Do You Feel Guilty?

Do you ever feel guilty about living in a beautiful home, being born into wealth, owning beautiful clothes, driving the car of your choice, the admiration you receive, working very little for great money, ending a relationship to great protest from your (former) partner, being in a relationship with someone who was desired by others but fell in love with you or quitting a job because you knew there was something better out there while your boss objected?

Do you feel guilty because of all the praise you receive, thinking you should be doing even more or fix the problems of every person in the world?

Do you ever feel guilty for having your pick of potential friends and romantic partners because people seem to be magnetically drawn to you?

Do you ever feel guilty for putting your own happiness first?

Do you feel guilty for being able to manifest everything you want instantly while others struggle?

Or, do you know that you should just enjoy and feel grateful for everything you have, loving it immensely, loving your life and knowing that the way to keep the blessings flowing is to be grateful for them?

In order to keep anything in your life, you must love and appreciate it. In order to keep another person in your life, you must love and appreciate them.

I can tell you that attempted guilt trips from some people in the past have made me want to distance myself from them. Once, a friend told me I was wrong to want to spend time with people other than her, as she wanted to do everything together. I felt suffocated and distanced myself from her until she eventually ended our friendship. I was grateful for it.

Another time, I quit a job after only four months. I knew it wasn’t right and leaving as soon as I realized it was the right thing to do. My then boss protested, making me even more convinced that I had made the right decision; however, someone close to me told me I should have stuck it out since “this man did hire you, after all.”

So what? It was his choice to do so, just like it was my choice to stay in this job or leave. I disliked the job and working with him profoundly, especially his sudden expectation of my working full time for a part time salary. It was an unhealthy environment for me to be in and things would have only gotten worse had I stayed. By the end, I wanted to distance myself from him as well as the person who had protested my choice of quitting together with him. Days later, I packed up and flew across the continent to visit some friends and remind myself I deserved to be happy.

Many fail to see the difference between choice and attachment. Every job, collaboration, friendship and a relationship is a choice! Someone who disagrees with your choices and tries to guilt you into making their choice is not giving love to you even though they think so – instead, they are trying to force their attachment on you, thinking you should want the same thing they do. They believe you don’t want to be with them as much as they want to be with you and condemn you for it in one way or another because they allow your freedom to upset them. When someone thinks that you should want to attend to their needs, they are projecting their (negative) feelings of inadequacy on you.

On the other hand, if they loved themselves and gave love and freedom to you instead of depending on you for their (temporary) happiness (because happiness based on external factors such as another person never lasts – only inner happiness does), you would have changed your mind. In that case, they would have offered you happiness and quality to come to.

It can be difficult to keep something in your life if you don’t appreciate it. What you feel negatively about in any way tends to leave or never appear, depending on whether or not you have it already. This is why you should never feel guilty for anything you love about your life.

You choose your experiences, career, love life, financial wealth and happiness.

You choose the people you want in your life.

People choose to talk to you, be with you, not be with you or create any type of connections with you – just like you do with them. If you want someone in your life, you are to influence them with love, positive energy and feeling wonderfully about yourself so that you could allow them to feel just as wonderfully about you. You are to respect their freedom and send loving/positive energy to them if you want them in your life. This energy will attract them. Out of that freedom, others choose to come to you which is how couples and friends come together.

So many are unhappy because the world tells them what they should want and they listen, as if they hold obligations to anyone but themselves. Their guilt dictates their reality.

You must be sure that what you want is yours and feel grateful for it, without guilt. Feeling guilty about wanting to live an abundant life keeps that life away from you.

I never feel guilty about anything I desire – I deserve it. If I take some time to figure out what I want, that’s fine, too. Life isn’t going anywhere and there’s plenty of time for everything. As soon as I decide and change my inner energy, life catches up.

41 thoughts on “Do You Feel Guilty?

  1. Hi

    I do have one question about heart energy. I think I read somewhere that you said it changes awareness. Do you mean your own awareness or the person you are trying to attract. Does it change how they feel about you? Is that what you mean?

    Also. I can see some old posts at the top and in between your new posts. Is it just my computer or did you re-share them for us to read? Either way. I will read them.



    1. Those old posts are always on the first page while the others move in order.
      Both, in that sense. It allows your love to touch them, attracting a relationship with them to you and it increases the feeling of love in you, allowing you to love your desires, drawing them into your life 🙂 If you send heart energy to another person, they feel it and respond as your heart energy evokes loving feelings in them for you. You can manifest anything using heart energy alone, sending it continuously as it manifests your desires.
      Heart energy also allows you to love another person exactly as they are.
      When you simply love that much, you see yourself having what you want and feeling blissful about it – that is the most amazing way in which heart energy improves your own awareness.


