Are You Burdened by Your Past?

Many find themselves incapable of manifesting their future due to being burdened by their present or their past.

I have long been trying to figure out why, for so many, fear is easier than letting go. Many hold the fear of getting hurt instead of believing they can be loved, feeling uncomfortable enough to prevent letting anyone in.

All those fears easily surface when one ventures onto manifesting love. Why? Because a healthy individual creates a healthy relationship yet the process of becoming confident, steady and positive, becoming a healthy individual can be taxing enough to make anyone feel like they are drowning in their own instabilities. Love demands an open heart which first has to be open for one’s own sake.

That was one of the most important passages I’ve ever written.

One can only imagine having what they want when they’re happy but many find it difficult to be happy without living their desire first. Problem is, happiness is an inside job – you’ve heard it many times but while seeking out your inner peace, you may feel upset, anxious or rattled.

It has happened to all of us.

Getting yourself in line and turning yourself into an emotionally strong individual requires going through the darkest, most neglected thoughts and fears one has ever tried to ignore in hope that they would go away. Even in the most effortless moments of forgiveness for those thoughts and experiences (whether to yourself or other people), embarrassment or guilt could come up before accepting that everyone is only human and we have all made mistakes.

I say “mistakes” but I don’t believe in them. Even your apparent “mistakes” were learning experiences and therefore, never wasted. You made those mistakes because you subconsciously craved lessons more than you did the seemingly “right choice” in those moments. Then, you learned your lesson.

Why can a state of good mood be so difficult to achieve while being such a natural thing?

Many fall into the bad mood (or, a low vibration) when thinking about the past but especially when wanting to manifest a future that is the opposite of that past. They want to be healed or escape that past when in truth, they must heal first, before escaping their past.

We must heal in order to get over the past.

Many things you want your manifestation to do, you actually have to do yourself.

It’s worth it.

Facing your deepest issues is worth it because being done with them means never having to emotionally react to them again. You can ignore your negative thoughts. You can forgive the past. You can realize that positive thoughts and heart energy mean and provide nothing but love for yourself as well as everyone around you. You can hop onto the vibration of your desire and finally be living it.

How would you like to be completely relaxed, knowing you have your desire already, with visualizations so real that you remove all need for seeing physical proof?

Relaxing is essential but sometimes most difficult to do when manifesting love. Everything is attracted by the same principle but some put up great resistance to manifesting relationships with specific people. However, when you are relaxed and let go, you suddenly see yourself with that person and then, it’s important to just stay relaxed and let go again.

However, what if your mind keeps drawing your back to the past, with your specific person or someone else?

One gets burdened by their past when one dislikes the person they used to be in it.

How did you handle heartbreak in the past? Did you agree to the things and accepted the people you should have sent packing instead?

Forgive yourself! Who cares? That was then, this is now and if those things weren’t worth keeping in your life back then, why keep them in your thoughts now?

You can escape those thoughts. Forgive yourself and everyone involved. You were a different person and now, you are an even more amazing individual. By forgiving, you will start to ignore all your negative thoughts or even eradicate them from your mind.

Is focusing on your past causing you to fear failure in your manifestation today?

You might be attached to a desired specific way of your manifestation or think that unless you see every step of it with your own eyes, it’s not happening. You might be assuming these things because of your past. You think that things have to go a specific way or they won’t get better.

Let the Universe work out the way of your manifestation while you love and appreciate the end result of it. The Universe knows a much better way than any of us could come up with.

The important thing to know is that another person cannot hurt you. Only you decide if you’re hurt or not. I know that sounds far-fetched but think about it – if your feelings create, who could be stronger than you when it comes to your life? Nobody.

Know that your sadness is about you. You don’t feel like you can have what you want, especially when thinking about your past. However, you can. Accept that it’s yours which will automatically remove the need for it. Since it’s yours already, you can relax. The trick is to know it’s yours when asking for it. Then, you can relax and allow it to appear.

Your negative thoughts as well as your reaction to them clearly show your awareness. You either feel your desire being yours or, you don’t, allowing yourself to be upset about it.

And do you feel worthy of living your desire just as you are today?

