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Sudden Manifestations, The Moment We Forget About Them

When it comes to manifesting anything at all, I have no better way of saying it than “don’t worry about your thoughts being perfect.”

Just believe it’s yours and that’s it. When you believe, you can let go and once you let go, you can even forget what you asked for only to manifest it rapidly.

Everyone has experienced their desires manifesting the moment they forgot about them. I’ve never met anyone who has not experienced at least one manifestation of this kind. One simply puts their desire out of their mind naturally, as they focus on other activities in life. Suddenly, their desire manifests out of nowhere, the moment it is entirely out of their mind.

Thinking about your desire happily removes the need for it. Visualizing and imagining how it feels to have your desire in your life causes the feeling of having it already, letting it go naturally to manifest. Once you have filled your heart with this much love for your desire, having sent heart energy to it, your awareness has already changed to one of having and living your desire.

When your desire is a relationship with a specific person, sending heart energy allows you to fall in love with them all over again and stay in love with them. It sounds simple and honestly, it is – as long as you know that you truly want to be with a specific person, the decision that you are to be with them allows you to love them even more.

“May I never miss the thrill of being near you,” as Paul McCartney sang.

This is why I always say that with me, it is only a matter of wanting to be with any specific person I have my eye on. Does this man fascinate me with his unique self? (Everyone is unique but who is special to me?) Do I want to be around him?

Being able to put your desire out of your mind takes knowing it is yours. Then, you truly don’t care when it manifests because it is more important to you that it happens in the best way possible – this is the kind of energy that causes rapid manifestation. You literally feel that it is yours already. You know it in your heart. Then, you might even let it go without realizing, as you have removed the need for it, having lived it in your mind and heart already.


We’ve said this before – when one is too attached to their desire, they might feel pressure to think “perfectly.” This often happens when manifesting relationships, as the idea of an ideal love causes attachment easily when it should only cause even more love!

A problem which may cause attachment is a bruised ego. Some want to manifest specific desires due to the need of proving something to themselves. If you feel this way, know that you can feel like the person you want to be without external approval. Once you feel that way just as you are, the world will agree.

Sudden Manifestations and Making Contact

Over the weekend, I manifested a new writing job. It was something I wanted to do last year but somehow didn’t want quite enough and forgot about before it manifested. Then, on Saturday, I remembered it, receiving an offer for it hours later.

I think many can relate to this type of manifestation. In the exact same way, someone from my past contacted me last month out of nowhere. This person was someone I wanted out of my life so I had forgotten about them. Then, I remembered them three times in one day only to receive a message from them that evening. I couldn’t help but analyse this manifestation energy because I loved this process.

This type of manifestation is the perfect reflection of “you suddenly think about a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time and he/she contacts you.” We have all heard this example from classic LoA studies and we have all experienced it.

Do you have similar examples?


I believe one of the reasons these manifestations happen so easily is our perception of them as “regular things” or “no big deal.” When seeing any potential manifestation as a big deal, it is easier for resistance to come up.

On the other hand, desires manifest when let go of due to one’s belief of having it; similarly, one not caring when their desire manifests, seeing it as a small deal or something they will receive whenever, causes rapid manifestation.

It was how I realized that “letting go completely makes it manifest immediately.” Does that make sense?

When thinking a thought such as that of an old friend but not seeing it as some kind of an emergency, you can let go only to see your friend contact you straight away. This is why refocusing from your desire entirely makes it manifest instantly.

I don’t know why this works the way it does. I just know how it works and honestly, it doesn’t matter why. If we know it works, we can use it.

If you have been trying to manifest your desire for a while but feel like you’re struggling, take a few days away from thinking about it. Those few days will make your desire seem like less of a deal and possible to have and who knows – it might even manifest during that break!

Do You Suffer from Desired Perfection?

The reason I have asked many of you if you truly wanted to manifest your desires was because I sometimes take time deciding whether I want something (or someone). At times, I like to leave it and think about it whenever the thought comes to me until I feel that this is what I want, 100%. Once I know that I want something or someone, it all flows easily (even before that, as I am aware that what I ask for is what happens).