  2. Okay, I want to ask you about this. I was shopping for a certain pair of shoes in a certain color, since I want to see them on me. However, the shops I went to, either had a pair in a different color or didn’t have them at all, even though they are advertised everywhere.
    Does that mean I either feel guilty of receiving them or it’s not the divine timing?
    What do you think?


    1. Hey you,
      How did you feel while looking for the shoes? Were you sure you would find them in that color or just thought that you would like to find them but didn’t believe you actually could? If you hit a few stores on that day and kept coming up with nothing, you may not have been sure you would find them after a while?


  3. Hi.

    You know that saying, ‘don’t know what you have… etc etc.
    Tonight I went to a relatives place and they had some of their workers come over for a bit.
    I watched these 25+ year old men drink 6 beers each in 20 minutes, complain how they had no money and every second word that came out of their mouths was f**k and c**t and about how some bitch was on their back. O.o
    I sat there and thought about all the things I had complained about about my man.
    Being to close to his family, having to discuss things with them etc etc.
    I looked at these men and then I looked at the things I had been complaining about and realized I would rather be with a person who is close to his family and is cautious and doesn’t swear and doesn’t drink then men who stand around drinking beer, complaining they are broke and swearing like troopers. It really was a bit of a reality check! I had been complaining about things that were so small in comparison to what I saw tonight and what is put there.
    It left me feeling so UGH! I know I sound judgmental but it made me even more GRATEFUL that I’m not with dickheads like that.
    Made me realise my complaining was soooo stupid.

    Just sayin’


  4. It really was a bit of a reality check! I had been complaining about things that were so small in comparison to what I saw tonight

    ***and what is put there. <—- That line.

    I have no idea what i was trying to say there. Haha. Very tired today. Long day.

    Gnite x


    1. I believe you came to these conclusions because you had decided you wanted your relationship and are now able to feel more and more positively about it and about your man as a result 🙂 The Universe is directing you towards your relationship, so exciting! 😀
      It’s a beautiful example of how focusing on one positive thing about yourself/your man and feeling gratitude prompts the LoA to give you even more things to feel great about! 😀


  5. Hi Nina, after successfully manifesting some really good time with boo, i have decided to manifest him taking initiatives for call, messages and meetings. ..
    Now here is where my mind starts stressing…and sometimes feelig guilty…
    1. After visualizing the end result ( that I do daily while in bed because it feels really good) I also affirm like he loves me unconditionally, he feels comfortable with me, I am a great girl to be with etc etc etc.) I have started feeling complacent in terms of excitement. I fear if this is not normal?
    2. I want examples of how one can affirm and visualize somebody intimating communication? I feel myself stuck there.
    3. Sometimes like once in 2 or 3 days I feel a little sad about what is because of obvious reasons. But most of the times I am happy. Is this sadness causing a block/resistance?

    Looking forward to your responses


    1. Hi Lightline.

      Your situation sounds like mine. I have spent some good times lately with my man, but always at my initiation. I am grateful for the times we have, though. Like Nina has said, it really shouldn’t matter who initiates if it feels right and makes you happy.

      For me, having him initiate a text or meetup would mean he wants to talk/see me and affirm he is interested in me. So, I am trying to visualize him doing so.



    2. You don’t have to feel excited all the time, just happy. However, a lack of positive feeling altogether usually means you’re overthinking it and have to let go to manifest instead.

      If your end result is contact initiation, not the relationship, imagine how it feels to receive a message from him and then, let it go to manifest. However, if your end result is the relationship then contact initiation is not imagining the relationship. Those are separate things. Only imagine your end result and let the rest happen.

      When you have negative thoughts or feel sadness, redirect to something that makes you happy. This will allow your manifestation to come to you while sadness prevents it but as soon as you revert to happiness for any reason, you are allowing your manifestation to come 🙂

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  6. I am so happy for you guys. 🙂
    Mine does everything to avoid me because he likes to take on other peoples points of views about me. I hope the event breaks him free from his conditioning, its what this event is about. I’ve had to go to another event on another day instead. Yes, Nina, I already know what you are going to say but it seems harder for me because he refuses to be alone with me or lays down these idiotic demands and has to be in control. I do admit I have been angry today but using the prayer and questions and its eased up somewhat but I will persist because i know these tools work. I’m angry at myself for giving my power away for years trying to show him that I am not what he was told about me and pulling out when I should have just gone and ignored everything and him and just went with it. Sometimes I think that he likes being controlled by members of his family because he thinks he can’t cope on his own and it gets to keep him where he is. Stuck, in a poverty pact with people who are possessive and controlling and fear mongering and right where he is. I’m sick of him being afraid of something that he bought into. When I told the event people she said it, she said it sounds like hes buying into other peoples realities. Seriously, Universe on the 27th of Feb let this person see the truth!