You might think that you want to be beyond anything and everything to become worthy of your desire. However, you can achieve that just by being yourself.

Translation – you already are.

18 thoughts on “Are You Burdened by Your Past?

  1. Hi i just came across your website and i find it amazing and helpful. I have been on journey and rekindling my relationship. And through all the help and advise and coaching thru L.O. A. i am finally at rest and peace that my Love and i are reunited in my my heart and mind. ( i am walking by Faith and not by Sight) though the outside appearance may be different. My question is that I always hear that we are suppose to be living like we have our desire that it is already in our lives, but at the same time we are told to let go … My question is and were i get confused how do we live “AS IF” we have our desire during the time of waiting Manifestation what if that time could be months or a year or so what if during that time we get asked out on dates and people (men) are wanting to take me out and have fun? Are we sending wrong signals to the Universe saying i dont want it anymore because i am out with …. . This is where i get confused and start to worry.. any help would be appreciated.. Thank you


    1. Hello! 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear that you believe in your relationship and now, only have to allow it to manifest.
      Living as if and letting go are two concepts that work together. “Living as if” means knowing your desire belongs to you already which influences your current behaviors. This means that you will either go on dates but not get too involved because you know who you want to be with yet you might make a new friend or have a fun evening with someone nice if you do go on a date or, you won’t even date anyone else because you’ll feel that you already have the relationship you want and your specific person is the one you want to be with. You’re supposed to choose the way that suits you and whichever makes you feel good. However, the latter increases the feeling of having the relationship already, in my experience, so you might feel that you have your relationship already if you choose not to date anyone else. Then, the ideal way would be to not need to date anyone else but also never actually need to see your relationship manifest because you KNOW that it will. However, you have to feel genuinely good with whichever way you choose so you have to decide what that is 🙂
      “Letting go” means knowing your desire is yours and allowing it to come to you, without thinking it all has to go a specific way and being OK exactly where you are, enjoying everything you have and knowing that everything you want is yours already. When you’re OK where you are, knowing you’ll get what you want, you remove the need for it to happen as soon as possible and you can relax, enjoying your life. Then, it manifests rapidly.
      You either feel that the relationship is yours or that it’s missing from your life – that is your awareness and decides on your energy. I can tell you that once you know the relationship you want is yours, you feel completely relaxed, excited at times, fulfilled, secure, an abundance of positive emotion! And all of it is just one decision away.


      1. Hello !! Thank you Nina for your reply, I understand now, and you know I really don’t have the desire to date anyone or go out even with a guy for fun. I mean it feels good to feel Notice by other people but my heart genuinely feels my Heart belongs to my love. We were together 10 years that is along time to share your life, with someone. It has been 2 yrs since our break, but during that time we have had communication and seen each other, just this past xmas and new years HE was the one to contact me first. It felt amazing…but I know there is something holding him back and I finally realized it was Me I was my own worst enemy. it was me all the negative thoughts imaging wrong senerios during this time of our break that the reason why he wasn’t coming back fully it was all the Negative energy I was sending out, I realized how can someone come back to you if you don’t let them go, WOW….. it finally hit me… to have a New relationship you have to LET GO OF THE OLD…. A very good friend told me a relationship does not heal overnight as long as it took for the relationship to die it will take that long to heal, we could do all the LOA and happy and energy good thoughts but at the same time We have to respect there Journey as well .. especially if it was our fault. So in the end I have to accept that I if I truly love him like I do and I am happy person to be around and be positive and Great full for EVERYTHING.. and KNOW and I DO KNOW he is my husband. like we had planned I have to be patient and enjoy the ride , besides who wants a NEEDY desperate and unhappy girl?? sitting waiting around. If I want him to feel my good vibes I have to be sending them out.. and you made me see much clearer I happen to come across your website to be honest it was by accident on New years day I was just searching around but it wasn’t accident It was the Universe sending you to Me…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am so glad 🙂 Just keep loving your desire, the person and the relationship, and let them happen while trusting that it’ll all be magical 🙂


      3. Hi Nina, I have a question.

        What if you see someone whom your ex might have been or be interested in. I am very confident in each and eveyrhting but when she comes in front of me, shakes a bit. I have respect and love for her. I am not even jealous. But there is something that moves my confidence a bit.

