Good or Bad?

Labeling emotions, signs or feelings as “good” or “bad” can influence your manifesting mood and with that, the time it takes to see results.

If you fear something you perceive as “bad,” hurtful or detrimental to your manifestation process, you could slow that process down. If you think a negative thought and react to it with fear or emotion, thinking it would repeat or manifest anew, you might frantically be trying to get rid of it.

I understand the need to rush. However, rush is just another form of fear and it doesn’t benefit any of us.

You want to get rid of your negative thoughts as soon as possible because you feel almost incapable of ignoring them. However, dealing with them by simply asking yourself why they exist in you in the first place (in case you can’t let them pass without reacting to them) will allow you to form better, stronger, highly positive self-beliefs.

Are you afraid of what you might find if you face your inner self? Don’t be. Just because you feel your confidence shattered doesn’t mean you’re not an amazing person. This is just a phase you can resolve.

This problem is solved with generally high self-confidence, in my opinion. What is your first thought when I say that? Do you think I mean arrogance or do you associate a strong sense of self-confidence with someone you might dislike, thinking that this is a form of negative awareness?

Your reaction to that term can show how you feel about it, giving you a sense of any limiting beliefs you might hold. If you know someone and consider them self-confident but dislike them, you probably hold a limiting belief of self-confidence being “bad.”

This is who we uncover limiting beliefs.

What is “bad” to you? What is “good?” To me, self-confidence is a good thing. I always suggest turning every thought into a positive one which is why I suggest examining limiting beliefs or simply deciding that your negative thoughts are powerless and ignoring them (if you can). Some can and some examine the meaning of them – either way works.

If you think negative thoughts are “bad,” you might be upset at their every appearance and fear their meaning. However, if you perceive them as “good,” giving you a chance to clear your limiting beliefs or learn more about yourself by reacting to them or ignoring them, you will have hurried the process of becoming the new you (by that, I mean ‘the person you wish to be’).

I feel even more optimistic than usual when manifesting relationships. If I don’t, I am not interested in the man I chose enough (this happens rarely but when it does, I know what it means for me). I see everything as a good sign leading me to my ultimate result. If I have a negative thought, I consider the meaning of it. If we miss a date, I am sure that an even better way of things coming together will suggest itself. In my interactions with him, I feel free, happy and positive that I add value. All along, I feel that the relationship I desire is mine already. Focusing on the end result allows the process to unfold but focusing on the specific steps blocks it. Let the process happen! You will know when to suggest something, say it or ultimately, let the person you want know how you feel about them. The “how” and “when” will suggest themselves in moments. Then, you’ll act. Those parts are not planned – when they suggest themselves, you know what to do.

When the feeling of having your desire already leads you, your thoughts, specific perceptions and actions follow. Living life with an overall sense of everything working out the way you want it to will make your manifestation process of any desire even easier.

You can be self-confident and be any type of person you want. Self-confident individuals feel good about themselves and comfortable with themselves no matter who they are or what they define themselves as. They don’t have to be financially wealthy or in shape. They merely have to be happy with themselves as well as the life they chose.

65 thoughts on “Good or Bad?

  1. Hi Nina, Hope you are doing great. About this post, I totally understand the point that we should feel confident. ANd I can sense that I have some limiting beliefs there. I will practice guided meditation and let you know how it goes.

    I am going to bring you something that I am very happy about as well as a little baffled too.

    DESIRE: A special friend who drifted away in after 2 months of relationship. (July)
    LOA: Sync happened and LOA came into my life. (September)
    EVIDENCES: I started seing positive evidences like him appearing infront of me out of the blue etc etc.
    I can bet and I have started relying on signs too much. Specially signs in mail and bumper stickers and billboards are accurate. Like when I see “Coming Soon” signs, I know something related with him that I desired (like when is he going to change his whatsapp dp? status? when am I gonna see his name again? etc etc. manifest within few days. Also I see a lot of positive changes too.

    SCENARIO: Yesterday, I was talking to myself and askd when are we gonna talk? and the next billboard read “One Call Away” . then on my phone song played ” I am only one call away” I had mentioned the billboard sign in my gratitude journal. Then I tried scripting in the same journal then it felt like I should move it to my “soeone special” journal. Talk about inspired action…and then while editing my Gratitude journal and copying pasting a scripting to my “Visualizing somene special” journal, I realized that just “one call away” was also pasted there. I was totlly unaware of it and saw it when I opened my journal after a few hours. It felt like Universe wrote it. But I ginored the idea…. But I was getting sudden impulses to send him a message (been 30 days I haven’t seen him and I haven’t messaged him). Right at that moment, there was a post on Instagram that read ” …… drop the idea of writing that last note…” I took it as a sign that I should not send him a message. But after minutes later, I got very, very strong impulse and “One call away” message started rolling in my head. I called…. and he answered. OMG. we have not talked in last 6 months. I tried calling a couple of times only and that too failed then. So today it felt like Universe really wanted me to call him. Another good thing… he said I will tlk to you later and he did started a chat on whatsapp. I thought that yay!! it’s the day… I have been visalizing…


    I didn’t see that happening. He showed me the same old attitude like repying to chats a little late, saying we’ll talk later etc…. I am not complaining though.

