Be yourself! You don’t have to change who you are in order to live your desire.

You are beyond worthy enough already.

When you dare to be yourself, you will be and stay relaxed. Then, you will be able to easily connect with your confidence.

9 thoughts on “THOUGHT OF THE DAY

  1. Hey Nina! I have good news. So recently I just wanted to make sure whether or not I want my ex back and I prayed and ask God if we are destined. I trusted and let it go. Well, I believe that God/Universe sent me my response and it was yes, I’m meant to be with my ex. How do I know? My ex drives a car that you rarely see on the road and lately I’ve seen his car type EVERYWHERE. When I say the only time I saw his car was when he drove it, that was it!!! I knew that my desires are mine. My only thing is I’m just having difficulty living in the end desire and thinking from that place. Like what visualization should I live in when I visualize? You and Neville Goddard say live as if it is done. I’m trying, but what do you suggest I visualize so that my desire comes to me soon? Thanks a bunch for everything. I know I’m very close, I just need to figure out what it is that’ll make it happen instantly and I’ll be mastering in getting everything I want.


    1. Choose a visualization that evokes a highly positive emotional response to you (or, several of them). If you feel super excited when imagining your wedding, do that. Or maybe living together, going on a vacation… Have fun with it!
      If you do that, you will easily let go after experiencing something seemingly big that felt so real.


  2. Dear Nina,

    Since my specific man didn’t read nor reply my texts for a couple days in the middle of Jan., I felt frustrated and haven’t checked my LINE which installs in my ipad for 12 days. These past few days I begin to feel happy. Sometime I even feel things around me are beautiful including my specific man and know the relationship belonging to me. So two days ago I finally had the courage to check my ipad and found that he actually left me a message just at the day I decided not to keep checking my ipad, which means I didn’t open our chat room nor reply him for 12 days.

    He said he went on a business trip and just got back. He asked how I was doing and said he would be busy the next few days again playing catchup for works.

    From his reply, I feel that he was telling me he will still be busy. Does that mean I would better not to bother him? Should I reply him or not cause he didn’t text me again? If I reply, how do I explain why I take so long to reply by not making him misunderstanding that I am playing game at the same time? I get confused by myself now cause I’m overthinking. Should I wait and listen to the Universe and then take the inspired action, or do nothing just let him come to me again, or I can just do whatever I want to do when I can reply him from the feelings of having a wonderful relationship with him?

    What do you think? Thank you!


    1. Avoid overthinking it 🙂 You already said you were doing it and know it won’t get you anywhere.
      Thing is, you’re focusing on what to do which shows that even if you believe the relationship is yours, you don’t believe it’s yours YET. You are looking for ways to bring it into the present.
      Just work on your belief. If you know it’s yours, you don’t overthink your actions but simply do what you want every time. Relax and when you feel like answering, you will. He might even write again before that. Just relax, let it all go and let it happen.


      1. Really?! So looking forward to reading it! Thank you 🙂

        When I stopped checking my iPad, I was working on directing my focus on the end result, thinking all the good qualities he has, feeling love and making myself feel good. But when I noticed his reply, it distracted me again. Guess I am worry if I don’t reply, I might miss a chance or make him misunderstand me.


      2. Which shows you’re still not sure you can have it. When you’re sure, you know you’re making all the right moves.


      3. Indeed. So would you please kindly address more how can I be sure myself that I can have it and how to gain that strong intention as you do in your article. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂


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