Do You Suffer from Desired Perfection?

The reason I have asked many of you if you truly wanted to manifest your desires was because I sometimes take time deciding whether I want something (or someone). At times, I like to leave it and think about it whenever the thought comes to me until I feel that this is what I want, 100%. Once I know that I want something or someone, it all flows easily (even before that, as I am aware that what I ask for is what happens).

These instances are rare but they happen occasionally. Even when knowing what you want most of the time, something like this may still come along occasionally.

However, this is a personal choice. If I ask, “Are you sure you want this enough?” and you say you do, I take it. We all operate from different sets of beliefs and personal reasons.

It is tempting to make your desire feel like a big deal. Thinking that you are manifesting something big is exciting but for some, it also serves as a fear-inducing block. In these cases, one’s desire can be seen as a life saver or a fresh start. It can be seen as a life goal accomplished. Even if you want to see it this way, your desire must feel natural to you. You must feel right having it in your life, an idea that often includes positive feelings and a sense of peace, even around the most exciting of desires.

The other night, one of my closest friends told me I had the skill to let go and live as if (paraphrased). We all know that anyone can develop this skill. Truth is, it isn’t that difficult to imagine having your desire in your life. The pressure to get it perfect kills it more than anything.

This friend of mine has already displayed the skill of living as if, starting small and expanding their belief.

When strongly attached to your desire, you may feel that you want to manifest it flawlessly, perfectly. You want to complete every manifestation step perfectly, ensuring you will receive your desire. However, all you need to do is believe while leaving the need for perfection behind you. The need for perfection induces personal pressure and most importantly, it is unnecessary.

If everything you really need to do in order to manifest is ask, believe and receive, you already know there is no need for perfection with such simple steps. It’s not about perfection – it’s about happiness and simplicity.

It’s about self-confidence.

It’s about trust in the Universe.

27 thoughts on “Do You Suffer from Desired Perfection?

  1. Hi Nina,

    What do you mean when you say “do we want this enough”, or that we might now be sure if we truly want a particular person? I’ve heard this before in other LOA Books and advice but have never fully understood what this meant?

    The fact that I haven’t given up on this guy in ten years, makes me feel pretty sure that its what I want, but is there something I could be doing differently?


    1. It only means asking yourself whether you love him or you want to manifest him back due to different reasons. It could be a hurt ego, you might just want him instead of love him which is why you feel the need to have him back…? It means that these questions have to be asked if you continue to offer negative feelings in terms of him and your relationship. When we love, we feel good about the person. When we complain that the person is acting in a hurtful way, we feel the need for that person to act the way we want and that means the problem is within us instead of that person, who in those cases just mirrors our insecurities back to us and that is why we want them – because we think our insecurities will fade if we could only manifest this one thing.
      However, it doesn’t work that way.
      If you truly love him, you can find a way to feel good about him. Love evokes positive feelings and if you continue to offer negative thoughts to his behavior and his perception of you, that is when you ask yourself if it really is love.
      If you say that it is, love your relationship as you have imagined it as much as you love him and as much as you love knowing that he’s the one for you 🙂


  2. Hi Nina,

    When I am aligned with my thoughts, I get answers to all questions right on time. Like your post!!

    I am in the phase, where I have reached that point when i am absolutely fine without my desire and a visualization come to my mind naturally when I am drfiting off to sleep. So during the day time, sometimes, I suddenly start feeling “Hey! is it over? I don’t feel that rush of emotions anymore…” and then I ask myself your question ” what does my heart want” and then those moments that I love to visualize come naturally to me.

    But I’ll be honest! I think I havem’t let it go completely and sometimes this laziness come from “what-is” too. I think so! I think it feels like ” hey, I am done running after it. It will happen when it will happen” .

    I think I don’t know what is this poinbt in terms of manifestation of my desire.


    I have read at many forums, and it has happened with me too… that manifestation happened whe there was a sudfdent uneasiness and it was like frsutration came out for source energy/God/universe, like : hey this is not done. just give it to me. give me what I want otherwise f$%^ it!!” and Boom!!

    It has happened almost thrice with me when real manifestations happened.