    QUESTION: My question is what could be the reason I got that sign to call him? What should I do when such signs, impulses happen next? How should I behave during the conversation and after if he shows any thing that I was not hoping for? Also why do I feel bad (a little after practiving meditation and LOA) after speaking me heart out to him? What could you have done if you were in my place?

    I am awaiting your aswer… eagerly.

    Thank you.
    Love and Light


    1. Hello dear! Thing is, the Universe responds to your desires in that sense. You wanted to talk to him and the way for your conversation to start was you calling him. When asking ourselves what we should do, we get a response. Sometimes, we make the move and other times, the other person does. It all depends on what you want, your alignment with your desires, your level of confidence… See what I mean?
      When it comes to your desires manifesting, imagine the end result you want and then, let it go. Don’t have specific expectations for specific interactions but let it all happen in the best way instead while you believe that it will.
      Feel good about the fact that you said what you wanted instead of feeling bad about it. Believe that your friend will understand what you wanted to say. How would you want things to play out from now on? Imagine what you would like to happen 🙂
      When you think about what you would like to happen, observe how you feel? Excited, calm, happy, anxious… If it’s anything less than happy, ask yourself why. Do you feel that your desire is possible?


  2. Dear Nina,

    Really enjoying reading your recent posts. 🙂

    When I exam my negative feelings of how I feel about myself, the person I chose and the relationship I want. I am aware of some things:

    1.When I had relationships with men who were older than me or the similar age as me, I never had the self-confidence issue, not even once. But since I am 5 years older than my specific man, sometimes this can make me feel insecure and competitive especially if one day he turns to consider having a child that is something I can’t give. So I think I do have self-confidence issue, but in my case do you still think it’s solvable?

    2.When I tried to focus on the end result, it’s hard for me to ignore his current behavior such as “careless” and “passive” (though he still call me as “baby”.) In my past experience or if I tell my friends about his behavior right now, I know my friends who don’t know LOA or even myself will say “just move on, he is not the one… and so on.” But when I look at the a big picture and feel love to this man as who he is and what I knew about him, I know we two will be able to create a joyful life and becoming a happy couple.

    3.Just because I am battling between the good and bad feelings, I stopped to visualize recently. Visualization always make me love and feel more about the relationship and guess I am afraid to get involve myself further if my manifestation stop happening.

    Really wish to hear your wisdom words. Thank you so much!!


    1. Hello! And, thank you 🙂
      1. It is definitely an issue you can solve. Anything is. Focus on all the quality you provide instead and you will find even more of it.
      2. Understand that your feelings are the only thing that creates. Everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. What you feel and believe you can have, you will manifest.
      3. You still don’t believe that the relationship is yours 100%. Otherwise, you would have felt confident. You have to either let go or know that this is yours which will allow you to let go.


      1. Hi Nina,

        When I believe the relationship is mine already, I usually can feel the love for myself, him and our relationship at the same time. Now my specific man seems pulling away and turning cold, I don’t feel love due to his behavior and the vibe I used to sensed. For example, yesterday I was very happy because of a big news. So I texted him to share my happiness with him but with no reply which was okay to me, but this recent similar situations have affected my feelings of love and the belief system.

        I wonder it’s about unconditional love. I love myself, but I just can’t feel love for him and our relationship at this moment. And I asked to myself, “do I still love him? I do.” Do those feelings make sense to you? If they do, what will you do and think in order to find the feelings of love back especially when this man is acting distant? Just because I understand the current situation is the product of my past thought, I want to feel love (the motive power) in order to keep my manifestation appearing.

        I found that you always have so much passion and love. I believe you know how to do. 🙂

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      2. You still depend on his reaction to perpetuate your belief. If you only love him when he keeps in touch yet you are upset when he doesn’t, it’s not unconditional love. You must believe and trust that external reality will follow.
        Texting, keeping in touch and other similar actions are only a part of the process to me. I focus on the reasons I feel love for the person and allow the relationship to happen. Knowing it’s mine allows me to love the person and let it happen naturally. If you trust that the Universe will bring it to you, it will. If you trust that love will happen, it will. Be confident! Trust that you offer amazing reasons for him to love you. It all has to be positive 🙂


      3. Thank you! Dear Nina….

        Even you’ve got a lot comments to answer, there’re still so much love from your words. I am really grateful.
        I think I can feel love is able to return back to me gradually because of your explanation.