  7. Nina and All.
    Omg! I just remembered something! He said that he had a bad feeling about me from the start. Really? He said he would be honored for me to do a technique on him which involves touching someone similar to massage with essential oils. So when exactly did these bad feelings about me start? There never was any bad feelings! Between his points of views he has taken in from the world about what love should be and then add his mothers points of views and her bullying and scaring him through text messages…. It’s clear as freaking day. He didn’t have any bad feelings about me ever. He believed the points of view of the world and his mother. I know you don’t want me to focus on this stuff but it actually gave me a boost of confidence! I know now more than EVER that there was NEVER any bad feelings. 1) Would you go to someones house and let them do EFT on you if you had a bad feeling about them? He came over many times and i did EFT on him for hours at a time! 2)Would you let someone touch you all over with oils? 3)Would you tell people your most private intimate details of your life and cry in front of them if you had a bad feeling about someone from the start? 4) Would you talk about starting a business with someone if you had a bad feeling about them from the start? 5)Would you ask them to go camping with you and you family? It’s all a lie!! He was made to believe I wouldn’t be good for his life and that is what he told me! That someone said to him I wouldn’t be good for his life. Who do you think that might have been? Take a wild guess who might have told him this bullshit! Now. I’m ready to fight for this more than ever!! I feel like I found the key to the last door!!


  8. Hi Nina and everyone,

    I have a question about 11:11. I’ve seen it a few times the last couple of days. I’ve also seen 22:22 and 33:33 in the last day as well. More recently my dreams about him have been more frequent, and they are him reaching out to me, choosing me. I saw him in town 2 days ago, and parked next to him at the store although I didn’t run into him.
    We’ve had to be in contact more and more the last 6 to 8 weeks and seen each other (all work related). The frequency has all increased.

    I’ve also had a strong sense lately that life will be changing, possibly radically. Intuitively I feel something is coming. I just don’t know what. I’ve been practicing heart energy and feeling the warmth and pure love between us. I can feel his love, I can feel him.
    I can’t even begin to imagine how we could get together. Both our situations are quite complicated. But my soul won’t give up on him. It’s as if my inner self has chosen, or that he’s chosen me. I’ve been looking for my ideal match since my youth. NO ONE in my life has ever felt like him. He’s different than anyone I’ve ever encountered. From the beginning I somehow intuitively knew he was significant. Now 2 and a half years later it’s never cooled, only accelerated.

    I would love to know more about synchronicity although I mostly tend to ignore the signs positively and focus on my end goal as joyfully as I can. Have you experienced the numbers before?


  9. Nina. Someone who knows has just told me that he does have feelings for me and that is why he’s pulled out.
    Think about it. Why would you have an issue being around someone you don’t have feelings for? To stop something from happening.
    I knew it! I quote ‘He does have feelings for you but he’s shoving it down as far as possible because he thinks it’s wrong and that it can’t be you because of the age difference and to keep his parents happy.’

    Full steam head now. This is mine.


      1. Really? Did you always think he did? I couldn’t see it until I started scratching my head at why he became so difficult again.
        They also said that he is delaying us seeing each other.
        Wow. I feel bad. Why would you want to deny yourself happiness like that?
        I’m a freaking catch, yo! Haha.. Jokes.
        I will send happiness heart energy also now. ❤


      2. I did because this is the assumption I operate by – when I pick and decide what the dynamics and the feelings are between us, I assume it’s mine and that I bring magic into it. Simple, right? 😀
        So, when someone says “I want this person,” I assume things have started to move and then, it is up to the person to KNOW it’s theirs…or not.