These instances are rare but they happen occasionally. Even when knowing what you want most of the time, something like this may still come along occasionally.

However, this is a personal choice. If I ask, “Are you sure you want this enough?” and you say you do, I take it. We all operate from different sets of beliefs and personal reasons.

It is tempting to make your desire feel like a big deal. Thinking that you are manifesting something big is exciting but for some, it also serves as a fear-inducing block. In these cases, one’s desire can be seen as a life saver or a fresh start. It can be seen as a life goal accomplished. Even if you want to see it this way, your desire must feel natural to you. You must feel right having it in your life, an idea that often includes positive feelings and a sense of peace, even around the most exciting of desires.

The other night, one of my closest friends told me I had the skill to let go and live as if (paraphrased). We all know that anyone can develop this skill. Truth is, it isn’t that difficult to imagine having your desire in your life. The pressure to get it perfect kills it more than anything.

This friend of mine has already displayed the skill of living as if, starting small and expanding their belief.

When strongly attached to your desire, you may feel that you want to manifest it flawlessly, perfectly. You want to complete every manifestation step perfectly, ensuring you will receive your desire. However, all you need to do is believe while leaving the need for perfection behind you. The need for perfection induces personal pressure and most importantly, it is unnecessary.

If everything you really need to do in order to manifest is ask, believe and receive, you already know there is no need for perfection with such simple steps. It’s not about perfection – it’s about happiness and simplicity.

It’s about self-confidence.

It’s about trust in the Universe.

Is the Past Your Present?

It is extremely easy to continue to focus on the old, familiar experiences and recreate them in the present, either with the same people or the new ones, in similar circumstances or new ones.

Some face this particular problem when it comes to manifesting relationships – they continue to focus on past experiences even when they don’t want to, allowing their minds to run wild into the chaos of history which should have long been forgotten.

When allowing oneself to bring the mayhem of their past into their new relationship, bringing old fears into new relationships which are completely unrelated to the new person they are with, they can literally ruin their present relationship for both themselves and their partner. They can cause annoyance difficult to recover from, only because they never got entirely clear on what exactly they want from the present. Instead of putting effort into thinking what kind of relationship they want to have now, they recreate their past, unsuccessful ones.

This is why I write down the relationship I want to have at that specific time. I don’t care for a chaotic mind – it has nothing to do with the present or the other person involved. It has to do with the perception of the past as it is today, not always even the situation as it was back then.  What you perceive to be a big deal may have long been forgotten by the other person or not perceived as such at all. I say this because some of you have mentioned some unbearable past events that still cause you pain today.

Each of us is responsible in keeping focus on what we desire in order to manifest it. My continuous preaching of self-love and self-confidence provides the perfect focus on your own life instead of worrying what someone you like is thinking. When you like yourself that much, you are focused on enjoying your own life – then, many are eager to be a part of it. More importantly, you can easily see the specific people you want to get close to being a part of that life.

Today, I went out to get some face wash gel and came back home with a variety of beauty products as well as a new pair of shoes. Last night, I had an amazing night with one of my closest friends. It’s time to go out dancing with some of our friends soon. I am planning a trip to see a friend whom I hadn’t spent time with in two and a half years (!) and I am finishing my book while lecturing and advising students and professors on communication matters at a university. What is there not to like about my life? I liked it when I was in college and working. I loved it when I was doing my Master’s and was going out every night at the same time. I loved it when I was unemployed for almost a year after that but visited five different countries to see friends. Life is amazing.

Your life exists so that you give it focus. You are meant to be focusing on yourself, allowing those you want to come and share that life with you. When you appreciate yourself, you are capable of openly appreciating someone else easily.  Even if you don’t have a specific person in mind, you’ll appreciate new prospects and all your friends even more. You’ll appreciate everyone in your life even more than you do now.

LoA and Initiating Contact

There was a time in my life when I preferred always being the one to initiate contact with the men I wanted to be in a relationship with. It was amusing until I wanted to experience the opposite.