      4. Dear Nina,

        After I texted to share my happiness with my specific man and got no reply, he kept intentionally not to read my short texts for three days. This behavior is exactly what he did to me before he vanished last year. So I can’t help to be recalled what I had been through last year. I almost feel that the same thing might be happening again and I even predict he is pulling away by showing me his action. On the other hands, is he shifting his vibration out of my vortex? I think I am also not in my vortex now. If he is, can I still attract him and the relationship back after all this is the third time he acted like this and my fourth time to attract him back. OMG!!!!!! Will the Universe be confused about my desire?

        I also wonder “is it me to create a selfish and self-center man like him?” or “he is that kind of a man originally?”

        Sorry if you think I am bugging you with the similar questions. 🙂


      5. It shows you still don’t believe you can have his undivided attention and the relationship you want. You have to ask yourself if you love him enough or if you don’t because you expect this type of thing from him.


      6. So do you mean that, either I don’t love him enough so I will create (attract) those unwanted qualities on him, or I love him enough but I just don’t believe I can have this relationship so I will still create his bad behavior? On the other hand, if I love him enough and believe that I have this relationship, I will naturally focus on his good qualities then the bad qualities appearing on him will disappear. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

        So how about in the physical reality this is the third time he’s pulling away, can I still attract the desired relationship with him back? What I concern is, to him, perhaps he has determined to leave the relationship cause he has tried two times. So will that make the process of manifestation more harder when it comes to love relationship? Or there’s no difference between 2nd times or 3rd time?

        Thank you!!


      7. Basically, yes. It ALL comes down to whether you want to be with someone and see the good in them. When your negative thoughts try and pull you in another direction, you will be strong enough to keep yourself on the positive track if your relationship is truly what you want.
        If you worry now but want to have this relationship with him anyway, you will stay focused on the relationship being yours 🙂


  3. What you said about the importance of self confidence should not be underestimated. I know when I personally feel doubts, is when my self confidence or self love has nose dived. I fall out of alignment. But when I am confident and feeling good about me, I somehow believe even stronger in all my wants and dreams. I find a strong connection with how important this state of mind is to manifesting. And I think it’s something most of us gloss over.
    I find the more I focus on your words of wisdom, and analyze my ways of thinking I can see where my process has flaws. When I apply what you say, I learn. And in turn I’m finding my way much better. Thank you Nina.

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    1. Thank you so much for both your comments 🙂 I love your words and conclusions. I believe in personal examples when it comes to teaching in general.
      There is simply no reason not to be confident and I believe we all know that as well. However, some fear feeling good about themselves and I will continue to motivate them to stop being afraid of it 🙂 Thank you xxxx


  4. Hi Nina.

    I downloaded Elizabeths book a while ago and applied some of it and just today i accidentally pressed kindle on my iPhone and it bought her book up and this caught my eye…

    “Be willing to let the other person go, this is one of the hardest parts of the law of attraction. You know you want to be with him, but now you’re being told to be willing to lose him. Crazy, right? But its only when you are okay with not being with him, that you open the path for the Law of Attraction to bring him to you. Until you’re okay with not being with him, a part of you is resisting and making it impossible for you to have what you want. This means, according to the LOA, that until you’re okay with possibly losing him, it will be difficult for you to have the relationship you want with him. You have to be okay with NOT having him. I know this isn’t easy. (To much more to type)

    Just looking at my situation, last night, when I tried to let go but feel ok about it and be open to the possibility of being with someone else I saw just HOW attached to the outcome i still am. I remember from my past the only time i got what i wanted was when i completely forgot about it, i also didn’t act as if or visualise.

    Haha.. I’m stumped. Looking at my situation and some of the other people on here it looks as if our attachment to the outcome is slowly everything down and causing resistance?

    Any thoughts on what elizabeth says? I tend to agree.



