LoA and Life Goals

I want to share with you the story of a friend of mine who used LoA in her life simply by immersing herself into positive feelings and believing she would get everything she wanted, when she wanted it.

Before I started bouncing around Europe and USA, we went to school together. We met at the age of nine when I changed schools. As it turned out, we also lived in the same building. Soon, we were good friends.

We kept in touch throughout our lives and at the age of twenty-five, I attended her wedding. This was a major life event she had manifested at the exact time she intended it.

Years earlier, she had decided she wanted to be married by the age of twenty-five. Having made the decision, she was sure her desire would manifest. She moved on with her life, enjoying work, friends and family, having fun and feeling grateful for everything she had.

When we were twenty-four, she informed me she was getting married. Informing me of the time period to give me a chance to plan my trip from abroad, I was absolutely thrilled. The wedding took place two months after her 25th birthday.

Another goal she had was to be a mother by the time she turned thirty. However, after the wedding, she was putting a great deal of importance on this goal and its manifestation. She then realized she had developed attachment to her goal and was worrying about its manifestation, preventing her from enjoying any thought she had about it. This was out of character for her.

She was a person who had used LoA effortlessly in life but had now realized she was using it incorrectly.

Attachment to one’s desire which means noticing it missing and allowing that to lower one’s vibration prevents the said desire from manifesting. In order to manifest, one must let go.

Then, she said to herself,

“I have to relax. This is going to happen but I have to relax. If it happens now, great; if not, it’ll happen when it happens.”

After that, her pregnancy happened almost immediately.

This magnificently simple story describes the essence of LoA. This is all we need to do in order to manifest. She has since used LoA to improve circumstances at work and manifest many positive circumstances for her family. She doesn’t believe anything to be impossible but knows that everything in life is a matter of choice.

This is simply all we need to do.

26 thoughts on “LoA and Life Goals

  1. Hi Nina,

    I’ve really been trying to let go for the past couple of days, focusing more on myself and concentrating on feeling good and happy. I do feel better than before but there’s still an underlying tension…. And I know that I haven’t let go. The thoughts have popped in my mind about, “so, why hasn’t he called” and “what the heck happened?” I wonder about him, and I still think about where I am when I get home and there are less distractions.

    Last year, I was having a lot of physical ailments, like migraines, back aches, and just feeling tired all the time. I was also attracting some negative situations, like soon after I had come back from my visit with him, I hit the side of my car against a pole, and a month later was pumping gas one day and I left with the pump still connected to my car. It was just weird. Today, I was pumping gas, and this homeless man was asking me for money for a coffee which made me nervous since I was alone. The gas station attendant saw, so he came over to see what he needed and when I told him that the man was asking for a coffee, he got it for him, which was very nice. When the homeless man came back out just as my gas was finished, I was pulling the pump out and somehow my finger got stuck on the trigger which caused gas to come spewing out all over my car and the floor.. Luckily nothing serious happened, but it got me thinking on the way home, how since I came back, I haven’t been feeling as well, and weird things have happened. I think it might be because I’m always worried about my romantic situation.

    I try to let go, but deep down, my heart is not letting me. The funny thing is that when I’ve genuinely let go from frustration, I did see improvements. But, in those cases, my letting go came from the heart. Now, I’m trying to let go, but I know that I’m trying to let go in order to manifest. I can’t fully relax, because I’m relaxed and then the thought of him pops in my head hours later, and I go “what’s going on?” The times when I let go because my heart genuinely gave up, the results were almost instantaneous. Sorry for the long post, but my question is how to let go when your heart won’t let you, you find it hard to relax like your friend did in this post?

    Thank you,


    1. Yes, I see. Once you let go, you will feel balanced again. You have to find true joy in your life instead of just temporary distractions which will enable you to let go.
      My friend did exactly that – she always had a lot of joy in her life because it was what she chose. She spent time with her close friends from high school, a group of girlfriends she liked to spend time with and they shared many of the same interests. She found plenty of enjoyment in her job. I believe she met her husband through mutual friends as well which is not surprising because she had filled her life with people she loved.
      I remember that once, she was talking about going to the gym – another activity she liked. It is easy to find joy in life.
      The heart loves to feel and emit love and she loved and was grateful for many things in her life. Still is, especially for her child! I have never wanted to have children but I see why they give parents so much happiness.
      What else do you like to do in life simply because YOU enjoy it? This is where the answer lies. You have to have more in life than just your man and you will be happier for it!


  2. Thank you Nina, I hope I’m not sounding like a broken record but I actually have been doing those things. I hang out with my nephew who I adore, I go out to nice lunches and dinners with my friends, I went last week for a massage, dinners with my brother and parents (I love being with my family)

    I did a little online shopping today, etc. the challenge is that the minute I’m not busy or doing those things, my thoughts go to him, and unfortunately focused on the negative and lack of. I immediately try to focus on something else, but there is still that worry 😦

    I know I have many things to be grateful for, and other than my relationships, I have many blessings. This is why I do try to do those things, know that I’m healthy and those I love as well. It’s just hard to forget that my relationship is not there and let that go.