    What do you think about it? Is this the way source tells people that it is on its way? But LOA gurus like you say when manifestation is on the brink you feel ease, comfort and KNOWING.


    Ahhhh sorry for the caps. It’s only to point out the most dominant confusion of my mind.

    Love and Light


    1. I think what you’re talking about are just different interpretations of letting go, just like you said, and unburdening yourself from the waiting.
      If you let go but keep your vibration high, you will manifest the things you wanted.
      Now, it is important to know that one doesn’t always feel a great rush of emotions when thinking about their desire. Over time, there are moments it feels calm but still HAPPY and positive in your mind. As long as you feel that it is yours and feel positively about it, you’re doing well. You don’t have to be excited every time and it isn’t necessary. Feel good about your desire and then, go out and do things in life that make you excited. Those will be different things at different times. As long as you love your desire and feel positively about it, you don’t need excitement or a crazy rush of emotions nor can you feel that way EVERY TIME. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Just positive is enough.
      Love and light, my dear! 🙂


      1. Then I think I am at the right path! because this is what it is. No rush of crazy emotion but get goosebumps while visualizing and I am happy most of the time. And as you suggested C, I do feel love for him and I have no negative emotions at all.

        I think this time is good until it manifest in physical dimension because it might well be the gestation period when we both mature and come togther for good. 🙂



      2. I have been having a sort of difficult time when it comes to my visualizing.. It seems like everytime I try to visualize my mind just doesn’t cooperate.. It’s really weird. Like this morning I woke up and since I was already relaxing I figured it would be a good time to visualize, but as soon as I try .. I really don’t even know how to explain what I’m saying


      3. Try asking yourself what you want to experience with him and then, visualize it as calmly as you can, without pressure. Sometimes, visualization takes practice but you can do it 🙂


  3. Hi iinikkii,

    What does your heart say? Ask yourself and answer… or feel… or write… only those things that your heart say. Like when I started my heart said hug… then my mind went back to the time when we hugged. and sudfdenly started feeling the warmth I used to get… it definitely made me a little low when i was back from that day dreaming. But that was the key… get over this low feeling in NOW and just BELIEVE your imagination to be true.

    “The outside world is exactly the reflection of what is going on inside you. ”

    It means – though I wanted to be with my man but I dobted and it reflected in his actions. It isn’t anymore.



  4. iinikkii,

    What is he doing when you see him happies with you?
    Are you guys laying beside each other and watching a movie? He suddnely took your hand and kissed it? He says you are the most wonderful thign that has happened to me?
    You are making a nice dinner for him?

    How does all this feel? yes, that feeling!! hold it.. for a little more while.. wnat to cry because “what-is” pops up time to time.. let it floatr.. go back to that feeling again…

    See you did it… now…

    work on seeing your what-is as the gestation period for you and your guy. This is Universe’s time to work on your desire and everyhting that you visualize. Trust me it is!! My visualkizatiosn have come true. Each one of them…


    Trust me it will work…

    last but not the least… he will behave exactly the way you are thinking of him inside yourself.

    He Is Coming… how and when? Just let this part be the way it wants to be…

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  5. Hi Niña,

    I was Savings links to some of my favorito posts of yours and I couldn’t find the one about manifesting a specific person on a specific night. Is it possible for you to send me the link?

    Thx in advance!


    1. I am rewriting that post together with some similar ones to highlight how I kept the conviction with a LOT of energy when it happened that fast, to make it even more useful to everyone, so it’ll go up again soon 🙂