    1. I agree with that passage but this is how I would explain it for myself. When I want to be in a new relationship, I want it to last as long as it will as I get to know the man in question, enjoying each other as long as we can. Maybe it’ll be forever, maybe not. And I’m OK with that. This attitude, as I have observed, allows me to enjoy a light energy around the relationship manifestation. I am excited to be with him, whoever he is at the time, I know the relationship is mine already and as I am relaxed, I can easily match the relationship vibration.
      You say you try and feel OK about everything – THAT is your awareness. You keep trying instead of letting go but you understand that since you said you’re too attached to the outcome. All of that only shows you don’t believe your desire to really be yours just yet. Ask yourself why xx


      1. I am almost embarrassed to post this, embarrassed isn’t really the right word, i don’t know what word to use, but last night i bought a wedding dress online?!?! Um. I don’t know why but i went with it anyway. I was reading yesterday about how we misinterpret excitement for fear (we are taught it from a young age)(like being young and looking at a roller coster and a parent telling you your just a little scared, when really, its excitement so we see all future events as fear, when its excitement)
        :/ – i was up until 2 in the morning looking and found one and bought it. Yes a wedding dress. I’ve never done anything like that before, especially not a wedding dress. I felt like something was driving me. I remember looking at the screen thinking why are you looking at wedding dresses? As i said its not something I’ve ever done before.
        I am still a little bit in shock because thats what i keep visualising, getting married. This is what i bought. See the lining? It’s blue. Its beautiful. (To me anyway)

        This is the dress. –;searl|4128395156

        Please tell me I’m not crazy because last night i did question whether or not i may be losing my mind haha… Jesus.


      2. This is a good thing if you put the right energy into it! Anything is 🙂 I know of a manifestation story where a girl who wanted to get married planned her wedding and bought a dress – six months later, she was married. She didn’t have a specific person but wanted to find “the one” and met him a couple months in. The entire time, she knew her desire was hers and that everything would happen soon. She kept her vibration high with that knowledge and she got it!
        You have to work from the knowledge your desire is yours already and you have to truly want it. When you KNOW and stick to it, knowing it’s all coming together soon, the Universe gives it to you in the most amazing, quickest, magical way and you know that it will because your energy around your desire is so positive! You literally know!
        I am positive you see what I mean with all of this.
        I saw the pic and it is a very cool wedding dress, I have to say 🙂


    2. I think I should just write a post about what it means to be willing to let the person go, as the passage said, or what it means for me. I mentioned it in other posts but maybe it would help if I put it all in a separate article.


      1. Thanks
        I feel I’ve come along way. I don’t have any ill feelings or think I’m not good enough anymore. I’ve never had any of those feelings again, thank goodness!
        I feel like I am so close, I don’t know why but I just do, like he is right there, like he is thinking, but even saying I feel like I am so close would indicate on some level that I still don’t believe I have It. When you say you just know you have the relationship- what’s the exact feeling? How do I believe I have it?


      2. “You say you try and feel OK about everything – THAT is your awareness. You keep trying instead of letting go but you understand that since you said you’re too attached to the outcome. All of that only shows you don’t believe your desire to really be yours just yet. Ask yourself why xx”

        YES!! I see it now!!

        When I say I try to be ok I see how I don’t believe it’s mine/ I have it and how I have not let go knowing it’s mine.


        The belief that it is mine is not there even tho the issues I’ve had in the past are gone.

        So, what’s the feeling I need to have with the belief that it’s mine? Just knowing, how do you just know?

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      3. Also. I keep seeing 11:11.
        Not just once or twice a day.
        All day long.
        ?? Do you know anything about this?


      4. I have narrowed it down to ‘not letting go’ to let it manifest.

        I do believe i can have it and be with him. All the things I was once worried about are gone, his family, what he was told about me etc.

        In the past, I only thought about something a few times and thought that would be nice to have, there wasn’t any visualising or acting like I had it, they all came to me because there was no attachment. I didn’t care whether i got it or not but there also wasn’t any belief that it was already mine. I don’t even remember using feelings to intensify the attraction process.

        This is an entirely different ball park, obviously, the attachment is still to strong/much and that is what is stalling my progress.

        It really proves that any kind of attachment also produces resistance in how fast something manifests.

        I remember wanting a pair of jeans and i searched and searched for these jeans going to the shops everyday hoping to either find them, as soon as i ‘gave up’ looking for them they were given to me by a family member who had bought them but didn’t like them. I must output to much energy/want/attachment and the only way for me to get what i want is to completely let g, entirely. Thats a scary thought. There is obviously fear there.

        Believing and letting go at the same time. It’s a bit of a head game really.


      5. Did I ever mention that approx a year ago I dreamt of him and he said “let go” – that is all he said and then disappeared from the dream.

        I didn’t and I made things WORSE. He said to me one day “I can’t handle this, you keep pushing me away with all these text messages!”

        I kept complaining to him that he wasn’t listening and I see now that it was ME who didn’t listen.

        I’m about to let go now. That made me cry. Wow, look at the attachment and fear.

        I’ll come back and let you know how things go, one day. x


      6. I forgot to add, i haven’t given up but i can also see how i have never let go and just relaxed around it.

        “Letting go and staying relaxed around my desires combined with trust creates a win-win situation.”

        I am reading through your letting go posts now.



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      7. GOSH!