    1. Now, imagine the happy relationship 🙂 Imagine that he appreciates you for everything you are, wants to be with you and is proud to be with you 🙂


  10. Hello Nina and everyone I have a question i’m in pain right now so this may be all over the place i dont want this to be long but to get right down to it my boyfriend told me he didn’t want to be with me anymore which is really confusing to me because he moved here to be with me but he says i haven’t changed it’s like my fears have came true we have a 5 year old daughter together 2 weeks ago he is telling me how much he loved me he even asked me to marry him again but he said he met a girl he really likes & im not sure what to do family i love him and i would like to have this relationship for so many reason Nina help idk what to do


    1. Hello Michelle. This can be fixed but you have to believe in yourself and believe you deserve to have what you want, believe you CAN manifest what you want!
      You have to believe the relationship you want with him is yours regardless of what he says. That means, focusing on what you want to happen. I know you’re in pain right now the essential thing is that you believe you CAN have this relationship instead of feeling that it is missing.
      Getting over the pain and the fear is crucial so that you stop being upset by his words. I would say believe, practice heart energy and believe in yourself. Imagine your relationship as you want it to be, you two happy together, planning your wedding, spending time with your daughter, being a family 🙂
      Take the situation in your hands and know that you can do this! I believe that just imagining these situations as you want them to be will make you feel better. Ignore the current reality as much as you can and focus on how you want things to be, being SURE that it would happen but letting it happen. Do you feel like you can do that?


  11. I feel like i can but at some moments i feel really really bad and not sure how to process it without reacting to it do i just observe my thoughts or do i say cancel every time i get an uneasy feeling i don’t thinking fighting them helps he sounds as if he really wants to live the life he’s currently living sometimes i can tune it out other times i hear the things he’s said I know thoughts create your future i feel like i had a part in this happening in a few ways i would day dream about things like this i know this is crazy but i would i don’t know why a part of me i thought about him having someone else often i would like to understand why i play these images in my head what am i getting out of it i don’t want to feel like that i’d like to be more assertive

    can i do a list on this the relationship

    also if i’m confused with the relationship at times could that cause confusion


    1. It could.
      You can write the list of what the relationship you want is and how it feels 🙂 Also, your mind is expressing your fears but that is a reflection of how YOU feel about yourself. You feared this happening because on some level, you didn’t feel deserving of having the relationship you want. And, you should 🙂
      Why did you feel unworthy? Ask yourself and you will receive the answers.
      Imagine how you would feel if he behaved differently. How does it feel when you imagine him being the man you want, saying things you want to hear? If you let your mind play out some of these situations, you will see that it’s possible and you will feel good! Those new feelings will change your awareness. Just play out the images of what you WANT to see happen in your life 🙂 Those will replace the negative. Before that, decide and believe you can have what you want. Don’t let those negative thoughts control your mood. Practicing positive focus will lead to positive manifestations 🙂
      Remind yourself that you’re an amazing person who deserves the best.
      Every time you have a negative thought and cancel it, say an affirmation afterwards. Repeat it a few times.
      Things will get better 🙂


  12. Hey there, Nina!

    Long time, no post (or read for that matter…) I hope you have been well. I find it really funny that I am about to post this: any advice on how I can use LOA to let go of my ex? I am in an unbelievably amazing relationship, almost exactly what I kept visualizing between me and my ex when I spent almost a year trying to get her back with LOA. When I even read that last sentence, I can’t help but feel such contradictory feelings. On one hand, I feel a little embarrassed that I spent so much time and energy focusing on getting her back, but on the other hand I feel such gratitude because that whole process led me to learn about myself and the amazing energy I have and what I create. Because of my terrible breakup and longing to get my ex back (and ultimately my self worth back – I put so much into how she broke up with me and how badly I acted when we last spoke), I started to let go and show gratitude and live my own life with confidence. I met a girl who has almost every quality on my list that I focused on and we fell in love. I have checked off so many items that I created through feeling them real. These are all great things. But I have disconnected from that creative energy over the past few months. I find myself unable to get back to feeling overwhelming love and confidence. I also find myself tonight, for the first time in months, looking up my ex and her new girlfriend online and I am feeling like a failure. Like this other girl has qualities I don’t have and I’m feeling the rejection all over again. It’s crazy to me because I have never felt the love I feel for my girlfriend and I know I created that. I even know that my ex and I were never going to last and that she probably found someone more suited for her like I found for me. I just can’t shake this feeling of failure and jealously and this desire for closure with my ex. The last time we spoke was so terrible that I worry she may never speak to me again but way worse than that, I worry I won’t be able to forgive myself for the way I acted. And the fact that I spent so much time and energy trying to bring her back with visualizing and journaling scares me because it’s like I have burned her and this disappointment into my mind. So to sum it up, can you please offer any advice on how to forgive myself and let go of my ex?