        Love and Light


      4. Decide how you want to feel. Do you want to be everything your ex has ever wanted or needed, enjoying their undivided attention? If you do, start feeling that way now and feeling grateful for it 🙂
        Also, remember that attachment to a person or a specific relationship could cause you to make this a bigger deal than it really is.


  2. Hi Nina,

    I know I have probably asked this in the past, but I’m still confused on what you should do when you’ve done everything you can and still don’t see results. I try to not think about this, but eventually it gets to me because you keep doing thing, try your best to feel as if and still are in the same place. I know that you had a story on here about manifesting a person on a specific night, but it just seems to elude me how I can make things happen now so that I can have someone to plan my vacations with, spend time with and share my life with in a happy, warm and committed relationship?

    How can I have things happen now like you did in your story


    1. Hi 🙂 You keep looking to see results because you don’t believe the relationship is truly yours. You have to believe in it only because you decided it is yours, before seeing any palpable results. Whenever I manifested a relationship with any specific person, I believed I had to receive it because I had directly asked for it – one of the basic LoA rules. And if I believed it, I didn’t need to look for evidence but knew it would manifest which meant I could happily enjoy my life as it was.
      LoA is a way of life, not a set of behaviors you follow while feeling tense and waiting to see results. LoA has to be about genuine enjoyment in order to work. When you’re happy, you can see yourself having what you want which means you have to be happy now, BEFORE actually having your relationship. Visualization helps you believe your relationship is possible, yours already, and helps you let go after getting used to the feeling of having it already. However, you said you feel that you’re still in the same place which shows you feel that your relationship is missing. You must feel that it’s yours. Then, you basically don’t have to do anything else.
      Imagine what your life looks like with your relationship in it – going on those vacations, spending time together etc.. Imagine it as if you have it now, feel grateful for it and practice heart energy. You’ll get used to the feeling of having it already if you keep practicing.


  3. Hi Nina
    Can i ask what you think of this video?

    Should we be saying what she is? “This person or someone better?” Because THAT i think would make me and alot of people i see posting on here release the sometimes choke hold we have on the outcome attracting these specific people?? It may make us more easily let go?

    Thoughts, please?


    1. I watched all the videos. If you are having trouble letting go, you can say “or something better.” It is a technique to use when you have trouble believing that something you want can indeed be yours. This way, you can feel light about it, let it go and it will manifest.
      However, you don’t have to do that. You can just know your desire is yours which allows you to let it go. I believe she manifested bumpy ways of things coming together in life in the examples she stated because she was too attached to her desires. She was attached to specific ways of things happening instead of letting go of the end result.
      The first video you put here is excellent, super simple. The part about the guilt-free enjoyment was amazing.
      The second video is wonderful, I tried it!


  4. Hi again, sorry

    I tried to post 2 videos i watched after that one above but its not showing on your site.

    I feel much better now. Ill try and post again tomorrow what the videos were. It has just completely eliminated ALL of my doubts and issues.


  5. Hello, Nina! How are you?
    Am I right??
    The visualization in law of attraction just matter to get you in the state of being/having what you want. If you can imagine, but can’t feel it, the things are not gonna work. The physical mind while capable to have this specific visualization, is not fully capable of knowing how things could actually best happen. It’s not designed to know how things will happen.
    The visualization in law of attraction is important to give you the feeling of having it.
    Have the visualization, feel it as you already have it, Keep the feeling with you and LET IT GO! Go to a movie, go meet your friends and be thankful for having what you want. If you keep thinking about it over and over, your ego is gonna start bringing to you the “if” thoughts: “BUT and IF it’s not happen, if he or she starts a relationship, if someone else gets the job I want…..” Then your vibration will be totally different and you are gonna be in a state of not having what you want, no matter how much and how intense is your visualization because you have the scene in your mind but you don’t have the feeling!!!
    How things will get to you is NOT your job to understand. It will get to you in the way you visualized or on a better way.


    1. Basically, yes 🙂 It is used to achieve the feeling of having it and create what you want by imagining it how you want it to be.


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