The other day, one of my closest friends said that good health seems to spill over into all aspects of life. When one’s health is in order, one’s entire life seems to move along swimmingly.

I loved the idea and I feel that way after a good night’s sleep. Waking up in the most amazing mood keeps me relaxed, with a clear mind. On the other hand, exhaustion can contribute to generally feeling low and gravitating towards negative thoughts.

Do you get enough sleep? Does it affect your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hi Nina, here I have to share something funny. When I sleep too much, I feel like sleeping more and wake up feeling like a little sleep deprived. However, when I sleep less (doing things that i love like surfing, listening to music, night exercise and yoga, meditation, flipping through magazines, cleaning my house and arranging things etc) no matter how less the sleep was I wake up so energized that even the energy drink can’t give. Anyway I always believed that i lose very important time sleeping and I can do something for me in that time. huh!

    And I am no way saying I don’t enjoy sleep. when I sleep, I sleep like a baby.

    Thank you.

    Love and Light.


    1. Too much sleep always does that but what I love is the feeling of being so happy and thrilled with life that I don’t even want to fall asleep! Isn’t that the best? 😉 😀


    1. You’ll find my Gravatar profile through the About page and there’s a work email included which I use for this blog exclusively.


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