I would be the one to ask someone on a first date. I would be the one to initiate contact through social media. I would call first. It wasn’t a rule but instead, something I enjoyed. The men involved did their fair share of contact initiation, calling and planning our dates but I enjoyed my own share of it as well.

Over time, I developed a preference of just thinking about how much I liked someone and wanted to be with them only to have him make the first move. However, it depends from one situation to another – sometimes, it will still be my move. The ultimate point is, it doesn’t matter who makes the first move. I only used to do it first because I enjoyed it while knowing my desire belonged to me already.

What does matter is the reason for wanting to make specific contact with a specific person.

Many want to make a move due to the fear of their desire not manifesting or wanting to speed it up. This energetic state says one is affirming the absence of their desire – why would they want to speed it up otherwise?

Do you see the difference?

I only ever made a move after achieving the belief that the relationship was mine already. Once you achieve this awareness, you can do whatever you want!

Readers have asked me if they should contact the person they are interested in but since many of them also say that they are unsure if they can manifest the relationship, I usually advise against it. Their questions come from fear and the sense of absence of their desire. Also, they focus on making the contact now instead of focusing on their end goal, manifesting that contact instead of their end goal.

When contact is made out of the sense of absence of one’s desire, the absence of that desire perpetuates.

The other person doesn’t respond for whatever reason but the one that initiated contact interprets this as he/she pleases, creating unpleasant scenarios in their mind. Instead of trusting the Universe, trusting their desire belongs to them already, they reach out wanting to see proof and instead showing they don’t believe in having their desire already (otherwise they would not feel the need to see any proof of it).

When initiating any kind of contact, one must do so out of sheer enjoyment and no expectation. Just like attachment to the end result prevents it from manifesting, attachment to see specific results from specific contact prevents the said results from manifesting. In some specific situations, one will know that initiating contact will bring them results and it does. However, if the motivation for initiating contact lies in wanting to escape the feeling of NOT having the relationship yet, don’t do it!

When initiating contact, you have to feel good about yourself. You have to be convinced you add value. It’s that simple.

The feeling of having one’s desired relationship is the most important thing one needs to achieve. Once that feeling is present, relaxation follows. Trust follows.

When you follow the manifestation steps named here, it is easy to focus on the end result and remember why it doesn’t matter who makes contact first – all that matters is living in the awareness of having your relationship already.

Trying to Control the Outcome, Simplified

For the past two days, a friend and I explored the reasons for their resistance in manifesting a specific desire. It got me thinking about the reasons for the resistance in many and especially, some of the blog readers according to the questions asked in the past days.

From the topics of core beliefs contradicting one’s desire to the lack of clarity for one’s manifestation and focusing on the current reality, I have realized all over again that I consider one specific aspect to be slowing many intentional manifestation practitioners down.

Even though many conclusions can be derived from any of these factors, the one I consider to be a burden for many is,

Trying to control the process of one’s desire manifesting, the outcome or the path of the manifestation, whatever you want to call it. 

If you want to manifest a relationship with a specific person yet are upset that they are not seeking you out, responding to your messages or showing up, if you are noticing them absent from your life, you are offering contradicting beliefs as well as trying to control the outcome. Instead of accepting things as they are, knowing you will get what you want, you are trying to force yourself to visualize or think that if they cared, they would have responded.

However, forceful visualization or trying to control the outcome by thinking how the other person should behave is only reaffirming the absence of your desire from your life.

Instead, only focus on your end result so that you would stop needing the contact, the responses or anything else. Feeling that you have your end result already with the help of visualization will fill your heart with happiness.


Some go from one day to another, waiting for their desire to manifest. Whether or not they realize it, this is another way of trying to control the outcome of their manifestation. Also, this type of focus on the process ensures one is more concerned with the imaginary steps of their manifestation, most likely to manifest isolated incidents of texts or running into someone instead of a love relationship with them.

The goal is to imagine one’s end result completely unconcerned with how it will manifest. This specific way of thinking shows trust in the Universe, allows for your energetic freedom and makes you happy!

One of my closest friends said that letting go was the hardest part and it goes hand in hand with the question of “how.” Imagining your end result and seeing if you’re truly happy about living it allows you to move in the direction of your desire.