        I am so sorry about all the comments I’ve put up, just one more.

        I found this on one of your posts

        “When knowing one’s desire belongs to them already or even just believing it is to be, it feels normal. Even when charged with positive emotion, one is not surprised it happened to them, as they saw it coming. They expected it to happen.”

        Ok so… the ‘even just believing it is to be’ really resonates with me, i find it makes me let go without fear, i can do that easily and it makes me very happy, i can believe it is going to be and let go easier, but when i try to ‘live as if’ i already have the relationship and let go i can feel more fear.

        I DO believe its going to be but if you ask me to ‘live as if’ or ‘act as if’ and then let go it causes me more stress, but when i am in the place of ‘i just KNOW its going to happen’ and let go, i get happy very quickly about it and all ‘bad’ emotions leave. I feel as if i can get on with my life easier with THIS approach. I feel like i can breath easier because i do have the feeling of just KNOWING its going to happen.

        Is this ok? Or Am i missing something here? Does that make sense? Or am i doing something here that I am not aware of, like somehow delaying it by not acting as if, right now.


      8. Hi Nina,

        Yes, that would be awesome. I think this is probably a big area of resistance for a lot of us. It’s hard to understand what this really means. For example, in my case, I’ve read your blog, Elizabeth Daniel’s book, the Rhonda Byrne book “The Magic”, work on my gratitude lists, and practice EFT. It seems sometimes like I’m doing a lot to manifest this relationship. Could it be that I’m doing too much?

        What would your recommendation be?


      9. I think the fact that you’re trying to do SO much shows you don’t believe that you can have it. You could commit to one of those books/methods and work on your belief but working on all of them shows that you don’t believe it’s yours, in my opinion. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need to “work” at it and doing every technique you can find is working on it.
        You have to decide, believe, feel what it’s like and allow it to happen. You always have to start from knowing that it’s yours and stick to it. All it takes is one decision. You can do this! I know you can.


      10. That would be awesome, Nina. I know I am having trouble letting go of my specific person and could use some advice/guidance.

        : ). Thank you!


      11. Examine your limiting beliefs. Why don’t you believe you can have this relationship?
        “Why?” is a very good question to ask in these cases.
        Letting go happens when you KNOW your desire is yours. However, you have to be strong and believe, just like you have to be steady and strong to be in a relationship with someone else.
        You could try EFT, meditation, affirmations or any other energy clearing methods. You want to expand your heart energy and you do that by feeling love for any reason and directing it to touch your specific person, convinced that it does.
        Are you ready to have your relationship? Be honest with yourself. Are you ready to welcome it into your life because this relationship will definitely bring some changes?
        If you decide and just choose to believe, your limiting beliefs will be resolved, but only if you stick to it until the end. Then, all those questions will be answered along the way.
        When I know, I feel completely confident and happy about having my desire, knowing it’ll manifest any day. Then, I can imagine having it, feel that I have it, love it and allow myself to let it go. When you KNOW, you can let it go naturally. I know, absolutely know, when I decide that I want something. In this case, “why” is irrelevant – I just have to know that I want to live it.


  5. I text bombed my ex the last few days. He is completely ignoring me now. I believe I have ruined all chances of getting him back, even with the law of attraction. I was feeling vulnerable and I am disappointed in myself. The more he ignores the more I push. He will never forgive me now and I can’t forgive myself for ruining everything.

    I pushed him away. : (


    1. Hey Bea! It was my reality earlier but not anymore. I keep doing things like Visualizing, scripting, writing a paragraph about how things are happening with him etc etc. to make myself easier with the changes I expect. But most of things nor completely resonated with me because me and my friend used to have chats more than anything else. So, you know what I started doing? I started writing a chat history… how normally we are talking like:

      Him: Hey!
      Me: Hey
      Him: How are you? Been long I didn’t see you in cafe.
      Me: Been busy lately! But..
      Him: But…
      Me: You are always on my mind.
      It just gives me that feeling I get when I talk to him …. and it shifts my vibration too.

      May be you can try this too…

      I am already smiling…

      Love and Light.


      1. Hey Lightline! That’s a great idea. Thanks. I am going to do that. Couldn’t hurt, right? : )

        This is a wonderful blog. Thank you Nina.

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  6. Dear C,

    I remember whenever I had this feeling of “doing so much” for manifesting, that was the time when I was feeling less than confident. I read somewhere when it happens, try to distract yourself. I didn’t know what to do to distract myself because I was doing everything and teeling everything to him in my mind, like he was following me. I requested angels to help. (I still doubt sometimes (Sorry angels!!) LOL) and that evry day, I got a hunch to meditate and in that meditation, I visualized him doing what he would normally do at that time, felt like I stepped out of my body, reached out to his higher self – asked his HS to accompany me – Visualized that he happily did that – We went to a cliff that was surrounded by stars and angels – we sat there gazing into stars and having conversation normally. Oh my! when I came back from meditation, his HS and that cliff is my escape since then.