    Thanks so much, you have always been a great help 🙂



    1. Hi AJ! Welcome back 🙂
      I would say you already have every reason to let go of your ex – happiness, a great new relationship and a great life. You got something even better than what you originally wanted to manifest so maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you only wanted to manifest your ex back to know that you are forgiven and vindicated for the past somehow.
      This might sound a little out there but try and see what I mean.
      It can be tempting to think that if an ex chases us or forgives us in some way, we could make peace with the situation. However, even if she did and you didn’t actually forgive yourself for you, you’d still be back in this place thinking that you still haven’t made peace with the past. Now, you know that you need to forgive yourself and the easiest way to do so is to remind yourself that none of us are perfect. Nobody is! Everyone makes some choices they question at times and so has your ex – that’s life. There are many people in the world, many egos and we clash.
      Also, remember that your past got you to where you are today. You know that you should forgive yourself and that we are all equally worthy. Let go of thinking about your ex’s new partner because they’re not perfect either. You think that this person is better than you not because they are but because you aren’t loving who you are enough right now. However, that has nothing to do with your ex, it has to do with you. Think about what it is about yourself that bothers you and who you would like to be. If you think about what kind of person you would love to be so that you absolutely admire yourself, you will end up being that person 🙂
      You can do this!
      Lots of love,


  13. Hi Nina I have another question i finally talked to my i guess ex now and he said he just couldn’t do it anymore he feel guilty long story short he is moving in with this girl he’s just know for two months he is doing things which is not like him i feel numb right now he says shes sweet & she has the qualities he wanted in me he says he loves me but he’s not in love with me and shes a go getter like him Nina she has all the qualities he wants in a woman i’m not sure if i can get him back even if i tried can i have you opinion is it just useless please be completely honest i need honesty right now

    he says he doesnt have to beg her to go out with him like he did me and i think how much his family may love her idk nina sad face


    1. I am always completely honest with all of you 🙂 Right now, you feel that you can’t have what you want because of his words. However, you have to believe you can have what you want because you have decided so. In order to manifest, you would have to believe you can make him happy and can have the relationship you want with him. You’ve had insecurities about the relationship all along but in order for things to change, you have to start seeing yourself differently and believe they can.
      However, as you said you have to decide whether or not you want to be with him first. Any situation can change, you just have to believe it.


  14. so how can i go about assuming i have the qualities that he would like because those are qualities i would like to have I’ve been a bit lazy to do it should i just imagine him being happy with me i want to be more than happy though i would like him to feel being with me is like nothing he’s ever experienced over the moon and also how can i work on things with him also build my own self up i would really like to have other things that would bring excitement to my life like a condo on the 10th floor or A mini cooper always wanted one of those and one my biggest this is to write well always wanted to be better at grammar but it’s something i’m insecure about and independence i can be very much dependent on the people
    I would like to be social and i like to build up more love for him

    I would want to say i want unshakable confidence but is that even possible


    1. Also Nina he came to pick up our daughter for school and I completely reacted on the inside my heart was racing hoping he says get in because we usually take her to school together and go have breakfast how can I stop thses reaction when he calls and when I see him I’m afraid it may harm me getting him back I’m not sure if it was Loa of what but he has come back three times prior i would always say he will be back and he has also how can i not think about the other person he is with at the moment I’m going on belief getting the apartment we applied for wishing he will come back but they are also getting a place to so where does that leave her I’m Nina. Could i do a spontaneous visualization that we both took our daughter to school this morning and had our usual breakfast


      1. Just visualize what YOU want to experience with him, your relationship as you want it to be. Focusing on what goes on in his life now isn’t going to help.


    2. Thinking about who YOU want to be for yourself, what kind of person you want to be, is the answer. If you genuinely like who you are, others will feel the same way.
      You can choose everything about yourself and start to believe that you already are that person. Then, you will become that person.
      You can write down who it is you want to be and what qualities you want to posses as if you already do – “I am financially independent,” for example. “I am confident and secure in my personal qualities.”
      Visualize yourself in your condo and driving your car and be willing to do what you need to do in order to get them. However, allow the Universe to show you the right course of action to take in order to obtain those goals. The process might be easier than you think. Feel deserving of everything you want. It is time to visualize the life you want to live and if you like it and like yourself, others will, too.


  15. i’m Having a problem coming up with a scene i was hoping you could help me with one also my brother just told my mom he say a picture them on Instagram the only people who know now are my mother and brother i’m tempted to go look but i think it’s a bad idea sometime i feel how is that person better than me and i was wondering if you can imagine me writing you about how things have changed and i am happier then ever in my relationship


    1. Imagine yourself in the scene you would like. Let’s say, he proudly introduces you as his partner or wife to his coworkers, other family members or friends you haven’t met yet, family outings with your child, nights at home, family dinners… And both of you so happy and proud to be together, you feeling on top of the world 😀

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