    1. OMG you just reminded me to book a massage, thank you! 😀 I almost forgot to call.
      I love what I’m hearing! Keep spending time with your family and enjoying your life 😀
      Try and immediately repeat the opposite thoughts as affirmations when the negative ones come up. I’m SURE that as you do it, your mind will start to believe your relationship is possible. Just keep repeating those affirmations and don’t give up. Give it a week and you’ll already feel different.


  3. Hi Nina and everyone. I know this is a blog about the LoA, but I was wondering if I could get some regular “girl (or guy) advice” regarding my relationship.

    Last week, I asked my guy if we could meet up. He said “sure we can. Let’s look to next week sometime.” meaning this week. I hadn’t heard anything from him since so on Wednesday, I texted him just following up and asking if we are still okay to meet. I still haven’t gotten a response. I have to admit that I am devastated and thinking of just telling him I give up and he will never hear from me again. I was so looking forward to seeing him but he is so quiet and unresponsive. Am I causing this behavior from him? I can’t help but take it personally and feel I am just not that important to him.

    Should I wait for him to contact me or tell him I am done waiting? I honestly don’t know what to do and it is making me so sad not getting a response from him.

    Thank you. ❤️



    1. Dear Bea,

      I understand your feeling. When we decide to make a little approach to them, they seem to pull back! So I also drafted a letter to my specific man as what you intend to do. I didn’t send it to him, but at least writing down is a way to decompress the negative energy.

      My personal advise is that when you eager to do something, the safest way is that you lean back and make peace of yourself for few days. You can send it to him one day, but why rush now? 😉 Guess writing to him might not make him suddenly realize to make changes in the relationship. Remember the current reality is the product of our past thought. So calm yourself, let the current unhappy reality pass asap and focus on something that make you feel better in order to clean your vibration. It might take some time, but you will create something better and better. Then you listen to your heart and see if you still want to send him that letter.

      I am sorry I might not give you any advise you’re looking for, because I am also at the crossroad and take my own path. Just hope my sharing will give you some support.


    2. You’re not open to receiving an answer from him yet. Ask yourself if a part of you always expects that something will go wrong.
      Don’t “wait” because that will cause more waiting. Let go, enjoy your life and he will reach out.


      1. I love Nina’s advise better!! 🙂 I agree that he will reach out. We should learn how to “allow” it to happen!


      2. Feeling great about yourself and feeling deserving of any desire gives you complete freedom and detachment 🙂


      3. Thank you Nina, Do you know of any self-love books that follow the law of attraction belief system. Would love it if there was one you could recommend 🙂


      4. While I finish and publish my book, try The Magic by Rhonda Byrne 🙂 It entails gratitude exercises which will be useful to you.


  4. Hi Nina and Everyone.


    I went to the course. It was only me and him! And the course lady, but it was another lady, the lady I knew intuitively would be better suited to understanding what had gone on between us in the past. So just to fill you in it’s been 3 years since I have seen him!

    So, as you know I decided to go. I originally woke up on the Tuesday knowing i had to go and kept testing the Universe because I was unsure of how I had changed my mind. I kept hearing “Go to the course” – So i asked for various signs and got them as you all know. The other lady randomly messaging me as I had asked for pelicans and got 2 of them. Then there was other things I missed like seeing 1111 and 444. 444 means follow your intuition.

    This is gonna sound crazy but eh! I have a tarot app on my iphone that you ask a question and shake it. Every single card that came up when I asked a question was an amazing card. I thought, this is strange! Let it go, but deep down I knew everything was going to be ok. I’d never seen this app give me that many good cards before ever.

    So… I felt no nerves driving there. It’s nearly an hour drive for me. As soon as I got into the car the song I had associated with him started to play and I knew everything was going to be ok and then the whole way there EVERY SINGLE SONG that came on the radio was a song I had associated with him in the past it made me feel good.

    I get there and I am not sure if this lady knows any of our history. I walk in and he is there. This is when I got nervous and froze a bit and didn’t say much. She asked me if I was ok and I said I was thinking in my head that I hoped that she knew something about our past from the other lady.

    We went into the room where we were doing the course and I sat down on the couch and so did he and the lady left the room briefly and he said to me “I’m willing to let everything go” I cant remember if he said for today or whether he meant forever. It doesn’t really matter to be honest! The fact that he was willing to let go of what has happened between us for even a day was enough for me. I said Ok me too and thank you.

    This is when it gets more amazing. The lady walks back into the room and says “I know a little bit of whats happened between you too and I just want you to know I know. IT”S OBVIOUS THAT UNIVERSE HAS BOUGHT YOU TOO TOGETHER.” I was floored when she said it and was expecting him to say something negative – I look in his direction but not at him and we both say nothing. She said ‘Whether its past life related or whatever we will see what happens after this.” I think she meant in general not after the course. I already know that we have had past lives together, everyone you met is someone you have known before but I also know that I’m meant to be with him in this life. I knew it from when I first saw him. It’s him and I know it more than ever when I saw him again today, 3 years later. With past boyfriends I NEVER knew as firmly as I know with him.