    I am not saying that he has helped me completely get over that ego-talk sometimes that wants the manifestation then and there, BUT, it has helped so, so much. Like 90% out of 100, I find myself saying to his physical self “Take your time. I am completely fine.”

    You an try something like this… see if it helps.

    Love and Light


    1. Redirect your attention – definitely! It is always a good idea to ask yourself why you don’t believe because it’s always a result of a personal limiting belief.


      1. THanks Nina, what does it mean when you dream of the other girl that you’ve been worrying about… even if you haven’t thought of her lately that much?


      2. Here, you have options. You can either continue to worry about her or you can decide that the relationship is yours and stick to it. You have to keep your focus to what you want in order to avoid reacting negatively to negative thoughts. Signs are not creators, they only help out and ask you what you want.


  7. I cant see any of the new comments, this has happened the other day also…
    Whatever you replied Nina, thanks haha… 🙂


      1. Hello! Yes! I deleted all history and cookies etc started using a different browser and i can see all the comments now. Yay!

        Oh my goodness!

        I was just outside and I asked myself the question ‘do you truly want this?’ and i decided ‘Yes’ because i started to feel a bit down today and i read how when you feel down or whatever its the Universe asking you if you still want it – then i come in to read your comment a few minutes later and you said ‘you have to truly want it.’ I also said to myself that i have to ignore the outer reality and stick to it this time and you mention in your response about sticking to it. This morning i wanted to give up and the 11:11 stopped. I was getting pelted with this. Not just on clocks, on cars, on receipts, you name it I saw it sometimes up to 10 or more times a day to the point where i remember saying out loud What?. The minute I lowered my vibration and starting thinking just let it go and forget about him, it stopped completely. When i was at my highest vibration and actually standing at the place a few days ago where i want to get married I could feel as if it had already happened and I was remembering the day, that’s not something Ive never been able to do before. It’s no surprise that I bought the dress now. I see how my mind is starting to shift into already having it. The dress to me is a sign that it’s actualized, Something I can look at and remember back to the the day i wore it. I didn’t mention also that I picked the bouquet also. It’s made entirely of herbs, not flowers. Like Rosemary and Thyme and other herbs. The part in the story of the girl who bought the wedding dress and knowing it would happen soon. I feel this. I am able to stay in the feeling of it already happened longer now where as before everything including his mother was a huge issue. I now look back at the dream of her answering the phone and recognize that it was my subconscious mind telling me WHAT the block is. Once i sent her healing/love energy and said a prayer asking for help for forgiveness it stopped and I wanted to met her so i imagined us getting along. The funny is, i have just as much in common with him as I do with his mum.


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  8. Just to throw something interesting out there to everyone. I saw Legends of the Fall for the first time the other night.

    Have any of you seen the movie Legends of The Fall with Brad Pitt?

    There is a scene where the little girl Isobel (Karina Lombards character) declares to Susannah (Julia Ormonds character) that she is going to marry Tristan (Brad Pits character) Susannah is in love with Tristan but is with his brother at the time that Isobel declares that she will marry Tristan. Susannah and Tristian end up being together but because of her need and want drives him out of her life, she decides that she cant wait for him. Isobel, the little girl, declares it ONCE, doesn’t stress about when or how its going to happen and gets on with her life, has fun and guess what happens? They end up marrying. She just declared it once that she was going to marry him and it happened. I know its a movie but you are looking at the law of attraction when you watch that movie.


    1. I have a drama school background (among other things) and love to observe acting, if you will, so I love movies. Legends of the Fall was very good and Anthony Hopkins was fantastic in it! I’ve seen it many times. But you’re right about Isobel. On the other hand, Susannah never believed she could have Tristan so she continued to “wait.” LoA lessons 🙂


  9. You know , I can count on my 2 hands how often I have initiated contact with him in the year I have known him. The only times I did is because something nudged me to, not because I was insecure or afraid but most of the time because I thought I should meet him half way since he was always the one seeking me out ( who knows maybe he was actually manifesting me contacting him).

    Whenever I am insecure and think of him I see things I don’t enjoy (that’s how good a manifestor I am), it used to make me crazy but now I tell myself like in movies we’re at the part where you know they have to end up together but you have no idea how the plot will work that out, so, sit back and caramel popcorn.

    The more dramatic it gets the more you know the reveal will be straight out of a fairy tale!!!

