!

        May I ask something that has been confusing me for a while? So after we understand the theory of LOA and apply it to the relationship, do those advise, rules or tips which instructed by the dating and relationship experts or even by our friends become irrelevant?

        After learning from LOA, I realize my issue is to keep my energy positively. So may I put in this way? When I can keep high vibration, positive energy and believe that I have my desired relationship, I don’t need to worry if my moves will be any mistake or cause failure?

        And, what is faking energy?


      2. They do – the only relevant thing is what YOU feel. If their words evoke a certain negative feeling in you, it means you have already accepted that feeling a long time ago and need to get rid of it or examine what it means in terms of how you feel about your specific person and relationship.
        By faking energy, I mean pretending to be comfortable with specific steps and actions you are in reality uncomfortable with. Some relationship advice constantly advocates playing games and similar empty actions but what you really need to do is know that the relationship is yours. When you absolutely KNOW, you are convinced in the moves you make or convinced that you should let him make the move, whichever you feel to be right.


      3. Hi Nina,

        I got confused about your answer of “I need to examine what the certain negative feeling means in terms of how I feel about my specific person and relationship.” Could you kindly explain a little further?

        I found related when I read your recent reply to a reader about dating other people cause I just had the experience and it made my desire even stronger! You said the ideal way would be to not need to date anyone else. I wonder why do some LOA books encourage dating other people? One of the reasons they support is that people will be able to divert the energy flow from the ex to the date and the ex can feels the pinch. Do you agree?

        Also, some say that once we make the strong intention (affirmation) we don’t have to repeat it again. Others say that everyday after we visualize, we let go and do our daily things. So, do we make the intention and visualize everyday, or make the intention one time and visualize everyday? Which method would you suggest? 🙂

        I found that before my specific man contacted to me out of the blue last year, the manifestation was a little easier for me cause all I can do was concentrated on my desire and visualization since there’s no info from him at all. After he contacted but nothing much happened so far, it’s even harder to ignore the current reality. I started to analyze, wonder, and expect more than before. Sometimes I feel that I am close to my desire but I am just trapped. Yes, I did read your reply to caronganga and the newest “thought of the day” which were help but I would just love to hear your additional words to my situation.

        Thank you 🙂


      4. Hi!
        Negative feelings show how we feel about ourselves, the person we chose and the relationship we want. Is a specific negative feeling a reflection of how you feel about YOU instead of the person you want? It always starts with us and we all have to examine those feelings ourselves.
        An ideal way for me is to not date anyone else but I told the other reader that everyone makes the choice for themselves. To some, dating other people is letting go but to others, it only makes them feel like they still don’t have their specific relationship. I believe that if you don’t have the need to date anyone else, you could potentially feel like you already have the relationship you desire.
        To me, it can be enough to say an affirmation once but sometimes, I repeat it. Repeat it until you’re sure that your desire belongs to you already or manifests. That’s what affirmations are for – creating the right feeling.
        You can do this 🙂 If you keep busy in life, finding things you enjoy doing so that you think about your relationship less, it’ll be easier to let go 🙂


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