    So we did the course which is hands on and it was amazing. He made me fall asleep at one stage and he was coming in and out from what I could see of being awake/asleep etc. When he was on the table she kept pointing to him and smiling as she read stuff from the manual at the parts about how we humans refuse to receive and see things and how things don’t show up in our lives as we expect them too. She could easily see how he can’t receive and how he blocks himself. This is something I told him from the first day he came to my house.

    So now he has heard it from someone else that the Universe HAS bought us together. That these meetings and that I am still here are NOT coincidences. The course is designed to unlock you from stopping things coming into your life. Lets see what happens now. 🙂

    The course ended and we left and he called out goodbye and said thank you. I got in my car and the Guns N’ Roses song Patience started to play and I heard ‘Theres more to come” the same way I heard guides say “Go to the course’ – I now believe more than ever that Universe IS trying to put us together because I wasn’t meant to be there and if it wasn’t for listening to my own intuition this never would have happened because the other event lady had asked me if I really wanted to step back in the drama and pain. If I had listened to her I never would have had this chance! I’ll never go against my gift because I know it’s always correct. I think the Universe also set it up to take this person out of the way and bring in the other lady to do the course on its own because her energy was better suited for us. She wasn’t wanting me to forget about him and move on. She knew the Universe was ‘up to something’ and she could see he wasn’t into receiving where as the other lady said to me “he’s stupid moron, cant you see it?” He’s not a moron to me. I am so glad I didn’t listen to the lady who has an energy of impatience and we got the lady who is kind and sweet and patient and understands that the Universe is conspiring something.

    I came home and I opened that Tarot app and asked how he was feeling to day and I got the 3 of cups. Look it up, the meaning if you want.

    I know its him. I’ve always known.

    I’m so happy right now. 🙂

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    1. yay! Gretta..sooo happy for you girl!! You deserve it all…all your desires! And yes Universe has totally got your back..its soo evident. Wow!Feels good to hear such positive story . Thanks for sharing Gretta .

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    2. Wow Gretta, I’m so excited for you! Thank you for sharing your story and this journey of manifesting. I think we all learn from each other and it’s beautiful! By the way, I too had an experience in the past with my guy and the song “Patience” from Guns/Roses. (we were listening to it at the same time) I got chills when you mentioned it in your comment. I listen to the song all the time since then. Love it! Keep us posted!


    3. I am ELATED for your Gretta! Your spirit, your energy jump through the screen i was literally doing a happy dance while I was reading your experience (was it a reiki course you were doing? that stuff is gold and can unravel so much!)

      When we ride it out and just let it be, things can be so magical.

      here is something that might be helpful, I am not trying to get an ex back but I like the way this book is organized in helping you get to the vibration you need to manifest your heart’s desire. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CAYT9ZK/ref=cm_sw_su_dp?tag=viglink22800-20 it’s a 25 day challenge that gives you exercises and things to do everyday to bring you closer to what you’re wishing.

      I can’t wait for more beautiful stories like these.. no more sadness, insecurities – when you see all that is possible if we just let them happen..the Universe can not only work in our favour but even surprise us with a script straight out of a hollywood movie…That I genuinely believe 🙂

      Yay Gretta, looking forward to the sequel.

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      1. Amazing that only he and I turned up isn’t it? I wanted to ask him if he felt that big slap from the Universe on the back of his head when she said “well the universe has bought you too together” Now he has heard it from someone else and I am not crazy! Yes! Haha
        Cant wait to see what happens next.
        🙂 ❤

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      2. I like the look of that book Lyly.
        It only shows me day one on the preview but I think it looks good! Thanks!


  5. Wow gretta, this is an amazing day you had. Keep going, you got that, everything. Your relationship, your dreams, his love. It’s very obvious, even I can tell somehow from this energy here. I feel like from here everything will just flow for you. Believe 🙂

    I want to share this with you as well.
    I’m currently back to the country where my baby lives 😀
    I haven’t met her so far, but I think I’m currently onto releasing lots of resistance as I am getting a bit emotional going around. Well I still dunno how things gonna happen and I have 11 days left here, but am I getting so much closer?
    I was driving with my friend to his hometown this morning and he was asking me if I could create a song for his new video as he doesn’t want to use somebody else’s. So he showed me the video. In there she was dancing, I… Kinda knew it? The thing is he is the only one I feel like he could connect us… So me asking him and telling him my honest feelings about her, has been on my mind for quite a while. I will face this tomorrow. what do you guys think?

    All I’m asking the universe is to get rekindled with her before I leave. I wanna see her face, not just on the screen, hold her, kiss her and let the world know that the universe does amazing things. 🙂

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  6. Yes, I have the magic and the gratitude was very helpful. I was also curious if you knew any that really went into tactics of self love. Do you know when your book would be out? I’m so looking forward to that.


    1. I hoped by the end of this month but there is still some tweaking I need to do. I wanted to feel GREAT about the quality of the book and now, I love how it reads! 😀 I know it took longer than I meant it but at the same time, I felt good about it because I wanted it to be amazing which is most important.


  7. Thank you nina ❤
    I think i just read this post in time… you save me every time .. God bless you… 🙂
    I just have to relax…


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