    In the meantime I keep myself as busy as I can and remind myself of all the times I did get what I wanted, and how this is no exception. So whether it takes a day, a month, a year , whether he’s sleeping around right now or not, whether he’s ready for it emotionally, physically or any other –ally you can think of, whether he knows it or not – eventually it will hit him … like a ton of bricks, and he will rush to find me to declare all the butterflies and things he’s feeling that he ‘can’t keep to himself anymore’ – and I am sitting there sipping on my coffee with a smirk saying : ‘Yep…. I know. Actually I’ve known for a long time…so since you’re moving in, coffee is black with 1 sugar right?’

    Neville says don’t let your senses fool you, people would say be realistic and they’re right ..except you pick which reality to be realistic about. What you’re seeing now is what you created before. It’s like instead of painting a new canvas you’re trying to repaint over the same old picture to ‘fix it’ wondering why the colors are getting more and more confusing, murky and unpretty. But fixing something implies it’s broken … that’s resistance.

    A new canvas though, that’s creation with endless possibilities 🙂

    The trick is to not allow your life to stop in the process. I made that mistake for a while. My guy is a gorgeous pilot surrounded by beautiful women every day and yes he likes to watch, he likes the attention and sometimes he’s aloof. I used to make that about me, as if it said something about what I was worth. But it doesn’t, the proof is in the pudding : he always reappears. It takes him a few weeks but eventually my phone will ring and there he will be initiating again because for some reason he can’t go too long without talking to me even if he doesn’t see me much.

    Instagram was the devil for me for a long time because I could see what he liked and create more scenarios I didn’t like … it was my Achille’s heel, so I deactivated it because I don’t need it and I realized I had to be honest with myself : I was keeping it to ‘check on him’, putting up pictures I hoped he’d like and would be heartbroken if he didn’t react .. How insecure is that ? Why would he be with a woman like that? I wouldn’t even want a woman like that for him. So I adjusted to the woman I believe I am and that a man deserves: too busy for instagram, no need for his validation because I have plenty of my own and no room for misinterpreting because he liked some random instagram model’s picture because they’re pretty girls on a screen, I am the super model in his life.

    I was recently told life doesn’t put something you desire in front of you to mock you or to tease you – what kind of world would that be? If you desire it is because you can make it a reality, the trick is to learn from the journey of getting there respecting the gestation period.
    Pregnant women don’t get frustrated the baby isn’t coming after 3 months of pregnancy .. you know there’s a gestation period so you ride it out .. right now I am pregnant with the most beautiful love story I have ever experienced in my life, it’s inside of me growing, steadily – If I treat myself well with love, care, and the knowing that it’s there and its survival depends on me I will give birth to the most beautiful creation I spent all this time envisioning, making it with my own essence, my DNA, my spirit… If I don’t cherish it and respect the gestation, it won’t come out right and I might even miscarry the creation before it comes to life and have to start over.

    I don’t know about you but I am super eager to discover the plot twist that will lead to the happy ending… because that’s the one given of all this : a happy ending is guaranteed…only : you have to switch from the drama channel.


  10. Exactly and I was just outside again and thought “Why was i worried about this?”
    The thought now seems so stupid.
    Isobel was never worried about getting a phone call or text messages or a reply to a text message or why Tristan went away for years. (Yes i know it wasn’t the time period for mobile phones) but still, she didn’t NEED or worry because she knew it was going to happen.
    She declared it, went on with her life and grew up into a happy woman and got what she declared.
    Yes exactly! Susannah never believed and was always in the fear/stress/abandonment/never believing/victim mode.
    Isobel also didn’t have any limiting beliefs, not even the massive age gap!

    I feel good right now! 😀

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  11. Hi Nina and All of you lovelies,

    Just wanted to gave an update here.

    I met my friend and we had a great time. He did everything what I had imagined. Since July 28th till a few hours back (IST), if it was not LOA, I would have nmever manifested it. It felt like I am reliving a moment that I have been visualizing. My experience with this BIG manifestation is that – take small leads, ask for little things, practice the technique (In my case it’s visualization to FEEL, scripting to direct the energy towards POSITIVITY and self talk) and keep doing that. You will feel contrast sometimes, you will feel overwhelmed, you might cry your heart out (I did it yesterday) but as Abe says … next morning is a new day. Start again (sorry for rephrasing)

    Follow the signs… oh my God! It’s really miraculous when you will see/hear/read signs and will be blown!!