  6. Hi Nina,

    I hope all is well with you. I’ve been really trying to work on myself the past week, doing meditations, affirmations and trying to boost my confidence. The challenge I have is that when I try to pray about it, I always get sad because I miss him. He did call me the other day to catch up but I still felt that he was distant and different. When I tried to bring up us getting together, he kind of changed the subject and said that someday we would see each other. Which obviously hurt a little because I would hope the guy that I love would be dying to see me after a month apart. After feeling ok for most of the day, I broke down as I started to pray tonight. I told God that I didn’t know how to ask anymore because obviously something has happened but not what I really wanted. I’ve asked many times to be in a relationship that is happy, warm and committed with this guy. That we are both so happy with each other and amazing partners to each other. That my guy be loving, kind and devoted and that he adores me and always wants to be with me. I know that I’m just supposed to be believe but it’s very hard sometimes when you are hurt with the situation and I miss him a lot. I really wish life could cut me a break here. I know I have issues that I need to work on and I know that I shouldn’t let anyone determine how I feel to this extent, but my heart needs a break too. I wish I could be with him now in the way that I’ve been asking. That I could feel an outpouring of love from him, and to really feel the joy and connection you feel to God when you are so happy. Is there anything you can think of that I can pray to God for Nina so that I could be with this guy NOW?


    1. Hi! I’m great after a busy weekend, thank you so much 🙂
      If you made your prayer gratitude for the relationship you want being in your life, it would change your awareness. You’re still aware of not having the relationship and for as long as you keep “looking” for it to manifest, you are in the awareness of not having it.
      Keep praying like this until you feel that it is yours. Giving up after a week every time won’t get you there. Keep going until you truly FEEL different and the relationship will manifest soon anyway but for as long as you try to rush it, it shows that you feel you don’t have it.


      1. Yes, I’m sorry. Sometimes I just get so down and tense about this whole thing. Thank you for all of your help and patience.


      2. Happy to 🙂 I know, you’re honest about how difficult it is but it can get easier once you stay focused on the good and power through the bad xx


  7. Dear Nina and lovely readers,

    I have been imagining myself married to the man who I believe is my husband. Recently, feelings of guilt came up because I have not seen him for several months and did not hear back from him after he said he would call back. The last time I saw him he had asked me to go indoor rock climbing the next day but I was tired and said “No.” I didn’t think that there would be this long gap. I feel guilty over that. I know there are moments I miss him which is a sign of resistance. There are also moments when I feel the warm, tingly positive feelings too.

    I want to ask–how do you focus? That’s what I know I am missing…the focus. I listen to his voice from videos and I am writing letters to him.

    Today and last night there was some crying…there is some heaviness in my chest.

    I have been going indoor rock climbing on my own despite being afraid of heights initially. He introduced me to it and always encouraged me. I go as often as I can–it reminds me of him.

    I love and accept him as he is. How do you immerse yourself into the visualizations so that you are in the stage Neville refers to as “Persistent Assumption”?

    I cannot talk about these things with the people around me because they are either not familiar with these concepts or they will discourage me.

    Is their a routine that helps you get into a happy/positive energetic state–a state that allows you to appreciate your love? Mine comes and goes in waves.

    I would appreciate the guidance! At times, I do feel lost despite all the books I read etc

    Thank you all so much!!


    1. With a little repetition and lots of good feeling 🙂 If you continuously feel good about how you want things to be, as if you have them now, this will take over your awareness 🙂 Good feelings create faster than anything else!


  8. Forgot to add–a few things I have done to make things feel real:

    1. Wear a ring on my left hand
    2. Wedding decorations in my room
    3. Anniversary cards
    4. Affirmations (I even recorded them in my voice so that I can listen to them as I sleep)
    5. Look at his photo
    6. Write letters

    Like this posting mentioned, things should feel natural. There have been moments where things feel natural–I have experienced in the past. My issue is maintaining focus and being consistent.

    Just the other day, when I was getting my taxes done and was filling out the information I smiled when I saw that box that asked about my marital status or the box that said “Spouse’s Name”–although I had to leave that blank–I smiled because I could see what name would be there.

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  9. I just read this on the Neville site which has redefined what “Live in the end..” means for me:

    “And then living from the end. I began to realize that sometimes I haven’t had a clear definition of the END.

    Dating is not the end. That is the beginning. The wedding is not the end. That is the middle. The end is looking back on a long, happy, loving marriage in which many happy memories and feeling loved are being celebrated and remembered. Live from the end and look back from there.

    The end is not buying a house. That is the beginning. The end is not decorating the house. That is the middle. The end is reflecting on how wonderful it’s been to have lived here for these many years.”

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