    And in my case, songs speak to me a lot about his feelings (he doesn’t talk much and he is not very expressive), billboard signs and bumper stickers. The signs that really speak with me and I know something is around the corner are – Coming Soon, Keep Distance, Follow The Road Signs (specially DON’T TEXT and drive), fir milenge (pheer mi-len-gay) “Will meet again” in English, etc.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Nina, I read a lot of blogs about LOA and manifesting someone special. Some are in favour, some suggest you not to practice for certain reasons. But I still wanted it… and your blog is THE BEST blog and THE ONE that gives hope to hearts. Your bog is the only blog that shifted my energy in this area. There are a few people who make me feel like they are an angel. When they say something it feels like guidance coming from angels. and you are one of them for me. I wish you loads and loads of success, love and light. I wish you have your event where you speak and I am in audience – stating "Hey!! she made me believe I could win him back and I did!!" I love you so so much.


    Love and Light to all. Hope all soon achieve that moment which I have achieved today!!

    Now, let me sync into that again….*Blush Blush*

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  12. Nina

    Looking for signs means that you still don’t believe, right? Because if you believed you already had it you wouldn’t need any exterior confirmations, right?

    So signs would only follow the awareness that you you already have your desire, yes?


    1. Yes 🙂 And when you do see signs, thank the Universe that your desire is yours because it is truly communicating with you, telling you it’s coming xx


  13. I personally don’t look for signs as i read Neville and he said not to bother with them to just stay in the wish fullfilled. Living as if you already have it rather than looking for exterior signs is much easier. I put 2 of his favorite beers in the fridge last night and i opened the fridge this morning and saw them and it made it feel so real. Props and just visualizing once in the morning and night and getting on with life seems to work the best for me. It feel so much easier now. It helps to let go easier also because you can see the props there therefore making any kind of doubt/worry disappear entirely because, you already have it.


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    1. You’re right, Gretta!!

      I have also read that we should not look for signs. But you know what? those signs, songs or words spoke to me in that moment. Otherwise there are so many slogans, punch lines, bumper stickers that have logical sense to what I have desires for but they did not make me raise my one eyebrow and pushed me to think what it could mean. Now I know when my mind is trying to read signs and when my heart has sensdation when it reads signs.

      the manifestation happened exactly the way the signs were appearing. I can’t even put that in words. But let me try…

      whenever I thought of him with me, hugging me etc. I saw a name “SH”. always, always,always. It appeared on trucks, buses, jelweery shops, bakeries, news, radio… somehow or the other it always appeared. I never understood its logic because this guy happens to be my sis’ fiance. a billboard sign “A dream is about to realise”, and a name “M”. It happens to be my father’s name. then last week it occurred to me in my visualization that we are at my place and neighbors in my building are away. I am all alone with him. I thought it’s an inspired visualization. Let it happen…

      Yesterday when it happened and this is how my day went along with pother small tings that nudged me: I talked to my Brother-in-law throughout the day for something or the other, at work a colleague was telling me a story and my father’s name was mentioned many times, in the evening when I was coming home from work “A dream is about to…” appeared, i was told by neighbors that they are out and nobody is building. It all made sense then…I messaged him immediately. He used to reply my texts in a couple of days and sometimes never…. but yesterday he messaged me right away… i asked if he would like to meet, he said I am coming… he came we had a good time. He kissed on my forehead, he said what I had visualized, he said he missed me too, he always read my statuses, everyday (this is something I used to wonder and ask angels about it. lol) and many other things…

      One thing I would like to mention that I saw positive changes in him when I started sending heart energy/pink light/love energy whatever you call it. Of course after reading Nina’s blogs. I also did a lot of other small things to make myself comfortable with him in my visualization. But above mentioned pointers are something that led me to the manifestation. Probably to make me understand when and what action I have to take …

      And those signs really, really made me happy at that point of time. SO I think I would keep myself aware of my surroundings in future too and see if it something speaks to me…

      Yesterday’s manifestation has made me so confident that if it can happen, anything can happen. Just Chill. I am so much now. I am loving him, feeling the sensations that he is in love with me, listening to songs, and making a list of things that I would like coming from him.

      There is still a tiny bit of resistance due to something, and for that I am meditating, EFT and sending pink light to everyone.

      I hope you receive my pink light too and you meet your sweetheart like today!!

      Love and Light.

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  14. I just want to leave this here, since everyone is kinda having a conversation.
    I feel that lots of us will have it very soon. I dunno why or how or even why I am writing this now. It’s just a knowing.
    I had a talk with a friend two days ago. And I want to share this here.

    He gave me one quote by Rumi:
    “Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing,
    there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    the world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
    doesn’t make sense any more.”

    And he said: “I don’t even know why you are telling me you are not with her now. You are! Meet her in this place. Recognize she is you. And know it’s just going to happen because you are.”

    And another things was to be in balance and everything will come to me.
    I mean isn’t a well balanced person basically a person who has everything? (To Nina: How about a new post about this? haha He was talking about elements too)

    Hope this helps you all as well 🙂


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